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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Agnes Jones

    Full detailed profile on Agnes Jones Played by Sarah Brown on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Brown (CBS)
    Agnes Jones

    Actor: Sarah Brown

    Who played Agnes Jones over the years

    Sarah Brown (November 5, 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Agnes Jones

    * Lied on her surrogacy profile in order to attract a couple.
    * Became Nick and Bridget's surrogate.
    * Despite her claim to live a healthy lifestyle, eats junk food.


    Current: Employee of Jackie M
    Past: Surrogate


    Sandy, whose real name is Agnes, lied on her profile to be a surrogate, which Bridget immediately identified with. Before meeting Bridget and Nick, she colored her dark hair to blond.

    Upon meeting the couple, Sandy professed her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and desire to help a deserving couple. After getting hired, it became obvious Sandy wasn't so dedicated, as she snacked on chocolate, potato chips and hot dogs while promising Bridget she was eating healthy.

    Sandy lost the pregnancy, and it was revealed that she is Agnes Jones - relative of Oliver and Whip. She fell for Nick, and let him know the truth when she found out Bridget was carrying Owen's child and not Nick's. Nick turned to Aggie and they became a couple. Aggie currently works at Jackie M with Nick.




    Nick Marone


    Whipple Jones III
    Oliver Jones


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    Tuesday, February 08 2011: She's Not Lying.

    Nick and Stephanie arrive at his house. He admits the support group stories were scary. When he hints that she can leave, she accuses him of wanting to smoke. Jackie comes in with Owen and Aggie in tow. Aggie tells Nick that Jackie filled her in, and demands to know if he's going to give up those awful cigars. Nick flinches. He says the cigar thing is under control. They all want him to ditch his humidor - it's a temptation. Nick wants to be in control of his own life, but Owen points out that he's not - the cigars are! They urge him to take back control. Nick announces that today he's going to do what's best for him - if he does it for anyone else it's not going to work. He kneels down and starts putting his cigars into the fireplace.

    Thursday, January 20 2011: Justin's Birthday.

    On his boat, Nick briefly thinks about his impending test results. Aggie brings Jack down the stairs. She asks what they are doing for boys' night. Nick says they will be watching some movies and having snacks. Aggie notices his doctor's business card on the counter and asks about it. She wonders if everything is okay. Nick says as far as he knows it is - if it weren't, Dr. Lewis would have called him. Aggie carries on, and Nick looks guilty. Aggie says goodbye to them, and Nick walks over to his phone. Jack asks if he's coming back to play cards.

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