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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Bill Spencer, Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bill Spencer, Jr. Played by Don Diamont on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6'1"


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    B&B Recap: No Mystery To Me.

    Friday, October 10 2014

    At Spencer, Bill tells Katie he thinks she's worried her boyfriend the dressmaker has gone around the bases with his niece already. He can smell jealousy all over her. Katie points out he's being offensive. Bill know she cares about time spent together, and Ridge is spending time with Caroline and not with her. "And you're starting to wonder." Katie insists she's not an insecure wreck. Bill muses if he was engaged to Ridge he'd be laying awake nights. Katie says Caroline is helping Ridge and giving him something she can't. Bill thinks Katie can't trust Ridge and it's his fault for hurting her. He'll never forgive himself for it.

    B&B Recap: A Little Racy.

    Thursday, October 09 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Bill, holding Will, bickers with Justin about business. Alison says he's been a grouch since Brooke left. After, Bill complains to Justin that it wasn't supposed to be this way. He muses about getting out of town. Justin advises him not to go to Italy. "Give her some space." Katie arrives. Justin exits. Katie tells Bill he doesn't look so good. She says she understands his pain. Bill is surprised to hear Ridge is still struggling. Katie opens up about Ridge leaning on Caroline. Bill wonders if she's jealous. Katie denies it, but admits she'd like more time with her fiance. Bill muses that Ridge is a playboy and his niece is smokin' hot.

    B&B Recap: One Shot.

    Friday, October 03 2014

    At Spencer, Brooke tells Bill she's leaving for Milan today. He says not without him. Brooke tells Bill he is needed there. Bill insists he's going along and they're getting married there. Brooke hollers that she's going alone. She says Hope's situation has given her perspective and divulges that she's pregnant, asking him to keep mum. She talks about Will needing Bill. Brooke says she has one shot and needs to get this right. Realizing she expects him to reconcile with Katie, he argues that everyone has moved on and feels differently now. He agrees they have only one shot and doesn't want Brooke to run from it. Bill appeals to Brooke not to give up her own happiness for Katie. Brooke speaks about Bill and Katie loving Will and embracing the chance to be a family. Bill refuses to let her go and pulls her into a passionate kiss. She exits determinedly.

    B&B Recap: Who Loves Ya'?

    Thursday, October 02 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Liam flashes to Hope saying she's pregnant. Bill slams in and tells him about Will's choking incident. He talks about almost losing the son they worked so hard to bring into the world. "It changes things." Later, Brooke arrives and tells Bill she's going to the Milan office. He shrugs that they'll get married in Italy. Brooke says no, she's going alone.

    B&B Recap: Better Than Being CEO.

    Wednesday, October 01 2014

    At Spencer, Bill and Katie rush to Will who is choking and not breathing. Brooke enters and asks what's going on. Katie screams to call 911. Bill works on Will and a coin pops out of his throat. Everyone is relieved.

    At Katie's place, the doctor checks Will and he'll be fine. Brooke watches as Katie tells Bill she doesn't know what she would have done if he hadn't been there. They embrace. Bill says he'll always be there for Will. "And you too, Katie." They agree no more negativity. Brooke says they've come a long way. She listens as Bill tells Katie what a great mom she is. Katie returns the sentiment to Bill. He's happy she values him as a good father and says it's even better than being CEO. Later, Brooke tells Katie she's making some changes - she's taking a job in Milan. Katie is stunned. Brooke apologizes for hurting her. Katie says they've all moved on. Brooke thinks there's still something between Katie and Bill. She urges Katie to consider it.

    B&B Recap: Boredom And Mind-Numbing Regret.

    Tuesday, September 30 2014

    At Spencer, Bill asks Katie to entertain Will while he returns some calls. She chides him about getting rid of the daycare. Later, Katie notices Will has a coin in his hand and jokes that he takes after his father. Katie tells Bill there is still a part of her that isn't crazy about him being with her sister. She notes they get along better when he's not with Brooke. Bill reassures her. Katie looks over and they both rush to Will. "He's choking! He's not breathing!"

    B&B Recap: I'll Eat Your Pie.

    Monday, September 29 2014

    At Brooke's house, Bill pressures her to say yes to his proposal. Deacon argues that he's loved her longer than Bill. He asks her to give them another chance. Brooke informs Deacon that Bill's the man in her life right now. Deacon feels Bill will let her down, but she'll have to discover that for herself. Deacon goes. Bill asks, "Can I take that as a yes?" Brooke looks at him. He proposes again. Brooke says she'll give him an answer soon.

    At Spencer Publications, Bill and Katie play with Will. He mentions Ridge designing again. Katie is pleased to hear that Brooke is taking time to think over his proposal, and not acting impulsively. Talk turns to their own relationship. They admit there are times they miss one another. Katie smiles as Bill plays with Will.

    B&B Recap: It's Organic.

    Friday, September 26 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Justin tells Bill he just came from Forrester, where he learned that Ridge is designing again. Bill crows that this is the news he's been waiting for. "Changes are ahead for Brooke and me." They rehash dumping Ridge in the drink. Bill says that's all behind them now because the dressmaker is designing again. He calls for the helicopter to be fueled up and heads out to find Brooke.

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