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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Agnes Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Agnes Jones Played by Sarah Brown on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Brown (CBS)

    Birthday: 1976-02-18
    Birthplace: Eureka, California
    Marital Status: Single, daughter Jordan
    Real Name: Sarah Brown
    Height: 5'5
    Web site:


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    She's Not Lying.

    Tuesday, February 08 2011

    Nick and Stephanie arrive at his house. He admits the support group stories were scary. When he hints that she can leave, she accuses him of wanting to smoke. Jackie comes in with Owen and Aggie in tow. Aggie tells Nick that Jackie filled her in, and demands to know if he's going to give up those awful cigars. Nick flinches. He says the cigar thing is under control. They all want him to ditch his humidor - it's a temptation. Nick wants to be in control of his own life, but Owen points out that he's not - the cigars are! They urge him to take back control. Nick announces that today he's going to do what's best for him - if he does it for anyone else it's not going to work. He kneels down and starts putting his cigars into the fireplace.

    Justin's Birthday.

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    On his boat, Nick briefly thinks about his impending test results. Aggie brings Jack down the stairs. She asks what they are doing for boys' night. Nick says they will be watching some movies and having snacks. Aggie notices his doctor's business card on the counter and asks about it. She wonders if everything is okay. Nick says as far as he knows it is - if it weren't, Dr. Lewis would have called him. Aggie carries on, and Nick looks guilty. Aggie says goodbye to them, and Nick walks over to his phone. Jack asks if he's coming back to play cards.

    Surfer and Sailor.

    Monday, January 10 2011

    Nick jokes with an overjoyed Jackie as he prepares to take her and Owen through their wedding vow renewal ceremony. Nick begins the proceedings, and pretends to forget Owen's name. He then decides to clear the air. He goes over the obstacles they have faced - including infidelity - and says he didn't think they should have stayed together, but he was wrong. Nick thanks Jackie for showing him how to be a rule-breaker. He notes that he and Owen are very different - surfer and sailor - but he can admit that they both love Jackie and want her happiness. Nick says they should say their personal vows. Jackie goes first, talking to Owen about her attraction to his looks, his goodness, and his generous heart. Owen returns the sentiments, and Nick tells them to kiss. He kisses his naggy Aggie. They share a toast and Owen tells Jackie he will never let her down again. Jackie makes a toast to the two of them and they kiss.

    The Work of Naggy Aggie.

    Friday, January 07 2011

    Owen stops by Nick's office to let him know everything is set up at his house, and that Jackie is holding out hope he'll be there. After Owen leaves, Aggie lays into Nick about letting his mother down. He calls her 'Naggy'! Later, Nick orders pizza on his own and settle in to watch the game, however, looking at Jackie's framed photo gives him pause.

    At Nick's house, Owen brings Jackie inside and she marvels at how beautiful everything looks. He says the pastor will arrive any minute, and so will Aggie. Owen tells her all she needs to do is get changed and come down the stairs to marry him. Jackie wonders why he chose to do this when Bridget and Logan were out of town. He says it was deliberate - this is their moment. Jackie heads up and looks at her gown, but a framed photo of her and Nick catches her eye. Aggie arrives just as Owen gets a call from the pastor who can't make it. Owen tells Aggie. When Owen steps out to make calls, Aggie phones Nick and tells him he should get over there. She asks if the game is more important than his mother. He hangs up on her. Aggie goes to see Jackie, who says she's not going to let it get to her that Nick's not there - she just wishes he wasn't still hurting so much. Aggie urges her not to be upset on this special day. She goes back down the stairs and finds Owen at his wit's end. Aggie tells him to just wait until it's time, put on the music, and wait for Jackie - she'll take care of the rest. Later, Aggie prompts Owen to start the music and dims the lights. Nick appears in his sea captain uniform to officiate the ceremony. Aggie smiles at him from the staircase as Jackie descends and embraces him.

    A Trip You'll Never Forget.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    In Nick's office, he admits to Aggie that he has no plans to attend his mother and Owen's vow renewal. He explains that he thinks the marriage is a joke and he doesn't want any part of it. Aggie thinks he might regret not going. She says it could be a huge opportunity for healing his family. Aggie leaves, and Jackie shows up. She pleads with Nick to come to her wedding tonight. Nick says he can't, but Aggie will be there.

    Back in Business!

    Wednesday, January 05 2011

    At Jackie M, Nick, Whip, Aggie, and Owen weigh in on Jackie's designs. Aggie muses that she thought they were one step away from folding. Nick looks at his mother and says, "Were, is right." Everyone agrees the designs will sell. Nick says Jackie M is back in business! He and Owen leave, and Jackie, Aggie, and Whip continue talking. Whip excuses himself to tend to a family matter, leaving Aggie and Jackie to speculate.

    Nick is alone in his office when Owen comes in. He says he took one of Jackie's designs downstairs to have it made immediately. Owen goes on to say he will pay for it - he needs it because he and Jackie are going to get married again. Nick thinks Jackie will like the idea, and offers the gown as a gift. Owen says that's not all - he wants Nick to stand up for him this time. Nick makes excuses and alludes to Owen ruining his marriage. Nick offers his house for the second wedding, but he says he won't be there. After Owen leaves, Aggie comes in. Nick snarks about renewing vows and hoping it sticks the second time around. Aggie asks if he's referring to anyone they know.

    It's Positive!

    Wednesday, December 29 2010

    Aggie is at Whip's house. They discuss his plot against Ridge. Aggie's not sure it's the best way to keep Ridge out of his marriage. Whip defends taking the photo, but Aggie feels it will blow up in his face, explaining that Ridge will come right to Taylor if his marriage ends and Whip will get burned! Whip disagrees that he's shooting himself in the foot. Aggie warns that Ridge may tell Taylor he thinks Whip took the photo. Whip again disagrees. But Aggie thinks he's started a fire he won't be able to put out. Whip feels he only proved that Taylor being Ridge's conscience is a whole lot of bull!

    You Did This.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    Whip and Taylor kiss at home. They discuss Stephanie's new connection to the homeless. Taylor tells him she thinks she could contribute as well. Whip spots the photo of Thomas and Brooke on a magazine and smirks. Taylor says it isn't funny at all. She blames Brooke, but Whip thinks she should be angry with Ridge - he could have stopped this campaign! Thomas comes in amid the tension. Taylor holds up the magazine. Thomas reiterates that it was a mix-up in the middle of a fashion show - it wasn't a big deal. Whip tells Thomas he's confused by his father not having a problem with it. Thomas says Ridge trusts him, and he wishes Taylor would too. After he leaves, Taylor tells Whip she feels helpless. Later, Aggie turns up at Whip's house asking if he's seen the photo in the paper. Whip lets her know he's pleased that the mass media picked up the photograph. He tells Aggie that Ridge has no respect for his marriage and needed to be taught a lesson. Aggie stresses that it's only a matter of time before Ridge figures out who took the photo. Whip disagrees, and sounds off about how much Ridge deserves what he's getting - he outsmarted him and it feels real sweet!

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