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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) Played by Susan Flannery on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Susan Flannery (CBS)

    Birthday: 1943-07-31
    Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey
    Real Name: Susan Flannery
    Web site:


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    B&B Recap: Crazy In Love.

    Monday, December 02 2013

    At Eric’s, Hope calls the guests together to give thanks to the day’s celebration while Liam and Wyatt both think they should celebrate Hope for being so incredible. They gush a bit until Bill breaks it up. Hope puts the focus back on Rick and Caroline, who surprise the guests by announcing their impromptu wedding. Eric offers to play the piano while Dayzee, Hope and Maya lead Caroline off to get ready. Charlie and Pam get to work on the wedding cake in the kitchen. She licks the batter off his finger and then they kiss. Bill finds Brooke outside and tells her he isn’t giving up. She tells him it’s over, but he is sure they will get back to where they were.

    Back inside the Forrester Mansion, Quinn addresses Stephanie’s portrait and assumes they would not have liked each other. Eric joins Quinn and she comments how lovely the picture is. He agrees. Meanwhile, Maya runs into Rick by the stairs and tells him how happy she is for him. Later, Eric and Brooke gush over how handsome Rick is as Pam calls attention to Caroline’s entrance. The wedding march begins and she enters with Bill. Brooke hands Caroline a bouquet made from Stephanie’s rose garden and Bill walks her down the aisle. Rick tells her she looks beautiful. Carter begins the ceremony and after commenting on their ups and downs leads Rick and Caroline in their vows. Rick remembers the first time he saw her. Rick almost gave up on them but she didn’t because she knew how good they were together. Every moment with her is a gift and Rick promises to protect and cherish it forever. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as Caroline thanks everyone – the Forresters and Logans are her family now. She adores Rick and knows they will have an exciting marriage. They exchange rings and promise to love each other forever. Carter pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss.

    We Can Have It All.

    Thursday, June 06 2013

    At the hospital, Katie tells Steffy there are changes in medicine all the time. Steffy sobs that she can’t have a baby of her own. She gets a call from Liam and tells him she’ll be out late. “I love you.” Steffy tells Katie she can’t go home. “I can’t face Liam.” She asks Katie to drive her to her condo. Katie tells her she didn’t do anything wrong; Liam will understand, but she has to talk to him. Steffy wants to be alone.

    Back To Basics.

    Monday, December 10 2012

    At Forrester, Stephanie says on the recording that she's confident she's making the right decision. She talks about how unethical it was to manipulate Thomas by promising her shares - they rightfully should go to Eric. She asks that Thomas accept it - it's for the best and if he challenges, he won't win. Stephanie also asks Taylor to accept it and to trust her. Rick grins uncontrollably. Stephanie tells Eric the company needs his guidance now more than ever. "Don't mess it up. I love you." Eric complains to Brooke that Stephanie won't even let him grieve the way he wants to. Everyone starts peppering Eric with questions. Thomas says Ridge made him interim CEO. Eric muses that Ridge let work go down his list of priorities. Eric says they need to go back to basics.

    Sing Me To Sleep, Baby Girl.

    Monday, November 26 2012

    At Big Bear, Brooke snuggles with Stephanie and asks her if she can wait for Eric to get there. Stephanie coughs and urges Brooke to take the ring off her finger. "That ring is for you; I want you to have it." Brooke sobs in gratitude. Stephanie teases, "You got all of my men." She then soberly tells Brooke she hurt her, but she also saved her. Brooke offers to read to her some more. Stephanie asks her to make up the ending. Brooke recounts a tale that sounds a lot like her, Ridge, and Stephanie's story. Brooke says to Stephanie that she didn't know what love was, until she realized she loved her. She apologizes for what she put her through over the years. Stephanie replies, "No. It all adds up to now." Stephanie dozes and asks for Eric. Brooke says he'll be there soon. Stephanie quips, "Never around when you need him." She husks that she is tired - so tired. She tells Brooke she'll miss her, and says, "Sing me to sleep, baby girl." As Brooke sings Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Stephanie dies. Brooke sobs and kisses her forehead.

    Nothing To Forgive.

    Wednesday, November 21 2012

    Stephanie's condition dramatically worsens in the cabin as she coughs up blood. Brooke puts a cool cloth on her brow and reads to her. Stephanie stops her to ask where her mother is - she thought she saw her mother. Brooke asks Stephanie what she needs. She replies, "Forgiveness." She admits to Brooke that she told Ridge to stay away from the party so he wouldn't see her this way. Brooke feels it may have been for the best - now she gets to be there and do this. "There's nothing to forgive." Brooke gets Stephanie up to look out. Stephanie says it's time, and wants to go out in the sun. Outside, they cuddle on a bench. Stephanie suggests Brooke go back - this part might be too hard. Brooke tells her, "Don't send me away." Stephanie smirks that she's tried; she always said she'd be the death of her.

    Together At The End.

    Tuesday, November 20 2012

    At the cabin, Stephanie warns Brooke, "No tears." Stephanie says it was important for Eric to go to Forrester - she doesn't want him to be irrelevant. Brooke makes Stephanie comfortable and they recall how much has happened in the cabin, and the journey they've taken. Stephanie muses, "Here we are together at the end." Brooke swabs her dry lips and they snuggle. Stephanie dozes and then Brooke brushes her hair and puts a brooch on her. Stephanie's condition worsens and she coughs up blood. Brooke comforts her.

    One In A Million.

    Monday, November 19 2012

    In the cabin, Eric gets a frantic call from Rick telling him Thomas is about to put his new agenda to a vote and he needs him there. Eric tells him to put it off somehow and hangs up. Stephanie tells Eric he should be there, but he won't leave her. Stephanie insists that he go, and asks him to call Brooke to come stay with her.

    Eric prepares to leave the cabin, and Stephanie looks at photos of Ridge. She tells Eric he's strong and good, just like him. Eric says Ridge was maybe her greatest gift to him. Stephanie thinks back to her last talk with Brooke. Eric dons his suit and tells Stephanie he adores her, and is tortured that she's leaving him, but is grateful for their time together. "I love you so much." Brooke arrives. Eric tells her Stephanie's not good, but she wants him to go, and wants to be with Brooke. He says he'll be as quick as he can. Stephanie smiles at Brooke. Eric tells her to keep her Irish eyes smiling, kisses her deeply, and goes. Stephanie tells Brooke, "I'm happy you're here. Brooke is too.

    He Doesn't Deserve Her.

    Wednesday, November 14 2012

    In the car, Stephanie coughs a little and talks about just wanting to be at the cabin. They bicker a little about him going against her wishes at the party. Eric says she has to admit it was wonderful. She uses her oxygen mask and dozes off. When she awakens, Eric asks if the party was too much. She says it was great - the champagne, music, everyone doing the Irish jig; it was terrific. Eric says she's terrific - the beautiful Irish lass he fell in love with. They talk about their marriage not being perfect. She coughs more and uses the mask again. He offers to pull over. She says she just wants to get to the cabin, and then talks more about the great party. Eric says he's sorry Ridge wasn't there. Stephanie reveals she didn't expect him - she called and talked to him after receiving her diagnosis. She says they had a really nice talk before he left for the honeymoon and that's what she wanted him to remember. Eric can't believe Ridge agreed not to come. They arrive, and Eric settles Stephanie in the cabin. She grimaces and coughs. Eric gets wood. Stephanie looks at a photo of them kissing. Once the fire's blazing, Eric joins Stephanie, who has donned his pajamas. They chuckle. He tells her she's brave, and she thanks him for being so strong for her. Eric sings to her as they cuddle.

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