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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Stephen Logan Sr.

    Full detailed profile on Stephen Logan Sr. Played by Patrick Duffy on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Duffy (CBS)
    Stephen Logan Sr.

    Actor: Patrick Duffy

    Who played Stephen Logan Sr. over the years

    Patrick Duffy (March 2006 - present)
    Robert Pine (1988; 1994; 1996; 1997)

    Useful information on Stephen Logan Sr.

    * Abandoned his young children to let his wife, Beth, have a shot with her old college lover, Eric Forrester.
    * Brought to LA by Conway Weston, hired by Stephanie who had hopes of keeping Beth away from Eric.
    * Saved daughter Katie from choking at a family BBQ.
    * Reunited with wife Beth and ran away to Paris together.
    * Accepted $5 million payoff from Massimo to get Brooke to come to Paris. Pretended he had a serious heart condition to pull this off.
    * Came back to LA with hopes of facilitating a Ridge & Brooke reunion.
    * Sent back to Paris by Brooke, who was none too pleased with the way he couldn't keep his hands off Taylor and Jackie.
    * Returned to town and was later accused of shooting Stephanie.
    * Lied in order to prevent Storm from taking the rap for almost killing Stephanie.
    * Helped Beth ease back into life in LA.


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Employed in Bill Spencer's publishing company


    While in college, Stephen married Beth Henderson and they had four children. He would leave his young family behind though since he felt that Beth had never been able to get over her college sweetheart, Eric Forrester. Stephanie eventually hired Conway Weston to track him down and bring him back to LA in order to keep Eric away from Beth. Two of his daughters flew to him and begged him for a return, but he was greeted far more coldly by Storm and Brooke. Determined now, he worked hard to regain their trust. Saving the life of Katie at a barbecue helped put him in their good graces. After reconciling with Beth, the couple moved to Paris after he was given a job overseas. Little did they know that the move was orchestrated by Brooke to keep Stephanie from telling Ridge about Eric and Beth's relationship.

    While away, Massimo Marone offered him five million dollars to convince Brooke to move to Paris with he and Beth. Although he initially refused, Massimo upped the offer by threatening to ruin Brooke's life. Accepting the offer now, he convinced Brooke that his heart condition was more severe than it was and this proved to be enough to convince her to move. When the truth was revealed, both Beth and Brooke were angry and disgusted by this betrayal and left him behind.

    He would follow them to LA, but only at Ridge's request. He and Ridge had kept in contact, mostly so that he would have the inside track on his daughter's life. Ridge asked him to return so that she could put their problems behind and then move on...with him. It was this last part that Stephen had problems with, particularly after learning that Ridge had taken advantage of his daughter after an overdose. To Ridge's dismay, he became a champion of Nick and Jackie as well as moving closer to Ridge's ex-wife Taylor. Seems he and Beth had divorced, at least in part because he would forever feel inferior to Eric Forrester.

    When Brooke found out about Stephen's relationships with Taylor and Jackie, she severed her relationship with him and he moved back to Paris.

    Donna requested Stephen return to LA after Brooke was raped. When he learned that Stephanie had unwittingly set the attack in motion, Stephen threatened Stephanie and then went after Eric. However, when Stephen went to see him, he found Donna and Eric in bed together. Even though Stephen had a lot of animosity towards Eric for their past with Beth, Stephen eventually accepted his daughter’s relationship with his nemesis.

    After years of estrangement, Stephen and Storm finally spoke, but it ended with Stephen lashing out at his son for not being their for his sisters. Seeking retribution, Storm shot Stephanie and set Stephen up to take the fall. Stephen discovered what his son did and to make up for driving Storm to such actions, he tried to take the blame so Storm wouldn’t have to. However, Stephen’s daughters eventually told Stephanie the truth and Katie convinced her not to press charges against Stephen and to keep quiet about Storm.

    Later, Storm intentionally shot himself in order to give his heart to an ailing Katie and Stephen was a rock for his daughters. He also was there for Beth and their girls when Beth returned and revealed that she had a series of small strokes and was in the early stages of dementia. Beth received treatment that seemed to help and she and Stephen let go of their bitter past and set out to give their relationship another try.

    Stephen and Beth left town, but returned when Beth's Alzheimer's became too much for him to handle on his own. Eric invited them to move into the mansion, but after a confused argument with Stephanie, Beth fell in the poll and drowned.

    Stephen wound up in jail after using Pam to try to extract his revenge on Stephanie, whom he blamed for Beth's death. Pam stood by him, and after his release they traveled together. Stephen recently announced his engagement to Pam.


    Beth Logan (divorced)


    Pam Douglas (engaged)
    Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester
    Jacqueline Payne Marone


    Helen Logan (mother)


    Storm Logan Jr. (son)
    Brooke Logan Forrester Marone (daughter)
    Donna Logan (daughter)
    Katie Logan(daughter)
    Rick Forrester (grandson)
    Bridget Forrester (granddaughter)
    Marcus Walton (grandson)
    Hope Logan (granddaughter)
    R.J. Forrester (grandson)
    Jack Hamilton Marone (grandson)
    Eric Forrester III (great-grandson - stillborn)
    Nicole Marone (great-granddaughter - stillborn)



    Friday, October 21 2011: You Married The Wrong Woman.

    At home, Stephanie shares the good news about her tumors with Pam. Pam says Eric must be thrilled. Stephanie says he is, but has an agenda. He wants things she's not sure she can give him anymore. Stephen arrives. He kisses Pam and excitedly tells her he's booked their honeymoon. They kiss some more and he leaves. Stephanie comments on their nice physical connection, and says she can't give that to Eric anymore - she has no interest.

    Tuesday, July 26 2011: Fresh Start?

    In their living room, Bill looks at Katie and says they need to promise that no matter what happens, they will always love each other. He says she's the woman who taught him how to open his heart to someone else. He says he can't imagine his life without her compassion, friendship, and advice. Bill says he loves her, and will always be honest even when it's difficult. He tells her no matter what happens in the future, he will always love her. Katie talks about what they have being unique and special - worth fighting for. She says Brooke and Ridge inspired her to show Bill how important he is to her. Katie tells Bill that before him, she was living half a life, but he showed her how to use her whole heart. Bill looks guilty as she says they can overcome anything together, and that this is a renewal; a fresh start. The reverend pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss.

    Outside after the vow renewal, Hope senses something is bothering Liam. He tells her he just appreciates what they have. Inside, Bill thanks Karen for coming, and Katie says goodbye to Donna, Justin, and the other guests. Katie kisses Bill and is happy to have him all to herself. Bill confronts her about springing the renewal on him. Taken aback, she whispers that she thought it would be romantic. He accuses her of conducting the marriage as though he's not in it. He tells her he meant what he said tonight which makes it harder to think about life without her. She thinks he's worried about her heart giving out. Katie suggests he go out and come back in again - she'll be waiting for him in bed. Once alone, Bill pours a large drink and downs it.

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