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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Abby Carlton

    Full detailed profile on Abby Carlton Played by Darcy Rose Byrnes on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darcy Rose Byrnes (CBS)
    Abby Carlton

    Actor: Darcy Rose Byrnes

    Who played Abby Carlton over the years

    Darcy Rose Byrnes (on The Bold and the Beautiful - May 11, 2007 - August 31, 2007)

    Useful information on Abby Carlton

    * Was thought to be Brad Carlton's daughter but later found out that Victor was her father.
    * Fell off a horse at the Newman Ranch.
    * Had her leg burned by the Jabot creme that Gloria Abbott contaminated.
    * Moved to Hong Kong with Ashley, they didn't stay long.
    *Ashley got a job with Forrester Orignals and they moved to LA in 2007.


    Current: Student


    Abby Carlton came into this world believed to be the daughter of Brad and Ashley Carlton. Although Ashley knew otherwise, she never let on that she in fact stole Victor Newman's sperm and had herself artificially inseminated in order to get pregnant! Ironically, Victor Newman was the first to hold little Abby after having rushed Ashley to the hospital during labor!

    The apple of her parent's eye, the secret of Abby's paternity came out when Ashley was struggling with breast cancer. Although Ashley didn't initially want Victor to be a part of Abby's life, there was no stopping him. Through an adjustment period, Abby became fond of visiting Victor at his ranch and took a keen interest in his horses until one day when she was bucked off a spooked stallion. With a little time, Abby got over her fall and has accepted and made room for both Daddy Victor and Daddy Brad in her life.

    Abby found herself in a bit of a predicament while she was playing with her mommy's make-up and got a hold of some of the contaminated Jabot cream. Fortunately, Abby only suffered a minor burn and has continued to be the high-spirited, fun loving child who makes her parents proud!

    Abby moved to L.A. with Ashely, but the mother/daughter duo later moved to London after Ashley broke up with Ridge.






    Victor Newman (biological father)
    Ashley Abbott (mother)
    Brad Carlton (thought to be her father)
    Victoria Newman Carlton (half-sister)
    Nicholas Newman (half-brother)
    Victor Adam Newman Jr. (half-brother)
    John Abbott (grandfather - deceased)
    Dina Abbott Mergeron (grandmother)
    Jack Abbott (uncle)
    Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly (aunt)
    Billy Abbott (uncle)
    Keemo Volien Abbott (cousin)
    Kyle Jenkins (cousin)
    Colleen Carlton (cousin)
    Noah Newman (nephew)
    Summer Ann Newman (niece)
    Cassie Newman (niece - deceased)




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    Friday, August 03 2007: Love Away the Pain

    At Ridge's house, he listens as Ashley continues trying to convince him of the benefits of forgiveness. The front door opens and the kids run inside - with Abby! Stephanie follows announcing that she thought they would all have a barbeque! Ridge begins to protest that it isn't a good time, but Steph brushes past him, clucking that "that is nonsense, it's the perfect time for a barbeque." The previously tense Ridge and Ashley allow themselves a smile as Ash asks "Does anyone ever say 'no' to that woman?"

    Around the pool, Eric, Stephanie, Ashley and Ridge sip drinks while they watch the kids swim. Stephanie quietly remarks to Ridge that Abby has the makings of a great 'big sister'. He asks her to "please stop, Mother." She tells him he just needs to get over his (still) hurt feelings to find his way back to Ash. She reminds him that Eric broke her heart many times, but she went back because she knows she wouldn't be better off without him. "I swallowed my pride," she says, "pride's a wonderful thing, but you can't go home to it at night." She tells him that he can swallow his pride too... As Stephanie goes to sit with Eric, the kids run over asking to go home to Brooke. Stephanie puts them off with the promise of dessert and a sleep-over. She encourages Abby to stay too. When Abby asks her mother if she can, Ashley glances sidelong at Ridge remarking, "Well our kids are fine, but you and I, I'm not so sure about..."

    Back at Ridge's, Ashley tells Abby that she is not allowed to sleep-over, but can go watch the rest of the movie with the other children. Stephanie and Eric try to make their exit, but Ridge stops them and says they started this barbeque, so could they please stay and watch the children - so that he could talk to Ashley. Stehpanie agrees eagerly.

    Tuesday, July 24 2007: Will Ridge Pop the Question?

    Ridge and Ashley are at home playing cards with Hope, R.J., and Abby. The kids run upstairs to play and Ridge tells Ashley that she’s made things so much easier for the kids by being there. He tells her she has a maternal side and that she’s “smart, beautiful…incredibly sexy.” They do a little kissing and then Ridge says, “Feels right, doesn’t it?” He tells Ashley that a couple months ago he was feeling lost and getting used to the idea of being alone. Ashley says that for a couple of years she was running, but the Forresters have become a second family to her. “I guess I don’t have to run anymore,” she says. She tells him that for a long time she thought he was being pulled in two different directions – hers and Brooke’s – but now she’s convinced he knows exactly what he wants. It’s clear that the two of them would like a little alone time together, which is fortunate because Ridge has already arranged for Stephanie to take the kids overnight.

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