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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Kristen Forrester Dominguez

    Full detailed profile on Kristen Forrester Dominguez Played by Tracy Melchior on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracy Melchior (CBS)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez

    Actor: Tracy Melchior

    Who played Kristen Forrester Dominguez over the years

    Tracy Melchior (June 2001 - May 9, 2008)
    Teri Ann Linn (1987-1990, 1992, 1994)

    Useful information on Kristen Forrester Dominguez

    * Married to Antonio Dominguez


    Current: 6% Owner of Forrester Creations
    Past: Freelance Fashion Designer in New York
    Past: Designer at Forrester Creations


    Kristen always had a distant relationship with her mother and, despite closeness with her father, spent most of her time working as a freelance designer in New York. When she returned to the family fold, Stephanie hired Clarke Garrison to seduce her and the two eventually married. Things were not to last however. Clarke soon found out that he'd gotten Margo Lynley pregnant and Margo brought in photographer Mick Savage to help her break up the marriage. The plan worked and Kristen left town with Mick. When she would return, almost a decade later, her father tried to keep her there for good.

    Eric assigned her to recruit Antonio Dominguez, expecting a romance to crop up between them, and his expectations proved correct. The new couple faced numerous barriers early on though, first from Antonio's jealous ex, Sofia, and later when he discovered that a friend had died of AIDS. While he researched her death, he came to learn that he was HIV positive but kept this from Kristen for a long time. It finally came out when Kristen discovered that Taylor had been counseling him. Kristen tested negative to HIV, but continued the relationship, desiring to fulfill their needs for one another. Although he was hesitant, her love and devotion to him were unswerving and she finally proposed to him. Coming clean about everything after the engagement, the Forrester family resisted the couple for a time until Eric agreed to be Antonio's best man.

    After the ceremony, the happy couple went to Africa for their honeymoon. It was there that they encountered Zende, an orphan of the AIDS epidemic. They adopted him and brought him back to LA with them before the new family moved on to Florida.


    Clarke Garrison (divorced)


    Mick Savage
    Storm Logan Jr.


    Eric Forrester (father)
    Stephanie Douglas Forrester (mother)
    Thorne Forrester (brother)
    Angela Forrester (sister)
    Felicia Forrester (sister)
    Eric Forrester Jr. (paternal half-brother)
    Bridget Forrester (paternal half-sister)
    Ridge Forrester (maternal half-brother)
    John Douglas (grandfather - deceased)
    Ann Douglas(grandmother)
    Alexandria Forrester (niece)
    Dominick Damiano Marone Jr. (nephew)
    Eric Forrester III (paternal half-nephew - deceased)
    Nicole Marone (paternal half-niece - deceased)
    Thomas Forrester (maternal half-nephew)
    Stephanie Forrester (maternal half-niece)
    Phoebe Forrester (maternal half-niece)
    R.J. Forrester (maternal half-nephew)
    John Forrester (paternal uncle)
    Pamela Douglas(maternal aunt)
    Jessica Forrester (paternal cousin)


    Zende Forrester Dominiguez (son with Antonio by adoption)


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    Tuesday, December 24 2013: B&B Recap: She's With Us.

    At the Forrester mansion, Eric toasts Stephanie's portrait as Ridge enters the room. Eric says they're both very grateful he's come home where he belongs. In the kitchen, Pam carols as she bakes. Eric appears for a taste test. Pam tells him she saw the bluebird outside. "She's here, Eric. She's with us." Meanwhile, Thorne hugs Ridge as Felicia and Kristen come through the door. Eric regards his children with a smile. Ridge and Thorne tell Felicia that R.J. arrived last night - it's a surprise for Logan. Pam appears and Eric says she has a new man in her life. Ally and Tony enter. There's a knock. Ridge opens the door to Brooke. He kisses her. She says she has gifts in the car. Ridge wants her to open his gift first. R.J. appears. Brooke gasps and hugs her son.

    Caroline and Rick enter the Forrester mansion and Rick pretends not to recognize R.J. Pam calls Felicia and Kristen into the kitchen. Ridge lets R.J. tell Brooke that he'll be going to a school near home. In the kitchen, the Forrester sisters soothe Pam, who is missing Stephanie. In the living room, Ridge congratulates Caroline and Rick while Ally asks Brooke about Hope. Brooke says she will be fine. Eric appears with his eggnog and everyone gathers around to have a glass. Eric speaks about missing Stephanie and making memories, and after, everyone gathers around the piano to sing. Tony puts the topper on the tree and everyone cheers as the tree lights are turned on. Eric tells Ridge whatever happens with Brooke, he's not leaving L.A. again. They agree they need each other. Felicia and Tony decide everyone should say what Christmas means to them in five words or less. Each person takes a turn, and then Eric plays the piano again while the family sings.

    Wednesday, December 26 2012: I'll Be Home For Christmas.

    At the Forrester house, Kristen, Tony, and Felicia have returned to join Rick, Caroline, Brooke, Thorne, and Pam for Christmas. Pam rushes in, excited that she just saw the bluebird - it was Stephanie! She said she's return as a bluebird! They all say they believe her. Marcus and Dayzee arrive with Donna. Pam tells them that Eric isn't going to be with them tonight - he wanted to be alone. Rick thinks it's a bad idea. Thorne asks, "Where is he?" Pam refuses to say, so Thorne starts throwing her lemon bars against the wall. Pam breaks.

    Eric arrives at a venue wearing a suit and enters a private area. Eric pours two martinis from a shaker, picks one up, and intones, "Merry Christmas, my love." Celtic Woman takes the stage below and Eric turns to watch them perform "I'll Be Home For Christmas" while remembering happy times with Stephanie. All those who had gathered at the Forrester mansion file in behind him. Eric realizes they're there. Felicia kisses him, Pam asks him not to hate her, and Brooke says they didn't want him to be alone. He says he wasn't. Felicia tells him they miss her. "Don't make us miss you too." Eric says they all got there just in time. A tear runs down his cheek. They all sing along to "White Christmas." Eric gives Pam a hug.

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