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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Katie Logan Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katie Logan Spencer Played by Heather Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heather Tom (CBS)

    Birthday: 1975-11-04
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Heather Tom
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    B&B Recap: Locked Away.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    At Spencer, Liam and Katie discuss meeting agendas. Katie lets him know she's fine with him being president. Liam thinks it's great that she and Bill are becoming a family again. "Things are looking up around here!" Katie's just trying to see where life takes her. Liam says she could do better than his dad, but she's so good for him. "You make him a better person." Katie admits their connection feels good. She asks about Liam and Ivy. Liam grins. He says things are really, really good and admits they've taken things to the next level. They agree that Ivy's incredible. Katie says it's time Liam moved on. Talk turns back to Bill. Katie's grateful that Brooke stepped away to give them a chance to rediscover each other.

    B&B Recap: Lives And Learns.

    Wednesday, January 21 2015

    At Spencer, Bill admits he gave her the vice-presidency to sweeten the pot for taking him back, but he says it was also good business. He talks about the new era dawning - they'll accomplish a lot, not just in the office, but at home too. Katie is concerned about not spending as much time with Will if she's working. She makes Bill admit he was wrong about the in-house daycare before. He goes further to say that everything Katie implemented was good for the employees' morale. Katie grins. "Bill Spencer lives and learns. Who knew?" He says that's why he needs her so much. They talk about how it will be at Spencer. Bill wishes he had something to offer Caroline. They discuss her 'minor indiscretion'. Katie says they sometimes have major consequences. Bill muses that it got Katie away from Ridge. He angles for Kate to let him move back into the house. Katie is wary. She reminds him he left her for Brooke. Bill wants to make it up to her. She tears up as he kisses her hand.

    B&B Recap: The Big Stick.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    At Spencer, Katie and Liam confer about their new positions and Bill surprising them. Liam tells Katie he thinks Bill wants her back in his life. Katie isn't sure about that, but he must respect her as a businesswoman. They discuss his fervor about protecting family. Katie notes he left there in a hurry after hearing about Rick and Caroline. She wouldn't want to be in Rick's shoes... Liam says he has issues with Rick too - he's been laying into Ivy lately. Katie agrees he's out of control and offers to talk to him. Liam says he'll do it. Katie notes he's more like his father everyday. Liam muses that he's seeing things differently. "Sometimes you need the big stick." Later, Bill arrives and tells Katie she's never looked sexier. He says Maya isn't going down without a fight. Katie thinks his grown sons and niece can take care of themselves. Bill tells Katie she's CEO of his life. "I want you back." She mocks his confidence. He says it will happen.

    B&B Recap: Resident Squatter.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    In his office at Spencer, with Jarrett, Liam, Katie and Ivy in attendance, Bill has a few announcements to make. He names Liam President of Spencer Publications then asks Katie to come back to work. Once alone, Katie agrees to come back and lays out the terms of her contract to Bill, including having no contact with Alison. Talk turns to their living arrangements and Bill asks to come home. Justin appears with Katie's new contract. Katie only agrees to make Bill dinner then leaves with Justin. Caroline arrives and fills Bill in on Rick's deception. Bill still wants Caroline with Rick and as far away from Ridge as possible. After Bill leaves, Katie appears and things are awkward with Caroline. Katie assures Caroline she didn’t ruin her life. Though Katie admits she lost herself in Ridge, she couldn't be everything Ridge needed her to be and forgot who she was along the way. Katie urges Caroline not to make the same mistakes. Elsewhere, Ivy and Liam celebrate his promotion and kiss.

    B&B Recap: Sudden Desire.

    Thursday, December 18 2014

    At home, Katie is fondling her poetry book when Bill storms in. "Tell me you didn't marry the dressmaker." Katie informs him they broke up. Bill notices the red ribbon is gone and grins. "That's my Katie." Bill muses that it looked like it was headed the other direction. Katie admits she let him think that. She tells him she and Ridge had something good, but stopped connecting. Bill notes that she's now free to come back to him. Katie questions his sudden desire to reunite their family. Bill has realized that their little family is what's most important - he was freaking out thinking he was going to lose her. He wonders if he's the reason she dumped Ridge. Katie says it was because she and Ridge stopped functioning as a couple. Bill is just glad he's gone. They talk about Brooke saying they should reunite. Katie has doubts. Bill says it's about what they feel. He wants to put their family back together. "Dollar Bill Spencer gets what he wants." They say goodnight to Will. Bill makes a move to leave. Katie says he doesn't have to rush off. He closes his eyes and whispers, "Yes."

    B&B Recap: More Than Gratitude.

    Wednesday, December 17 2014

    At home, Ridge shows Katie a design he did with Caroline - they're working together again. Katie questions him about Caroline. He asks what's going on. Katie tells him this has been an amazing journey and adds that she has to do what's right for her and her son. She tells Ridge when he talks about his work a light goes on inside of him, and it's not because of her. He'll always be grateful to Caroline. Katie feels it's more than gratitude. "Do you love her?" Ridge tells Katie, "I love you." Katie loves him too, but it's not enough. She holds up the design. "This is who you are." She wants him to be happy. Katie knows she isn't the one who inspires him. She won't forget a second of their magical time together. Ridge won't either. They kiss. Ridge leaves. Katie looks at their poem, places the red ribbon in the book, and cries.

    B&B Recap: Shock Of Their Lives.

    Tuesday, December 16 2014

    Bill finds Katie playing with Will at home and joins in. He wonders if mommy is happy to see daddy. Bill puts Will to bed and rejoins Katie. There's a crash from the kitchen - the personal chef apologizes. Bill wonders what Katie has planned. He grimaces. "Forrester?" When flowers arrive, Bill pushes to find out what's going to be happening later with 'fashion boy'. He tells Katie he wants their family back. "I want us back." Katie wonders where this is coming from. Bill continues his pitch. He was blinded, but never stopped loving her and he knows she didn't stop loving him. The rest is details. Bill asks her not to do something tonight they'll both regret. Later, Ridge arrives and Katie tells him it's a special evening for them. Ridge remarks that he should have replaced the red ribbon a long time ago. Katie says it holds significance. "Do you think a minister would agree?"

    B&B Recap: Sins Of The Father.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    At Spencer, Katie checks in on Bill. She says he suffered a loss too and she's there for him. Bill laments Wyatt not getting to be the father he wanted to be - the baby had a whole family waiting with open arms. Katie hugs Bill. He says this isn't fair - his grandson should have had a shot at life. He wonders if it's 'sins of the father' that both his boys lost their babies. Katie pooh-poohs the idea. Bill feels this didn't have to happen, there was a catalyst. Katie says, "Quinn." Bill says this huge loss is completely her fault. Katie wonders what he'll do. Talk turns to the string/ribbon debate briefly before Katie asks him not to do anything he'll regret. Bill notes that Katie cares about him. He misses her. Bill kisses her deeply and exits. She hollers, "Don't do anything you can't take back!"

    B&B Recap: All You Had To Do.

    Wednesday, December 10 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Katie looks for Ridge. She finds Ivy and admires her jewelry designs. Ivy loves doing it. Katie says she's a true Forrester. They discuss Ivy's relationship with Liam. Katie's glad he's finally moving on. Katie gets a call from Bill saying Hope miscarried and he'll pick her up. Katie tells Ivy.

    At the hospital, Liam tells Wyatt he called Bill. There's no one else Wyatt wants him to call. Liam and Wyatt embrace. Deacon emerges and wants to call Brooke. Liam already has. Donna arrives - Katie called her. Katie, Ivy, and Bill arrive. Liam tells them Hope fell down the stairs in Brooke's backyard and Quinn was there. "She was there and something bad happened. I think that makes her responsible." They all go in to see Hope and then leave her with Wyatt. Liam looks back at her.

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