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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    Left In The Crypt To Die.

    Friday, May 29 2009

    Jamie, Mia’s cousin, interrupts Mia and Will as they’re about to kiss, on the pier. Jamie’s not exactly friendly and Will takes off as Mia sings Will’s praises. Jamie asks if Mia is out of her mind. She has concerns that Will is like her last boyfriend and doesn’t want Mia to get hurt. Mia assures her cousin she’s fine and it’s not the same. Jamie forbids Mia from seeing Will, but Mia reminds Jamie that she’s not the same girl she was a year ago. Jamie says her lease is up on the apartment and she and Travis are leaving town. Mia is floored but Jamie explains Travis lost his job and they had no choice. Mia will have to move in with her mother. Mia cries and refuses to do that. She’s unsure of what she’ll do. Jamie apologizes and leaves.

    Maggie finds Mia crying at the pier and though they don’t know each other, Maggie asks what’s wrong. Mia admits what’s going on and worries about letting go of Will’s friendship. Maggie hugs her.

    I Owe You.

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    At the pier, Mia tells Nicole she thinks Rafe adopting Grace is a good idea. The baby will have two parents. Nicole agrees. Nicole wants Mia to stay away from Will, but Mia refuses. She has kept quiet up until now and needs to live her life without Nicole breathing down her neck. Nicole asks her to calm down but Mia tells her to stay away from her or else she’ll be sorry.

    Mia returns to Will at Java and doesn’t like lying about her living arrangements but tells him she lives with her cousin and his boyfriend. The beau treats her like a border, she says. Will wishes she could move and when he brings up her parents, Mia changes the subject. They pack up and leave. Later, they return and Will is wearing a strange hat. (I apologize, the show has been crazy fast and I didn't catch the reason. They had some sort of bet over baseball, I think.) He makes a joke about druggies but apologizes right away, hoping he hasn’t hurt her feelings but he hasn’t and couldn’t if he tried, she says. They take off to a ballgame.

    Later, they arrive on the pier and Will makes fun of Mia’s lack of baseball skills. She shows him she’s got style and shows him how to dance. He winds up falling into her arms.

    You’re Dumber Than I Thought...

    Wednesday, May 27 2009

    At the Java Café, Mia doesn’t think Will should help her with school, considering she spaced out. Mia doesn’t do anything for Will, but Will reminds her she came to his game. She had to leave early because her cousin arrived. Will says she should come to his next one. She agrees if pizza is on her. They discuss adopted babies and Mia clams up. She takes a call from her cousin and Will, on his way to get more coffee, bumps into Kinsey. He tells her she has a big zit on her forehead and she cringes and hides her forehead but Will laughs. He was joking and tells her that what he just did is not half as bad as how she treated Mia. Mia overhears Will tell Kinsey off. Later, Mia tells Will that he didn’t have to stand up for her and when she receives a text message from Nicole, she flashes back to Nicole telling her that she can’t be around Nicole or anyone she knows. Mia lies that her cousin called. She has to leave. Later, Kinsey drops by Will’s table to bash Mia, but Will ignores her warnings.

    Mia finds Nicole at the pier and says she doesn’t like being summoned. Nicole doesn’t like hearing about her drug addiction story. Mia says somebody she likes just told her she was honest and she’s not. Nicole asks if it was Will Horton, causing Mia to think that Nicole’s bugging her back pack. Mia thinks Will and his mother are nice. Nicole disagrees, "You’re dumber than I thought." Nicole bashes Sami, but Mia likes Sami a lot. Nicole is surprised when Mia tells her that Sami is willing to allow Rafe to adopt Grace, which makes Sami a nice person for allowing it.

    One Hour.

    Friday, May 22 2009

    Mia arrives at the townhouse and Will explains how he thought Sami was scheming again and he called her on it. Even though Sami says she’s being honest, he can’t help but wonder…Later, Will brings Grace into the living room. She can’t sleep. Mia calms her down and they continue to discuss Will’s fight with his mother about Rafe adopting Grace. Mia asks if Rafe’s a bad guy, but Will likes Rafe. He says it’s odd. They’re not even getting married and Rafe hasn’t known them that long. He tells Mia that his mom lies all the time and if he had a friend who did that, he couldn’t forgive them. Mia asks if the mother who gave birth to Grace ever misses her.

    Rock Star In The Bedroom.

    Monday, May 18 2009

    Mia assures Brady she has never taken drugs, nor does she drink. She told a friend a lie because she didn’t want him to know the truth. Will comes into the room and overhears. Mia finds out they’re related, because Sami’s Brady’s step-sister. Will asks how they know each other, but when neither fesses up, Will takes the hint and leaves them alone. Mia tells Brady that Will is the friend she lied to about the baby, rehab and everything. She feels guilty and explains that she dropped out of school after she became pregnant. The kids started to gossip and speculate about why she left school. If she didn’t lie about having an addiction, she’d have to tell the truth, and worries Will wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Brady thinks Will would understand if she came clean, but she can’t tell anybody about Nicole adopting Grace, because if the DiMera’s found out, bad news would follow. Brady feels sad for Mia and when Will returns, Brady realizes he has some work to do and will go to the next meeting. Mia says she’s a recovering addict but doesn’t come to the meetings each night, as she said. This is her first, after rehab. Will wants her to get help, but Mia doesn’t use drugs anymore, she says, and asks if he believes her. He does, and she’s not alone, he says. They go into the meeting.

    Booze and Stuff...

    Friday, May 15 2009

    Will comes upon Mia at Java Café and asks if they’re still friends. She says they are, but trails off. Will lays things out for her. He wasn’t sure he was going to stick around in Salem until he met her. He stayed in Salem because of her, but now they’re not talking. Mia apologizes and thought he was angry with her for the rehab issue. Will says it’s in the past and isn’t who she is now. Mia wonders if he’ll have concerns when she’s around Grace, but Will assures her he won’t. They make amends and Will asks what she was hooked on. She stammers and lies. "Booze, and stuff." Will lets her know that Lucas is a recovering alcoholic. Will admits Mia doesn’t seem to be battling anything. Mia goes to meetings every night, she claims, so Will asks to go with her, tonight! She reluctantly agrees and thinks it’s nice of him.

    Will and Mia arrive home and Sami asks if they can sit with Grace while she runs an errand. Will and Mia argue about what’s more important, and Sami says not to worry. She has Grace in a carriage and ready to go! Sami and Mia fawn over how adorable and good, Grace is. Mia calls her special and Sami beams with motherly pride! She leaves and Mia gets on the internet to find the next AA meeting! She finds the address and they leave.

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