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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Pamela Douglas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pamela Douglas Played by Alley Mills on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alley Mills (CBS)

    Birthday: 1951-05-09
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Orson Bean
    Real Name: Alley Mills


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    B&B Recap: Aly's loved ones remember her

    Monday, July 27 2015

    At the Forrester mansion, Ivy looks at photos on the mantel and flashes to the night Aly died. Thorne, Brooke, and Eric appear. Ivy hugs Thorne. He doesn't understand how this could happen to his baby. Caroline, Wyatt, and Ridge appear. Caroline notes what a good friend Ivy was to Aly. Thomas arrives. Ridge is glad he made it. He says Steffy should be there soon. Thomas says he spoke to her and she seemed pretty upset. Katie and Bill arrive and have an exchange with Deacon and Quinn. They agree to try and get along for today. Near the terrace, Pam and Charlie tell Oliver he made Aly so happy. Oliver admits he could feel her slipping away. Pam says she's at peace now. By the fireplace, Caroline comforts Ridge, who says no parent should have to go through this. They wonder where Thorne is. Upstairs, Brooke and Eric watch as Thorne looks around Aly's room and sits on the bed to cry. They comfort him. Downstairs, Steffy and Liam enter. Ivy tells Wyatt it makes her angry that Steffy is there. Wyatt wonders if it's because of Liam or Aly. When Liam and Steffy approach, Ivy says everyone knows what happened to Aly, it just doesn't make sense. Thorne, Eric, and Brooke come down the stairs and Eric invites everyone to say what they'll miss about Aly. Pam and Charlie, Liam, Caroline, Ivy, Oliver, and Thorne each recall good times with Aly. Thorne thanks them all for making her happy and tells Aly's photo, "I'll always love you baby." He sobs. Ridge makes a speech about life. "We missed it. We all missed it." He asks Eric what the lesson is here and wonders if it's awareness or maybe acceptance. Later, Thomas tells Caroline he's sticking around; it seems like his sister needs him. Nearby, Thorne confronts Ridge about attacking Aly's memory - it was an accident. "Or was it?" By the terrace, Liam assures Steffy no one blames her. She takes a moment alone to look at photos of Aly and cries. Ivy appears. She recalls the horror of the night on the side of the road. She doesn't know how Steffy held it together. Steffy says she told the authorities what she could. Ivy warns she can't keep this all inside. "Deal with it. Deal with the consequences." Steffy asks what she means. Ivy says she knows Aly's death wasn't an accident.

    B&B Recap: Rick proposes to Maya

    Monday, July 20 2015

    At Forrester Creations, the fashion show continues. Maya's turn down the catwalk garners enthusiastic applause. Aly glares backstage. Nicole tells Julius, "That's your daughter." When Maya gets backstage, Rick says he has a little surprise for her. She has to change. Steffy spots Aly glaring and tells her she could use her help. She wants to help pull her out of her mood. Aly snaps that the line is filthy and degrading and she doesn't want to talk to her. Steffy suggests she go home then and they can discuss it later. Aly sneers that she doesn't know what's good for her or the company. Meanwhile, Liam looks around for Steffy, who tells Aly she's worried about her. Aly says these are not the principles her mother and grandmother stood for. She rants about them getting rid of Hope for the Future. Steffy tells her Hope is gone and they're moving forward. Aly snipes that she's moving backward. Steffy again suggests that she leave. Aly hollers that she's a Forrester...a true Forrester! Steffy says, "Then start acting like it." The sinister floating head of Darla tells Aly to start acting like a Forrester and put an end to the depravity. The action continues on the runway as they prepare the showstopper backstage. In the audience, Brooke and Jarrett whisper about how fabulous the dresses and the message are, while Pam tells Charlie she should have made lemon bars. Nearby, Katie tells Bill that Maya will be sensational; she's been on the cover of every magazine thanks to him. Behind-the-scenes, Maya flashes to supportive, loving moments with Rick. He says she looks great. Nearby, Steffy tells Liam she was with Aly, who isn't doing so great. Steffy compliments Maya, who says she's ready. Maya hits the catwalk in the showstopper. Vivienne clutches Julius' arm and Rick beams. The other models join Maya and Ridge and Caroline come out. The applause is deafening. Aly frowns behind a curtain. Ivy watches Liam and Steffy take the runway together. Wyatt touches her arm. Steffy makes a speech about acceptance. Once again the crowd roars. The sinister floating head of Darla tells Aly to end the company. Out front, Rick takes the stage and proposes to Maya. She accepts. As everyone goes wild, Vivienne cries and Julius claps slowly. Aly looks grim backstage.

    B&B Recap: This is California Freedom

    Friday, July 17 2015

    Behind-the-scenes at the fashion show, Caroline, Ridge, Ivy and others work to get ready. Ivy peeks out front and sees Liam and Steffy working closely together to welcome buyers. Wyatt notices and pulls her away. Liam and Steffy also greet Bill and Katie. Bill says he wouldn't miss it. Backstage, Rick admires Maya as she sits in front of a mirror. Aly, dressed in a black outfit buttoned up to her neck, lurks. Quinn works on the jewelry and is surprised by an affectionate Deacon. Out front, Jarrett is surprised to see Bill. Charlie and Pam join the group. The Avants are there among the hustle and bustle with Nicole and Zende. They meet Brooke. Julius tells her Rick is a good man; he admires what he's done for Maya's life. Maya watches from behind the curtain. She tells Rick this is her chance to take her power back. Nearby, Aly spots Liam canoodling with Steffy and hisses to Ivy, "It's not right!" Ivy reassures her. Aly keeps watching them with a glare. Liam pulls Steffy outside. He wants to show her the future - it's there, it's inside, it's working together, and it's also right in front of him. Liam tells Steffy she doesn't have to fight it anymore. He thanks her for giving him the time to see the obvious. "I'm right where I want to be. With you. Day after day, year after year." They kiss deeply. Liam says, "Cha cha cha." Inside, Bill instructs Jarrett to find something juicy to make headlines. Brooke checks in with Rick, who tells her today is huge for him and Maya and no one can take that away from them. Backstage, Maya confers with Nick. "This show really is for all of us." She tells him her dad said he's willing to accept her; she hopes he means it. Out front, Julius and Vivienne try to put a dollar value on the gift bags. Rick chats with Othello. Behind-the-scenes, Steffy asks Liam if Ivy knows. He will tell her soon. Ridge speaks to the crew to thank them and credits his co-designer Caroline. Everyone is thrilled with his speech about moving into the future except Aly. Ivy tells Liam it's like a new beginning for all of them. Liam says they need to talk after the show. Elsewhere, Deacon and Brooke have a supportive exchange - he'll always be there for her. Quinn peeks out and sees them chatting. Julius gets impatient and Vivienne says this is a very important moment in their daughter's life. Julius thinks it will be humiliating to see his first born strutting on a runway in women's clothing. Ridge takes the stage and introduces Steffy and Maya. They talk about freedom and diversity and being kind. "This is California Freedom." Aly glares from backstage. The models walk the catwalk to music before an enthusiastic crowd. Aly watches as Maya prepares to go on in a showstopping gown. The sinister floating head of Darla tells Aly to make it stop. "You know what to do, so do it!" Maya walks the catwalk.

    B&B Recap: Nicole and Maya are shocked by their mother's arrival

    Friday, July 03 2015

    Maya's doing a photo shoot by the Forrester pool. Everyone is there except Ridge, whose flight doesn't get in until tonight. Carter approaches Aly, who is standing off by herself fully clothed. She says, "I can't handle this." Aly goes into the kitchen where Eric, Brooke, Charlie, and Pam are preparing food. She demands to know why Maya is still the face of Forrester and gripes about Oliver taking photos of her and Steffy in their bikinis. Outside, Steffy is now posing as Liam looks on appreciably and fans himself. Wyatt notices Ivy's discomfort. Oliver wants Liam in the shots with Steffy. They pose on the diving board. Aly lurks around as Oliver tells Steffy it was nice working with her again. After, she approaches Oliver and reams him out for the way he looked at Steffy. "She's disgusting and filthy." Inside, Maya tells Nicole she approves of Zende. Steffy spots Ivy and walks over. They decide they should get along since they're working together and are family. Wyatt and Liam watch. Ivy enters the kitchen and Aly follows - she needs to talk to her alone. Aly chastises Ivy for being nice to Steffy. Ivy doesn't want to do this. Aly rants that Steffy is just sex, sex, sex. Aly warns Ivy she's reaching her breaking point. Ivy tells her to get a grip. Aly goes on about Steffy using her sexuality and how much she hates Maya. Ivy thinks she doesn't mean that. Pam appears. "Is everything alright in here?" In the living room, Rick tells Maya this is where she belongs. They kiss. Eric calls everyone together to make a speech about Independence Day and how proud he is of the California Freedom line. Aly shouts that freedom isn't about taking your clothes off. Steffy wonders if she'd rather have someone telling her what to wear. Eric tells Aly that's enough - they're not here to judge each other. Carter chats with Caroline about getting around without her walker. She credits Ridge. There's a knock at the door. Rick answers. Maya's face transforms. Nicole goes to the door. "Mom? What are you doing here?" Maya joins Nicole. Rick introduces himself. Vivienne Avant tells Nicole to get her things - they don't want her sister to brainwash her. Elsewhere, Eric thanks Pam, Brooke, and Charlie. Pam produces lemon bars. In a corner, Wyatt teases Liam that he hasn't been on a date with Steffy...yet. They all agree to work on cooperating on the new line. Wyatt adds, "With a little friendly competition." Across the room, Aly glares over at them. Oliver tells her to loosen up. She snaps, "What do you mean? Take off my clothes?" She tells him she wants to be alone. In the mirror, she sees the floating head of Darla. She tells her Steffy and Maya always win. She notices Darla's light is fading and thinks Steffy's doing it. Darla, now darker, says, "Her mother killed me. An eye for an eye. Retribution." Aly looks over at Steffy. Darla urges, "Do it, Aly. Do it!"

    B&B Recap: Ridge announces a new line, California Freedom

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Liam tells Ivy that Carter had the annulment papers fast-tracked. Wyatt snaps at him. He asks for privacy. Once alone, Ivy tells Liam she never meant for him to feel trapped. They both sign. She says, "You're free." Elsewhere, Steffy tells Aly she's sorry about her mother. She adds that Thorne has forgiven Taylor, and reminds her she lost Phoebe. Aly says it's not the same, and Steffy still has her mother. Steffy points out she still talks to Darla. Aly warns her not to look at her like she's a nut job. She's to blame for what's happening to Liam and Ivy. She glares at Steffy. "Liam and Ivy deserve to be blissfully happy, like my mother and father do." Ridge pops his head in and says there's a meeting. Aly wants to join it and promises not to be a problem. In another office, Rick, Brooke, Maya, and Pam enthusiastically welcome Zende to the company as Nicole looks on. Maya learns Nicole is interning too, and Zende finds out she tried to model but 'sucked'. Pam says Ridge wants everyone at the meeting, but she won't say when it is. They all laugh. Rick jokes about merriment and light returning now that Ridge is back in charge. Nicole whispers to Zende, "I'll explain later." Later, Zende and Nicole discuss the dysfunctional Forrester bunch while they work. He asks if she's taken. He's waiting for Ms. Right and wonders if he's looking in the right place. In the board room, the meeting convenes. Ivy announces that she is no longer getting deported and she and Liam signed annulment papers. Ridge begins the meeting by welcoming back Maya and giving props to Rick for deciding to run Forrester International from there. He then says Hope for the Future is done and they will promote freedom to be your own woman. California Freedom is the campaign name and will incorporate all Forrester designs. Aly rants about the plan to include lingerie and swimsuits. It's wrong and disgusting...and exactly what she'd expect from Steffy, not Ridge. Aly rants that it's not what her grandpa wants for the company. Ridge and Steffy say it is; they spoke to him. Ivy speaks up and Aly snaps at her for defending them. Liam says this isn't the place, but Aly goes on about Steffy canoodling with Liam in lingerie. Rick and others speak up to Aly. She can't understand why they look at her like she's from another planet. When Steffy mentions Thorne and Darla, Aly says she's not worthy to speak her mother's name. "You are the reason she's gone!" Everyone leaves Steffy and Aly alone. Aly doesn't want her help. She gets all worked up again. Steffy says she cares about her, only Aly can't believe it because Taylor is her mother. Aly denies she's forgiven Taylor. She cries. "You have no idea what it's been like." Steffy wants them to get along; they're family. Aly flashes to Darla's accident. Steffy is sorry Aly is haunted, but warns her not to give in to the pain that is causing the anger that's consuming her. In Caroline's office, she tells Ridge she thinks Steffy will get through to Aly. They kiss.

    B&B Recap: Ivy and Steffy want answers from Liam

    Monday, June 29 2015

    At Forrester Creations, John gleefully greets Ivy. He chortles that she saved him a bundle with the quickie marriage and asks what it's like being Mrs. Liam Spencer. She doubts they'll be married much longer. She tells him Liam wants to be with Steffy. John compliments her on handling the situation with grace. John feels Liam will have to make up his mind. Ivy loves him; and knows he loves her too. John urges Ivy not to give up, but either way she'll be okay. In another office, Pam walks in on Ridge and Caroline canoodling again. She didn't think he'd want to keep a Forrester waiting. Zende appears. Ridge hugs him and makes introductions. Ridge and Zende they won't tell the other interns he's family, and he exits. Ridge explains to Caroline how Kristen and Tony came to adopt Zende. They're impressed he didn't want favoritism. In the corridor, Pam offers the internship hopefuls lemon bars. One says they're delicious and Pam blurts, "You're hired." Nicole appears and tells Pam she wants another chance to prove herself. She sits by Zende and they chat. Nicole explains she's been around there for a couple of months; Maya Avant is her sister. She whispers that Pam basically runs the joint. Pam grins. The intern hopefuls rejoin Ridge and Caroline. Ridge is surprised that Nicole wants a chance - the others have much more education. Nicole wants to pay her dues and work her way up. Ridge hires them all. Ridge keeps Zende and Nicole in the office. Nicole learns Zende's true identity. Elsewhere, Liam tells Steffy that Ivy has a lot of integrity; she knew he wanted to be with her. Liam says he's standing there telling her he wants her - is she a little less mad at him? Steffy asks about his feelings for Ivy. He cares for her, but doesn't want to be married. Steffy says an annulment doesn't change the fact that he married her in the first place. Liam says it made him see how much he wanted to be with her. Steffy is still uneasy. Ivy listens as Steffy asks if his relationship with Ivy is over. Ivy enters - she wants to know the same thing. Liam admits he wants an annulment. Steffy and Ivy snipe at one another. Ivy understands they have history she can't compete with; she won't fight with Steffy. No man is worth her dignity. Ivy tells Liam she believes in the future they could have together but it all depends on him.

    B&B Recap: A Favor To Repay.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    Ridge wheels Caroline into the office at Forrester, stunned that she was hit by a car. She didn't want to add to his stress and doesn't know how long she'll be in the wheelchair. Ridge has a favor to repay and says, "You helped me use my hands and I'm going to help you use your legs." They kiss then discuss Rick. Caroline calls Maya a hypocrite and wonders how Rick reacted. Ridge fills her in on his talk with Eric and believes his father will do what's right. Up on the rooftop gym, Carter watches as Charlie tells Pam he called it - Maya was a man. Carter interrupts and admits Nicole told Wyatt. "Now the world knows." Carter is confused to hear that Maya resigned, considering she loves Forrester. Nicole confronts Wyatt in his office and says, "I know what you did." He tries to backtrack but Nicole argues, "I thought you liked me." She expresses how he conned Maya's secret out of her and how Maya quit Forrester. "You messed with her life." Wyatt wonders where this leaves things with Rick, but Nicole refuses to answer anymore of his questions. Wyatt insists he and Liam didn't want the story to run, but their father went against them. This wasn't about Maya but about Rick. "I'm not trying to justify what happened," Wyatt says and explains how his family protects each other. Nicole doesn't think much of the Spencers and will never forgive Wyatt.

    B&B Recap: I Told Wyatt.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    Over at Forrester, Pam looks at the stories on Maya and admits to Ridge that Charlie suspected Maya was transgender. Pam receives a text from Eric about Rick's car accident. He's okay and at the mansion. Jake appears with an email from HR and wonders if he should forward it to Eric. Ridge looks it over and states, "I'll take care of it."

    B&B Recap: Doodling.

    Wednesday, April 29 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Rick tells Maya he doesn't care what's in her past. Maya wants to believe that. He thinks a year from now they'll be expecting their first child. Maya is about to tell him something when Nicole busts in. She insists on speaking to Maya alone immediately. Maya and Nicole leave. Outside, Pam finds Charlie trying to lift weights. They bicker about why Maya might be taking estrogen. Pam won't risk being fired by spreading rumors. Ridge hears her worrying about getting fired. "It's Rick and Maya isn't it?" Pam admits it. She never thought they'd last. Charlie observes that the jury's still out on that - Maya may not be the woman Rick thinks she is. Ridge finds Rick in his office with a model. Rick speaks down to him. The model is dismissed and Ridge warns him not to condescend to him like that again. Rick goes on about his ability to see the big picture. Ridge thinks Rick doesn't understand what they're doing there. Rick tells him to think about Maya when he's drawing. They argue over Ridge's latest piece. Rick says it's not right for Maya. Ridge says he sets trends. Rick counters that he makes money and Eric put him in charge. Ridge says, "One year, Ricky. Clock's ticking." Rick scoffs - he and Maya will be running this company for many years. He wants the changes on his desk by tonight. "Think Maya while you're doodling on your board." Ridge leaves and whispers with Pam - it's getting worse. Ridge laments that Rick thinks he's responsible for all the profit and he has Eric in his back pocket. In another office, Nicole tells Maya not to tell Rick she's transgender. Maya thinks this has to do with Wyatt. They bicker. Nicole notes they have landed these guys and shouldn't rock the boat. Maya gets it - to protect Nicole's fling she should keep quiet. Nicole points out they don't know how anyone will react. She's worried Rick will freak out. "Don't do it." Nicole says he'll never have to know. Outside, Rick meets with a jeweler to look at engagement rings. He chooses one that's flawless and pure like Maya.

    B&B Recap: Adrenaline Junkie.

    Tuesday, April 28 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Charlie insists to Pam that the estrogen pills mean Maya is transgender. Pam becomes distressed and argues the point. In the studio, Nicole tells Maya she's not sure it's such a good idea for her to tell Rick the truth. In another office, Wyatt and Rick butt heads over a jewelry collection. Rick tells him to start over - it's no good. He says the collection is not like Maya, who is powerful and not afraid to put herself out there. "It's like you don't know her at all." Wyatt joins Nicole and Maya in the studio. Maya grills them about their date and opines that they're moving too fast. Wyatt says they met and clicked - he likes spending time with Nicole, but doesn't know where it's going. He grins at Nicole. "But I can't wait to find out." Wyatt goes on about being open and honesty - he doesn't like secrets. Maya wonders if they talked about that. Wyatt opines that keeping secrets leads to trouble. Meanwhile, Rick comes upon Pam telling Charlie he can't go around saying things like that - it's dangerous. Rick asks, "What's dangerous?" He wants to know what they're up to. Pam lies that she heard a noise in there. She says it was a squeaking, and Charlie say it was a thumping. Rick's not buying it. Charlie chuckles that they were sneaking some private time - Pam's an adrenaline junkie. Rick notices Maya's purse. When Maya arrives, Charlie and Pam give her a strange look as they exit. Maya and Rick canoodle. Rick makes another speech about how his life has been full of scandal, and now he's found his stability thanks to her. He goes on at length and then starts enthusing about their future. He wants to have kids, a lot of kids. Maya tears up. She claims she's overwhelmed but happy. She has never felt love like this and can't bear for that to change. She cries. Rick says she can always tell him anything. At Pam's desk, Charlie wants to contact the doctor on the pill bottle and find out if he's right. Pam urges him to drop it or they could use their jobs.

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