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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Liam (William) Spencer III

    Full detailed profile on Liam (William) Spencer III Played by Scott Clifton on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Clifton (ABC)
    Liam (William) Spencer III

    Actor: Scott Clifton

    Who played Liam (William) Spencer III over the years

    Scott Clifton (July 19 - present)

    Useful information on Liam (William) Spencer III

    * Accidentally taped a conversation between Steffy and Ridge revealing the tryst of Oliver and Brooke.
    * Found out his father is Bill Spencer.
    * Lives in Bill's Malibu beach house.
    * Loves both Hope and Steffy.


    Current: Executive at Spencer Publications
    Past: Computer technician intern at Forrester Creations


    Liam came to L.A. as a computer technician interning at Forrester Creations. Liam accidentally recorded a conversation between Ridge and Steffy revealing the tryst between Oliver and Brooke. Justin Barber overheard the tape and used it to cause major problems. Liam admitted the truth to the Forresters, and announced that he was seeking his father - he thought it might be Ridge. Ultimately, it came down to a paternity test between Thorne and Bill to see who was Liam's biological father - it turned out to be Bill.

    Liam dates Hope Logan, who along with Katie, helped Liam and Bill forge a bond. On the night Bill introduced Liam to the world, Amber followed him home and took advantage of a concussion by telling him that they'd had sex. Amber claimed to be pregnant with Liam's baby, but when her child was born, it quickly became known that Marcus Forrester was the father.

    Liam and Hope continued dating happily until he rescued Steffy from a near-death mishap in her bathtub. Steffy then set her sights on her knight in shining armor. She and Liam forged a connection of friendship that included flirtation and even kisses. When Hope spotted them kissing and broke things off with Liam, Steffy was there for Liam, and he proposed to her. They celebrated their engagement in Aspen, where Steffy planned a surprise wedding ceremony, managing to hold off Hope with Bill's help, until the vows were completed.

    Back in Los Angeles, Liam seemed torn between his love for Hope and his love for his new wife. On a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Liam and Steffy ended up at the same resort as Thomas and Hope. Steffy was hurt in an ATV accident and Bill paid a doctor to fudge the MRI results to keep Liam with his wife. Once the ruse was exposed and Steffy was better, Liam asked for an annulment. Steffy refused and held out for a divorce. Meanwhile, Liam had gone back to Hope, who was on anti-anxiety meds and seeing a therapist. They all wound up in Aspen, and after Hope went home because of the paparazzi, Steffy presented Liam with the annulment papers. He tore them up. Liam was in hot water when Brooke found out, but she agreed to keep quiet and carried on planning Liam's wedding to Hope in Italy.

    Liam and Hope were married in Italy after Bill interfered unsuccessfully by bringing back Hope's biological father, Deacon. But not before Liam had assumed Hope had ditched him and made out with Steffy at the hotel. Back home in Los Angeles, a video of Liam kissing Steffy came out right as Hope and Liam were to be remarried because they'd learned the Italian marriage wasn't legal. Liam had hung out with Steffy the night before and ended up begging Hope for another chance while still sporting the temporary tattoo and blue hair from the club the night before. Hope told him he didn't deserve her. Liam ended up back with Steffy, who moved in with him, but kept her loft. When Steffy had to go out of town on business, Hope made a beeline for the house to try and win Liam back. Steffy, who hadn't yet left town, found out she was pregnant and returned to the house with her happy news, only to see Liam kissing Hope. Liam spent time with Hope while Steffy was away and was pressured to ask Steffy to move out. Brooke went a step further and planned a recreation of the Italy wedding in Liam's backyard. He was contemplating going through with a wedding to Hope when Steffy arrived with the news that she was carrying his child. Liam elected to stay with Steffy and they were married outside the Forrester mansion, where Steffy rode up to the ceremony on a motorcycle wearing black. Liam was thrilled and whisked his new bride away to Aspen to honeymoon.

    Back in L.A., Steffy went against Liam's wishes and rode her motorcycle because of a traffic jam keeping her from getting home. She had an accident and later lost their baby. Liam tried to support her while dealing with his own feelings of loss and anger. Soon after, Steffy learned that there had been complications during her D&C and she could no longer conceive. Devastated, she told Hope to be with Liam and left town. Liam went to find Steffy and discovered the real reason she had left so he had closure. He returned and became engaged to Hope, who was dismayed to learn that she would once again have to wait six months for Liam to be divorced. Liam found he had a new rival for Hope's affections - a stranger named Wyatt she had met near Big Bear. Wyatt later was revealed to be Bill's other son, and Liam's half-brother. Liam punched Wyatt for kissing Hope, but Bill still insisted that Wyatt move into the Malibu house. Things were okay until Liam witnessed Wyatt getting up in Bill's face about abandoning Katie and Will. Liam asked Wyatt to move out and looked forward to spending alone time with Hope, who had moved in.


    Steffy Forrester (Married on April 22, 2013, in the process of divorcing. Married in 2011; divorced in 2012)


    Hope Logan (fiancee)


    Former Forrester model (mother, deceased)
    Bill Spencer II (father)
    Wyatt Fuller (half-brother)


    Unnamed child with Steffy Forrester (miscarried)


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    Friday, May 29 2015: B&B Recap: You Don't Decide. We Decide!

    In his office at Forrester, Rick admits to Eric he still hasn't heard from Maya. Suddenly, Nicole appears and asks to talk to Rick in private. It's about Maya. Once Eric leaves, Nicole wonders what happened and becomes confused when Rick says that Maya left him. Rick wants to find her and still marry her. Nicole brings up Rick hanging up on Maya and learns the call was disconnected. He was in an accident and says, "That's why the call ended." Rick thinks back to the events that led to his accident and screams, "I want her, I need her." He begs Nicole to tell him where Maya is. "I hope I don't regret this," Nicole says and gives Rick the information he wants. Ivy enters Ridge's office and asks Steffy and Liam, "What's going on?" Ridge appears and everyone informs Ivy that they're taking over Forrester. Rick is done for good. They confirm with their combined stock, 62% gives them the power. Ivy hears Liam will be Steffy's vice president then leaves them to discuss business. Ridge calls Eric, who arrives shortly and hugs Steffy. She admits she's back for good. "That's what we want to talk to you about," Ridge begins and explains how Steffy and Liam will be voting with him. Ridge didn't want to do this but Eric refused to see reason. They have to protect the future of the company. Eric reminds them he decides who runs the company. "You don't decide," Ridge counters. "We decide!" He makes it clear that Eric and Rick's time there is over.

    Thursday, May 28 2015: B&B Recap: You're The Great Love Of My Life.

    In Ridge's office, Liam makes sure Steffy no longer has stipulations regarding their past on the table and asks, "What's in it for me?" Ridge offers Liam a vice president position at Forrester, beneath Steffy as president and him as CEO. Liam wonders if Steffy would have an issue with that. After she assures Liam she can handle being in such close proximity with him, he agrees to join forces with them. Ridge gives them some time alone. Their business talk turns to flirtatious memories of their past. "Do you think we can do this?" Steffy asks. Being productive together? Liam notices how she's changed like a 'cool mountain stream'. Refreshing. They can do this. "I missed you," Liam says. "I'm glad you're back." He asks about her personal life, but Steffy hasn't met anyone special. She touches his face, knowing they had some good memories. From outside the door, Ivy listens as Liam agrees. "You're the great love of my life," Steffy admits. "And you always will be." Carter visits Rick in his office where they discuss Maya's absence. "I love her," Rick says and urges Carter to reveal if she's been in touch. Carter hasn't heard from her and suggests they hire someone to find Maya. Rick doesn't want to push himself on her. Carter admires Rick's stance and love for Maya. Talk turns to Ridge and Eric's support of Rick, who reminds Carter he can't stand betrayal and states, "Ridge needs to learn his place." At least Thorne, his real sibling, knows his place. Carter listens as Rick announces, "It's a brand new day at Forrester." If Ridge doesn't accept it, he's out. Once alone, Rick leaves another message for Maya, professing his love and begging her to call him back. Ridge enters a storage room and talks to Stephanie's portrait. He hates that she's gathering dust in there and promises it's about to change. He's going to give her what she always wanted for him and says, "I'm taking over Forrester Creations." He knows he's betraying his father but he's been bullheaded. "I don't want to hurt him." Ridge knows he must take action for the company's sake. Or it won't survive.

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