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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Bill Spencer, Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bill Spencer, Jr. Played by Don Diamont on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6'1"


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    B&B Recap: You Are Magnificent.

    Tuesday, November 25 2014

    At Spencer, Bill complains to an employee as Katie arrives. She stopped by to say that although she could never condone violence, she appreciates him standing up for her. Bill is surprised he's not in trouble. Katie muses he didn't have to punch Ridge in the face, but she's not asking him to apologize. Bill says if you mess with his niece and the mother of his child, you're going to pay. He adds that Ridge treated Brooke like garbage for years - he doesn't get the appeal. Katie thinks his protective side is sweet. Bill will always be protective over Katie - she's an amazing woman. They discuss Katie and Ridge's relationship. Katie says they're trying to work things out. Bill complains about the string engagement ring. She corrects that it's ribbon. They reflect on the something special they had for a while and the charming kid they made together. Bill wishes Katie was happier now. Katie says she and Ridge just have to get over this hurdle. Bill is sorry Ridge disappointed her, but isn't surprised. They discuss Brooke. Bill says she's not coming home for the holiday. Katie tells him she thinks they should get back together. Bill says she told him that too. Katie likes that they're talking. Bill caresses her face. "We were a family, Katie. You were my wife."

    B&B Recap: We Did This Together.

    Thursday, November 20 2014

    Gloria Fisher Bardwell from Genoa City arrives at the Forrester fashion show. Eric greets her enthusiastically. Gloria has heard amazing things about the couture line but admits the prices seem a bit high. Eric finds Rick and lectures him about the prices. Pam offers Gloria a lemon bar. Glo declines and learns Pam is Stephanie's sister. She takes a bar. He wonders if he hopes to sink the line. Rick says he priced them like art. Backstage, Carter checks in with Caroline, who wonders where Ridge is. Maya tells the models what to do. Rick asks Caroline where Ridge has gone. She doesn't know. Outside, Bill orders Ridge to stay away from Caroline. They fistfight. Inside, Rick kicks things off. Backstage, Caroline asks Carter to please find Ridge. She sends out the first model and the fashion show begins. Rick smugly tells himself no one will pay his prices for the gowns. Outside, Ridge and Bill continue to throw punches. Ridge ends up on the ground. Bill asks if they're done here and orders him to stay away from Caroline and Katie - next time he won't see it coming until it's too late. He punches him once more. Inside, Maya tells Caroline not to touch her gown. Caroline says she designed it and makes an adjustment. When Maya's on the runway, Ridge staggers up to Caroline. She asks if this is because of her and hugs him. Rick sees. As the fashion show ends, Gloria tells Eric it was fabulous, she'll be sure to tell Lauren for the boutique. Backstage, Ridge sends Caroline out to get the credit she deserves. Rick backs him up. She takes a deep breath and steps out to a huge applause. Rick watches Ridge admiring her on the screen. Caroline returns backstage and Ridge hugs her. Rick narrows his eyes. Maya approaches him and talks about the success of the CEO and lead model. He tells her the designs had something to do with it. Nearby, Caroline learns Bill beat up Ridge. Ridge mentions the applause and tells her he's proud of her. "We did this together."

    B&B Recap: Break A Leg.

    Wednesday, November 19 2014

    At Forrester Creations, preparations are underway for the fashion show. Bill watches Ridge hug Caroline, who feels bad about Rick hurting. Ridge assures her things will work out. Caroline pouts in the mirror. Bill approaches. "I thought you might need me." He questions her being sad when her first couture line is about to debut. Caroline tells him she and Rick aren't in a good place. Bill knows - it's because of Ridge. Caroline learns Katie told him. He wonders how she allowed herself to fall for Forrester with so much at stake. Caroline muses it was a crazy connection like she's never experienced before; their creative souls melded. Bill guesses Ridge has game; he'll give him that. They bicker about whether Ridge used her. She says it changed. Bill reminds her she's a Spencer so Ridge doesn't get a pass on this one. He takes that as a yes. Elsewhere, Rick changes the lineup again. Maya thinks it's sexy to watch Rick work. Ridge enters. Rick mocks him, but Ridge won't get into it with him. Maya begins to lecture Ridge, who shushes her. Rick and Ridge discuss changes to the lineup. Ridge says it's his job, but Rick insists his decision stands. Maya backs Rick up. Ridge says Rick has lost the plot again, letting his model girlfriend make decisions, and will tank the company. Rick refuses to entertain discussion about the lineup. Maya chimes in again. Rick suggests she go get ready. Ridge tells her to go ahead and break a leg. Ridge confronts Rick's anger at him kissing his wife. He invites him to place it on him, not Caroline or the line. He advises Rick to dump Maya and go back to his beautiful wife. Rick points out that he's the guy who blew it all to hell. Ridge reiterates to hold him accountable - we all make mistakes, like Rick's making with Maya. Ridge urges him not to throw his marriage away and asks him to give Caroline five minutes to have her say. Later, Maya returns. Rick has a lot on his mind. Outside, Bill finds Ridge. "We've got some business." Ridge realizes he found out about him and Caroline. Bill refers to him as a predator. He rants about him messing with Spencer women, including Katie, the woman he's supposed to love. Ridge says it was a beautiful thing that happened, Bill wouldn't understand; it's over now. Ridge mentions the helicopter. Bill says he started that party, he just finished it. Bill turns it back to Ridge using his niece and punches him. Behind-the-scenes, Rick wishes Maya luck and goes to the showroom. Maya spots Caroline and warns her to leave Rick alone. They discuss Maya telling Rick about her and Ridge. Maya says it wasn't personal. Caroline mocks her wanting Rick for the perks and privileges. Caroline warns her not to keep fanning the flames. She doesn't want to start a fire she can't put out.

    B&B Recap: Ex-Lovers On The Payroll.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    At Katie's house, she and Bill talk about Will. He mentions Ridge. Katie says he wasn't staying there while she was visiting her father. Bill asks for a strong cup of coffee. Katie agrees. "I knew there would be something you'd miss about me eventually." They listen to Will. Bill hasn't had him overnight since Brooke left. He mutters that it looks like Katie and Smidge will beat them to the altar after all. Katie muses that he obviously doesn't know about Ridge and Caroline. She explains how Caroline became infatuated with Ridge. Bill can't believe it. Kate admits Ridge wasn't entirely innocent; there were a few kisses - he got caught up. Bill realizes that's why Katie left town. He warns Ridge will do it again. Katie shrugs that maybe Caroline knows Ridge in a way she never can. Bill grouses that he screwed around on her with a girl young enough to be his daughter. He asks Katie if she's saying Ridge seduced Caroline to improve his position in the company. Katie tells him to calm down as he heads out the door. Katie tells Will that daddy's going to take care of it.

    At Forrester Creations, Eric, Ridge, Rick, Caroline, and Maya discuss the upcoming press conference. When Ridge makes a suggestion about marketing, Rick snaps at him to leave that to them and stick to what he loves best...or second best. Jarrett joins them and Eric talks about how happy he is with the line. Jarrett asks Ridge why he worked with Caroline. "Was it Rick's idea?" Ridge tells him that's exactly it. After Jarrett leaves, Rick complains about Ridge and Caroline not promoting the line. Ridge wants to change the order of the show. Rick says Maya will look at it. Ridge asks, "Maya?" Rick wonders why Caroline isn't talking. She looks at Rick and sees hurt and love. She can't wait until his anger subsides so they can talk to each other again. Rick declares the Ridge/Caroline partnership to be over. If Ridge can't work alone he'll find him a young design student. Eric asks to speak to Rick alone. Rick announces his prices for the gowns, which are way too expensive. Ridge says he's trying to kill the line. Caroline reminds Rick if it fails, he fails. They have words. Ridge defends Caroline. Caroline asks Rick to come home. Rick declares the meeting is over. Eric tries to talk to Rick alone, but he insists Maya stay. Eric confronts Rick about being willing to let the company take a hit and trying to fire Caroline. Rick doesn't have Eric's knack for keeping his ex-lovers on the payroll. Eric shoots him a look. Maya says she's dedicated to Rick's happiness. Eric leaves. Behind-the-scenes of the fashion show, Ridge tells a sad Caroline he's sorry. Caroline says Rick wants to bury what they made together; he's hurting. She complains about him turning to Maya. "How much more am I supposed to take?" Ridge embraces her as Bill arrives.

    B&B Recap: Stake A Claim.

    Tuesday, November 11 2014

    Bill hollers angrily for Alison when Quinn appears in his office. She says Wyatt's in Amsterdam. He suggests Quinn get a life. Quinn needs to secure their son's happiness and asks what Bill will do to ensure Liam and Ivy come home a happy couple. Bill says there will be no interfering. He tells Quinn she's a pain and a lunatic, but Wyatt turned out to be a pretty good kid - she deserves credit for that. Quinn says it's trippy that they're going to be grandparents together; sometimes she regrets keeping Wyatt from him. They talk about Hope's ban on Quinn. Bill says she's afraid of her - for good reason. Quinn says it's cruel, unfair, and unacceptable. She goes on about her DNA being in that child's blood. Bill talks to her about being patient, but Quinn drifts off. She imagines Hope delivering a baby with her face and screaming.

    B&B Recap: No Mystery To Me.

    Friday, October 10 2014

    At Spencer, Bill tells Katie he thinks she's worried her boyfriend the dressmaker has gone around the bases with his niece already. He can smell jealousy all over her. Katie points out he's being offensive. Bill know she cares about time spent together, and Ridge is spending time with Caroline and not with her. "And you're starting to wonder." Katie insists she's not an insecure wreck. Bill muses if he was engaged to Ridge he'd be laying awake nights. Katie says Caroline is helping Ridge and giving him something she can't. Bill thinks Katie can't trust Ridge and it's his fault for hurting her. He'll never forgive himself for it.

    B&B Recap: A Little Racy.

    Thursday, October 09 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Bill, holding Will, bickers with Justin about business. Alison says he's been a grouch since Brooke left. After, Bill complains to Justin that it wasn't supposed to be this way. He muses about getting out of town. Justin advises him not to go to Italy. "Give her some space." Katie arrives. Justin exits. Katie tells Bill he doesn't look so good. She says she understands his pain. Bill is surprised to hear Ridge is still struggling. Katie opens up about Ridge leaning on Caroline. Bill wonders if she's jealous. Katie denies it, but admits she'd like more time with her fiance. Bill muses that Ridge is a playboy and his niece is smokin' hot.

    B&B Recap: One Shot.

    Friday, October 03 2014

    At Spencer, Brooke tells Bill she's leaving for Milan today. He says not without him. Brooke tells Bill he is needed there. Bill insists he's going along and they're getting married there. Brooke hollers that she's going alone. She says Hope's situation has given her perspective and divulges that she's pregnant, asking him to keep mum. She talks about Will needing Bill. Brooke says she has one shot and needs to get this right. Realizing she expects him to reconcile with Katie, he argues that everyone has moved on and feels differently now. He agrees they have only one shot and doesn't want Brooke to run from it. Bill appeals to Brooke not to give up her own happiness for Katie. Brooke speaks about Bill and Katie loving Will and embracing the chance to be a family. Bill refuses to let her go and pulls her into a passionate kiss. She exits determinedly.

    B&B Recap: Who Loves Ya'?

    Thursday, October 02 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Liam flashes to Hope saying she's pregnant. Bill slams in and tells him about Will's choking incident. He talks about almost losing the son they worked so hard to bring into the world. "It changes things." Later, Brooke arrives and tells Bill she's going to the Milan office. He shrugs that they'll get married in Italy. Brooke says no, she's going alone.

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