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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Detective Charlie Baker

    Full detailed profile on Detective Charlie Baker Played by Mykel Shannon Jenkins on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Detective Charlie Baker

    Actor: Mykel Shannon Jenkins

    Who played Detective Charlie Baker over the years

    Mykel Shannon Jenkins (November 21, 2007 - present)

    Useful information on Detective Charlie Baker

    Current: Detective.


    Past - student at Police Academy

    Current - Detective


    Lt. Baker (father)


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    Monday, November 04 2013: Distracted.

    At the Forrester boutique, Wyatt smirks just a bit as Charlie panics over the missing diamond. Wyatt assures Charlie that they'll find it, but urges him to get the word out. Charlie makes the call and then continues to fret. He rambles about what they should do next. Wyatt notes there are still two women in the shop. They are men dressed as women and pull out guns. They demand to be given the diamond. Wyatt pretends to know where it is as the cops pull up. He throws Charlies's hot coffee in their faces and the cops burst in and arrest them. Detective Baker grills the known jewelry thieves, who insist they didn't steal anything today. But the diamond is found on them somehow. They are taken away.

    Thursday, July 26 2012: Who Did I Marry?

    In Anthony's hospital room, the Bakers feel Marcus just confessed to sending a text when the accident happened. Dayzee says they need to understand he did not intend for this to happen. She panics when Lt. Baker pulls out cuffs and wants to take Marcus downtown. Dayzee wants Anthony to intervene. Anthony says it must seem he's being kind of harsh. The Bakers talk about reckless driving and spout statistics, saying Marcus could get six months in county jail. Marcus protests and Dayzee cries. Marcus is arrested. He tells Dayzee to call his pop. Dayzee pleads with Lt. Baker not to take him away, but they go.

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