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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Ann Douglas

    Full detailed profile on Ann Douglas Played by Betty White on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Betty White (CBS)
    Ann Douglas

    Actor: Betty White

    Who played Ann Douglas over the years

    Betty White (December 2006 - November 23, 2009)

    Useful information on Ann Douglas

    *Lived in the Chicago area with daughter, Pamela, but moved to LA at son-in-law Eric's request.
    *Widow of wealthy businessman, John Douglas.
    *Ignored and denied husband's abuse of daughter, Stephanie, for decades.
    *Was "disowned" by Stephanie.
    *Reconciled with Stephanie after Thorne's daughter, Allie, reached out to her.


    Current: Retiree
    Past: Unknown


    Ann married a businessman named John Douglas. Together they had two daughters, Pamela and Stephanie. As the girls grew up, Stephanie underwent years of physical abuse from her father and Ann refused to acknowledge it.

    When her daughter moved away, she returned to confront her about the abuse, but Ann continued to deny it. Years later, Stephanie would return to confront her mother again, but she still adamantly refused to accept Stephanie's side of the story. Surprisingly, she and Pamela, who was now her caregiver, suddenly appeared in Los Angeles to apologize. For Stephanie though, it was too late. Eric, wanting his wife to heal, invited Ann back at Christmas and, surrounded by family, began to reconcile. As the two women started to sort out their feelings, Eric got Ann her own condo and put Pamela in the guest house.

    Ann went back to Chicago, but returned to Los Angeles when Pam had brain surgery. It was revealed that Pam had a mass on her brain from childhood that was affecting her behavior, which resulted in her poisoning Eric and tormenting Donna. With the help of Stephanie and Eric, Ann convinced Donna not to testify against Pam for her criminal actions. After Pam’s surgery, Ann took Pam back to Chicago with her where Pam was put in an institution.

    Stephanie and Pam's mother returned to Los Angeles in 2009 to reveal she was dying from cancer. She wanted to see Paradise Cove one last time, but during her visit, she suffered from a pulmonary embolism. She insisted she didn't want to die in a hospital, so Stephanie and Pam took her to the beach where she peacefully slipped away.


    John Douglas (deceased)




    Ridge Forrester (grandson)
    Angela Forrester (granddaughter)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez (granddaughter)
    Thorne Forrester (grandson)
    Felicia Forrester (granddaughter)
    Thomas Forrester (great grandson)
    Steffy Forrester (great granddaughter)
    Phoebe Forrester (great granddaughter)
    R.J. Forrester (great grandson)
    Alexandria Forrester (great granddaughter)
    Zende Forrester Dominiguez (grandson by adoption)
    Dominick Damiano Marone Jr. (great grandson)


    Stephanie Douglas Forrester (daughter)
    Pamela Douglas (daughter)


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    Monday, November 23 2009: You Can Go Now.

    After Ann's pain medication has been adjusted at the hospital, she isn't able to tell the doctor what her wishes are, so Stephanie pleads with Dr. Lewis, as Pam and Taylor stand nearby. Dr. Lewis tells them Ann's diagnosis is terminal, but she doesn’t have to die today. Stephanie wants to make her comfortable at home, but the doctor doesn't think that's possible. She also informs them that Ann previously gave Pam power of attorney over her health care. Stephanie tells Pam their mother is in the hospital because of her and demands that Pam bring her home. Dr. Lewis asks Pam what she wants for her mother. Pam doesn’t think she can watch their mother die and do nothing about it. She gives the doctor permission to treat the embolus and then she and Stephanie debate the issue again. Stephanie tells Pam she finally has power over their mother, something she has always wanted. She snidely asks how it feels and Pam gets upset saying she's only following the doctor's advice and heads to the chapel.

    Stephanie goes to Ann's room and recalls confronting her about her father. Ann wakes up and begs Stephanie to get her out of there, but Stephanie explains what's going on with her and tells her the doctors need to hear her wishes from her. She says Pam can't do it because she is afraid. Stephanie says if they do nothing she will die, probably today. Ann starts to hum much to Stephanie's exasperation. Ann admits she was an awful mother and if there is a Hell, she might not go there if Stephanie forgives her. Stephanie doesn’t want her to go to Hell and she doesn't want her to suffer. She wants her to have one thing in life the way she wants it. Ann tells Stephanie to leave her there to die because it's what she deserves. She adds that her mother wants to see her in red, so Stephanie covers her in her red jacket. Pam walks in and Ann asks her to let her go. Taylor and the doctor enter the room, as Ann closes her eyes. They tell them they can't dissolve the blockage because she is bleeding internally and Pam wonders what they do now. Dr. Lewis tells the sisters she may not regain consciousness and offers, "This isn't paradise, but it's the best we can do."

    Stephanie and Pam take Ann to Paradise Cove and sit with her on the beach in her red jacket. Pam says, "Mom, we're here." Pam asks Stephanie who's going to take care of them now and they joke about being orphans at their age. Pam sadly notes that it all goes by so fast. Ann opens her eyes and says, "Good girls." Pam begs her not to leave them and Ann tells her to sit up straight. Stephanie whispers, "It's okay. You can go," and Ann closes her eyes again. Pam and Stephanie cry and embrace each other.

    Friday, November 20 2009: Don't Let Me Die Here.

    After Ann has trouble getting back to the car at the beach, Pam and Stephanie help her to a bench. Ann says she doesn’t have any more medication, but asks about medical marijuana. Stephanie calls Taylor to see if Ann can stay at the house and if Taylor can take a look at her. Taylor says it's fine and the Douglas women head out, but not before Ann snipes at Pam for forgetting her bag.

    At Taylor's house, the women get an agitated and pained Ann situated in her room and Taylor questions Ann about what medication she was taking. Ann says she's stopped taking everything and Taylor offers to prescribe her top of the line pain meds. Taylor and Stephanie go downstairs where Stephanie tells her friend Ann doesn't want to go to the hospital because she doesn’t want to die there. Taylor says Ann's prognosis isn't good, but assures her they will keep her as comfortable as they possibly can. Stephanie and Taylor then go to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist questions Taylor and Stephanie about the medication she's prescribing.

    Pam stays behind with her mother in the bedroom, who says, "Those fantasies you had about smothering me with a pillow? Now would be the time." Pam polishes Ann's nails, as Ann asks Pam if she found what she was looking for by moving to L.A. Pam says sometimes it's important to just be on your own and Ann recalls she always took care of her and says she wasted her youth by doing so. Pam gets teary as they talk about the past and her father and then Ann screams out in pain. Pam frantically calls Stephanie, but she misses the call, so Pam calls 911. When the EMTs get there, Pam insists Ann doesn't want to go to the hospital, but they have no choice. After the EMTs take Ann away, Pam tortures herself by thinking about her mother demanding she not be taken to the hospital. Stephanie and Taylor return and Stephanie goes upstairs to find a distraught Pam who tells her there is a clot in Ann's lungs so the EMTs took Ann to the hospital. Stephanie goes off on her sister wondering what she's done.

    Taylor, Pam and Stephanie go to the hospital and meet with Dr. Lewis, who tells them they know about her Do Not Resuscitate order, but Ann has a pulmonary embolism which probably has more to do with her age and inactivity, than her cancer. Dr. Lewis wants to resolve things before they send her home because they are much better prepared to take care of Ann there. Pam and Stephanie go in to see their mother and Pam cries knowing she will hate this. Pam doesn't want to let Ann die, but Stephanie says they have to do what their conscience tells them to. Ann wakes up and asks what have they done. She says, "Whatever I did to you, don't let me die here." Stephanie tells Ann the doctors won't release her and Ann cries, "Let me out."

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