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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Thomas Forrester

    Full detailed profile on Thomas Forrester Played by Adam Gregory on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Gregory (CBS)
    Thomas Forrester

    Actor: Adam Gregory

    Who played Thomas Forrester over the years

    Adam Gregory (September 22, 2010 - present)
    Drew Tyler Bell (January 9, 2004 - present)
    Patrick Dorn (January 2002 - August 2003)
    Logan and Skylar Hudson (February 2001 - October 2001)
    Christian and Donovan Jouvin (March 2000 - February 2001)
    Erin and Rachel Koch (spring 1998 - winter 1999)
    Adam and Noah Mayeda (January 1998 - spring 1998)

    Useful information on Thomas Forrester

    * Lives at 3197 Holden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90214.
    * He was born on January 7, 1998 in Thorne Forrester's car.
    * He was aged to 16 in early 2004 and to 18 in September 2004.
    * Fell for his former babysitter, Amber Moore.
    * Married Gabriela Moreno so she could stay in the country.
    * Came back to town to try and get Ridge to reunite with Taylor.


    Current: Designer at Forrester Creations
    Past: Student
    Past: Designer at Spectra Couture
    Past: Student at Ledgemont College (fall 2005)


    Taylor gave birth to Thomas in the back on Thorne's car. At the time, Thorne and Taylor were convincing everyone that the child was theirs, although it was, in fact, hers with Ridge. Though Taylor wanted to tell the truth, Brooke's announcement of a pregnancy by Ridge kept her quiet... Until Brooke and Ridge's wedding day. Taylor had learned that Brooke had been lying and, when this truth came out as well as Thomas' true paternity, Ridge had the marriage annulled and returned to Taylor and their son.

    The first few years of Thomas' life were hectic. His mother gave birth to twins, one of whom was presumed dead while actually being kidnapped by Morgan DeWitt and then rescued by Ridge.

    Suddenly in high school, Thomas met Caitlin Ramirez, who was working as an intern at Forrester. Soon they were dating. Unfortunately, she was also dating his older brother, Rick. Disturbed by this, he sought comfort with his former babysitter Amber Moore and they soon became a couple, much to the chagrin of his family. Ridge in particular never stopped meddling in Thomas' love life.

    The young man would come to realize that Amber was the wrong woman for him however, particularly when she nearly killed Ridge in an effort to win him back. He tried to move on by resuming with Caitlin but it went nowhere. Luckily for him, he soon filled his time with his new friend Gabriela Moreno. The pair bonded over the loss of their mother's and Thomas shared his joy with her when Taylor returned from the dead. Trying to organize his life, he sought an internship at Forrester to fulfill his dreams as a designer. They turned him down so Spectra Couture quickly snapped him up. He also spent time trying to convince Brooke to let his father and mother reunite so that he could have his family back.

    As he worked, he and Gabriela became closer and she told him that she was an illegal immigrant. In a bid to keep her in the country, he took her to Vegas to be wed. The family opposed it, though Taylor was more sympathetic. They were allowed to live in the mansion together only on the condition that they didn't have sex. This proved futile and the newlyweds couldn't resist forever. Discovering a condom wrapper, Phoebe brought the evidence to Taylor who confronted them angrily before going to immigration. While Gabriela's lawyer managed to keep her in the country, the two women battled, although Taylor did her covert best to keep her in the country. Finally, Gabriela agreed to annul the marriage and left.

    After Gabby left, Thomas bid adieu to L.A. to go to college. Thomas returned for various family occasions and once to help Taylor, Steffy and Stephanie try and convince Ridge to reconcile with Taylor so they could all be a family again. Although Ridge enjoyed bonding with his kids and Taylor, he made it clear his future was with Brooke.

    Thomas returned to become involved in Forrester business, and after Taylor gifted Steffy with her shares in the company, he decided to side with Brooke in the Forrester/Logan war. He appears to have fallen for Brooke, and when they traveled to Paris together while working on the Taboo line, he kissed her. Thomas fought Ridge to introduce a Taboo line for women. Ridge gave Thomas 5% of his stock, and Thomas plotted against his father. Thomas flirted with Summer and Madison, two young women at Forrester, but dates Dayzee. When Thomas traveled with Brooke to Australia to do a press conference, their plane crashed in the ocean. While stranded on an island, Thomas and Brooke ate hallucinogenic berries. After being rescued by Ridge, Taylor, and Bill, Thomas and Brooke were worried about whether or not they kissed while high. Back at home, Thomas was persuaded by Stephanie to lie and say he'd slept with Brooke on the island in return for her 25% of Forrester. Thomas's lie was exposed just as Ridge was about to remarry his mother, Taylor. Thomas lost the friendship and respect of Brooke and Dayzee over this, and his family members were angry with him.

    Thomas humbled himself and went to work in the basement at Forrester. Soon he was back in the good graces of most of his family. Thomas set his sights on winning Hope as his love and took her to Cabo San Lucas, where he proposed. Hope turned him down because she still loves Liam.

    Thomas began pursuing Caroline Spencer when she arrived in town, and after a brief challenge from Rick, has been successful. Thomas was the first person in town that Caroline told she had two mothers. He and Caroline became an item, and worked together to prove that Marcus didn't hit Anthony with his car.


    Gabriela Moreno (annulled)


    Caroline Spencer
    Hope Logan
    Dayzee Leigh
    Caitlin Ramirez (2004 - dated)
    Amber Moore (2004 - lovers)


    Ridge Forrester (father)
    Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester (mother)
    Phoebe Forrester (sister)
    Steffy Forrester (sister)
    R.J. Forrester (paternal half-brother)
    Massimo Marone (Past) (paternal grandfather)
    Stephanie Douglas Forrester (paternal grandmother)
    Jack Hamilton (maternal grandfather)
    Sharon Hamilton (maternal grandmother)
    Massimo Marone III (paternal great-grandfather)
    Massimo Marone II (paternal great-great-grandfather)
    Massimo Marone I (paternal great-great-great-grandfather)
    John Douglas (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Ann Douglas (paternal great-grandmother)
    Zach Hamilton (maternal uncle)
    Dominick Marone(paternal half-uncle)
    Diana Carter (paternal half-aunt)
    Angela Forrester (paternal half-aunt - deceased)
    Thorne Forrester (paternal half-uncle)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez (paternal half-aunt)
    Felicia Forrester (paternal half-aunt)
    Nicole Marone (paternal half-cousin - deceased)
    Zende Forrester Dominguez (paternal half-cousin by adoption)
    Alexandria Forrester (paternal half-cousin)
    Pamela Douglas (paternal great-aunt)
    Oscar Marone (paternal first cousin)




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    Friday, February 28 2014: B&B Recap: The Mile High Club.

    At International, Ally screams at Wyatt to take his hands off Hope now! She asks Hope how she can let him touch her - it's disgusting! Hope cautions, "Whoa, whoa." Ally rants about how Hope has disappointed her. In another office, Brooke tells Thorne that Hope and Wyatt are good together. Thorne clucks, "Not in Ally's eyes." He describes how Ally sees Hope as perfect and has become increasingly upset about Hope's choices, which she almost sees as a betrayal. He explains that it's certainly not Wyatt's fault - he doesn't even know about Ally's problem. Thorne and Brooke arrive in the other office in time to hear Ally hollering, "I hate it, Hope. I hate it!" Thomas appears and greetings are exchanged. Ally glares as Wyatt shares his idea for the Stephanie Forrester jewelry collection to be displayed at the next show. Everyone loves the proposal - except Ally. She verbally attacks Wyatt and accuses him of making a sideshow of her grandmother. Thorne and Thomas try to persuade her, but she argues heatedly with them. She insists the company doesn't need to make money, it's all about Hope's message. Ally's appalled when Brooke and Hope tell her 'the message' became problematic. Once alone, Hope apologizes to Wyatt for Ally's behavior and they kiss. Ally spies. When Hope leaves to find Brooke, Ally confronts Wyatt. She says he's destroying Hope and the company. Ally hisses that Hope has become a hypocrite because of him, and she intends to put a stop to it. Elsewhere, Hope asks Brooke and Thorne about Ally. They reassure her. In the other office, Ally rants at Wyatt, eventually mentioning the perfect Liam. Wyatt exclaims, "Oh my God, you need to slow down, girl." He tries to tell her he's not the jock-type who bothered her in high school, and that they're on the same side. She gets up in his face. "You will not touch Hope again, do you hear me?" She slaps him across the face when he says it's too late, they joined the Mile High Club. Furious, Ally informs him he's fired and he's never to go near Hope again.

    Friday, October 04 2013: Rock 'n' Roll.

    Eric and Pam greet Thea Andrews behind-the-scenes at the fashion show. Caroline introduces herself and promises the show will be dazzling. Nearby, Quinn tells Liam about the power of the diamond. Liam informs her and Wyatt that it sounds as delusional as Wyatt's quest to get Hope from him. Wyatt grimaces as Liam walks over and kisses Hope. They all gather with Thea and Jarrett to answer a few questions about HTFT and Quinn Artisan jewelry. Rick appears, carrying the diamond, and makes a speech about giving the audience what they've come to expect from Forrester. Wyatt and Hope share a moment and a hug before the show starts and Rick introduces Hope. She steps onto the runway and speaks about what the line represents, giving a nod to Caroline as the designer. Hope joins Liam in the crowd and a model in a teal green gown struts out. Everyone monitors the audience reaction carefully. Hope locks eyes with Wyatt before snapping her attention back to Liam. Rick and Caroline exchange smiles. Eventually, Hope makes her way backstage to dress in the showstopper. Wyatt is there to put on her diamond necklace. "Rock n' Roll, Hopie." Quinn tells him not to give up on her. He heads out front as Rick introduces the showstopper and the Hope For The Future diamond. Hope appears in a cobalt blue strapless evening gown with the diamond around her neck. Everyone applauds wildly. Backstage, Quinn hears a sound and picks up a tablet. She sees the video montage Liam made of him and Steffy.

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