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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Harry Jackson

    Full detailed profile on Harry Jackson Played by Ben Hogestyn on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ben Hogestyn (CBS)
    Harry Jackson

    Actor: Ben Hogestyn

    Who played Harry Jackson over the years

    Ben Hogestyn (August 28, 2006 - November 20, 2006)

    Useful information on Harry Jackson

    * Tried to keep Phoebe away from Shane.


    Past: Landscaper
    Past: Traveled the world on a Marone freighter


    Harry arrived in town after traveling the world aboard one of the Marone freighters. His sojourn at sea followed the death of his father on a tanker. It was during this time that he met, and befriended, Nick Marone, with whom he met up with again after drifting around doing odd jobs.

    Arriving in LA in 2006, Harry served as Nick's principal confidante after learning that Nick had slept with his ex-wife and current step-daughter Bridget Forrester. While he tried to help his friend navigate the chaos of all Forrester-related relationships, he developed his own feelings for one of the younger members of the family: Phoebe. He became her protector, even attacking Shane McGrath on occasion when he suspected him of attempting to rape her. Following this, he stayed by her side while her mother, Taylor, went on trial for Darla's vehicular homicide. After helping her to its finish, he disappeared from the show.




    Phoebe Forrester (flirted)







    Thursday, November 16 2006: Disaster

    Alarmed at how Harry and Hector have just beaten Shane, Phoebe tells them that they shouldn't have treated him that way, because now he won't testify. Hector tells Phoebe that Shane has to testify, because he was subpoenaed. Harry and Hector have called the police, and plan on filing charges against Shane.

    Detective Baker shows up and Harry tells him that Shane attacked him and Phoebe. Phoebe tells the detective that she isn't going to press charges but says, “we need to find Shane today. Mom's freedom depends on it!”

    Lt. Baker shows up Shane's house. He knocks on the door, and when nobody answers, he tells his men to knock the door down. The men go inside and look for Shane.

    Outside Phoebe remarks to Harry that she hopes Shane hasn't already left town. Baker comes outside and tells them that he's gone. As they talk, Baker receives a phone call from a man who claims he has Shane at a convenience store nearby. The voice of the man on the phone however is Shane's. Baker leaves to go to the convenience store, leaving Harry and Phoebe outside his apartment. As the camera pans out, we see Shane is sitting on top of his building.

    Baker tells Harry and Phoebe he needs someone to identify Shane. Harry insists on going, and leaves Phoebe along in Shane's apartment. After they leave, Shane comes in the apartment, closing the door. Shane tells her that all he ever wanted to do for her was help her. He thought everything would change, but all she ever saw him was, was a homeless man. Shane tells her that he would have made her happy. Shane tells her that all he wanted was her, but now he is leaving. Phoebe tells him that she needs him, and he responds, “Not the way I want you to, all I ever wanted was to love you”. Shane leaves, as a tearful Phoebe yells for him to stop.

    Wednesday, November 15 2006: Celebrating

    At home Ridge, Phoebe, and Harry discuss the trial. Ridge tells Phoebe to stay away from Shane, his interest in her in entirely inappropriate, and he wants him to stay away from her. Ridge tells her to stay with hector and Harry and not to answer he phone or the door. Shane is going over his testimony with Storm, and will be at it all night.

    By the pool, Harry tells Phoebe he is going to hide in the bushes. Phoebe begs him to go upstairs, but Harry refuses. When Shane pulls up, Harry rushes to hide in the bushes beside the pool. Shane comes by the pool with a bouquet of roses for Phoebe, he kisses her, and tells her that tonight is going to be a great night.

    When Phoebe pushes Shane away he accuses her of using him for his testimony. When she tells him that is not the case, he pressures hr to admit she is using him. Bothered by his attitude Harry comes out of the bushes and punches Shane, making him fall to the ground.
    Shane gets up from the ground and tells her that he thought this was their night. When Shane gets up Harry tells him that “phoebe would never be interested in a dirtball like you”. Harry and Shane fight, and Shane knocks Harry out. Phoebe and Shane continue to yell at one another causing Hector to come out of the house with a baseball bat. He swings the bat, hitting someone, and there is silence. Hector yells out “Phoebe!”.

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