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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dante Damiano

    Full detailed profile on Dante Damiano Played by Antonio Sabato Jr. on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Antonio Sabato Jr. (CBS)
    Dante Damiano

    Actor: Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Who played Dante Damiano over the years

    Antonio Sabato Jr (June 16, 2005 - November 20, 2006)

    Useful information on Dante Damiano

    * Dante di Napoli and Dante DiAmore were the names the character received before he actually appeared on screen.


    Current: Artist


    The mysterious Dante first appeared when Taylor announced her return to the land of the living. His presence was a source of intense disturbance for her. Although he quickly displayed his familiarity with her family, she continued to keep him at a distance. It eventually came out that he was crucial in helping her in her escape from Prince Omar's palace and securing her return to Los Angeles.

    Although he was still not welcomed into homes about town, he delayed his departure when he found Bridget. The two had an affair in Paris the previous year and, while they remained close, she still married Nick, who Dante could see was plainly in love with her mother Brooke. Nevertheless, he remained available to her. Soon, he was confronted with a different problem. Felecia, with whom he's had a fling in France, returned to LA and brought along a son named Dominick. Fascinated by the boy, Dante soon discovered that he was actually his own son. When Felicia later 'died' of cancer, Dante and Bridget were named the guardians to the boy.

    He and Bridget grew closer, but this was complicated by Felecia's reappearance from her supposed death. The three soon began a battle over guardianship and Stephanie threatened to have Dante deported to Italy. Bridget decided against pursuing a relationship with Dante and they split up, leading him to attempt a reconciliation with Felecia. Ironically, Bridget soon discovered that she was pregnant by Dante, but by now it was over between them and he remained with Felicia. They helped Bridget through her miscarriage and he returned to Italy.




    Felicia Forrester (one-night in France)
    Bridget Forrester (lovers)
    Felicia Forrester (lovers)


    Aldo Damiano (father)
    Filomena Damiano (mother)
    Luigi Damiano (uncle)
    Carlos Damiano (cousin)
    Anabella Damiano (cousin)


    Dominick Damiano (son with Felicia)
    Unnamed (with Bridget - miscarried)



    Tuesday, November 14 2006: Court is in Session

    Bridget knocks on Dante's door and tearfully tells him there is something she needs to tell him. Bridget tells him that she was bleeding this morning, so she went to get checked, and the doctor couldn't find a heart beat. “I lost the baby” Dante embraces Bridget, consoling her grief. Later, Dante asks her what happened, and she tells him “sometimes these things just happen”. Bridget tells him that maybe it's good it happened under the circumstances and “don't think for one second we didn't want this baby because we did, I did”. Dante tells her not to give up, that lots of women have miscarriages, and go on to have families.

    Friday, October 27 2006: I Choose...

    At Taylor's house, Shane, Harry, Thomas, Eric, Dante and Felicia await Phoebe with a surprise party. As they all scream Happy Birthday, Shane goes to Phoebe, kisses her, wishes her happy birthday. Eric gets a call about Jackie, tells everyone that it's serious. Everyone rushes out…

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