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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Katie Logan Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katie Logan Spencer Played by Heather Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heather Tom (CBS)

    Birthday: 1975-11-04
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Heather Tom
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    B&B Recap: The Hard Sell.

    Thursday, September 11 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Ivy tells Hope she didn't mean any disrespect the other day. Hope says Liam needs to take more time before jumping into another relationship. They talk business. Ivy says she can't do accessories until she gets Ridge's designs. They discuss Ivy's barbecue. Ivy says Liam came. They bicker. Ivy thinks they both want to see him happy. Hope clucks that she knows him better than Ivy. Wyatt appears and hints to Hope about good news. They kiss. Wyatt leaves and Ivy and Hope continue to discuss Liam. Ivy wants to get along - just like Hope wants for Wyatt and Liam. Hope says she won't have it any other way. Elsewhere, Maya baits Caroline about working closely with Ridge. Caroline gets frustrated when Maya asks too many questions. Katie enters. Caroline makes a comment about Ridge bringing out her talent. Maya's eyebrows rise suggestively. She leaves. Caroline complains to Katie about everyone pressuring Ridge. Katie realizes she knows Ridge's secret. Caroline explains how she figured it out. Katie is grateful - Ridge needed a breakthrough. Caroline enthuses about Ridge designing like he loves women - she is awed that she can help a man like him. Katie appreciates it - Caroline's given him something she couldn't.

    B&B Recap: Our Secret.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Caroline tells Ridge everyone loves him, they'll understand. He retorts that there's nothing to understand. Caroline presses him to admit what he 'thinks' he's hiding. Ridge says they made a good team earlier. She didn't realize she was helping him too. Ridge rants about trust. He says her Uncle Bill wanted him dead. Ridge admits his hand won't do what he wants anymore. Caroline says maybe with practice, hers can. Ridge says he lost his talent after the helicopter debacle and wants to keep it quiet. Ridge feels his only chance to get it back is with Caroline. They draw together. Caroline says he still has his ability. Ridge agrees - except the ability to put it on paper. He wants to secretly design together. She has to tell Rick. Ridge says if Rick sees weakness in him, he'll strike. If they pull this off, Rick will benefit too. Caroline agrees to work with him and keep quiet. "It will be our secret." Outside, Katie and Brooke catch up. Katie admits she's stressed out over this whole thing with Ridge and has wanted to talk to her best friend - Brooke. She misses her. Brooke misses her too. Katie confides that she's not sure what to do for Ridge. Brooke talks about how Ridge, like Bill, has his whole identity wrapped up in his work. Katie muses that Ridge may have a solution and wonders if he hasn't married her because he feels like less of a man. She complains their future plans remain vague and she doesn't know who Ridge needs her to be. In Rick's office, Rick asks Maya to remove her hand from his shoulder. She insists she loves him and believes deep down he still has feelings for her too. Rick warns he could fire her. Maya says being pushy worked for Caroline. Rick tells her nothing will come of this - he loves being married and has never been happier. Maya thinks she made him happier. They talk about what wasn't right between them. Maya says it was the fear of losing each other. She goes on to Rick about Ridge being more of a problem than her right now, and reminds him what Caroline put her through. Maya thinks Rick and Caroline got married too fast. Rick warns Maya about anymore 'surprises'. Maya notes that it's okay for Caroline to mangle her name repeatedly though. "She's trained you to expect that little from her." Maya makes her way to Ridge's office and spies Ridge and Caroline embracing over their secret.

    B&B Recap: Not The Jealous Type.

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Katie presses Ridge to tell everyone about his limitations. He says there's no need - he has Caroline to help him now. Elsewhere, Rick, Eric, and Caroline discuss designs. Rick mentions Caroline's been working on couture. He tells Eric that Ridge hasn't given him any designs yet. Caroline gets a message that Ridge needs her and leaves. Rick tells Eric that they should send Ridge back to Paris once he completes the couture collection - if he does. They talk about Ridge and Caroline and agree Caroline has a future in couture. Outside, Carter mocks Maya for pursuing Rick. She grills him about what's going on with the couture line. Carter tells her to ask Rick, but wait, he's not into her either. Maya says she loves Rick. Carter thinks she loves his social standing. Maya tells Carter she's much better for Rick than Caroline, who won't be his wife much longer if she has anything to say about it. Carter laughs at her thinking she has a chance with Rick and calls her a classless gold-digger. He advises her to stop embarrassing herself. Maya says Caroline had better not underestimate her - 'Myrna' is still very much in the game. She flashes to dating Rick and tells Carter she can't believe she let him slip through her fingers. She wonders if Rick and Caroline are trying to get pregnant - then she'd back off. Carter thinks she should respect wedding vows. Maya says she does, except when it's Caroline. In Ridge's office, he tells Katie he'll get Rick off his back with Caroline as his muse. Caroline enters and hears. Katie mutters that it's a good thing she's not the jealous type. Caroline tells Ridge she was with Rick and Eric - they're anxious to see his designs and loved what they created together. Katie kisses Ridge and goes. Ridge tells Caroline he'd like to give her some more designing instruction. They work on a black cocktail dress. She asks to see his other designs, but he just wants to do the cocktail dress. She starts drawing and he nixes her ideas repeatedly before guiding her hand. Caroline is amazed. When Ridge gets frustrated with her again she asks him to take the pencil and show her. Caroline then realizes he can't. In Rick's office, Maya is pleased to find him alone. He shows her Caroline and Ridge's collaborative design. Maya asks if anyone has seen Ridge's collection yet and wonders why he's wasting his time with Caroline. Rick and Maya debate about Caroline. Maya deduces that they haven't discussed having children and tells him she still loves him.

    B&B Recap: Blood Tells.

    Wednesday, September 03 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Ridge guides Caroline's hand to redesign a gown. She says that was incredible. They lock eyes. Caroline produces another drawing and they do it again. Ridge suggests they work together and sends her to Rick with the designs. Elsewhere, Rick grills Katie about Ridge not stepping up. Katie reminds him Ridge has been through a lot. Rick needs to see something today. Outside, Ivy tells Ally that she and Liam had a great time at Bikini. Ally laughs that he even danced. Ivy says Hope made him too serious. Ally calls Ivy 'Liam's new lease on life'. Hope overhears Ivy admit to Ally that she and Liam kissed again at the party. Ally says they looked like a couple in progress. Ivy says it's not like she's taking him from Hope - she's married to Wyatt now. Hope appears. "Yes I am." Ally departs. Hope tells Ivy she heard her talking about Liam. Ivy says they're not dating, but if Liam asked she wouldn't say no. Hope thinks she should say no - her timing is off. She feels Liam needs time to process their break-up and Ivy should leave him alone. Ivy reminds Hope that she and Liam aren't together anymore. "You can't have them both." Hope says Liam doesn't need to be rushed into a new relationship. Ivy says that's Liam's decision to make - she's shocked that Hope thinks it's any of her business. Hope says he will always be her business. Ivy wonders how her husband feels about that. Hope repeats that Ivy should leave Liam alone and suggests that she fell into the Seine deliberately. Ivy resents Hope's crazy insinuations. She says it's not her actions that are questionable - why didn't Hope wait longer? Ivy adds, "Blood tells, right?" and cites Brooke's track record. Hope says she and her mother couldn't be more different. Ivy disagrees. Hope reminds Ivy she's her boss. Ivy says this is her family's business. Hope warns her to show respect. Ivy replies, "As much as you deserve." Inside, Ridge tells Katie he was able to draw with Caroline. He tries to show her but is unable to do it on his own. Ridge says he will have to finish his collection through Caroline. Meanwhile, Caroline shows Rick the sketches. He's thrilled.

    B&B Recap: I'll Show You Mine...

    Tuesday, September 02 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Rick tells someone on the phone that Ridge is avoiding him. Caroline appears. She coos that she missed her husband. He asks about her moms, and they kiss. Caroline wonders if Maya's hit on him. He says it's Ridge that's frustrating him - he hasn't been able to show him anything for the upcoming line. Meanwhile, Katie joins Ridge in his office. He complains about Pam distracting him. He still can't draw. "I've got nothing." Rick enters and confronts Ridge. He pulls rank and demands to see his couture Caroline tries to intervene on Ridge's behalf by saying designers like to retain some mystery. She says she's been working on a couple of designs for couture too. Ridge tells Rick to let him work. Rick wants something by the end of the day. Katie looks concerned. She finds Rick in his office and tries to reassure him about Ridge. She claims to have seen his designs. Rick asks if he's on the right track or if something else is going on. He presses Katie to tell him if there is a problem. In the other office, Ridge asks to see Caroline's sketches for couture. She quips, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." Caroline gushes at length about him being a design god and the connection they've always shared as she pulls out her designs. Ridge tells her what he loves, and what needs to be changed. She asks him to help her. Ridge works over her shoulder to help alter a dress design. He places his hand over hers and they draw it together. Caroline gasps that it's amazing.

    B&B Recap: You Were Gone.

    Monday, August 25 2014

    Upstairs at Brooke's house, Hope tells Liam she waited for him in Paris. He says she didn't wait long enough. Liam describes how she looked. Hope gasps and sobs, "Why didn't you come to me?" Liam says he did everything he could to get to her, but when he did, she was gone. Downstairs, Ivy and Ally keep Wyatt talking until Bill pulls him away. He tells Wyatt that Liam was in Paris. Wyatt says he's wrong, but Bill assures him he's not and tells him the story of Ivy falling in the Seine. Wyatt realizes he's married because Ivy fell in the river, otherwise Hope and Liam would be married. Bill says Liam knows he expects him to respect Wyatt's marriage. Nearby, Deacon and Quinn discuss their plan. Katie asks if either of them has seen Ridge. Quinn looks blank. In the kitchen, Ridge tells Brooke he doesn't think he'll ever be able to design again. Brooke is flabbergasted and takes his hands in hers. Ridge says Katie knows, and describes what he's gone through. Katie appears. Ridge says, "Brooke knows." Katie muses about Bill being to blame. Brooke thinks Ridge will get his talent back. Ridge is doubtful. Bill appears. Katie and Ridge exit. Bill asks Brooke what's going on. Brooke tells him Ridge hasn't been able to draw since falling from the helicopter. In the living room, Deacon hisses at Quinn for making fun of Brooke - he cares how she feels. They talk about how well they've all gotten along today. Quinn muses that now Ridge's secret is out, who knows what might develop. Nearby, Wyatt tells Ivy and Ally he'll tell Liam they did their job. They exchange a look and Ally wonders what Hope will do. Deacon and Quinn notice Katie and Ridge leave. Upstairs, Liam tells Hope that Ivy flew to Paris with him and explains how she fell off the bridge into the river. He saved her and ran, but Hope wasn't there. Hope says it doesn't change her perspective - when Liam didn't show up it meant she didn't matter to him, but Wyatt was there. Wyatt enters. He tells Hope the party is over. "C'mon, honey."

    B&B Recap: Over-Compensating.

    Friday, August 22 2014

    At Brooke's house, Bill prompts Liam to congratulate the bride. Liam stays silent. Wyatt says he's glad Liam came and they're happy to be celebrating with them all. Rick chimes in about the successful press conference in Paris. Quinn notes Hope's not wearing the diamond. Hope says it's making the rounds of Europe. Everyone mingles. Katie and Donna congratulate the newlyweds. Donna warns Wyatt the Logan girls will be watching him. Hope and Wyatt join Deacon, who can't believe his little girl is married. She says married or not, a girl will always need her dad. They hug. Hope and Wyatt move on to rescue Rick from Maya, who grills them about the luxurious yacht they married on. Hope and Wyatt find Quinn, who offers to leave and promises to be a really good mother-in-law. Bill interrupts. He warns Quinn he's merely tolerating her presence for their son. Comments are made about Bill's huge bottle of champagne. Ridge mutters about over-compensating. Brooke proposes a toast to the bride and groom. Ivy whispers to Liam, "Tell Hope." As Eric talks about Hope's line, Maya grills Rick about Caroline being out of town. He makes it clear that he's happy in his marriage. Wyatt thanks Liam again for being there and then toasts his bride. Hope toasts to this being exactly how she pictured starting a marriage. She thanks everyone for their support. Ivy presses Liam. "Hope needs to know." Deacon watches Brooke and flashes to finding out she was pregnant with Hope and how they wanted so badly to be together. He and Quinn watch Brooke and Bill. Quinn tells Deacon to stop In the corner, Katie urges Ridge to tell Brooke his secret. Deacon follows Brooke to the kitchen and she admits she's forgiven Bill. Deacon says there's something she needs to know. He asks her about Ridge's latest designs and tells her the accident left him incapacitated; he can't draw. Deacon says Ridge's greatest passion in life is gone...Bill took it from him. In the living room, Ivy conspires to get Hope to go upstairs. Liam follows and Ivy and Ally keep Wyatt tied up. Quinn and Bill spar verbally nearby. He informs her she shouldn't be deluded - his life is with Brooke. In the bedroom, Hope tells Liam he shouldn't be there. He says she shouldn't be married. Hope says she waited for him and he didn't come - it was humiliating. Liam tells her he was there. "I was there to make you my wife." In the kitchen, Ridge finds Brooke upset. She asks him if he's lost his ability to design. She realizes it's true by his silence.

    B&B Recap: Washed Up.

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    At home, Ridge is in a funk and doesn't want to go to the party. Katie thinks he should. They discuss Brooke and Bill. Katie feels that given what happened, Brooke has to be done with him. She thinks Brooke should know the whole story, but Ridge wants to keep it quiet. He agrees to go celebrate the wedding and comments that there's one more to come.

    Quinn arrives early to Brooke's house. Brooke muses that she seems well since her therapy. Quinn apologizes for her part in Abu-Dhabi and comments on Ridge's loyalty to her. She asks if he and Katie will be there today. Brooke narrows her eyes suspiciously. Ivy and Ally arrive. Quinn notes that Ivy replaced her at Forrester. Deacon enters. In a moment alone, Deacon assures Quinn he'll drop the bomb. Upstairs, Wyatt and Hope joke and then discuss Liam. They assume he didn't show in Paris because he wanted a clean break. Wyatt marvels that his one wish in life came true when he married Hope. They embrace. Downstairs, Brooke chats with Carter, Rick, and Donna. Maya arrives and trades insults with Carter. Quinn's eyeballs grow huge as Bill pushes Liam into the house. She greets them with an apology. Liam scoffs. Katie and Ridge arrive. Ridge is startled by a hearty greeting from Deacon. Wyatt and Hope appear. Bill introduces Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. Hope and Liam lock eyes. Bill prompts Liam to congratulate the bride.

    B&B Recap: New Best Friend.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    At the outdoor cafe, Ridge tells Katie he can't design or draw and it's all Bill's fault. Ridge says he doesn't want anyone to know. He goes on and on about Brooke not being able to see Bill for who he is and cut ties with him. Katie looks exasperated. Deacon and Quinn arrive and sit down. Deacon orders a cocktail to cope as Quinn eavesdrops on Ridge and Katie through a bush. She hears Katie talk about Ridge struggling, Bill being to blame, and how Brooke should know the truth. Quinn beams.

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