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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Pamela Douglas

    Full detailed profile on Pamela Douglas Played by Alley Mills on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alley Mills (CBS)
    Pamela Douglas

    Actor: Alley Mills

    Who played Pamela Douglas over the years

    Alley Mills (2006 - present)

    Useful information on Pamela Douglas

    * Nicknamed "Pammy" by sister Stephanie.
    * Lives in the Forrester guest house at 369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210
    * Not abused by father like sister, Stephanie, but was aware of the abuse Steph was enduring.
    * Has a secret crush on Eric Forrester.
    * Tormented Donna because Eric chose her over Stephanie.
    * Poisoned Eric to try and get him to break up with Donna.
    * Had a brain tumor which was believed to be the cause of her craziness.
    * Was used by Stephen Logan Sr. to get back at Stephanie.
    * Was engaged to Stephen Logan Sr.


    Current: Secretary at Forrester Creations


    Pamela willingly took on the role as the dutiful daughter and took care of her (and Stephanie's) mother after their father died. Stephanie went on to marry Eric and have the glamorous life of a fashion designer in Los Angeles, while Pamela and their mother remained in Chicago.

    Pam, who'd done little more than exchange Christmas cards with sister Stephanie for years, was stunned when Stephanie suddenly turned up in her life again. Stephanie confided to Pam that she would need to confront their mother, Ann, about the abuse that she had suffered at the hands of their father in order for her life to be complete. Ann, ever the supporter of Stephanie, was aware of the abuse and had tried to protect Stephanie, which only made their bond stronger.

    Pam supported Stephanie's decision to confront Ann and stood by her side while Stephanie relived the nightmare. When Ann refused to believe what Stephanie was saying as true, Eric was furious and stood by Pam and Stephanie's side.

    Later, at Eric's request, Pam and Ann came to LA to celebrate Christmas with the Forresters. Pam right away bonded with Felicia (and had already bonded with Eric). At first Stephanie didn't want them there, but due to a loving gesture by Thorne's daughter, Ally, eventually came to forgive Ann and allow Ann and Pam to stay.

    Stephanie spent some time in Chicago, getting some long-overdue mother-daughter bonding in, leaving Pam in LA with instructions to keep an eye on Eric, with whom Stephanie was estranged and with whom Jackie Marone was getting too close for comfort. Pam stayed and made the Forrester Mansion a warm and inviting home.

    Pam had her work cut out for her, as Jackie was a demanding presence in the home and once, when Jackie too brazenly hit on Eric, Pam sent her packing in no uncertain terms. But, shamefully, Pam was falling for Eric herself. Eric asked her to stay in a guest house on the grounds and she accepted.

    After an argument with Stephanie, Pam moved back to Chicago with Ann, but returned when Stephanie was shot. Pam didn’t come back alone, as this time she brought with her a Doberman Pinscher named Tiny. She also had a new mission, which was to win Eric over for herself, but he was having an affair with Donna. She didn’t let that stop her though, as she did everything in her power to get Donna out of Eric’s life. With the help of Tiny, Pam began to terrorize Eric’s new love. She had Tiny tear up one of Donna’s thongs and instructed Tiny to literally chase Donna out of the house. Pam left town again when Ann called because Pam hadn’t been taking her medication, which was needed for her recently revealed bipolar disorder.

    Eric and Stephanie had an anniversary party, which brought Pam and Tiny back to town. Eric admitted to Pam that he was in love with Donna and intended to be with her. Pam stayed in town and began working at Forrester Creations as a receptionist and Eric and Stephanie began divorce proceedings.

    With Eric and Donna now together, Pam began playing pranks on Donna in order to embarrass her out of Eric’s life, so he would return to Stephanie. She did such things as turning her hair green, turning her teeth brown and locking her in a tanning booth. Pam bragged about her tricks to Stephanie, but the elder Douglas told her sister that she should leave Eric and Donna alone, because her relationship with Eric was definitely over. Things escalated however when Donna fed Tiny Pam’s famous lemon bars and Tiny died of a preexisting heart condition.

    Donna and Eric eventually married, but Pam was determined to get Eric and Stephanie back together. She went off her meds and began poisoning Eric in hopes of weakening him to make him realize he was too old for Donna. However, it backfired on her and Eric had a heart attack and landed in a coma. Donna went up to the Big Bear cabin for some alone time, but Pam followed her and tied her up to a chair, poured honey on her and left her to be attacked by a bear. Luckily, Owen found Donna in time, but Pam took off on the run.

    While in hiding, Pam continued to terrorize Donna by hitting her mother with a car and orchestrating Marcus’s cobra attack. She revealed herself to Donna and warned her she would do worse if Donna didn’t stay away from Eric. Fearing for Eric (who had come out of his coma) and her family’s safety, Donna did what Pam instructed and signed divorce papers.

    Owen tipped Stephanie off to her sister’s crazy antics and Stephanie and Eric put a plan in motion to lure Pam out of hiding. It worked, but Pam got so upset she passed out. Once at the hospital, it was revealed that Pam had a large mass on her brain that was probably the cause of her bizarre behavior. After surgery to have it removed, Pam didn’t remember recent events, but apologized upon learning what she had done and begged for forgiveness. Stephanie and Eric convinced Donna not to testify against Pam so Ann could take her back to Chicago where she would receive treatment. Donna reluctantly agreed, but wasn’t buying Pam’s sudden innocent act.

    When Stephen Logan decided to get back at Stephanie Forrester for his wife's death, he used Pam to do it. He convinced her he was in love with her and urged her to shoot her sister. The plan backfired, but Pam forgave Stephen and they eventually became engaged.

    After Stephen ended their engagement, Pam blamed Stephanie for never accepting him and struck back by stealing Forrester designs for Nick and Jackie.




    Stephen Logan Sr.


    John Douglas (father - deceased)
    Ann Douglas (mother)
    Stephanie Douglas Forrester (sister)
    Ridge Forrester (nephew)
    Angela Forrester (niece - deceased)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez (niece)
    Thorne Forrester (nephew)
    Felicia Forrester (niece)
    Alexandria Forrester (great-niece)
    R.J. Forrester (Infant) (great-nephew)
    Dante Damiano (Past) (great-nephew)
    Steffy Forrester (great-niece)
    Thomas Forrester (great-nephew)




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    Monday, April 27 2015: B&B Recap: Spill!

    At Forrester Creations, Wyatt tells Liam and Ivy that the secret they're looking for isn't Rick's, it's Maya's. Pam appears from the back of the room. She says, "Spill! What is the story with Rick and Maya?" They swear her to secrecy and tell her the overheard Maya and Nick discussing a secret. Pam says she did too. They wonder if it's Maya's secret or if Nicole was trying to throw Wyatt off track. Pam theorizes that Maya could be a spy from another fashion house. Liam just hopes Rick is caught in the fallout. Pam exits. They continue to discuss ousting Rick and Wyatt's connection with Nicole. He promises to do more digging and leaves. Ivy thanks Liam for supporting her and fighting the good fight. They kiss. Liam promises Rick's days are numbered. In Rick's office, he cozies up to Maya and talks about her sexy body. She perches on his lap and he goes on about how honest she is compared to his exes. "You're like no other person I've ever met." Rick summons Charlie about an incoming shipment of gems. Pam sticks her head in. Maya goes. Pam blurts that Maya seemed secretive. Rick leaves. Charlie grills Pam, and tells her he can read her like a steamy novel. Pam tells him there's a huge secret, and it's about Maya. She fills him in and he wonders how they'll find out what the secret is. Pam spots Maya's purse. Outside, Nicole spots Carter working out. She admires his abs and still doesn't understand Maya going for Rick over him. Carter wonders if Wyatt would appreciate his girlfriend ogling another man. She is coy but admits they're dating. Carter is stunned to hear he took her on the private jet and pulled out all the stops. Nicole says he told her his family secret. Carter wonders when they were talking about secrets if she told Wyatt about Maya. Nicole says she didn't. Maya appears. "But you were tempted, weren't you?" Nicole says she wouldn't tell him about Maya, though she's sure he'd understand. Maya reiterates that no one else can know. Later, in the studio, Nicole gets Maya upset by saying she and Wyatt joined The Mile High Club. She then laughs - she's just kidding. Nicole turns serious; she's starting to think maybe Maya shouldn't tell Rick her secret after all. In the corridor, Rick stops Wyatt to ask why he didn't return his messages last night. Wyatt says he was on Forrester business and if it pans out, Rick will be the first to know. In Rick's office, Pam tries to convince Charlie it's their duty to check Maya's purse. Charlie suggests the purse could get knocked over and the contents could spill. Pam does it. "You mean like this?" Pam picks up the estrogen pills. Charlie says there's only one reason she'd be taking those. "Maya is transgender."

    Thursday, April 09 2015: B&B Recap: Buttering Up The Boss.

    Maya and Rick make out in his office. Quinn busts in. She presents Rick with his letter opener. Pam grimaces. Ridge arrives. Quinn leaves. Ridge complains about Rick's notes on his designs. Brooke appears and warns him about the tone he's taking with the CEO. Bickering ensues. Brooke lectures Ridge about creating dissension. Ridge says Rick doesn't need help with that. Maya and Brooke boast about his profits. Fed up, Ridge exits. Rick thanks them. "I now have two women fighting for me." They talk about keeping Ridge in line. Rick wants Brooke back full-time to deal with the disgruntled designer. Brooke agrees to return. She takes the opportunity to tell Rick and Maya she's very happy for the two of them. Outside, Wyatt likes Ivy's latest design. She's feeling insecure. Talk turns to her working with Quinn. Ivy wouldn't put it past Quinn to blame her to save herself. Quinn hears. "Talking smack about me already?" Quinn says she gave Rick a gift. Ivy accuses her of buttering up the boss. Quinn makes nice. She tells Ivy they can do great things there if she can get past the bridge fiasco. Ivy wonders what if she can't do that? Quinn muses Rick would have to be told. Quinn looks at Ivy's necklace and approves. Carter joins them as Ivy shares Rick's first rule of designing - always think of Maya's beauty and femininity. Quinn muses that Carter probably has a few interesting tidbits to tell about his ex-fiancee. Carter cryptically says, "As for Maya not being what she seems, who is?" Inside, Pam and Ridge talk about Rick playing the guilt card with Eric, and him falling for it. Ridge doesn't want to do this anymore. Pam pleads with him to hang in there and not let them win. He won't make Rick's changes to his designs. Talk turns to Brooke. Ridge says she's good at what she does, but has lost perspective where her son is concerned. Pam tells Ridge he should be CEO - it will happen; it's what Stephanie would have wanted. They both miss her. Pam goes to Rick's office. He tells her Brooke is back full-time. "Now run and go tell Ridge." In the corridor, Brooke watches Ridge before entering his office. He sighs. "Now what?" Ridge says letting Rick run Forrester is like saying, "Oh there's a dog with his head sticking out the car window. Let's let him drive." He wonders if she's there to prop him up. Talk turns to Maya. Brooke defends her. Ridge wonders when Brooke started drinking the Maya juice. Caroline comes up. Ridge realizes that's why she's here. Brooke asks if this is his mid-life crisis. Ridge says Brooke wants something from him, is expecting something, but he can't give it to her. In Rick's office, he goes on about honesty. He's certain whatever else they learn about each other it will only make their relationship stronger. He loves her for the woman she is.

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