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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Detective Charlie Baker

    Full detailed profile on Detective Charlie Baker Played by Mykel Shannon Jenkins on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Detective Charlie Baker

    Actor: Mykel Shannon Jenkins

    Who played Detective Charlie Baker over the years

    Mykel Shannon Jenkins (November 21, 2007 - present)

    Useful information on Detective Charlie Baker

    Current: Detective.


    Past - student at Police Academy

    Current - Detective


    Lt. Baker (father)


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    Wednesday, July 16 2014: B&B Recap: It Got Weird.

    Ridge struggles to sketch at Forrester. Katie offers to leave but he wants her there. They embrace and he thinks about the accident. Ridge tries again but can’t connect his thoughts and his hands. If he can’t design, he’s nothing. Katie blames Quinn for all of this and Ridge admits it was all a waste. She’s worried about him and thinks he might have PTSD. He agrees, even more determined to find the truth. He calls Kyle, the Forrester pilot, and asks him to find out who was flying the helicopter. Kyle tells him his helicopter never left the pad and Ridge wonders what helicopter he got into. The chopper is the answer. Ridge keeps seeing the Spencer logo and Justin and he asks Katie if she thinks Bill could have done this. Meanwhile, Oliver races through the halls at Forrester searching for Ally. He runs into Carter who tells Oliver he’s rooting for the two of them. He finds Maya in an office and tells her he already told Ally everything so her hammer over his head is gone. Maya doesn’t think Ally will ever believe him again and suggests they both lost their shot at a Forrester. Oliver leaves and Carter enters. He hopes she didn’t ruin it for Oliver and Ally like she did with them. Ally closes herself in the photo studio and tells Darla’s vision that Oliver was just using her to keep his job but says his feelings have changed. Darla advises Ally not to forget about her heart. Pam enters and Ally tells her Oliver led her on to keep his job. They hear Oliver calling and hide until he leaves. Charlie enters and together they convince Ally to go with them to the renaissance castle. Charlie distracts Oliver when he comes by, then they all make their move to the elevator. Oliver sees the doors close and realizes where Ally’s going.

    Monday, November 04 2013: Distracted.

    At the Forrester boutique, Wyatt smirks just a bit as Charlie panics over the missing diamond. Wyatt assures Charlie that they'll find it, but urges him to get the word out. Charlie makes the call and then continues to fret. He rambles about what they should do next. Wyatt notes there are still two women in the shop. They are men dressed as women and pull out guns. They demand to be given the diamond. Wyatt pretends to know where it is as the cops pull up. He throws Charlies's hot coffee in their faces and the cops burst in and arrest them. Detective Baker grills the known jewelry thieves, who insist they didn't steal anything today. But the diamond is found on them somehow. They are taken away.

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