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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dante Damiano - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dante Damiano Played by Antonio Sabato Jr. on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Antonio Sabato Jr. (CBS)

    Birthday: 1972-02-29
    Birthplace: Rome, Italy
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Antonio Sabato Jr.
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Court is in Session

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    Bridget knocks on Dante's door and tearfully tells him there is something she needs to tell him. Bridget tells him that she was bleeding this morning, so she went to get checked, and the doctor couldn't find a heart beat. “I lost the baby” Dante embraces Bridget, consoling her grief. Later, Dante asks her what happened, and she tells him “sometimes these things just happen”. Bridget tells him that maybe it's good it happened under the circumstances and “don't think for one second we didn't want this baby because we did, I did”. Dante tells her not to give up, that lots of women have miscarriages, and go on to have families.

    I Choose...

    Friday, October 27 2006

    At Taylor's house, Shane, Harry, Thomas, Eric, Dante and Felicia await Phoebe with a surprise party. As they all scream Happy Birthday, Shane goes to Phoebe, kisses her, wishes her happy birthday. Eric gets a call about Jackie, tells everyone that it's serious. Everyone rushes out…

    A Solution

    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Felicia asks Bridget if she's having Dante's child, and Bridget says yes. Felicia is furious, hurt that Eric is there to stand by Bridget. Bridget pleads with her, says none of this was intentional, that nothing has to change, that Felicia and Dante can still be together. Felicia looks to Dante, tells Bridget that she's not threatened by her, says that she knows Dante loves her. Dante tells Bridget that although there was a time that he wanted to have a family with her, what they had is now over, that he loves Felicia. He makes sure she knows that he will always be there for their child, but Felicia is now his life. Bridget agrees, knows that he belongs with her sister. Dante promises Felicia that he loves her, that she'll always have him. They all seem to come to a mutual understanding, then Felicia and Dante leave.

    Please, One More Chance

    Tuesday, October 24 2006

    Bridget tells Eric that she's going to tell Dante and Felicia about the baby over dinner. Eric is concerned about how Felicia will feel, but Bridget says she can handle her. She wants to raise the baby alone, wants nothing to change between Dante and Felicia, but Eric says that they'll never let her do that. Dante and Felicia arrive. Felicia says how happy she is for Bridget, asks if Bridget told Brooke about the baby. Bridget says she doesn't know how things stand between her mother and Nick. Felicia says that no matter how she got pregnant, everyone needs to support Bridget. Bridget declares that there's something she needs to explain… She thanks Dante and Felicia for being there for her, says that she's further along than she thought. Dante asks how much further along, and Bridget blurts out that the baby is Dante's!

    Much Needed Representation

    Wednesday, October 18 2006

    Eric, Felicia, Jackie, Sally and Dante read the newspaper headlines about Taylor. They worry about Thorne, but can't reach him. As they all wonder how Taylor could keep such a secret, Phoebe walks in, says they all deserve the truth… They all want answers, want to be able to understand how Phoebe could've kept the secret, too. Phoebe tells them what happened, said that there was nothing Taylor could do, that it wasn't Taylor's fault.

    The Truth Is Out

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    Dante notices that something is bothering Felicia. Although she doesn't want to break Bridget's confidence, Felicia tells Dante that Bridget is pregnant. Immediately Dante thinks he's the father. Felicia assures him he's not, that it's Nick's. Felicia explains the whole ordeal to Dante. Felicia thinks the whole family will be better off because of this.


    Tuesday, September 12 2006

    Felicia questions Dante about their relationship, how long it'll last. Dante surprises Felicia with a marriage proposal.

    Felicia Stirs the Pot

    Monday, August 21 2006

    Felicia has flashbacks of her conversation with Bridget when she tells her that she has probably been in love with Nick since the first time that she kissed him. When Dante enters the room with Dino, Felicia tells him that she feels guilty...¦concerning Bridget. She tells him why Bridget really let Nick go. Felicia tells Dante how dysfunctional things are right now concerning Brooke, Nick, Ridge, Bridget and Donna. She fears that Ridge and Bridget might not get a happy ending unless somebody says something. Dante begs her to please not get involved. She quickly makes up an excuse and leaves. Bridget stops by to give Dante and Felicia a house warming gift. Bridget is concerned that Felicia will tell someone what she told her in confidence about her feelings for Nick. Dante tells Bridget that Felicia only wants to help her, and that she may use the information to stir the pot a little. Bridget says that she is not going to interfere with her Mother and Nick.

    Fashion or Oil and Shipping

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Felicia and Dante talk about all that has happened and he apologizes to Felicia for all of the hurt. Bridget walks in the room and says that it was all her fault. She wishes Dante and Felicia happiness and says that Dante is where he belongs. When Dante leaves, Felicia and Bridget continue to discuss everything. Felicia confesses to switching out Bridget's sunscreen with baby oil, and then switching out her prescription lotion with topical botox. Bridges admits that she probably deserves that and more. Felicia congratulates Bridget on her graduation and gives her a gift. Felicia then suggests that all of the things that Bridget has done lately have been because of Nick. Bridget agrees that she does still love Nick and that she had hoped that once he saw the roller coaster that was Brooke's life, he would come running back to her. Bridget says that if Brooke is still in love with Ridge, that she should run back to him now...¦before anyone else gets hurt.

    Some Secrets Aren't Meant to be Kept

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Felicia and Dante frantically search for baby Dominick. Dante mentions that there was an electrician and a delivery man on the grounds earlier. Felicia realizes that her PDA was in the bag taken along with the baby. While Felicia notifies the police, Dante searches on the laptop for a signal from the PDA. When the signal is found, the two of them rush off to the car. While in pursuit of the baby, Felicia breaks down emotionally when she realizes that the signal has stopped at the airport. Felicia and Dante find Dominick on the company jet with Eric. It was all a misunderstanding. Eric takes the baby and leaves Felicia and Dante alone. Dante vows to never let either one of them out of his sight again. He tells her that he believes that she is in his life for a reason and that he cannot live with her. They embrace in a passionate kiss.

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