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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Bill Spencer, Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bill Spencer, Jr. Played by Don Diamont on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6'1"


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    B&B Recap: Washed Up.

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    In Malibu, Bill wants Liam to get ready and go to the party. Liam refuses. They bicker. Bill thinks Liam is going to have to deal with this. Liam asks Bill to call and see if Wyatt and Hope want him there. Later, Bill insists Wyatt wants Liam to come. He tells Liam that Hope is his brother's wife, he has to man-up and accept it.

    Quinn arrives early to Brooke's house. Brooke muses that she seems well since her therapy. Quinn apologizes for her part in Abu-Dhabi and comments on Ridge's loyalty to her. She asks if he and Katie will be there today. Brooke narrows her eyes suspiciously. Ivy and Ally arrive. Quinn notes that Ivy replaced her at Forrester. Deacon enters. In a moment alone, Deacon assures Quinn he'll drop the bomb. Upstairs, Wyatt and Hope joke and then discuss Liam. They assume he didn't show in Paris because he wanted a clean break. Wyatt marvels that his one wish in life came true when he married Hope. They embrace. Downstairs, Brooke chats with Carter, Rick, and Donna. Maya arrives and trades insults with Carter. Quinn's eyeballs grow huge as Bill pushes Liam into the house. She greets them with an apology. Liam scoffs. Katie and Ridge arrive. Ridge is startled by a hearty greeting from Deacon. Wyatt and Hope appear. Bill introduces Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. Hope and Liam lock eyes. Bill prompts Liam to congratulate the bride.

    B&B Recap: New Best Friend.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    At Brooke's house, Bill makes his case for moving forward. He says Ridge is fine and asks Brooke to focus on their future. They discuss Liam and Wyatt. Bill thinks they'll be fine - Hope will see to it. He promises not to hurt Hope or anyone Brooke cares about again. Brooke asks, "Even Ridge?" Bill vows to become his new best friend. He talks about them parenting the children together and double-dating. Brooke brings up Quinn. Bill doesn't think she'll mess with them again. Brooke thinks Hope has the black widow for a mother-in-law. Bill assures Brooke it will be smooth-sailing for them from now on. Brooke flashes to good times in the Middle East. Bill asks her to marry him and stay on this incredible adventure with him. She agrees. They kiss. Bill goes to get a huge bottle of champagne and makes stallion noises. He calls the yacht captain to set up their wedding.

    B&B Recap: Light The Match.

    Monday, August 18 2014

    In Malibu, Bill and Liam discuss Wyatt marrying Hope. Bill's happy for Wyatt but knows what it's costing Liam. Liam says Hope was waiting for him, but fate intervened and Wyatt took advantage. Bill says that's who he is, and who Liam is not. Liam throws up his hands. Bill brings up Brooke - she wants Hope to be happy. Bill knows Liam would have done that should things have gone differently. He states that there are no do-overs, however - Hope and Wyatt are married. Bill says he and Brooke will throw them a party and he expects him to attend. Liam exclaims. Bill says he must accept this marriage and move on with his life. "That's how it's going to be." After, Liam moons about Hope as he boxes up her photos and tears up.

    B&B Recap: A Lunatic And A Murderer.

    Friday, August 15 2014

    Bill arrives at Brooke's house and says they're kids are married now - they should do the same - right after the party he throws for Wyatt and Hope. He feels sorry for Liam, but he hesitated and Wyatt didn't. Brooke is stunned to hear he told Liam. Bill wanted to act immediately. They get to talking about Ridge. Bill thinks he hasn't changed a bit - no lingering effects from the helicopter incident. Brooke muses that she doesn't think Bill's changed either. They talk about Hope taking on Quinn as a mother-in-law. Bill says Wyatt will see that it's not an issue. Brooke hopes Quinn's therapy keeps her away for a very long time. Bill vows to never let Quinn or anyone come between them again.

    B&B Recap: Let's Rock 'n' Roll.

    Wednesday, August 13 2014

    At Spencer, Bill gets a call from the captain of the yacht, who says his son Wyatt requested that he perform his wedding to Miss Logan.

    B&B Recap: Come Back To Me.

    Tuesday, August 12 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Brooke talks on the phone to Rick at International. Rick says Hope and Wyatt aren't back and he hasn't seen Liam either. Brooke hangs up and Bill appears. She asks if he's heard from Liam or Wyatt. He guesses her question involves Hope. She brings him up to speed and they discuss the triangle. Brooke opines that no matter what happens in Paris, someone's going to be the odd man out.

    At Forrester, Bill promises Brooke he will never dump a person into the water again. They talk about Liam saving Ivy. She prays it didn't cost him Hope.

    B&B Recap: Down That Dark Path.

    Friday, August 01 2014

    Bill and Deacon bicker at Brooke's house. Brooke stops them. Bill makes an appeal to Brooke to fight for their relationship. He expresses regret over Ridge getting hurt. Deacon sneers that he regrets he got caught. Deacon tells Brooke he'd do it again today if he thought she wouldn't find out. Bill calls Deacon, "Mugshot," and continues working on Brooke. She tells Bill she loves him, but she needs time. Bill says he'll never give up on them. Once alone, Deacon says Bill won't change. Brooke asks, "Are you saying you have?" Deacon feels if she's considering going back to Bill, he deserves a shot too. Deacon declares that he wants Brooke back. He wants them to be parents together. She reminds him Hope's an adult. Deacon says it's never too late. He pulls her into a passionate kiss.

    B&B Recap: Beating The Drum.

    Thursday, July 31 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Bill flashes to the romantic high points with Brooke. After, he moodily orders Alison to cancel his appointments. She clucks about him losing his girlfriend. He mutters that dumping Ridge in the Persian Gulf was a miscalculation. Alison suggests he ignore Brooke and she'll come crawling back. Bill won't play that game. He opines that no one gets Brooke like he does.

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