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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Liam (William) Spencer III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liam (William) Spencer III Played by Scott Clifton on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Clifton (ABC)

    Birthday: October 31 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Scott Clifton
    Height: 6'


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    B&B Recap: Ground-Breaking.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    In Amsterdam on the hotel balcony, Hope is visibly upset to witness Liam and Ivy's intimate moment in the boat below. Hope goes inside and tells Wyatt she wants to go home. He says the jet's unavailable. She tells him to book them a flight - Ivy and Liam can stay. Once the flight is booked, Wyatt and Hope bicker about him planning Ivy and Liam's romantic evening before theirs. Wyatt becomes exasperated and admits he wants his brother to be happy, and for them all to move on. He asks, "Who did it hurt?" By the boat, Ivy and Liam kiss. He says this trip is just what he needed - she's got him looking to the future now; with her. He teases her about being Forrester's new supermodel. She laughs. She won't mind if they don't use a single shot. In the hotel, Ivy is stunned to see the room is full of lit candles. They kiss. Liam tells her how amazing she is and they sip champagne. Liam puts on the necklace she made him - he'll wear it as a symbol of their new beginning.

    B&B Recap: This Has To Stop!

    Friday, November 14 2014

    At the hotel in Amsterdam, Hope tells Wyatt she overheard him talking to Lars and planning something romantic. Wyatt stammers that they could do it tomorrow. He admits he rented the boat as a surprise for Ivy and Liam. Hope gapes; he is so like his mother right now - he manipulated them. Wyatt cops to trying to help their relationship along. Why is it a problem for him to want his brother to be happy? He tells Hope she has to let Liam go. Hope insists she has. Wyatt replies that no one is being hurt here. Hope says she is - he's focusing on them and putting her on the back burner. She complains about him being sneaky about it. Wyatt accuses her of over-reacting. He tells her Hope can't have them both - she must let Liam move on. They argue. Wyatt becomes exasperated. "This has to stop!" He says they are having a child together and must focus on that, not Ivy and Liam. Hope steps out for air. On the boat, Ivy thinks Liam set up the romantic surprise, but he insists it wasn't him. She's never felt happier. He says she deserves it. As they take in the scenery, Liam kisses Ivy's cheek and nuzzles her face. When the boat ride comes to an end, Ivy blurts, "I love you." Liam loves her too. They kiss passionately. Hope watches from a balcony with tears in her eyes.

    B&B Recap: Tickle-Torture.

    Thursday, November 13 2014

    In Amsterdam, Wyatt tells the girls they did a good job on the photo shoot. Hope takes note when Liam compliments Ivy. They do head and shoulders shots to showcase the jewelry. Hope and Ivy behave competitively. Liam and Wyatt alternately grin and grimace as Hope and Ivy gently push each other out of the way. After, they deny competing. Liam and Hope talk about all the places they've been. Hope concedes that Ivy did good - they're all in this together. Wyatt watches and calls Lars to check that the boat tour will be super-romantic. Hope joins him and is glad the shoot is over. She assumes he has something planned for them to do. Liam and Ivy are discussing what to do when Lars calls to tell them they have a mystery reservation. At the hotel, Wyatt teases Hope about the diva smackdown with Ivy. Hope says posing comes naturally to a Forrester. They tell the baby 'good job' and then Hope brings up Liam. Wyatt wants to focus on them. She asks about his plans again. At the dock, Lars offers Liam and Ivy his boat for a romantic ride. They're thrilled. At the hotel, Wyatt sees them on the boat through binoculars.

    B&B Recap: Beautiful Mirage.

    Wednesday, November 12 2014

    In Amsterdam, Hope complains to Wyatt that Ivy isn't a real model as they prepare for the shoot. She then apologizes for making it personal. Wyatt encourages her to let Liam move on with his life. She's sorry if she's been preoccupied. They kiss. Hope tells Wyatt she loves him, but needs some patience. At the hotel, Liam tells Ivy she'll be great. Ivy says her problems with Hope go beyond modeling. She opines that Hope is married to Wyatt and pregnant with his child - she has to let go of Liam eventually. They meet up with Wyatt and Hope, and they prepare to head to the site of the shoot. Hope gives Ivy some tips while Wyatt and Liam muse that they seem to be getting along. Wyatt urges Liam not to let Ivy get away, and to take advantage of the romantic ambiance. Once on-site, Ivy worries to Liam that she will 'stuff-up' the shoot. He reassures her. Hope notices them embracing as she and Wyatt talk to the press. After, Hope gives Ivy an out. Ivy thinks Hope doesn't want her to do it. Liam diffuses the tension. Hope poses first, and throws looks Liam and Ivy's way. While Ivy's posing, Liam asks Hope if she's okay with this. She replies, "I'm not okay with any of this."

    B&B Recap: Stake A Claim.

    Tuesday, November 11 2014

    In Amsterdam, Ivy and Hope bicker about Liam. Ivy tells Hope she has to stop looking back. Hope says she's doing that - on her timetable. Ivy asks if she's committed to her husband, what's with the long lingering looks at Liam? Hope says you can't just turn love off. Ivy wonders what other choice Hope has and urges her to think of Wyatt's feelings. Hope says it's hard for her to see them together. "Stop being so judgmental." She warns Ivy that she and Liam will always be connected. "Get used to it." At the hotel, Wyatt tells Liam that Ivy is fantastic and asks him what he's waiting for. "Stake a claim, make that lady yours." Liam thinks Wyatt just wants him unavailable for Hope - he's still threatened. Wyatt wants him to be happy and urges him not to miss out on something great waiting for something that can't be again. Wyatt knows he and Hope are both struggling, but they have to accept that's over. Liam says there's a fair bit of accepting going on - he's there with Ivy after all. Wyatt sees the looks. He urges him to move on. They discuss Ivy. Wyatt says Liam disrespects her every time he looks at his wife. He tells Liam to go for it with Ivy.

    In Amsterdam, Wyatt takes a call from Quinn. He sighs over Liam being there and assures her he has a plan involving a boat. Lars tells him the boat is all set for romance. Elsewhere, Hope joins Liam on a bridge. They agree it's hard to accept moving on and embrace. Hope then walks away and Liam has a tear.

    B&B Recap: Bon Voyage, Bro.

    Monday, November 10 2014

    In Amsterdam, Wyatt makes arrangements with Lars for a romantic boat ride for Ivy and Liam. Wyatt asks him to pretend it was his idea - a welcome. Wyatt muses, "Bon voyage, bro." After, the foursome meet with Eva the publicist, who congratulates Wyatt and Hope on their marriage. Awkwardness ensues. They discuss the shoot. Eva wants Ivy to model along with Hope. Liam says Spencer Publications would be all over that. Wyatt says they'll think about it. He and Hope step aside. Hope doesn't want Ivy modeling - she doesn't want her moving in on her life any more. Wyatt wonders if she is just talking about work...or Liam too. Across the room, Ivy tells Liam that Hope clearly doesn't want her modeling. He reassures her - she's beautiful. Liam leaves for a conference call. Meanwhile, Hope has flashbacks looking at the diamond. Wyatt assures her he understands her feelings. Hope decides she can't say no to Ivy modeling. Wyatt heads back to the hotel. Ivy thinks Hope is upset because she can't let go of Liam. Hope thinks Ivy could be more considerate. Ivy asks how, and wonders how long this is going to go on. Hope shouts that it hurts. "It takes time!" If she's not getting over him fast enough it's too bad. At the hotel, Ivy's bags end up in Liam's room. Wyatt wonders if fate is trying to tell him something.

    B&B Recap: Bonding Experience.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    On the jet, Wyatt jokes about their upcoming bonding experience. His phone plinks - it's a text from his mother, who wants 'the usual'. Hope reiterates she's not allowed anywhere near them. Liam adds, "I hope not." Talk turns to the photo shoot and Ivy's designs. While Liam gets the schedule from Wyatt, Ivy tells Hope she really wants to get along. Hope says work is her focus.

    In Amsterdam, Wyatt greets his contact, Lars, and introduces him to the others. They discuss the photo shoot. Liam and Ivy walk off arm-in-arm to look around. Hope and Wyatt follow. Wyatt gets a call from Quinn urging him to push Liam and Ivy together to finish off his connection to Hope. Wyatt sets up a romantic boat ride for the pair.

    B&B Recap: Flying Through An Alternate Universe.

    Thursday, November 06 2014

    At Forrester Creations, a meeting is held about Amsterdam. Hope and Ivy will be out front as a team. Ivy gets a text and leaves. Caroline and Ridge arrive and wonder why they weren't included in the meeting. Rick says there was no reason for them to be there. Caroline tells Rick it doesn't have to be this way. Rick asks them to leave. Maya corners Carter and accuses him of telling Ridge about the meeting. Hope tells Rick that Caroline had a good point, but he cuts her off. Outside, Ivy meets Liam and asks him to come with her to Amsterdam. Liam reminds her she'll be busy. She thinks he'll help her relax. When Liam learns Wyatt and Hope are also going, he doesn't think it's a good idea. Ivy suggests he go pack and offers an exclusive interview with the jewelry designer. Liam wonders if they'll fly through an alternate universe - the only way it wouldn't be awkward. He finally agrees to go. In the studio, Caroline tells Ridge that Rick can't shut them out - he needs them. She asks about Ridge and Katie. Ridge says she'll be okay. Caroline can't believe Rick is leaving her for Maya. Outside, Hope assures Ivy she's not trying to add to the tension at the company. Ivy tells her Liam's coming to Amsterdam. "He's meeting me at the jet." Hope is surprised. Ivy admits he didn't think it was a good idea at first, but changed his mind. She says it's a great chance to move forward. Hope isn't entirely comfortable with it. Ivy reminds her she's married and expecting a child. Hope says it's just a big first step. Ivy thinks they can get along. In Rick's office, Maya wonders if they should go to Amsterdam to do press - maybe jet around to some other countries too. Rick won't leave L.A.; he wants to stake his claim.

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