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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Thomas Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Thomas Forrester Played by Adam Gregory on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Gregory (CBS)

    Birthday: December 28 1987
    Birthplace: Cinncinati, Ohio
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adam Gregory
    Height: 6'2"


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    B&B Recap: The Mile High Club.

    Friday, February 28 2014

    At International, Ally screams at Wyatt to take his hands off Hope now! She asks Hope how she can let him touch her - it's disgusting! Hope cautions, "Whoa, whoa." Ally rants about how Hope has disappointed her. In another office, Brooke tells Thorne that Hope and Wyatt are good together. Thorne clucks, "Not in Ally's eyes." He describes how Ally sees Hope as perfect and has become increasingly upset about Hope's choices, which she almost sees as a betrayal. He explains that it's certainly not Wyatt's fault - he doesn't even know about Ally's problem. Thorne and Brooke arrive in the other office in time to hear Ally hollering, "I hate it, Hope. I hate it!" Thomas appears and greetings are exchanged. Ally glares as Wyatt shares his idea for the Stephanie Forrester jewelry collection to be displayed at the next show. Everyone loves the proposal - except Ally. She verbally attacks Wyatt and accuses him of making a sideshow of her grandmother. Thorne and Thomas try to persuade her, but she argues heatedly with them. She insists the company doesn't need to make money, it's all about Hope's message. Ally's appalled when Brooke and Hope tell her 'the message' became problematic. Once alone, Hope apologizes to Wyatt for Ally's behavior and they kiss. Ally spies. When Hope leaves to find Brooke, Ally confronts Wyatt. She says he's destroying Hope and the company. Ally hisses that Hope has become a hypocrite because of him, and she intends to put a stop to it. Elsewhere, Hope asks Brooke and Thorne about Ally. They reassure her. In the other office, Ally rants at Wyatt, eventually mentioning the perfect Liam. Wyatt exclaims, "Oh my God, you need to slow down, girl." He tries to tell her he's not the jock-type who bothered her in high school, and that they're on the same side. She gets up in his face. "You will not touch Hope again, do you hear me?" She slaps him across the face when he says it's too late, they joined the Mile High Club. Furious, Ally informs him he's fired and he's never to go near Hope again.

    Rock 'n' Roll.

    Friday, October 04 2013

    Eric and Pam greet Thea Andrews behind-the-scenes at the fashion show. Caroline introduces herself and promises the show will be dazzling. Nearby, Quinn tells Liam about the power of the diamond. Liam informs her and Wyatt that it sounds as delusional as Wyatt's quest to get Hope from him. Wyatt grimaces as Liam walks over and kisses Hope. They all gather with Thea and Jarrett to answer a few questions about HTFT and Quinn Artisan jewelry. Rick appears, carrying the diamond, and makes a speech about giving the audience what they've come to expect from Forrester. Wyatt and Hope share a moment and a hug before the show starts and Rick introduces Hope. She steps onto the runway and speaks about what the line represents, giving a nod to Caroline as the designer. Hope joins Liam in the crowd and a model in a teal green gown struts out. Everyone monitors the audience reaction carefully. Hope locks eyes with Wyatt before snapping her attention back to Liam. Rick and Caroline exchange smiles. Eventually, Hope makes her way backstage to dress in the showstopper. Wyatt is there to put on her diamond necklace. "Rock n' Roll, Hopie." Quinn tells him not to give up on her. He heads out front as Rick introduces the showstopper and the Hope For The Future diamond. Hope appears in a cobalt blue strapless evening gown with the diamond around her neck. Everyone applauds wildly. Backstage, Quinn hears a sound and picks up a tablet. She sees the video montage Liam made of him and Steffy.

    A New Appreciation.

    Monday, September 09 2013

    Liam enters Rick's office looking for Hope. Rick asks how his divorce is going. Liam assures him he won't be bailing on Hope. Rick muses that choosing between two incredible women isn't easy - he has a new appreciation for what Liam went through. Liam observes that it's not fun; people get hurt. Rick apologizes for coming off strong in the past. Liam says he was right. Thomas arrives with Hope's choice of jewelry for the line. Liam is appalled to discover it's from Wyatt's company and hollers, "What do I have to do to get rid of this guy!"

    Playing At Being Me.

    Thursday, September 05 2013

    At Forrester, Hope thinks about Wyatt. Rick appears. She is enthusiastic about the line and muses that she could get used to all this attention. Rick tells Hope that he and Caroline are on again. She asks about Maya. He says it's complicated - she left him and the line. He says he blew it. Rick asks about Liam. Hope says everything is fine and talks about Wyatt moving out. Pam ushers in Thomas, Marcus, and a couple of models wearing accessories to go with the designs. They look at jewelry. Hope wants to go with a signature line. She finds some she likes - they're from Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope says she has to go.

    Dirty Little Secret.

    Monday, August 26 2013

    At Forrester, Eric tells Rick the line wasn't what he expected. Caroline jumps to take the blame, Hope says they worked hard, and Thomas and Thorne condemn it. Rick says they focused on other markets. Eric says it's not what he would have done. Thorne asks Eric, "What's it gonna' be?" Eric shows them the huge orders that have come in during the past hour. Eric crows that the money's in the bank. He tells Rick his risk-taking paid off - HFTF is a hit! Thomas and Thorne nitpick. Eric says they can't argue with the numbers. Eric congratulates Rick, "You're well on your way. Mr. President." Hope kisses Rick. Maya gives Caroline credit and tells Rick she's proud of him. Caroline watches them hug. Once alone, Eric tells Rick how proud he is of his success. They embrace.

    In the empty runway area, Thomas and Thorne lick their wounds. They mutter that Rick got lucky. Eric appears. They tell him this was a fluke. Eric expects all three of them to work together. Later, Carter tells Maya she was beautiful on the runway. Maya informs him she's telling Rick the truth about the other night. Carter's skeptical. He thinks it might happen again. Maya says she's with Rick. Carter says if it doesn't work out, he's there to lean on.


    Friday, August 23 2013

    Maya walks the runway at Forrester. There's still no reaction from the audience. Pam whispers to Eric that perhaps they should cut the music and have a lemon bar break. Thorne and Thomas watch Rick. Thorne says the show's tanking. Caroline reassures Rick that the lack of applause doesn't mean they won't get orders. Marcus notices Carter staring at Maya and calls him out. Carter flashes to kissing her. Rafael notices and hightails it over to Caroline, who says if Maya's cheating on Rick, she'll make sure he finds out after she helps him keep his job. Thomas and Thorne skulk around making note of the silent crowd. Carter compliments Maya. Rick hollers that the showstopper is coming up. Hope models the airy coral gown. She thanks them all and offers to answer questions. There are none. Jarrett is the only one to applaud. Thorne and Thomas exchange a look. Caroline tells Rick to be proud. Thorne and Thomas confront them. Thorne reminds Rick that Eric is making a decision based on the reaction of the press and buyers. He's feeling pretty confident.

    Thomas and Thorne adjourn to an office and carry on a discussion as though Thorne is already president. Thorne muses that Rick will do his time in the basement. They chuckle. Speculation ensues about how long Eric will stay on as CEO once they turn the company around. Thorne wonders if he's waiting for the right team to be in place before he steps down.

    The crowd files out of the showroom, leaving Pam holding their gift bags. Jarrett approaches her. "It was a good show, right?" He is confused about what to write. Donna tells Pam that Eric is talking to the buyers. Pam says that could be good. Donna is worried for Rick. Caroline and Rick discuss their decisions, such as reaching out to a different market. Caroline says she has something to tell him...she'd do anything to help him succeed. Thomas and Thorne return to the showroom as Eric wraps up with the buyers. Thorne tells Eric it's time. "I know this is going to be difficult, but it has to be done." Eric says, "You're right." Backstage, Hope, Caroline, Rick, and Maya discuss the odd quietness of the audience. Caroline insists that doesn't mean anything. Eric appears. He says it was one of the most unusual fashion shows he's ever seen. It's obvious Rick gave it his all. Thorne rants that nobody liked it. Rick tells him to let Eric speak.

    Tame The Stallion.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    In Rick's office, he tells Eric, Thomas, and Thorne that Hope For the Future will now be known as HFTF. Thorne and Thomas scoff. Thomas reminds Rick that the deal is $100,000 in sales or he's out as president. Thomas says many of the buyers aren't even coming to the show. Thorne wonders if they should even go through with it. Rick snarks back. Eric intervenes. He says the audience will decide if the line is a success or failure. Thorne whispers to Thomas that this re-branding won't work; he predicts they'll be running things by day's end. A discussion ensues among the four about what the company needs. Thorne puts Rick on notice again.

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