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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Christine Blair

    Full detailed profile on Christine Blair Played by Lauralee Bell on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauralee Bell (CBS)
    Christine Blair

    Actor: Lauralee Bell

    Who played Christine Blair over the years

    Lauralee Bell (June 12, 2007 - June 21, 2007 on B&B)

    Useful information on Christine Blair

    * Divorced.
    * Was date-raped by Derek Stuart.
    * Kidnapped and sexually harassed by Michael Baldwin.
    * Played detective with Paul Williams on more than a few occasions.
    * She and Paul were rundown by a car driven by Phyllis Romalotti.
    * Testified for Michael Baldwin at his parole hearing.
    * Once engaged to Michael Baldwin.
    * Was left for dead by Paul's wife Isabella.
    * Assisted the DA in prosecuting Victor Newman for commercial bribery.
    * Represented Daniel Romalotti in Cassie Newman's vehicular manslaughter case.


    Current: Legal Partner in Baldwin, Blair, and Associates
    Past: Assistant District Attorney
    Past: Partner in Baldwin & Williams Attorneys At Law
    Past: Attorney for Newman Enterprises
    Past: Attorney with Whitman, Walker, and Wilson Law Firm
    Past: Legal aid attorney
    Past: Teen model for Jabot Junior Cosmetics


    Christine Blair arrived in Genoa City in 1983 working as a model for Jabot's teen line. Known to her friends and family as Cricket, she had quite an emotional time when it came to relationships. Although she was once engaged to Phillip Chancellor, they never made it down the aisle after Chris found him in bed with her best friend Nina.

    Christine went on to be date raped by Derek Stuart who chose suicide over jail time, then had a real eye-opener when her law mentor, Michael Baldwin, sexually harassed her, stalked her and ended up kidnapping and almost rapping her! In the end, Paul Williams came to her rescue and Michael was sent to prison for years.

    Although Christine married her longtime love Danny Romalotti, their married ended after Danny had an affair with Phyllis Summers. Throughout her career, Chris went on assignments with detective Paul Williams and the two ended up getting married, after Cris and Paul found themselves victims of a hit-and-run accident with Phyllis behind the wheel! No one was hurt and Phyllis was never found out.

    Some of Christine's most memorable law cases were working with the Newman's to gain custody of Sharon's daughter Cassie, being a go-between for the Abbott's, the Newman's, the Chancellor's, defending Daniel Romalotti in a vehicular manslaughter case and working briefly as the Assistant District Attorney. Amazingly, Christine even believed in Michael Baldwin enough to go in front of the parole board and convince them that he was a changed man! In turn, Michael was released from prison and ended up being Christine's law partner!

    While Christine had thought she'd found the love of her life in Paul Williams, their marriage was filled with a lot of heartache. There came a time when Paul wanted children, but Chris wanted her career. After her first big case, while partnered up with Michael, took her to Hong Kong, Paul fell into the arms of his new client Isabella. Months later, Chris returned home and found Paul in bed with Isabella and filed for divorce and took a new case in Australia. Isabella later became pregnant and Paul married her. It wasn't until after Paul and Isabella's son was born that Chris returned to GC and realized that she was still in love with Paul! Chris and Paul had a heavily passionate one-night stand where at one point Chris had thought he'd crossed the line and raped her. However, they soon had another fling, but Chris decided, in the end, to marry Michael Baldwin, which never worked out either. However, enraged with jealousy over Christine and Paul's relationship, Isabella tried to fake her death as a way to cover up a plot to murder Chris, but Paul rescued Chris in time and had his crazed wife sent to a mental hospital. Although Chris and Paul gave their relationship another try, she ended up back in the arms of Danny Romalotti and helped his son Daniel adjust to life in Genoa City.

    Christine's next best case came in 2005 when she was hired to defend Daniel Romalotti in his vehicular manslaughter case. Although Chris worked diligently to prove Daniel's innocence, Nick Newman ended up coming forward with evidence that cleared Daniel. Since then, we haven't seen Chris in GC, but know that if her legal skills are needed, she'll be back to defend in full force!


    Paul_Williams (divorced)
    Danny Romalotti (divorced)


    Derek Stuart (deceased)
    Chase Benson
    Scott Grainger (deceased)
    Phillip Chancellor III (deceased)
    Michael Baldwin


    Dr. Jim Grainger (father - deceased)
    Jessica Blair Abbott (mother - deceased)
    Scott Grainger (half-brother - deceased)
    Scotty Grainger Jr. (half-nephew)
    Joe Blair (uncle)
    Daniel Romalotti (Godson)




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    Thursday, June 21 2007: Free!

    The judge calls the court to order as the DA objects to the just-arrived Rick being allowed to testify. Christine argues that he has come and should be heard out. The judge rules that some leeway should be given, and allows Rick to take the stand. Christine asks Rick what he remembers about Grant Chambers. He replies that he hated him; resented him. "When did you remember shooting him?" she asks. Rick tells her that this morning after talking to both Phoebe and his mother about the issue, he took some time to himself and while alone it all came back. He claims there were vivid images, flashes, so clear, so real... "I can see Grant Chambers at his desk", Rick intones, "I hated him, he was ruining my life; I had a gun in my hand, but no idea where I got it from, I raised it..." "You fired it?" asks Christine. "Yes - it was the loudest sound I had ever heard, I was so scared, I just looked at Grant, slumped over his desk. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move..." "Your witness," Christine says triumphantly to the DA.

    The DA begins to question Rick. "So, it was Ridge who told you that you had killed Grant - after he was arrested for killing Shane?" she asks. "Yes." Rick answers. She asks Rick to confirm the "close" relationships between himself & Phoebe, his mother & Ridge, himself & his mother, his mother & Phoebe, and Phoebe & her dad. When he does confirm they are all close relationships, the DA goes in for the kill - "So, given these relationship, would it be fair to say you'd do just about anything for Ridge Forrester?" "No," Rick replies, to her surprise, "I despise the man. He took the blame for killing Grant for my mother's sake, I don't owe him a damn thing." The judge steps in and decides that in light of Rick's testimony he will rule not to allow Ridge's prior conviction into the proceedings. Christine appeals to the judge to realize that Ridge only concealed his involvement in Shane's death because he was scared due to the previous judge's warning that he must never have another criminal conviction involving a firearm. She asks the judge to listen to Ridge's testimony and decide for himself. The judge asks if she is requesting a bench trial now. She says she is - the DA accepts the proposal and Ridge takes the stand.

    Christine approaches the stand and asks,"Did the struggle end after the gun went off?" Ridge replies, "I didn't know if either one of us had been shot, Shane had a wild look in his eye, we both sank slowly to our knees and when I let go he fell backward - I'm pretty sure he died instantly." The DA declines to question Ridge. Christine moves for a direct verdict of "Not Guilty" on the murder charge. The judge tells Ridge that he is guilty of making some very bad decisions and upholds the obstruction of justice charge. He tells him on the charge of murder, however, he is not guilty. He then pronounces Ridge "free to go". The Forresters surround a joyous Ridge to give quick congratulations. A triumphant Brooke embraces Ridge.

    Back at the jail, Christine accompanies Ridge to sign for his belongings and to get released. Christine excuses herself for a moment, just as Rick enters the room. Ridge asks Rick, "How can I ever thank you?" Rick spits, "For what?" Ridge, taken aback, replies, "For coming forward, you remembered." "No," hisses Rick, "I didn't remember a damn thing!" A surprised Ridge asks, "So it was all an act!" Rick informs him that he did it for Phoebe, and wants to know if Ridge now realizes how much Rick cares for her. Rick asks Ridge if he is now going to give he and Phoebe a chance. Ridge considers, then tells him, "Alright, but on one condition, you respect her, don't let her down, if I catch you with someone else or you hurt her, you will answer to me..." Christine re-enters the room and Rick leaves. Behind Christine is a smiling Brooke come to take Ridge home.

    The celebration continues at the Forresters', where Eric raises a toast to Christine Blair and her success with Ridge's case. Christine jokingly tells him to remember that when she comes looking for a fabulous outfit! Stephanie tells Eric that Rick has arrived, but is outside. He'll need our support, Eric declares. Outside, Rick is telling Phoebe what transpired between he and Ridge at the jail, and that Ridge has agreed not to get in their way any longer. A thrilled Phoebe tells Rick he is her hero. They share a deep kiss. Phoebe then continues praising Rick for "saving my dad", and says "Thank God you remembered!" Rick embraces her, but looks unsettled.

    Wednesday, June 20 2007: Rick Testifies!

    The press is going nuts as Taylor arrives at the courthouse for Ridge's trial. Christine and Stephanie are already there and Eric, Felicia and Thorne show up moments behind Taylor. Christine tells the family that she is hoping the judge will grant her a delay so that she can have more time to prepare, but Eric says that they have to prepare themselves for the reality that the trial starts today. Soon, the hearing gets underway and the DA objects to Christine's plea for more time. The judge agrees to hear Christine out, so she says that there is compelling evidence that Mr. McGrath committed suicide and she needs more time to prepare her case. The judge asks to see the evidence before he makes a decision, so Christine shows him Shane's cell phone with the text message to Phoebe.

    "Phoebe this is goodbye, I love you forever, but I won't be bothering you anymore," Christine reads the text message to the judge. The DA contends that Shane was likely shot before he could finish the message. The judge agrees that the message is too vague. He denies the motion for delay, and then Christine pulls out her next stalling tactic. She appeals that the judge should bar the state from using Ridge's prior record based on new testimony. When the DA objects, the judge gives Christine the chance to explain. She says that Ridge gave a false confession in the Grant Chamber's shooting case years ago -- to protect a minor named Rick Forrester. The DA protests fervently, but Christine says that she is prepared to call an eye witness professional - Dr. Taylor Hayes. The judge agrees to give Ms. Blair a little leeway by allowing her witness to take the stand.

    Once Taylor is sworn in, Christine asks the mental state of the now grown Rick Forrester -- who actually shot Grant Chambers. Taylor says that he has repressed the memory. The DA suggests that he doesn't remember it because he didn't do it! She goes on to remind the court that Ridge pleaded guilty AND Grant Chambers agreed with his story. She continues to pound away at the defense's new theory that Ridge didn't shoot Grant. The judge finds the evidence insufficient -- unless Rick Forrester himself is able to testify.

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