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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Katie Logan Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katie Logan Spencer Played by Heather Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heather Tom (CBS)

    Birthday: 1975-11-04
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Heather Tom
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    B&B Recap: At It All Night.

    Wednesday, October 22 2014

    Katie finds Ridge sitting in their bedroom with a far off look. He's thinking of kissing Caroline. She asks if he wrapped things up with Caroline. He grunts. Katie feels Caroline must have been upset by him ending the collaboration. She reminds him he said she had a crush on him. Ridge reassures Katie. He tells her not to doubt his love. She doesn't, but didn't like that he considered using Caroline to get the CEO position. He's honest and loyal. Katie questions him about how he left it with Caroline. Ridge isn't overly forthcoming. Katie thinks Caroline will never forget the time she had with him. Ridge says Caroline helped him, but he loves Katie and that won't change. When Katie goes to Will, Ridge looks at his design. He takes a call from Caroline saying Rick can never find out what happened with them. He assures her it's forgotten - it has to be. She cries. Ridge says, "Goodbye Caroline."

    B&B Recap: Dangerous Ground.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At home, Ridge, shaken from seeing Caroline's face while kissing Katie, tells his fiancee they have just one more design to do for the collection. He phones Caroline and asks her to meet him at the cabin to work.

    At Forrester, Katie chats with Ivy, who says Ridge and Caroline have been a great team and it could be the start of a more permanent collaboration. Katie sniffs that she doesn't think so, in fact she knows it's not. Ivy asks some questions. Katie says Ridge is telling Caroline today that the collaboration is finished with this collection.

    B&B Recap: You're Out Too.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    At home, Ridge and Katie discuss Eric making his decision. Ridge is desperate to be CEO. They discuss Caroline. Katie says she's loyal to Rick. Ridge counters, "Not as loyal as you may think." He tells Katie that Caroline has a crush on him. Katie doesn't think she'll stab her husband in the back. She wonders if Ridge has encouraged her crush. Ridge needs Caroline in his corner. Katie says that's using her. Ridge denies it. He assures Katie he loves her and is committed to her. Katie tells him he has to put an end to this before someone gets hurt. She tells him this isn't right and he knows it. He won't' be able to live with himself. Ridge says that's why he loves her. They kiss. Ridge is startled when Katie's face changes to Caroline's.

    B&B Recap: No Mystery To Me.

    Friday, October 10 2014

    At Spencer, Bill tells Katie he thinks she's worried her boyfriend the dressmaker has gone around the bases with his niece already. He can smell jealousy all over her. Katie points out he's being offensive. Bill know she cares about time spent together, and Ridge is spending time with Caroline and not with her. "And you're starting to wonder." Katie insists she's not an insecure wreck. Bill muses if he was engaged to Ridge he'd be laying awake nights. Katie says Caroline is helping Ridge and giving him something she can't. Bill thinks Katie can't trust Ridge and it's his fault for hurting her. He'll never forgive himself for it.

    B&B Recap: A Little Racy.

    Thursday, October 09 2014

    At Spencer Publications, Bill, holding Will, bickers with Justin about business. Alison says he's been a grouch since Brooke left. After, Bill complains to Justin that it wasn't supposed to be this way. He muses about getting out of town. Justin advises him not to go to Italy. "Give her some space." Katie arrives. Justin exits. Katie tells Bill he doesn't look so good. She says she understands his pain. Bill is surprised to hear Ridge is still struggling. Katie opens up about Ridge leaning on Caroline. Bill wonders if she's jealous. Katie denies it, but admits she'd like more time with her fiance. Bill muses that Ridge is a playboy and his niece is smokin' hot.

    B&B Recap: Leave Him Alone!

    Wednesday, October 08 2014

    At home, Donna debriefs Katie about Will choking and Brooke going to Milan. Donna asks if Katie and Ridge have set a wedding date. Katie says Ridge has been focused on work. Donna gets that he's busy, but warns he's been spending a lot of time with Caroline. Katie insists it's just work. She says they'll be married after the collection is done. The delays are just temporary. Donna just wants her to be happy. Later, Ridge arrives home and kisses Katie. He tells her Rick knows - Caroline told him he couldn't draw. Katie is floored. Ridge assures her Caroline feels terrible about it. Katie muses that Rick questioned her too. Ridge says Rick wants him out of the company but Caroline will talk to him. Katie says she's the one to blame. Ridge says Caroline knows what they have is special and won't allow Rick's temper and jealously to ruin it. Ridge says he has to see this through and thanks Katie for her understanding. She's beginning to realize how important it is to him.

    B&B Recap: Use Me.

    Tuesday, October 07 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Katie and Ridge discuss Will choking, Bill saving his life, and Brooke going to Italy. Ridge thinks she'll be gone a while and Bill will find someone else's life to ruin. Katie exits. In Rick's office, he complains to Caroline that she's spending all her time with Ridge. She reminds him that being mentored by Ridge is the chance of a lifetime for her. Rick wonders why Ridge is doing it. Outside, Maya talks to Carter about Ridge and Caroline. He warns her about gossiping. Othello appears - he's there to visit Rick. Maya shares that she saw Rick's wife, Caroline, in Ridge's arms and told Katie. She thinks something is going on and soon everybody will know it. Carter argues that Ridge is a moral person. Maya thinks all bets are off when you add sexual attraction. She maintains that the situation is odd, and says Rick thinks so too. They bicker until Carter gets fed up and leaves. Othello tells Maya he's still hurting. He adds that if her hunch about Caroline and Ridge is right, Rick won't stand for it. Othello calls Maya out for hitting on Rick after he was married, but admits Rick really liked her before. Othello opines that Maya put wonder in Rick's eyes and if Caroline's fooling around, she'll be gone. Maya says she'll be waiting. Inside, Katie appears in Rick's office. They discuss Caroline and Ridge. Katie thinks they're putting out good designs. Rick thinks something's off. "I don't like it." He wonders why Ridge missed deadlines and stopped producing until he collaborated with Caroline. He's determined to find out what's going on. Meanwhile, Caroline joins Ridge and tells him Rick is getting suspicious, but she's kept his secret. She tells Ridge, "I'm here. Use me." As they work, Rick enters and interrupts. Ridge steps out and Rick demands Caroline tell him what's really going on between her and Ridge. He accuses her of suddenly becoming closed off and is suspicious of Ridge wanting to mentor her. He asks again what's going on. Caroline says Ridge needs her. She tells him Ridge can't draw since the helicopter incident, but can design through her. She thinks it's amazing to be Ridge's vessel. Rick explodes, "He's using you!" Caroline asks what he'll do. Later, Rick confronts Ridge and challenges him to alter a design on the sketch pad. Eventually Rick tells him he knows he's been lying - he can't draw anymore and is using his wife to hide his dirty little secret. Rick demands Ridge's resignation.

    B&B Recap: Who Loves Ya'?

    Thursday, October 02 2014

    At Katie's house, Brooke tells Katie that Will needs another chance for his parents to be together. After what she saw today, she believes it more than ever. Katie says she's in love with Ridge and doesn't understand Brooke playing matchmaker. Brooke has made a decision she's proud of and stands by it. "I'm going to Italy." She's taking herself out of the equation. Katie says Bill wants Brooke. Brooke says he can't have her. They hug. Later, Katie flashes to memories of Bill.

    B&B Recap: Better Than Being CEO.

    Wednesday, October 01 2014

    At Spencer, Bill and Katie rush to Will who is choking and not breathing. Brooke enters and asks what's going on. Katie screams to call 911. Bill works on Will and a coin pops out of his throat. Everyone is relieved.

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