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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Amber Moore

    Full detailed profile on Amber Moore Played by Adrienne Frantz on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrienne Frantz (CBS)
    Amber Moore

    Actor: Adrienne Frantz

    Who played Amber Moore over the years

    Adrienne Frantz (1997 - present)

    Useful information on Amber Moore

    * Was married to Rick Forrester
    * Is a designer.
    * Was involved with Deacon Sharpe.
    * Acts as a mother to Deacon's son, Eric.
    * Spent time in Genoa City married to both Cane Ashby and Daniel Romalotti.
    * Had a baby with Marcus.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Designer at Jackie M.
    Past: Designer at Fenmore's
    Past: Receptionist at Restless Style
    Past: Salesperson at Lauren Fenmore's Boutique, Designer at Spectra Couture, Waitress, Head Designer at Forrester Creations, Casual Performer at Insomnia, Waitress at Cafe Russe, Babysitter for Brooke Logan, Babysitter for James & Sheila Warwick, Waitress at a Death Valley cafe


    Having been married to the heir of Forrester Creations, Rick Forrester, Amber found herself dealing with affairs, the loss of her child, and ultimately divorce. However, at one time, she did find comfort and success working as a fashion designer at both Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. After she lost her job, Amber had set off to work toward a career in music.

    Amber spent time in Genoa City and was married to both Cane Ashby and Daniel Romalotti. Before she married Daniel, her old flame from L.A., Deacon Sharpe, turned up and started making trouble for them. Daniel and Amber still got married, and Deacon went to jail, but when Deacon's son showed up looking for Amber, who he considers his mother, Amber decided to leave Genoa City, and divorce Daniel, in a bid to keep Eric safe.

    Amber and Deacon decided to put Eric in a boarding school for safety reasons, and Amber started looking for a job in L.A. to help support him. Whip got in touch with her, and she was hired at Jackie M. After Amber stole designs from Forrester and tried to pass them off as her own, she was fired by Nick. Amber got the designs by seducing Oliver, and is now carrying his child which she is passing off as Liam's, who she followed home from a party one night, telling him they had sex while he was passed out with a concussion. Amber and Tawny bribed a lab guy named Carl to fudge the DNA results for paternity, and Amber was put up in a beach house by Liam's father, Dollar Bill Spencer. At the birth, it became evident that Amber was pulling a scam - the baby was black. Marcus, her occasional lover, was revealed as 'Rosie's' real father. Amber moved into an apartment with the child.

    Amber backed off of trying to come between Marcus and Dayzee, and has set her sights on reconciling with Rick Forrester. She sketched some of his design ideas and he presented them as his own at Forrester. Amber is backing Rick's bid to become CEO.


    Daniel Romalotti (divorced)
    Cane Ashby (divorced)
    Rick Forrester (2004 - divorced)
    Rick Forrester (Feb. 2000 - annulled)


    Liam Spencer
    Marcus Forrester
    Oliver Jones
    Adrian Korbel
    Billy Abbott
    Raymond (drunken encounter)
    C.J. Garrison (broken engagement)
    Deacon Sharpe
    Thomas Forrester
    Garrett/"Plum" [last name unknown]


    Tawny Moore (mother)
    April Knight (twin sister)
    Joe Moore (uncle)
    Rebecca Moore (cousin - deceased)
    Eric Moore (cousin)


    Rosie Forrester (daughter with Marcus Forrester)
    Eric Forrester III (1999 - stillborn son - with Rick Forrester)
    Stillborn baby (daughter with Rick Forrester)


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    Thursday, May 17 2012: A Family Matter.

    At Rick's, Amber explains that she loves him and thought she was losing him - he looks at Caroline the way he used to look at her. Rick rails at Amber for giving Hope pills, but she screams that she was trying to help her. Rick hollers that he went to the mat for her - tried to convince everyone that she'd changed. He thought she wanted to be better for Rosie. Amber says they can get past this. She cries that she's a handful who keeps messing things up, but she loves him. She talks about the success they'll have together. Rick listens to her ramble, and then yells that she's never going to change - it's over! She reminds him that she encouraged him and brought his designs to life. Rick's grateful, but won't stand for her hurting his sister. They yell and scream about who Amber really is, and why. He tells her she needs to leave Rosie with Marcus and get out of town - he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Amber sobs as he leaves.

    Wednesday, May 16 2012: You Set Me Up!

    Amber continues to seduce Rick at his place. Things start to heat up when Hope knocks at the door. Rick lets her in, and she tells him that Caroline is somehow under the impression that he's a cross-dresser. Rick wonders who started such a rumor. Hope looks at Amber, who plays innocent. Hope shows Rick the photos. He scoffs that they're photo-shopped, and says he only wore heels once, on a dare. Suddenly, he turns to Amber and accuses her of setting him up. Hope hollers that of course it was Amber - she's also the one who gave her the pills from an online store. Amber protests that she didn't make her take them. Hope argues that she was vulnerable. Rick asks Hope to go, and Amber tells Rick she was just trying to help Hope. Rick demands she come clean. She admits she doctored the photos - she was scared of losing him. She begs him to forgive her as he stares with contempt.

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