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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Pamela Douglas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pamela Douglas Played by Alley Mills on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alley Mills (CBS)

    Birthday: 1951-05-09
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Orson Bean
    Real Name: Alley Mills


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    B&B Recap: The Cradle Robber.

    Monday, January 26 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Rick spies Ridge and Caroline kissing and shoots his gun. Ridge covers Caroline with his body. Rick enters and tells them he fired shots to get Ridge off of Caroline. "Apparently that didn't work." Ridge says he could have killed them. Charlie, Pam, and Carter rush in. Rick complains Ridge was about to defile Caroline. "I found the cradle robber on top of my wife." Ridge questions Rick calling her his wife. "Do you want to be with her or not?" Rick tells Caroline she'll be getting a visit from his attorney and bellows at Ridge to stay off his wife. Once alone, Ridge looks up Lt. Baker's number - he can't have Rick putting Caroline and the employees in danger. He knows his dad would agree. Caroline pleads with Ridge not to call the police. Ridge puts his phone away. He suggests they leave Forrester and start their own design company. "Run away with me."

    B&B Recap: The Big Stick.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    At Forrester, Rick begins a meeting about designs and accessories. He asks where the head designer is. Caroline tells him Ridge couldn't make it, but said she could handle it. Rick disagrees. He barks that he wants to hear about the line from the head designer, not the helper. The meeting continues, but Rick isn't prepared to commit to the designs or Ivy's jewelry. Eva the publicist says there's been a huge response to Ivy after the previous shoot. Rick thinks using Ivy as a model again would be a mistake. Caroline smirks that he wants to re-shoot with Maya. Rick and Caroline argue. She tells him to take out his anger on her, but not the company. Rick tells everyone but Ivy and Caroline to leave. He bellows at Caroline, "What the hell do you think you're doing!" In the corridor, Oliver, Aly, and Pam tell Eva that Rick's issue with Ivy is personal. Liam arrives and gets up to speed. Outside, Oliver assures Aly that Rick will consider her shoe designs when he's back to normal. They kiss. Inside, Caroline confronts Rick about ignoring Ivy's following to use Maya, which is not best for the company. Rick complains about the designs. Ivy lashes out at Rick for his behavior - he's still in love with Caroline which is why he's so angry. Rick argues that it was more than a couple kisses with Caroline and Ridge and he can see it's not over. Ivy rants at him for being judgmental when he's sleeping with Maya. Rick realizes Caroline kissed Ridge again and fires her. Liam bursts in and sucker punches Rick to the floor. "You do not speak to these women this way!"

    B&B Recap: Resident Squatter.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    Caroline is summonsed to Rick's office. Rick informs her he'll be looking to her for updates on the line and the designs. Caroline alerts him to Maya's sister's presence in town. Rick had no idea and picks up on the difference in Caroline. She stands tall to her husband and acts as though she couldn't care less about their current issues. Later, Pam barges in with Stephanie's portrait. She's furious he threw it in the garage and plans to keep it at her desk. Rick changes the subject to Maya and her sister Nicole. Pam refuses to do a background check and calls Rick out for not trusting Maya. Rick insists he trusts Maya, as Pam berates him for his recent decisions.

    B&B Recap: Played For A Fool.

    Monday, January 12 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Pam tells Ridge that Rick and Maya moved into his father's house, are sleeping in his bed, and Rick replaced Stephanie's portrait with one of Maya. Ridge exclaims. Pam mutters about how Caroline will feel. Ridge says that's exactly why he did it. After, Ridge and Carter argue about Rick and Caroline's marriage. Ridge intends to respect that she's trying to save it even if he doesn't respect Rick. He decides to go talk to Rick. In another office, Aly tells Rick she and Ivy feel affronted by his actions at the mansion and mentions the portrait. She thinks it's more about sending Caroline a message than it is about Stephanie. Rick says Maya earned her position as the Forrester matriarch. Aly talks to Rick about hurting and losing Caroline. Rick says if Maya hadn't exposed Caroline and Ridge, who knows how long he would have been played for a fool? Once alone, Rick thinks about Caroline seeing the portrait. Ridge enters. He confronts him about moving into the mansion with Maya. "What about your wife?" Rick says he's made himself clear. Ridge tells him to talk to him like a man. They argue. Rick brings up Ridge's past with women and calls him a bastard Marone who keeps on taking. Ridge wants Rick to admit he still wants Caroline - no one's buying his stunts. He wonders if he's told Maya he loves her. "You haven't. We both know why." He urges Rick to take Caroline back before it's too late. By Pam's desk, Carter and Aly discuss Rick playing Lord of the Manor with Lady Maya. He says Ridge is determined to stop all this. Aly hopes Ridge knows what he's doing.

    B&B Recap: Where Is My Sister?

    Thursday, January 08 2015

    Rick and Maya wake up in bed together and enthuse about their situation. Maya doesn't know how it could get better. Rick says they're about to find out. Downstairs, Pam enters with Ivy and Aly, who talk about being forced to leave for the night. They notice Maya's portrait in place of Stephanie's. Pam hollers, "Where is my sister?" Ivy reassures her. Rick appears. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Pam asks, "You knew this picture was on the wall?" Rick says he put it there. Pam and Rick argue about him moving into Eric's bedroom and taking down Stephanie's portrait. Rick maintains he's entitled. Pam says none of it will last. Rick says he'll put Stephanie back when Eric comes home, until then Maya stays. Pam glares. Later, Rick fills Maya in on his argument with Pam. He doesn't give a damn who disapproves.

    B&B Recap: I've Got A Vibe.

    Monday, January 05 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Rick announces he's moving forward with Maya. Eric tells Rick he won't accept this - staying with Caroline was part of the deal. Rick says it wasn't in the contract; Caroline's not his problem anymore. Eric hollers about Rick being hateful and deceitful. Rick says he has a year to prove himself. Maya assures Eric he'll be proud of Rick. Eric apologizes to Caroline. Ridge rants about this being classic Rick. Rick and Caroline scream at each other. Rick warns Ridge he has irrevocable control and will fire him if he says one word. Eric blusters that Rick is totally out of control. Rick warns Caroline and Ridge they're replaceable and tells Eric to go on vacation. He warns them all to treat Maya with respect. Outside, Othello tells Pam there are going to be changes. "I've got a vibe." Ivy appears, looking for Maya. She intends to tell Caroline what she knows, but Othello thinks it's too late. Pam learns about Rick and Maya kissing and whispers about Caroline being devastated. Both Pam and Othello advise Ivy to see how things play out. Ivy thinks she should have said something sooner. Pam points out Rick threatened to fire her. Inside, Eric tells Rick this is not the way a CEO behaves. Ridge says he used Caroline to get control. Rick urges Eric to go travel, he will be the son he raised and make him proud. He tells Ridge that his tenure as vice-president and head designer remains and he and Caroline can design freely together. Caroline hollers at everyone to get out when Rick asks where she wants her things sent. They all exit. Caroline says she feels sick. Rick says that's how he felt - now she knows what it's like. She cries and rails about him sneaking around with Maya. "Congratulations. You got me." Rick denies that he did this out of pain. Caroline gives a teary Rick one more chance - they still love each other. "Just say that you are willing to try!" On the rooftop, Maya reflects on her relationship with Rick and then tells Ivy she's too late. Ivy sneers about them plotting a takeover. Maya gloats. Ivy wonders if Rick is using Maya, and chastises her - he's a married man. Maya will sleep fine tonight. In another office, Eric tells Ridge and Carter he thought Rick and Caroline were solid. Ridge says he still loves her...that's why he's doing this. Ridge laments having to listen to a power-hungry idiot for a year. Carter says Maya has targeted Rick for months. Ridge thinks she's a pawn but doesn't know it yet.

    B&B Recap: Making His Move.

    Friday, January 02 2015

    Outside at Forrester Creations, Rick tells Maya his father needs to sign today. A year is enough. He'll text when he's done. Inside, Ridge confronts Caroline about Rick being up to something. Caroline thinks if it makes him feel more secure, Eric should sign Rick's papers. In Eric's office, Carter tells him if things don't go well, a year is a very long time. No one will be able to intercede - not even him. Rick enters with his lawyer. Carter cautions again about the impact of the proposal. Rick works on Eric. Carter messages Ridge that Rick is making his move. Rick and Eric debate about Ridge. Eric signs. Ridge and Caroline enter. Rick tells him he's too late. Outside, Othello meets Maya. She tells him it's happening right now - Eric has to sign those papers before somebody catches on. Othello wonders why it doesn't bother her that Rick is playing Caroline like this. Maya says this is their future. Maya gets called away. Inside, Ivy asks Pam what's going on in Eric's office. They hear arguing. In the office, Ridge complains this is unprecedented. Eric is happy with his decision. Caroline says Rick won't hurt the company. Ridge demands to know why Rick needed it. "What else is going on here?" Outside, Ivy finds Othello and asks him how Maya seemed. She thinks something is going on. Ivy realizes he knows something and tells him she saw Maya and Rick kissing. If they're planning something that could hurt Caroline, she needs to know. Inside, Maya learns from Pam that Ridge and Caroline are in Rick's meeting. She waits. In Eric's office, he stands by his decision, but Ridge continues to argue. Rick texts Maya. He announces he intends to continue the tradition of a strong couple running Forrester. "I couldn't have done it without her." Maya enters. In the corridor, Othello joins Pam, who gives him the low down. "You don't seem surprised." She thinks he knows something. Othello warns there could be big changes, and he's looking forward to them. Inside, Eric asks Maya to go, but Rick announces that she will be his partner. He says they're still together and Caroline gasps. Rick says their marriage is over and he'll be sharing his life and the company with Maya. Eric looks stunned, Maya looks triumphant, and Caroline breathes fast and tears up.

    B&B Recap: My Tail's Wagging.

    Tuesday, December 23 2014

    At Forrester, Rick mentions his dad is having a holiday open house. Maya asks if she's invited. Pam and Ivy scoff. Rick says the only thing Eric asks is that everyone pay the price of admission. Pam exits and Maya gets in Ivy's face. She tells Rick Ivy stopped by last night to confront her. Rick reminds Ivy he told her to drop it. He orders her to pretend she knows nothing if she likes her job there. Ivy thinks he's hurting because he still loves Caroline. Maya says they have history - she's not just a side piece. Ivy wonders at Rick risking everything. Rick dismisses her. Maya assures him Ivy won't talk. Rick needs to get his dad's signature - quickly. They talk about hooking up after Christmas dinner. Rick assures her he hasn't been with Caroline and promises they'll host the Forrester Christmas together next year. Outside, John talks to Jarrett, who has brought in some of the finest pooches around. John talks about Pam mourning the loss of her Doberman for years - it's time to put a smile on her face again. "My tail's wagging just thinking about it." Inside, Pam shows her Christmas sweater to a morose Wyatt. He tells her Hope isn't coming home for Christmas. She shows him a photo of her late dog, Tiny, and invites him to Eric's open house. Wyatt declines. Pam is thinking about Tiny when John appears. He's pleased to hear it's Charlie's day off and takes her outside, where he and Jarrett introduce her to a little doggie named Bernie. There will be a pooch parade and Pam can pick the one she likes best. The show gets underway with John providing comedic commentary. Pam can't choose one - it's too soon. John holds up mistletoe and they smooch. Inside, Ivy catches up with Wyatt, who doesn't understand why Hope is pushing him away. Ivy notes that he lost the baby too. Wyatt doesn't know where things stand and is questioning his relationship. Ivy reassures him. She says she's spending Christmas with Liam. Wyatt's surprised he's not going to Italy. Ivy doesn't know if they've been talking. Wyatt suggests she find out.

    B&B Recap: Checks All The Boxes.

    Wednesday, December 03 2014

    At the Forrester mansion, Quinn, hiding upstairs behind a plant, imagines Hope embracing her and the other women welcoming her to the baby shower. She snaps out of it as Hope talks about Wyatt's excitement. Katie and Donna hug Hope as Ivy tells Aly how happy she is that Liam said he loves her. Ivy glances at Hope - she has to come to terms with the fact that Liam will always have feelings for her. Gift-opening ensues. The Logan sisters wheel out a stroller. Everyone gushes over the gifts.

    At the Forrester mansion, Caroline tells Maya not to count on Rick going back to her again. Ivy thanks Hope for including her. Hope asks her to be good to Liam. When they all head outside for a game, Quinn fondles the baby gifts and leaves with a piece of the cake. After, Hope makes a thank you speech and enthuses over the girl power in the room. Everyone files out. Ivy tells Hope about Liam's call regarding Quinn. She's not bothered by his concern - she accepts Hope's a part of his life.

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