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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Liam (William) Spencer III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liam (William) Spencer III Played by Scott Clifton on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Clifton (ABC)

    Birthday: October 31 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Scott Clifton
    Height: 6'


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    B&B Recap: Total World Domination.

    Wednesday, July 23 2014

    At Forrester, Wyatt looks at the Hope diamond and quickly stashes it when Hope and Liam enter to offer support. Soon Wyatt and Liam are bickering over the other being better, and Hope is bemused that even when they get along they are competing. Ivy enters in time to overhear Wyatt complimenting her designs. She’s flattered and glad to have Wyatt’s help with her line. Liam takes his cue to leave and sincerely wishes Wyatt good luck. Ivy wants to know what’s next and Wyatt tells her he is taking over manufacturing so she can focus on design. Hope is excited to see what the two of them will accomplish. After Wyatt leaves, Ivy wonders if it will be weird for Hope working with her ex. Hope jokes if no one got along with their exes at Forrester, nothing would ever get done. Later, Ivy leaves and Wyatt returns. Hope thinks he and Ivy hit it off and shares Ivy doesn’t know the details about Quinn. Hope doesn’t want any awkwardness between them. Wyatt is only feeling gratitude for his second chance.

    Bill runs into Liam at Spencer and shares he and Brooke are getting married today in a private ceremony, and he wants Liam to keep it to himself. Later, Liam daydreams about Hope.

    B&B Recap: Part Of The Team.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014

    At Forrester, Wyatt’s shocked by Hope and Liam’s offer that he return. He doesn’t want them to feel like they owe him, but Hope gushes that she does owe him and rubs Liam’s chest. Overall, they admire Wyatt’s jewelry skills. Wyatt warns them he isn’t a saint and sees how much faith they are putting in him. Liam says that’s what brothers do. Wyatt chuckles about his changing luck and is glad for another shot at his future. He reminds Hope about the diamond and that he would one day give it to her. She has given him something more priceless - understanding and forgiveness - and he is going to make sure she gets what she deserves. Later, Liam tells Wyatt he trusts him with Hope and asks that he not let him down. They hug it out.

    B&B Recap: I Just Inherited It.

    Monday, July 14 2014

    Hope and Liam make out at FC. She's kind of sad that Wyatt has lost so much because of his mom. She's impressed that Liam has been so nice to his brother. He thinks they should all act like family. They head down the hall, where Ivy is with the rest of the Forrester crew. Eric informs her that they are not giving her an internship. Rick and Hope explain they are hiring her as a designer. Ivy shakes her head a lot. She already has a set-up in Sydney and can't just go back and forth. She'd need help. Liam and Hope head back to her office. She thinks they should hire Wyatt back. Liam agrees. Part of him doesn't trust his brother but the other part feels compassion. She thanks him and gives him a kiss. Meanwhile, Rick corners Carter and tells him about Maya hitting on him in the steam room. She shows up and Rick leaves them alone. Carter confronts her. Down in his studio, Oliver tells Ally what an amazing person she is. "You've changed me," she says. He's helped her through some hard times. He tells her that Maya has accused him of using her. Ally thinks that Maya just feels threatened. Oliver explains that Maya has been acting pretty shady lately and made a recording of him saying some bad things.

    Wyatt arrives at Hope's office. She and Liam offer him a position working with Ivy. Liam makes it clear that he trusts him. They decide to start acting like real brothers. Wyatt happily accepts the offer and the brothers hug.

    B&B Recap: Great Fortune.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    At Liam's house, Wyatt tells him and Hope how sorry he is about his mother's actions again. They credit him with stopping her. He thanks them for not pressing charges. Hope wonders if Wyatt will be alright. Wyatt reassures them and they all joke around. Wyatt wonders about him and Liam being brothers. Liam says he saved his life and he won't forget that. Wyatt tries Liam's crutches and they have some more laughs. Hope pulls out a gift and says it's from Liam. Wyatt opens a bow tie. Liam hopes he'll wear it at their wedding and be his best man. Wyatt quips that it's one ugly bow tie. Liam hopes he'll wear it anyway - he wants a new beginning. Wyatt agrees. They embrace. Later, Hope and Liam enthuse about the new chapter they are starting with Wyatt. They kiss.

    B&B Recap: Street Trash.

    Tuesday, July 08 2014

    In Malibu, Liam and Wyatt recount the story of what happened with Quinn to an astounded Bill and Hope. Wyatt thinks everything just hit Quinn at once. There's a knock. Wyatt says he invited someone who played a key part in saving Liam. It's Deacon. Bill takes Deacon aside and they argue in whispers. Hope joins them. Bill wonders what Deacon did. Deacon explains how he met Quinn, ended up at her warehouse, and came to be suspicious of her 'project'. Wyatt adds that he showed up and Deacon told him he was concerned. Liam marvels that he's alive because of a chance encounter at a bar and thanks them both. Bill insists Deacon is just using this as a way to worm his way into Hope's life. He mutters about Deacon being street trash. Hope reminds Bill that Liam is alive because of him. Talk turns to Quinn. Wyatt doesn't think she'll return. Liam holds the sword and says he has a weapon now. Wyatt receives a call from a doctor - Quinn has checked into a mental health facility. Wyatt reports to the others. Liam hopes she gets help - he doesn't want Wyatt losing his mom. Bill thinks they sound like brothers. He pulls them close. Later, Liam asks Wyatt if Quinn had done this before. Wyatt says never to this extreme. Liam apologizes for lumping them together. Wyatt wishes Hope and Liam all the best. Liam hugs him.

    B&B Recap: Let Her Go.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    In Malibu, Quinn holds the sword to Liam's neck and assures him that Wyatt's going to have what he wants. Liam gets away but she knocks him down and is straddling him with the sword held high overhead when Wyatt appears. "Mom!" Wyatt pushes her off Liam and helps him up. Mother and son argue. Wyatt stuns Quinn by sticking up for Liam. Wyatt asks if she'd like to kill him too because after tonight, it's the end of the road for one of them. Wyatt rants about the years of humiliation of living with a maniac and how he's kept her from being put away. Wyatt credits Liam for making him want to be a better person. He tells Quinn, "The only lives you ruined tonight were yours and mine." Quinn soothes that everything is going to be fine. She admits she's been terrible to his brother, but she's a passionate person. In a strangled voice, Wyatt tells her she should go to prison for this. Quinn turns the sword on herself. "Is this going to satisfy you?" Wyatt grabs it and plunges it into a chair. He can't be her keeper anymore. She's sorry. Wyatt doesn't care. Quinn runs out. Liam tells Wyatt to let her go. Liam says he finally 'gets' what Wyatt's had to deal with. Wyatt apologizes and tries to explain protecting Quinn. "I just didn't want to be alone." Liam tells him he will never be alone.

    B&B Recap: This Thing Is Killer!

    Friday, July 04 2014

    At the Malibu house, Wyatt argues that Quinn would never harm Hope, but Liam reiterates that she threatened to kill her. Hope asks if she's capable of murder. Wyatt struggles to believe that Quinn is that dangerous and wonders how to confront her. Hope says he has to find out if she's serious.

    In Malibu, the debate about how dangerous Quinn truly is continues. Wyatt says if she goes near either one of them, he'll call the police. Liam tells Wyatt they can't stand for her threatening Hope. Wyatt says he's so sorry and promises to handle this. After, Hope and Liam say goodnight.

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