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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - R.J. Forrester (infant)

    Full detailed profile on R.J. Forrester (infant) Played by Trevor and Preston Shores on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shores Twins (Starbux /
    R.J. Forrester (infant)

    Actor: Trevor and Preston Shores

    Who played R.J. Forrester (infant) over the years

    Alyssa, Madison and Rachel Miller (June 2004)
    Dylan and Jordan Sprague (June 2004 - August 2004)
    Lucas and Jacob Manos (August 2004 - fall 2006)
    Jeramiah and Reese Evans (December 2005)
    Trevor and Preston Shores (October 2006)
    Ridge Perkett (June 2007)

    Useful information on R.J. Forrester (infant)

    * Was nicknamed R.J. by his half-brother Thomas.
    * Lives at the Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place).
    * Born on June 22, 2004.


    RJ was the first child who Brooke successfully had with Ridge. At the time of his conception and leading up to his birth however, he was presumed to be the son of Nick Marone. This was because Brooke had slept with both Nick and Ridge around the time of conception. An initial paternity test proved that Nick was the father, a fact which prompted Brooke to annul her marriage to Ridge and become engaged to Nick. However, on their wedding day, Nick was arrested by the FBI, leaving Brooke open to Ridge's pleas for another chance. She succumbed. When the reunited couple tried to consummate their newly reborn relationship, she went into labor and gave birth. Nick later tracked them down to tell them that Ridge was the true father, an allegation which another paternity test proved to be true.






    Ridge Forrester (father)
    Brooke Logan Forrester Marone (mother)
    Thomas Forrester (half-brother)
    Stephanie Forrester (half-sister)
    Phoebe Forrester (half-sister)
    Eric Forrester Jr. (half-brother)
    Bridget Forrester (half-sister)
    Hope Logan (half-sister)
    Eric Forrester III (half-nephew - deceased)
    Massimo Marone (Past) (grandfather)
    Stephanie Douglas Forrester (grandmother)
    Stephen Logan Sr. (grandfather)
    Elizabeth Henderson (grandmother)
    Massimo Marone III (great-grandfather)
    Massimo Marone II (great-great-grandfather)
    Massimo Marone I (great-great-great-grandfather)
    John Douglas (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Ann Douglas (great-grandmother)
    Helen Logan (great-grandmother)
    Storm Logan Jr. (uncle)
    Donna Logan (aunt)
    Katie Logan (aunt)
    Dominick Marone (half-uncle)
    Diana Carter (half-aunt)
    Thorne Forrester (half-uncle)
    Angela Forrester (half-aunt)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez(half-aunt)
    Felicia Forrester(half-aunt)
    Alexandria Forrester (half-cousin)
    Zende Forrester Dominguez (half-cousin by adoption)
    Dominick Damiano Marone Jr. (half-cousin)
    Nicole Marone (half-cousin - deceased)




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    Wednesday, October 08 2008: Help Me Help You.

    Donna tells the kids to run upstairs and brush their teeth for bed. The kids do as they're told and once Donna is alone again, Pam returns. Donna continues to try and ‘help’ Pam, but Pam laughs and thinks she just wants to see her dead. Donna says she just doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt, especially the children. Pam makes references to how cute Hope is and Donna tells her that Stephanie would be horrified if she did anything to the kids. Pam says if Donna tells Eric to go back to Stephanie, everyone will be safe. Pam instructs Donna to tell Eric she wants to be with Owen, but Donna doesn't think she can be that convincing. Pam urges Donna to give the performance of a lifetime so that she can fulfill her purpose on this earth, which is to reunite Eric and Stephanie. Pam recounts watching her father abuse Stephanie when they were kids and regrets that she couldn’t do anything to help her sister, but notes that Stephanie saved her from similar abuse. The doorbell rings and Pam warns Donna about saying anything or else she will be sorry and she hides.

    Tuesday, September 23 2008: You Want Me To Do What?

    Brooke, RJ and Hope come to the cabin and the kids are excited to see Jack. They run to play with him and Jack seems to respond. Brooke asks Rick why he came up when he knew she would be there. Rick tells his mother that they need to do what’s best for Jack. He says it’s not working with Taylor and Jack because something is missing and Brooke thinks it’s because Taylor is always tense around him. Rick says they need to figure out what’s best for Jack and Taylor starts to cry. Brooke shockingly asks if Taylor is considering letting her be a mother to Jack.

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