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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Beth Logan

    Full detailed profile on Beth Logan Played by Robin Riker on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Riker (Evan Nesbitt)
    Beth Logan

    Actor: Robin Riker

    Who played Beth Logan over the years

    Robin Riker - June 18th, 2008 to April, 2010
    Nancy Burnett - 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001
    Marla Adams - 1991
    Nancy Burnett - 1987-1989
    Judith Baldwin - 1987

    Useful information on Beth Logan

    * She was the first Logan to snag a Forrester man.
    * Successfully battled breast cancer.
    * Stayed away from her children because she was in the early stages of dementia
    * Drowned in a pool and died after an argument with Stephanie.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Caterer


    The first Logan woman to become involved with a Forrester, Beth Logan fell in love with Eric in college, but he married Stephanie instead. They ran into each other thirty years later when she catered an event at the Forrester mansion. In the time between meetings, Beth married Stephen Logan and had four children. Stephen left her however, when he realized he would never be able to live up to Beth’s standards, which were set by Eric.

    Once Beth and Eric reconnected, they began an affair, much to her son Storm’s disapproval. Beth soon discovered she had breast cancer and pushed Eric away, rather than tell him the truth. Eric eventually found out and was prepared to stand by her, until Stephen returned after Eric’s wife Stephanie hired a private investigator to track him down.

    Stephen and Beth reconciled and the couple relocated to Paris. Years later, Stephen returned to Los Angeles alone, stating that he and Beth had divorced because she had never gotten over Eric.

    Beth stayed in Paris, but curiously didn’t return home for Storm’s funeral or Katie’s heart transplant. Realizing how upset it made Katie, Nick flew to Paris to convince her to return to her daughters. Once home, Beth revealed that she had been keeping her distance because she had several mini-strokes and was in the early stages of dementia. The family rallied around her and Beth began treatment in LA, which seemed to have done the trick.

    Beth moved in with Brooke and began helping to take care of her grandchildren. She and Stephen even made progress, as after they forgave each other for the past, they took steps towards reconciling.

    During Pam’s attempt to warn Donna away from Eric, she hit Beth with her car while the latter was out for a walk. Luckily, Beth only suffered minor injuries.

    Stephen and Beth left town together, but returned when her Alzheimer's worsened. She got in an argument with Stephanie out by the Forrester pool and fell in after Stephanie threw her special handkerchief in and walked away. Donna found her mother floating in the pool, but it was too late as Beth had died.


    Stephen Logan Sr. (divorced)


    Stephen Logan Sr. (reconciling)
    Eric Forrester


    Storm Logan Jr. (son)
    Brooke Logan Forrester Marone (daughter)
    Donna Logan (daughter)
    Katie Logan(daughter)
    Rick Forrester (current) (grandson)
    Bridget Forrester (granddaughter)
    Hope Logan (granddaughter)
    R.J. Forrester (grandson)
    Jack Hamilton Marone (biological grandson)
    Eric Forrester III (great-grandson - stillborn)
    Nicole Marone (great-granddaughter - stillborn)


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    Wednesday, April 21 2010: Don't Go.

    Katie, Brooke and Stephen go to the morgue and Katie takes a last look at her mother. She starts to sob wondering how this happened. Stephen says they don't know how or why and Katie wonders what all this was for. Stephen reminds her they are still there for each other and embraces his daughter. Stephen blames himself for not doing what was best for Beth, but Brooke and Katie insist he shouldn't put that on himself. He says he would have cared for Beth for as long as she needed because this time he was ready to be there for her. As he cries, Brooke and Katie huddle around him.

    Monday, April 19 2010: Tell Me You Believe Me!

    Donna pulls Beth out of the pool and frantically performs CPR. Eric wonders what Beth was doing by the pool. Brooke and Stephanie arrive at the pool and Stephanie sees the lace hankie floating. She flashes to throwing the hankie in the pool. She wonders if Beth was in the pool trying to get the lace hankie! The ambulance arrives and the medics try to revive Beth, but to no avail and Beth dies. Donna and Brooke beg them to keep trying and Stephen cradles Beth in his arms.

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