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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Pamela Douglas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pamela Douglas Played by Alley Mills on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alley Mills (CBS)

    Birthday: 1951-05-09
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Orson Bean
    Real Name: Alley Mills


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    B&B Recap: Turkey Legs.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    In Ally's bedroom at the Forrester mansion, she leaps up from the bed where Oliver's been kissing her and seems to hyperventilate. Oliver asks if she's okay. She gasps that she's better than okay. Oliver realizes she'd never been kissed before. He tells her she's got a lot of catching up to do and kisses her again. After, he tells her she's a breath of fresh air. Pam knocks. Ally hisses at Oliver to hide in the closet. She opens the door to find Pam in a medieval costume saying they have to go. Ally stops her from opening the closet. Pam enthuses about the Medieval Night event they're supposed to attend. "We have turkey legs to eat!" Ally gets rid of her and Oliver emerges. He tells Ally to enjoy those turkey legs, kisses her, and leaves. Ally beams.

    B&B Recap: Get To Sketchin'.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    At Forrester Creations, everyone in the meeting protests vociferously about Ridge's proposal that he should be president instead of Rick. Brooke tells him there is no way she'll let him push her son out. She demands to speak to Eric alone. Rick confronts Ridge about his holier-than-thou attitude and his defection from Brooke to Katie. He reminds Ridge that Eric is his father and that he's a Marone, not a Forrester. Ridge mocks Rick for letting him mom fight his battles. They bicker about Brooke's patterns. Rick thinks Ridge will hurt Katie too. In the corridor, Hope, Carter, Caroline and Pam muse about the situation. Caroline rejoins Rick and Ridge and gets in Ridge's face about his plans. She tells time's have changed and he should get his head out of the nineties, put a pencil in his hand and get to sketchin'. "Taking over this company from Rick is not an option." Caroline goes and Ridge smirks to Rick that he admires his wife defending him. Rick complains about Ridge wanting to tear down his good work. Ridge says he knows how to run this company, and he will never answer to Rick. In the studio, Maya listens as Oliver tells Ally that Ridge fired him and is shutting down the studio indefinitely. Hope arrives and says she's hoping Eric will override Ridge's decision. Carter appears and commiserates as well. Oliver looks at photos and flashes back to the early days with Hope. After, Ally tells Oliver she thinks Ridge is wrong and the decision will be reversed. Oliver muses that his name is Jones, not Forrester; he's as expendable as the next guy. In Eric's office, Brooke tells him that Ridge left her for Katie. Eric is stunned. Brooke says she doesn't know who Ridge is anymore. She says he's just like Massimo; walking out on everyone. They can rely on Rick. Eric says Ridge rant the company for a long time. Brooke warns he'll try to push Eric out as CEO. She uses what Ridge did to Oliver as an example, and tells Eric he's going to need to make a choice. Ridge and Rick burst in. "Time to make a decision." The meeting reconvenes and Hope pipes up about Oliver and Ridge's actions being unfair. Ridge and Rick debate about the direction of the company. Rick produces the quarterlies as evidence of the current team's accomplishments. Eric says he hates being in this position between his sons, but they won't work together. He announces that he's made his decision...

    B&B Recap: Creative Differences.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    At Forrester, Eric and Brooke discuss the situation with Ridge. She declares that she needs to learn to define herself without a man. He says she's a beautiful human being. They embrace. Brooke talks about redirecting her energy to her kids. Eric doesn't understand Ridge's actions. Brooke insists she doesn't need a man to be happy. She uses Donna as an example. In Rick's office, Hope tells him Brooke went out last night. They wonder if they should worry. Hope can't imagine how she'll get past Ridge being with Katie. Rick thinks she'll be okay. Hope decides he's right - Brooke Logan bends but she does not break. Caroline and Carter arrive saying a meeting's been called. In the studio, Oliver tells Maya there may be a problem; Ridge doesn't like any of his new Hope For The Future shots. Ridge arrives and greets Pam, who tells him everything's ready for the meeting. He asks her he wants Oliver in the meeting. Pam finds Oliver, who is fretting about his future with Maya. In the boardroom the meeting begins with Rick crowing about the success of the Hope For The Future line and of Wyatt's latest idea. Ridge complains that the company has a split personality. He says Hope's line appears to be from a different design house altogether - he wants a new campaign for Hope For The Future with a new photographer - Oliver's not cutting it. Oliver arrives. Ridge tells him they have creative differences; he's firing him. Oliver leaves, fuming. Oliver returns to the studio and tells Maya the news. She's appalled. Meanwhile, Rick is furious with Ridge. "You are not CEO." Ridge says that's the other reason he called this meeting. Rick, Caroline, Brooke, and Hope speak against Ridge taking over. Ridge tells Brooke this has nothing to do with her. Brooke asks Eric, "Who's it going to be? Ridge or our son?"

    B&B Recap: No Angel.

    Wednesday, March 26 2014

    At Forrester, Eric allows Ally to stay in the meeting. Wyatt clarifies that he isn't forcing the lingerie idea on Hope. Caroline sees no problem with it. Rick has no doubt it will sell. Ally rants about Hope's message. She asks Hope what's happened to her. Outside the door, Liam and Pam discuss Ally, and then Hope. Liam says modeling lingerie isn't for her - Wyatt's pushing her too far this time. Inside, Ally demands to talk to Hope alone. Meanwhile, the others discuss Ally's vehemence with regard to Hope's message. Wyatt insists that has nothing to do with it - Ally has an axe to grind with him. He walks outside and Pam takes off. Liam tells Wyatt he's there to witness his demise. They bicker about whether Hope should model lingerie. Liam says Wyatt will make her hate herself...and him even more. Pam returns and tells Liam and Wyatt that Hope will do what she wants regardless of them. They keep arguing. Liam thinks Ally will rein Hope in. In Hope's office, she tries to explain to Ally that she was young when she started Hope For The Future and has grown up; things change. Ally wonders if the new 'hope' is for a hot night in bed. Ally feels there are enough bad examples out there for young women. Hope says she's no angel. Ally tells her, "If you cheapen yourself, you cheapen your message." Hope tells Ally she's made her point, but the decision is hers, not Ally's. In the boardroom, Quinn complains about a teenager running the show. Rick points out she's a Forrester. Hope and Ally emerge from Hope's office as Pam is warning Wyatt to treat Ally with respect. The meeting re-adjourns. Hope says she thinks Wyatt is right; a lingerie line will sell. She admits Ally also has a point. Hope announces that she's decided that following in her mother's footsteps isn't right...not now. Wyatt looks confused. Ally grins. Later, Quinn and Wyatt move to another office and rant to each other about everyone pandering to Ally, who is unstable. Ally appears and warns Quinn not to mess with her. "I'll push you out the door. You and your hotshot son." Ally gloats about them taking her advice, well, her mother's advice... Quinn mutters that she's glad she doesn't know her. Ally hisses at Quinn that she's an evil witch. In the boardroom, Liam tells Hope nothing has changed - he loves her as much as he did in Italy. He questions what Wyatt's bringing to her life. Quinn spies as Liam suggests that Wyatt wants to change her. "I hope today showed you something." He says it showed him she's still the woman he loves. He kisses her.

    B&B Recap: A Little Push.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014

    In the Forrester boardroom, Wyatt tells Ally that he's looking out for the best interests of the company. He points out that she's not a company leader and doesn't need to be there. Hope arrives, and says she's a little nervous. Ally wonders why. Liam greets Pam in the corridor. He assures her he's not there for Wyatt's meeting. Pam tells him there's a life-size cardboard cutout of Hope and a rack of lingerie in there. Liam quickly deduces they're re-doing the bedroom line with Hope. Meanwhile, the meeting gets underway with everyone but Ridge in attendance. Wyatt reveals the cardboard cutout of Hope in lingerie. Pam listens from outside and tells Liam that Wyatt is showing slides. Liam says Hope won't go for being a lingerie model. "I know this." Pam isn't so sure. Pam talks about girls growing into their sexuality. She thinks sometimes people need a little push to become who they want to be. Inside, Wyatt says being sexy doesn't have to be cheap. Maya agrees. When Wyatt suggests it's time for Hope For The Future to take the next step, Ally yells, "No!" Eric says they'll let Wyatt finish. Outside, Liam is amused when Pam tells him Ally took Wyatt on. Pam says she can be her own worst enemy. They talk about Darla's death. He assumes the hit-and-run driver went to jail. Pam says he should ask Steffy. Talk turns back to Hope. Liam doesn't think she'd model lingerie when it came right down to it. In the boardroom, as Wyatt talks, Ally hears Darla telling her she has a responsibility to save the family from shame. Ally asks Hope if she's okay with undressing for the world. Hope admits she had reservations, but thinks Wyatt's right, it could be great. Ally says Grandmother wouldn't stand for this. Rick smirks that Stephanie didn't always get her way. Ally pleads with Hope not to do this. Wyatt asks for Ally to be removed.

    B&B Recap: No Harm, No Foul.

    Monday, March 17 2014

    At Forrester, Ally accuses Wyatt again. Pam clarifies what happened at the boutique. Rick and Hope admit they both knew. Quinn tells Eric they tried to protect him. Eric bellows that he should have been told. Ally and Hope bicker over why it was kept quiet. Eric wants to hear from Wyatt. He admits he took the diamond and that it was dumb. He says he did it for the line and the publicity, but it was risky, so he's ready for whatever Eric throws at him. Ally says he belongs in prison. Wyatt makes an appeal to Eric, and vows to take full responsibility. Eric tells Wyatt he put the company in a terrible position. Quinn says it's in the past. "No harm, no foul." Ally goes on about Wyatt poisoning Hope's values. She tells Eric to call the police. Rick tells Wyatt what he did was an embarrassment. He's not even sure he's right for his sister. Hope says her relationship isn't the issue. Ally continues to lash out at Wyatt. Rick tells her to stop. Wyatt apologizes for causing controversy and offers to confess to the cops. Rick says no arrests will be made. Ally snaps. Rick hollers at her about the implications of this getting out. Ally rants that this is wrong. "I quit!" She seethes at Wyatt. "You! I hate you so much. Mr. Popular." Everyone looks stunned.

    B&B Recap: Put The Phone Down.

    Friday, March 14 2014

    Carter and Rick talk about security for Stephanie's collection with Eric in his office. Eric thinks Wyatt and Hope should be there. In Hope's office, she and Wyatt hope Ally won't do anything rash. Wyatt decides that they have to go to Eric with the truth. Outside on the bridge, Quinn pushes Ally backward over the railing and vows she'll stop her from hurting her son. Ally pushes her back and hisses that she's not afraid of her. She's going to her grandpa and getting rid of Quinn and Wyatt once and for all. Wyatt and Hope arrive in Eric's office asking to talk, but Ally rushes in with Quinn and Pam behind her. Ally blurts out that Wyatt stole the diamond from the boutique. Rick shouts at Ally to dial it down. She realizes he knew too. Eric tells Ally her histrionics have to stop. She says she wanted to go to the police but Quinn attacked her. Quinn assures them Ally's exaggerating. Eric blusters about being kept out of the loop regarding the company. Ally starts ranting again until Hope explodes. "I've had enough. I won't let you turn Wyatt into a villain." That doesn't stop Ally, who grabs the phone to call the police. Eric stops her. Ally goes berserk about evil Wyatt needing to be behind bars. She screams at him, "I hate you!" Everyone seems stunned.

    B&B Recap: Fast Track To Self-Destruction.

    Thursday, March 13 2014

    In Hope's office, she tells Ally she can't let her call the police on Wyatt. Ally realizes Hope knew. Hope says Ally can't tell anyone. "He did it for me. It was a stupid publicity stunt." Ally declares that Hope has been brainwashed and is neglecting her values. She thinks Wyatt needs to go to jail. Hope explains the implications for the company if this got out. Ally hollers about Wyatt putting his filthy hands all over her. Hope says Wyatt is wonderful to her. "It's my life, not yours." Ally goes on about the decent, honorable Liam. Hope asks Ally what's really going on with her. Ally takes off, determined to punish Wyatt. In Eric's office, Wyatt and Liam spar verbally about Hope. Liam tells him to keep being smug and arrogant and his world will crumble around him. Quinn enters and exchanges barbs with Liam. He tells them they're on a fast track to self-destruction. Wyatt tells Liam he needs to let this go. Liam says they're time is limited. Quinn and Wyatt mock him. Liam says the list of people who are onto them keeps growing. Liam goes. Wyatt takes a call from Hope that Ally knows about the jewel heist. Quinn rushes out. In the corridor, Pam reveals to Charlie that she didn't tell Ally anything. He gasps, "Uh oh." They discuss Ally tricking him. Charlie wonders what Ally will do. They worry and agree they don't want Wyatt going to jail. Meanwhile, Wyatt has joined Hope in their office. She tells him Ally was very angry. Wyatt says she's not right in the head. They worry about the worst happening. Outside, Quinn catches up to Ally on the bridge. They argue. Ally says Wyatt is a cheap criminal and he will pay for his crimes. Quinn spits, "The hell he will." Ally tries to get past Quinn, who challenges her to bring it on. They struggle. Quinn has Ally up against the railing and looking scared.

    B&B Recap: Stuck In The Past.

    Wednesday, March 12 2014

    Ally watches Hope and Wyatt kiss in a Forrester office. Hope notices the door move out of the corner of her eye as Ally closes it. Elsewhere, Quinn complains to Charlie that she feels him watching her. She tells him and Pam that since Wyatt is dating Hope their position at Forrester is more secure than ever. Quinn leaves. Charlie and Pam agree that they're the last people Quinn should be antagonizing. Ally, who'd been listening, gets a chance to approach Charlie alone. She tells him Pam told her what Wyatt did. She gets Charlie ranting and he references Wyatt stealing the diamond. Ally gasps. She says he's a criminal and deserves to be punished. Meanwhile, Liam arrives at Hope's office - he has some things to say about Wyatt. Liam realizes Hope is having fun, but he says everything Wyatt does is for effect and his luck is going to run out eventually. He feels she deserves better. Hope sighs that he sounds like Ally. Hope is proud of what she and Wyatt have accomplished, and says Ally is stuck in the past. Liam insists Wyatt doesn't 'get' her like he does. He reveals a tribute to Hope in his magazine. Ally listens as Liam tells Hope she saved her line, not Wyatt. In another office, Quinn tells Wyatt she's irritated that Charlie acts like they're going to steal the petty cash. She assures Wyatt no one is going to interfere with his happiness. Wyatt is determined to prove that his idea for Stephanie's jewelry is not just a publicity stunt. Quinn agrees - there are at least three people gunning for them. Wyatt feels if they do this right, they could win those people over. He thinks Ally would like if they used the jewelry to highlight how Hope is carrying on Stephanie's example of grace and class. Quinn isn't sure - she thinks Ally is trouble. When Wyatt is alone, Liam enters and says he's spoken to Hope. Wyatt couldn't care less. They spar verbally. Liam says he and Quinn haven't come by their success honestly. He tells Wyatt his mask is slipping and it's only a matter of time before things catch up to him. At Pam's desk, Charlie gives her heck for telling Ally their secret. In Hope's office, Ally rants at Hope about Wyatt stealing the diamond. "We can't let him get away with this!" She starts dialing the police and wants Hope to report him. Hope hollers, "No! We are not going to tell anybody. You are not going to say a word."

    B&B Recap: Katie's Coming Out.

    Tuesday, March 11 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Caroline loves Wyatt's idea about Stephanie's jewelry. Ally angrily challenges Wyatt to explain himself. Wyatt says it's a promotional bonanza. Hope thinks it's brilliant. Rick asks Eric, "What's it going to be?" Ally wants to say something, but Eric feels she's said enough. Eric says Stephanie was proud of every piece in her collection because she was proud of the man who gave them to her - him. He knows Stephanie would approve of the proposal to use them. "And so we shall." Everyone applauds. Ally looks furious. She begins protesting. "What are we doing?" Rick rolls his eyes. Ally asks what a flashy jewelry display has to do with Hope For The Future's message. Eric sternly adjourns the meeting. Hope and Wyatt stay behind and tells Eric that Ally has become very aggressive, tried to fire Wyatt, and even got physical. Hope wants to confront her. Eric says he'll handle it. In the corridor, Pam and Ally commiserate about Quinn and Wyatt. Pam walks off and Quinn appears. She tells Ally that Eric won't tolerate her attitude much longer. Ally says Wyatt is hurting her family's company - she can't let that happen. Pam returns. Eric buzzes Pam to bring Ally in. He tells Ally she has to respect their decisions, and Wyatt's relationship with Hope if things are to work out for her there. Later, Eric tells Pam that Ally is getting worse. She wonders if they should call Thorne. Eric says not yet. Pam warns not to wait too long. In another office, Wyatt asks Hope to move in with him. She says maybe...someday. Ally spies as they kiss.

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