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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Graham Darros

    Full detailed profile on Graham Darros Played by Justin Baldoni on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Justin Baldoni (CBS)
    Graham Darros

    Actor: Justin Baldoni

    Who played Graham Darros over the years

    Justin Baldoni (January 15, 2010 - February 3, 2010)

    Useful information on Graham Darros

    * Hired by Forrester Creations as a photographer for the Hope for the Future campaign.
    * Drugged Hope's drink at a party.
    * Arrested for raping Sandy Sommers.


    Current: Photographer


    Came to Forrester Creations to work on a new campaign Steffy hired him for. However, the campaign was over before it started.

    The only other initial piece of information about Graham is that he was at the party where Sandy was raped five years earlier.

    Graham was hired at Forrester for the Hope for the Future campaign and took a liking to Hope. He drugged her drink at a party he had and when she was incapacitated, tried to rape her.

    Nick and Sandy discovered Graham was the man who raped Sandy five years prior and showed up at his place in time to stop him from hurting Hope.

    Graham was later arrested and taken to jail.










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    Wednesday, February 03 2010: Bridget Needs to Know.

    Nick runs on the rooftop looking for Sandy, as Graham stands over her and says, "I own you." Graham gets riled up as Sandy accuses him of raping her and others. She kicks him and he goes down. Nick walks up as Sandy grabs a pipe, ready to whack Graham with it. Lt. Baker comes up, defuses the situation and arrests Graham for raping Agnes Jones. Baker takes Graham away and a teary Sandy hugs Nick grateful for his belief in her. Sandy starts to cramp and Nick leads her away so they can go to the hospital.

    Tuesday, February 02 2010: Sandy Confronts Her Attacker.

    In his loft, Graham cozies up to a passed out Hope and calls her a little Sleeping Beauty. She starts to wake up, but is still hazy so Graham tells her to relax and enjoy the ride. He will take good care of her, but she wants to go home. As she goes in and out of consciousness, Graham tells her she's not going anywhere because the party is just starting. He strokes her hair and face and then kisses her. As Hope lies there motionless, Graham starts to take her clothes off and calls her beautiful and perfect. He likes that she doesn’t talk back to him and wishes all women could be like her. He then flips out and yells at her for talking so much (even though she's still passed out) and says it's better when she's quiet. He starts kissing her neck and says when she wakes up she will think she just had too much to drink and she will keep quiet out of shame. Nick and Sandy come to his door and Nick knocks saying he has a contract for him. Graham tries to get him to go away, but when Nick won't leave, he covers Hope up and cracks open the door. Nick kicks the door in, struggles with Graham and then sees Hope on the bed. Graham sees Sandy and then runs out the door. Nick goes to Hope as Sandy runs after Graham. Lt and Det. Baker arrive and Nick instructs them to call an ambulance and to call Brooke. As the cops do so, Nick takes off after Sandy and Graham. Detective Baker calls Brooke and she and Ridge rush out. When Brooke and Ridge get to the loft, they find Hope on a stretcher and Detective Baker tells them he's not sure, but he thinks Nick and Sandy got there before Graham could hurt her. They are surprised to find out they are involved and Charlie tells him there's a lot going on. Ridge says when they get Graham, he wants five minutes alone with him.

    Sandy chases Graham in the stairwell and they end up on the rooftop. Nick climbs the stairs, as Sandy corners Graham and tells him he's the one who raped her. He says he doesn’t know who she is and claims he never touched her. She tells him he's going to jail, but he says she has no proof. She informs him she has his DNA and he will never touch another woman again. She has waited years for this moment, but he says she was drunk that night and whatever happened, she probably deserved it. As she threatens him, he grabs her throat and throws her to the ground. He stands over her and says, "Looks like you're all mine, once again."

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