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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Ridge Forrester

    Full detailed profile on Ridge Forrester Played by Thorsten Kaye on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kaye (ABC)
    Ridge Forrester

    Actor: Thorsten Kaye

    Who played Ridge Forrester over the years

    Thorsten Kaye (December 13, 2013 - present)
    Ronn Moss (1987 - September 14, 2012)
    Lane Davies (1992 - temporary)

    Useful information on Ridge Forrester

    * Nicknamed “The Dressmaker” by Nick Marone.
    * Lives at 3197 Holden Drive, Los Angeles, California.
    * Wife Caroline died of leukemia.
    * Mistakenly thought wife Taylor was dead twice – once in a fiery plane crash and another due to a gunshot.
    * Falsely pleaded guilty of shooting Grant Chambers to protect Rick, the real shooter.
    * Taken by an email setup to impregnate Morgan DeWitt.
    * Injured drawing hand during a fist fight, impairing his ability to design.
    * Once raped a half-conscious Brooke when desperate to get her back into his life.
    * Had a heart attack.
    * Two assaults under his belt – one against Amber Moore and one against Rick, who was dating Ridge’s young daughter, Phoebe.
    * Hid dead body of Shane McGrath in the San Francisco Bay.
    * Consoled Brooke after Andy Johnson raped her. Went after Andy and witnessed Andy’s accidental electrocution.
    * Proposed to Ashley Abbott.
    * In a fit of grief, pulled the plug on a comatose Eric.
    * Dedicated himself to what he saw as protecting Eric from his wife Donna.


    Past: CEO at Forrester Creations
    Past: Part owner of Forrester Creations
    Current: Fashion Designer at Forrester Creations
    Past: President of Forrester Creations


    Ridge is the oldest son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester.

    Ridge fell in love with Caroline Spencer and they were engaged to be married, however, Brooke Logan became obsessed with Caroline and Ridge and became friends with Caroline. Caroline's father had never liked Ridge, so he concocted a plan to get Ridge drunk and have pictures of him sleeping with another woman the night before Ridge and Caroline were to be married. The wedding was called off due to Caroline's father's machinations, and Brooke was overjoyed. She quickly took advantage of the situation and got closer to Ridge. However, while she was getting closer to Ridge, at the same time, she began to have feelings for his father, Eric. Eric, however, was still in love with Caroline, and managed to talk her into marrying him again. When this happened, Brooke ended up with Eric, Ridge's father. Brooke and Eric ended up marrying and having a child. Meanwhile, Caroline died of Leukemia, leaving Ridge heartbroken. Brooke couldn't bear to see Ridge's grief, and ended up having an affair with him, however, Ridge had fallen for Caroline's doctor, Taylor Hayes.

    Brooke ended up being pregnant with Ridge's child, but Ridge had already married Dr. Hayes. When it was revealed that Ridge was the father of Brooke's child, Bridget, his marriage to Dr. Hayes started to crumble. Taylor was scheduled to be on a plane that crashed, and Ridge assumed that she had died. Brooke ended up comforting him, though she was engaged to Dr. James Warwick. Ridge told her that he couldn't come between her and James, and that they shouldn't be together. However, Ridge ended up interrupting James and Brooke's wedding ceremony by telling Brooke that he loved her in the middle of their vows. Brooke decided that Ridge was the one for her and they ended up married.

    Taylor, however, had not died in the plane crash, and returned shortly after Brooke and Ridge's wedding. Ridge still had feelings for Taylor, and Brooke and Ridge's marriage ended up being annulled. Ridge, however, ended up choosing Brooke, and divorced Taylor in the process.

    It soon came to light that Bridget, whom Ridge had thought was his daughter, turned out to be Eric's daughter, and not Ridge's.

    Brooke, meanwhile, ended up marrying Grant, who was a fashion designer for Forrester. Ridge ended up being accused of shooting Grant, even though it was Rick who had done so. After a while, Ridge got out of prison on parole. Brooke and Ridge ended up getting married again, however, it was under false pretenses, since Brooke had pretended to be pregnant with his child. Ridge then got back together with Taylor, and married her.

    Ridge and Taylor had twin girls together, but Ridge ended up having an affair with Morgan DeWitt, who became pregnant with his child. When Taylor found out, she had a fight with Morgan, knocking her down a flight of stairs, which caused Morgan to have a miscarriage. Morgan then kidnapped Ridge and Taylor's daughter (Stephanie) and made it appear that the child had died in a boating accident. She kept the child, changing the child's hair color and name, and pretended the child was hers. Taylor found out about Stephanie being held at Morgan's house, but ended up being captured by Tim and Morgan. Ridge, however, found out where his wife and child were, and ended up making a dramatic rescue by running his car into the house.

    Brooke and Taylor ended up being shot by Sheila a while later, while trying to help Eric. Taylor died of her wounds, but Brooke ended up pulling through.

    After a while, Ridge once again fell in love with Brooke, and they married. On their honeymoon, however, Ridge was lost and presumed dead. While being comforted by Nick, Ridge's half-brother, Brooke and Nick ended up making love. Ridge turned up alive, and Brooke found out that she was pregnant. Their marriage was annulled, and Brooke and Nick ended up getting engaged to marry.

    Ridge didn't want Brooke to marry Nick, so he made sure that they didn't get married. Ridge and Brooke got back together again, and they found out that the baby wasn't Nick's, but it was Ridge's. They got married, but a short while later, Ridge saw Taylor outside! Convinced that she was still alive, he had her grave exhumed, and in her coffin was a statue instead of a body. Omar revealed that Taylor had come to his home to heal. Soon, Ridge and Taylor were together, getting reacquainted.

    Ridge and Taylor then returned to L.A., and since Taylor was alive, his marriage to Brooke was declared null and void. Stephanie had a heart attack, and asked that Ridge and Taylor get married, but it turned out that Stephanie was faking the heart attack to get Ridge and Taylor back together. Taylor later confessed that she had slept with James and had a brief affair with Hector. Ridge couldn't stand this, and had their marriage annulled. He then began pursuing Brooke, but she wouldn't return to him, saying that she was with Nick Marone, and couldn't be with Ridge.

    More conflict arose when Brooke's son, Rick, began dating Ridge's young daughter, Phoebe, which Ridge didn't like one bit. Ridge assaulted Rick, which made Brooke angry with Ridge and, even after she and Nick broke up, it began to look as if Brooke and Ridge were done with one another forever.

    Ridge began dating Ashley Abbott while Brooke remained alone. Stephanie engineered CPS to take away Brooke's children, a decision which Ridge initially supported. But after Brooke was raped by Andy Johnson, Ridge was there to hold Brooke's hand and help her heal, even going so far as to confront Andy Johnson who ended up accidentally electrocuting himself in front of Ridge.

    Brooke mistook Ridge's support for a renewed love interest, especially once he reversed his decision on where the children should be and saw them safely back in Brooke's home. But Brooke's dream was shattered when Ridge proposed to Ashley instead of Brooke.

    Alas, Ridge’s engagement to Ashley didn’t last and he went back to Brooke. Once they were happily reunited, it was discovered that Brooke was the biological mother of Nick and Taylor’s son Jack. However, Brooke accepted Taylor as the mother and signed away her rights to the boy.

    With his relationship going strong, Ridge turned his attention to work and was none too pleased to see the changes Eric’s wife Donna was making at Forrester Creations. He teamed up with his siblings, Thorne and Felicia to find some dirt that would get her out of Eric’s life. They thought they found it when they discovered the new FC employee, Marcus Walton, was in fact Donna’s son, who she gave away for adoption many years ago. Unfortunately for them, Eric didn’t care and accepted Marcus into the family. But when Ridge’s daughter started dating Marcus, Ridge warned her to stay away from him because he was Donna’s son.

    Believing Donna was hurting Eric’s credibility with their clients, Ridge convinced Eric to give him and Brooke control of the company. However, before any papers could be singed, Eric had a heart attack and fell into a coma. Donna was given Eric’s power of attorney, making her acting CEO of FC. Ridge fought Donna for control of the company, but Donna won out. Believing Eric’s condition was irreversible, Ridge wanted Donna to allow the doctors to pull the plug on his father, but Donna wouldn’t sign the papers. After ‘hearing’ Eric pleading with him to let him go, Ridge broke down and pulled the plug himself. Fortunately, the hospital staff rushed in and hooked Eric back up to the machines and Eric recuperated.

    Marcus figured out that Eric had been poisoned and it was later discovered that Pam was the culprit. Ridge was grateful to Marcus and allowed him to date Steffy.

    Taylor realized that she wasn’t able to bond with her son and gave Brooke custody of Jack. Ridge was resistant to the idea at first because Jack is Nick’s son and he didn’t think having Nick in their lives was a good idea, but he eventually came around and was very supportive of Brooke becoming Jack’s mother full-time.

    Ridge then learned that Taylor was still in love with him and had broken up with her fiancé, Rick. Rick was furious that Ridge had once again taken something from him and demanded Ridge meet him on the rooftop at Forrester. They got into a physical fight and Rick fell off the roof. Rick was paralyzed as a result and blamed Ridge for the fall, as well as everything that has gone wrong in his life. He demanded that Brooke leave Ridge, but Brooke remained by Ridge’s side. When Brooke asked Rick to move in with her so she could take care of him, he agreed but only if Ridge moved out. Ridge did it for Brooke, but was on to Rick’s manipulations.

    While Rick was recuperating, he guilted Eric into naming him co-president of Forrester, but Ridge stepped down from the position, rather than share it with his inexperienced brother. Ridge made it clear to a persistent Taylor that he was in love with Brooke, but after more manipulation on Rick’s part, Ridge stormed out on Brooke. He rode his motorcycle to Malibu, where he and Brooke first were married. Brooke had the same idea and they made up on the beach.

    Brooke and Ridge faced more trouble at the hands of Rick, leading him to reconcile with Taylor. After Brooke interrupted their wedding, he realized he was still in love with Brooke and they reunited and remarried at the justice of the peace.

    While his personal life was in order, Ridge's professional life took a hit when Bill Spencer took over Forrester Creations. This sent Ridge into a depression, where he didn't want to work anymore. His focus became refereeing between Steffy and Hope and Brooke and Taylor at Forrester. After Brooke mistook Oliver for Ridge at Hope's graduation party and slept with him, Ridge forgave her, but wasn't as kindly when Thomas kissed Brooke on the runway. It wasn't long before Thomas and Brooke ended up going missing following a plane crash, and Ridge traveled with Bill and Taylor to rescue them. After Thomas alleged that he and Brooke had had an intimate interlude on the island, Ridge went back to Taylor, however, Stephanie admitted to putting Thomas up to the ruse on their wedding day. Ridge didn't marry Taylor, but went back to Brooke.

    Ridge dealt with a power play by Thorne at work, and punched Bill for his dalliance with Steffy, before proposing to Brooke in an olive grove while in Italy for Hope and Liam's wedding. Ridge and Brooke remarried at the Forrester mansion, however, he dumped her on their honeymoon for communicating with Hope's biological father, Deacon. They hadn't yet filed their marriage license, so it wasn't valid. Ridge stayed in Europe and didn't even come home for his mother Stephanie's celebration of life party or after her death. He remained in Paris, where Steffy joined him.

    Ridge returned to Los Angeles unexpectedly, much to Eric's delight, showing up at the Forrester mansion out of the blue. He was hoping to reconcile with Brooke but was appalled to hear she'd had an affair with her sister Katie's husband, Bill. Ridge and Katie commiserated and fell for one another, bonding over a shared love of poetry and playdates with Will and RJ. Brooke wasn't happy about it, but Ridge eventually proposed to Katie, and tied a red ribbon around her finger. However, when Brooke jetted off to Abu-Dhabi to marry Bill, Ridge was sent a selfie of Quinn and Bill together that gave him the excuse he needed to fly abroad and stop the wedding. He interrupted the beach nuptials and dragged Brooke to a waiting helicopter. Unfortunately, Bill's employee, Justin, was piloting the chopper and dumped Ridge out into the Persian Gulf. Ridge was missing for days but eventually turned up in one piece. His memory was foggy. Everyone returned to Los Angeles, and life resumed, however Ridge soon discovered he could no longer design thanks to the helicopter incident. He realized he was able to complete designs by guiding Caroline's hand as she held the pencil, so they worked together on the couture line. Rick soon found out about Ridge's handicap, accused him of using Caroline, and went to Eric, who announced he was ready to appoint a new CEO. Ridge capitalized on the attraction Caroline was feeling for him to try and rally her to his side as Eric debated between him and Rick. Ridge and Caroline shared kisses, unbeknownst to Katie and Rick.


    Caroline Spencer (deceased)
    Dr_Taylor_Hamilton_Hayes_Forrester (1992 - divorced; 1998 - presumed dead; vow renewal 2005 - annulled 2006)
    Brooke_Logan_Forrester_Marone (1994 to 1995 - invalid; 1998; - annulled; 2003 to 2004 - invalid; 2004 - invalid; 2009 - divorced 2011; 2012, not legalized)


    Alex Simpson
    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
    Morgan DeWitt
    Ashley Abbott (engaged)
    Brooke Logan (engaged)


    Stephanie_Douglas_Forrester (mother)
    Massimo_Marone (father)
    Kristen_Forrester_Dominguez (maternal half-sister)
    Angela Forrester (maternal half-sister - deceased)
    Diana Carter (paternal half-sister)
    Thorne_Forrester (maternal half-brother)
    Felicia_Forrester (maternal half-sister)
    Dominick Marone (paternal half-brother)
    John Douglas (grandfather - deceased)
    Ann Douglas (grandmother)
    Pamela_Douglas (aunt)
    Alexandria_Forrester (maternal half-niece)
    Dominick_Damiano_Marone_Jr (maternal half-nephew)
    Nicole Marone (paternal half-niece - deceased)
    Oscar Marone (cousin)
    Zende Forrester Dominquez (maternal half-nephew)
    Jack Hamilton Marone (paternal half-nephew)


    RJ_Forrester (son with Brooke Logan Forrester Marone)
    Phoebe_Forrester (twin daughter with Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester)
    Stephanie_Douglas_Forrester (twin daughter with Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester)
    Thomas_Forrester (son with Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester)


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    Monday, June 29 2015: B&B Recap: Ivy and Steffy want answers from Liam

    At Forrester Creations, John gleefully greets Ivy. He chortles that she saved him a bundle with the quickie marriage and asks what it's like being Mrs. Liam Spencer. She doubts they'll be married much longer. She tells him Liam wants to be with Steffy. John compliments her on handling the situation with grace. John feels Liam will have to make up his mind. Ivy loves him; and knows he loves her too. John urges Ivy not to give up, but either way she'll be okay. In another office, Pam walks in on Ridge and Caroline canoodling again. She didn't think he'd want to keep a Forrester waiting. Zende appears. Ridge hugs him and makes introductions. Ridge and Zende they won't tell the other interns he's family, and he exits. Ridge explains to Caroline how Kristen and Tony came to adopt Zende. They're impressed he didn't want favoritism. In the corridor, Pam offers the internship hopefuls lemon bars. One says they're delicious and Pam blurts, "You're hired." Nicole appears and tells Pam she wants another chance to prove herself. She sits by Zende and they chat. Nicole explains she's been around there for a couple of months; Maya Avant is her sister. She whispers that Pam basically runs the joint. Pam grins. The intern hopefuls rejoin Ridge and Caroline. Ridge is surprised that Nicole wants a chance - the others have much more education. Nicole wants to pay her dues and work her way up. Ridge hires them all. Ridge keeps Zende and Nicole in the office. Nicole learns Zende's true identity. Elsewhere, Liam tells Steffy that Ivy has a lot of integrity; she knew he wanted to be with her. Liam says he's standing there telling her he wants her - is she a little less mad at him? Steffy asks about his feelings for Ivy. He cares for her, but doesn't want to be married. Steffy says an annulment doesn't change the fact that he married her in the first place. Liam says it made him see how much he wanted to be with her. Steffy is still uneasy. Ivy listens as Steffy asks if his relationship with Ivy is over. Ivy enters - she wants to know the same thing. Liam admits he wants an annulment. Steffy and Ivy snipe at one another. Ivy understands they have history she can't compete with; she won't fight with Steffy. No man is worth her dignity. Ivy tells Liam she believes in the future they could have together but it all depends on him.

    Friday, June 26 2015: B&B Recap: Liam tells Steffy the marriage is over

    At Forrester Creations, Caroline thanks Ridge for helping her and they make out in the office. Caroline sits down to work but has trouble. Ridge has her walk to him without using the walker. They kiss. She playfully pushes him away and walks to him again. He lifts her onto the desk and kisses her. She goes back to her work. Elsewhere, Ivy tells Quinn she can't keep lying to Liam, she's going to tell him the truth now. Quinn protests, but she leaves. In Steffy's office, she tells Liam that he ruined what was between them when he married Ivy. Liam tries to talk her around. Ivy arrives. Steffy leaves them to speak privately. Ivy tells Liam she knows he loves Steffy, and if he wants her, he will be able to have her. She goes on about him saving her and him being the kind of man people can depend on. Liam won't leave her out to dry. Ivy blurts that she doesn't need rescuing - she can't be deported. Ivy explains that a huge mistake was made. "I'm legal, which means you're free." She hoped to one day be his wife, but not like this. Liam realizes she didn't have to tell him. She won't stop him from being with Steffy. Liam hugs her. Meanwhile, Wyatt joins Quinn and notices her foul mood. Ivy returns and announces to Wyatt that she didn't need Liam to marry her - he's free to be with Steffy. Outside, Liam finds Steffy, who doesn't want to hear him out. She rants and rambles until he finally gets a word in. He tells her the marriage to Ivy is over and explains. "Can you forgive me now, please?" Steffy falls into his arms.

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