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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Shane McGrath

    Full detailed profile on Shane McGrath Played by Dax Griffin on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dax Griffin (CBS)
    Shane McGrath

    Actor: Dax Griffin

    Who played Shane McGrath over the years

    Dax Griffin (September 12, 2006 - May 7, 2007)

    Useful information on Shane McGrath

    * Lives in a basement suite in Los Angeles.
    * Died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while struggling with Ridge.


    Past: Assistant office manager
    Past: Former gardener


    Shane came to LA with dreams of an acting career. Things didn't go as planned and he soon found himself homeless. This situation put him in a position to witness Darla's accidental death. He kept this to himself and, when he got work as a landscaper in Taylor's yard, he planned to blackmail the family with the information. That changed when he met Phoebe and an accident incapacitated him from working. The Forresters paid all of his medical bills and invited him in, treating him well. This was enough to dissuade him from pursuing his blackmail scheme and, when the truth came out of Taylor's involvement, he spoke out in her favor. Although he pursued a relationship with young Phoebe, the family barred him from seeing her and her attentions shifted soon elsewhere as he drifted out of the picture.

    Shane became obsessed with Phoebe and in an attempt to land a client for his recycling company so they could have a future together, tried to hit Forrester up for support After they threw him out of the building, Shane came back looking for Phoebe, but ran into Ridge instead, who tired to call the cops. Shane stopped him by pulling out a gun. Ridge tried to wrestle it away from, but it went off and killed Shane. Ridge took Shane's body on Nick's boat, went out to sea and threw him overboard along with the gun.




    Phoebe Forrester (flirtation)


    Unknown - adopted




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    Friday, April 27 2007: Swimmers & Floaters.

    Today's episode ends with a foggy image of Shane's body that has floated to the surface of the water.

    Friday, April 20 2007: Shane Finally Makes a Splash.

    Shane and Ridge are sliding together to the floor staring into each other's eyes. Shane slowly stands up and Ridge looks up at him in shock. Then, Shane tumbles to the ground exposing a bullet wound to the abdomen. Ridge picks up the gun in horror.

    Inside Nick's boat, Ridge reaches for an old coffee can and finds the boat's ignition key. He fires up the engine and takes off. Once out at sea, Ridge unzips the bag and looks at Shane's cold dead eyes. She shudders as he zips it again, only this time some of Shane's hair gets stuck for a minute in the zipper. Ridge drags the bag out to the bow of the boat and wraps it up in chains. Then he secures it to an anchor and tosses it overboard, along with the gun. As the body sinks, Ridge pants from exertion.

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