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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Hope Logan (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hope Logan (past) Played by Amanda and Rachel Pace on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Amanda and Rachel Pace (CBS)

    Birthday: 2000-10-06
    Real Name: Amanda and Rachel Pace


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    B&B Recap: Lies Of Omission.

    Friday, March 13 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Rick muses about how much paperwork it takes to end a marriage. Carter asks, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Rick changes the subject to business. Carter thinks he's burying himself in the work. Rick pours scotch and toasts with Carter to him and Caroline finding more happiness apart than when they were together. He doesn't regret the marriage. Carter doubts she does either. Rick admits they both made mistakes. Carter still can't believe he's ready to throw it all away. Rick thinks he wasn't the right person for Caroline, otherwise she wouldn't have betrayed him. He knows it's different with Maya. In another office, Ridge complains to Eric that the whole team brought in the profits, not just Rick. Eric says Rick gets the credit because he makes the tough decisions as CEO - they all need to remember that. Ivy says the figures are impressive but complains about Rick's bedside manner. Eric says that will come and with Rick and Maya at the helm he can see the numbers climbing higher. Oliver tells Eric he's waiting for Maya to arrive for a shoot. Eric supposes she's giving Rick privacy due to his divorce meeting. He tells the others to be respectful of that and exits. Ivy asks if anyone else feels like gagging. They worry he'll be the CEO forever. Pam says they all feel it should be Ridge. Ridge laments that no matter how much Rick lies or acts out, Dad trusts him more. They feel like they're living in a monarchy. Ridge doesn't think it will change anytime soon. In his office, Rick thinks about Caroline.

    To The Logan Girls.

    Friday, June 28 2013

    Katie welcomes Marcus and Dayzee to the party. Hope and Brooke arrive. Brooke eyeballs Bill. Rick and Maya chat with Marcus and Dayzee. Liam arrives and talks to Hope, who doesn't mention Wyatt when asked about Big Bear. Eric and Donna talk about the parties they had. She offers herself up as company if Taylor doesn't show. Bill moseys over to Brooke. They whisper about protecting Katie. Taylor appears. She tells Brooke there's something she'd like to say to her and it's not 'Happy Birthday'. Donna calls for a toast to Brooke and the Logan girls. Hope makes a heartfelt speech to her mom. Taylor and Eric go to the terrace. She tells him she knows about Brooke's pregnancy. Eric wants her to keep quiet. Taylor complains Brooke's a walking lie - Katie's in there treating her like she's some kind of saint! Eric tells her to calm down. Inside, Katie delivers her speech and asks if anyone else would like to say something. Taylor says all these toasts to Brooke are wonderful, but none of them are true. Eric, Katie, and Bill try to intervene, but Taylor asks Brooke, "Do you want to tell your ugly secret or should I?"

    The Spencer Way!

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    At Forrester, Stephanie remarks on how Hope is unlike Brooke. Taylor and Steffy weigh in, as does Ridge. Thomas says Brooke is Brooke, it doesn't make her evil! He points out that they've all made mistakes - he doesn't see why they all can't get along! Thomas adds that Hope and Brooke have done great things for the company. Steffy calls him naive, but he says they belong there. Stephanie refuses to be understanding and forgiving of Brooke. Ridge regards his son with interest. Steffy speaks up, and Thomas calls them 'the one-two punch'. He then argues on behalf of Stephen, which upsets Stephanie. Ridge takes Thomas's side, and Steffy hollers about family loyalty. Thomas says they should be loyal to Ridge's wife and father-in-law, and leaves as Brooke and Hope arrive. Ridge applauds Thomas's words and says he's going to be a true leader. Steffy and Stephanie sniff at the idea. Ridge tells Steffy and Stephanie they need to move on, adding that Brooke will be coming back to the company one day and there's nothing they can do about it!

    Bridget Needs to Know.

    Wednesday, February 03 2010

    Hope is taken to the hospital, where the doctor tells Ridge and Brooke the drugs she ingested could stay in her system for up to seven hours, but they will monitor her closely. Brooke cries and prays Hope didn't go through what she did.

    Graham Darros.

    Friday, January 15 2010

    In Katie's office, Steffy presents her new idea to Katie, Brooke and Donna. She's calling it Hollywood Glamour: The Afterparty. Hope comes in and Katie urges Steffy to continue. Brooke and Donna are impressed, but Katie doesn’t see how this differs from what they just put out. She thinks people will see it as a retread and Brooke agrees. Steffy insists it will be different and calls in Graham, who enters along with Taylor. Brooke and Donna have heard of the photographer and he's excited to get involved in the campaign which will target the youth market. He says he'll wait outside for their decision and leaves the office. Steffy says this will turn into profits, which Katie's husband will love. Katie surprises Steffy by calling on Hope to present her idea. Hope says her generation wants to make a statement and calls the new campaign "Hope For the Future." Steffy thinks she's naming the line after herself, but Hope says it's really a statement defining her generation. Katie loves it and cuts Hope off before she can say it was Katie's idea. Katie calls it a breath of fresh air and they will cancel the Glamour campaign. Taylor wonders where the hook is and what the clothes will be made of. Brooke says her husband will come up with the designs and Katie says Steffy will work closely with Hope to market the concept. Steffy wonders if it's really a good idea or if something else is going on.

    Hope For the Future.

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Hope walks in Ridge's office, as he, Brooke, Steffy and Taylor debate Hope's presence at FC, and realizes Ridge is caught in the middle. She appeals to Steffy to not see her as a threat and hopes they can work together and one day be the future of Forrester Creations. Steffy backs down and is okay with Hope working there. She asks her father to promise not to lose what they share though. Ridge says nothing will compromise how much he loves her. Privately Steffy tells Ridge she wishes they could get the company back and muses if something were to happen between Katie and Bill, Katie might be forced to leave her position. Ridge can't imagine what that might be, as Steffy looks guilty. After Hope has left, Brooke thanks Steffy for what she's doing, but Steffy makes it clear she's not doing it for the company, as long as someone else is running it. Taylor interjects and she, Steffy and Brooke get into it again about Katie running the company. Brooke is grateful for what Steffy did today, but is concerned about the growing rift between her and the rest of her family. She says, "It's almost as if…" and stops short of saying anything else. She says Katie is not the enemy and has supported the family and Steffy. She will continue to do so if she is loyal.

    Donna comes to Katie's office and is filled in about Steffy kissing Bill and that Katie just walked in on her stroking Bill's cheek. Katie isn't a fool and knows exactly what a girl like that is capable of. Donna knows Bill is devoted to Katie, but thinks Bill should have put a stop to what Steffy's been doing. Katie says Steffy is persistent, but she will put a stop to her inappropriate behavior. Katie thinks they can all work together but it would be easier if Steffy didn’t work there. She vows to deal with her because her marriage is too important. Hope walks in and tells her aunts she and Steffy worked things out. Hope assumes she'll be starting in the mailroom, but Katie tells her to come up with a new approach for a campaign since Bill wants to go after the youth demographic. Katie says young people like herself are their "Hope for the Future" and wonders if she has a few photos to build a presentation around. Donna curiously looks on, as Katie wants to bounce a few ideas around. Hope wonders if Katie really thinks she can do this. Katie knows she can – in fact she's counting on it. After Hope leaves, Donna says "Hope for the Future" is catchy and Katie credits Hope for coming up with it. Donna thinks Steffy won't be thrilled with this, but Katie says Hope has every right to be there and as CEO she has to move the company forward. Actions have consequences and she wants Steffy out of the company and out of her life.

    Basketball Shoes and a Ring!

    Wednesday, December 24 2008

    Everyone in the Forrester living room looks up at Phoebe's star on top of the tree. Taylor says this is where she belongs - where else would she be? Brooke and Taylor speak to Hope, explaining how they will remember Phoebe in their hearts. Taylor says enough crying - Phoebe loved to make popcorn and bake cookies, so that's what they'll do. Taylor says the holiday traditions are what bond them all and will get her through this. They all gather around to pop corn around the fire. Thorne hangs back and watches Eric interact with the children. Stephanie comes over to him and notes that Eric is the biggest kid in the room. Thorne tells his mother that Eric loves her - no matter what happens. Ridge stands to make a speech before they eat. He says he sees Phoebe, and the memory of others they have lost, all around there, and that he's grateful for all of the family gathered there. This time it's Rick who hangs back awkwardly.

    Inside the Forrester house, Bridget finishes reading to the kids and Taylor brings out the stockings for the children to hang. Brooke catches Rick's eye and he smiles briefly at her. Steffy is melancholy as she hangs her stocking up. Taylor takes out Phoebe's stocking - the last one in the box - and Ridge embraces her as she grimaces in pain. She puts it back in and Ridge holds her again.

    Inside, Taylor thanks Stephanie for being her rock. They embrace. Taylor turns and says she thanks God for this whole family. She says this is what Phoebe would want - for them to be celebrating their family. She says for the first time since she lost Phoebe, she's feeling joy instead of pain. "Merry Christmas to all of you." With that, Eric heads back to the piano and they all join in a rousing rendition of "Joy To the World!"

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