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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Alexandria 'Aly' Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexandria 'Aly' Forrester Played by Ashlyn Pearce on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.


    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ashlyn Pearce


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    B&B Recap: My Lips Are Sealed.

    Friday, December 19 2014

    In the Forrester kitchen, Ivy tells Rick they have to talk. She tells him she knows what he's been doing. "I saw you tonight, with Maya." Rick claims it was a goodbye kiss she witnessed. Ivy tells him, "Nice try. That kiss I saw? There was no way you were ending things." Ivy asks if he's trying to get revenge on Caroline. Meanwhile, Aly visits Caroline at the guesthouse to ask if things are okay. Caroline says they seem to be. Aly says things are great with Oliver. They discuss Caroline's complicated relationship with Rick. Caroline knows people are talking about her at work since Maya blew everything up. Aly reassures her. She feels any woman in the building would jump at the chance to kiss Ridge. Caroline agrees, but feels lucky to have a man like Rick. She notices his car is back and buzzes up to the kitchen, where he and Ivy are still arguing. Rick tells Caroline he's just grabbing a bottle of wine. He then tells Ivy she's not going to say anything. "Understand?"

    B&B Recap: That's Over.

    Thursday, December 11 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Aly and Ivy discuss Hope. Ivy wonders if she still thinks of Wyatt as home. Aly reflects about Hope staying married only for the baby's sake. Ivy says she couldn't do that just for appearances, Hope was married because she wanted to be.

    B&B Recap: Checks All The Boxes.

    Wednesday, December 03 2014

    At the Forrester mansion, Quinn, hiding upstairs behind a plant, imagines Hope embracing her and the other women welcoming her to the baby shower. She snaps out of it as Hope talks about Wyatt's excitement. Katie and Donna hug Hope as Ivy tells Aly how happy she is that Liam said he loves her. Ivy glances at Hope - she has to come to terms with the fact that Liam will always have feelings for her. Gift-opening ensues. The Logan sisters wheel out a stroller. Everyone gushes over the gifts.

    At the Forrester mansion, Caroline tells Maya not to count on Rick going back to her again. Ivy thanks Hope for including her. Hope asks her to be good to Liam. When they all head outside for a game, Quinn fondles the baby gifts and leaves with a piece of the cake. After, Hope makes a thank you speech and enthuses over the girl power in the room. Everyone files out. Ivy tells Hope about Liam's call regarding Quinn. She's not bothered by his concern - she accepts Hope's a part of his life.

    B&B Recap: Sleep With One Eye Open.

    Tuesday, December 02 2014

    At the Forrester mansion, Ivy, Aly, Caroline and Pam prepare for the baby shower. Pam's put out they couldn't do a medieval theme. Pam warns Caroline that Maya's invited. Ivy asks if Hope's monster-in-law is coming. Aly says no way. Donna and Katie arrive with an armload of gifts - they're from Brooke too. They all agree about Quinn not being welcome. Maya arrives. The talk about Quinn continues. Aly doesn't feel sorry for her; she brought this on herself. Hope arrives. She talked to Brooke earlier and is so happy they're all there. Pam starts with games. Maya glares when Caroline muses about her and Rick having a baby. Outside, Quinn approaches the door, looks up, and gets an idea. She appears on the upper landing and watches and listens as Pam passes out food and they toss around boy baby names. When Hope starts opening gifts, Quinn comes down the stairs. She says she can't stay away and makes a heartfelt appeal to Hope who tells her, "Stay...Mom." They embrace...

    B&B Recap: No Men Folk Allowed.

    Monday, December 01 2014

    At Forrester, Hope talks to Pam, Aly, Ivy and Eric about Thanksgiving. Pam brings up Hope's shower. Eric tells Hope and Ivy they took beautiful photos on the Amsterdam shoot. Talk turns back to the baby shower, which will be at Eric's house. Pam reminds him there are no men folk allowed. Eric talks to Hope alone. He compliments her on how she handled herself in Amsterdam - she didn't let the tension with Ivy get in the way of doing her work, unlike Rick. Hope admits seeing Liam and Ivy together was difficult. She knows she's married and having a baby, but it wasn't long ago she and Liam were making the same plans. It still feels unfair. They blame Quinn's interference. Eric thinks she'll get past it. Outside, Aly and Ivy laugh over Pam doing a diaper cake for Hope. Ivy talks about being glad she brought Liam to Amsterdam. They agree Hope will be an amazing mother. Aly says if things work out with Liam, Ivy might be an amazing aunt. They enthuse about Ivy being in love.

    B&B Recap: Happy Thanksgiving, Bro.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the Forrester mansion, Hope greets Rick, who tells Eric he's back with Caroline. In the kitchen, Charlie suggests Pam use pecans instead of almonds in her green bean casserole and take it to a level she's never dreamed of. Pam breathes deeply and goes for it. Donna appears and wants something to do. Charlie and Pam whisper with concern and give her the veggie tray. In the living room, Katie tells Hope and Wyatt to enjoy, because this time next year they'll be getting no sleep. Nearby, Rick tells Ridge he'd like to get along on the holiday. Hope finds Quinn at the door bearing a Thanksgiving dish. She tells her she's not invited. Quinn presses her. "There's no room at the table for your baby's grandmother?" Liam joins them outside. Quinn mocks his new necklace from Ivy. "Does that mean you're going steady now?" Quinn agrees to leave. Elsewhere, Rick steps out to phone Maya. He promises he's doing what he has to, but she'll have all she wants and more. Oliver calls everyone to the table as Aly enthuses over Ivy's boat ride story. Caroline and Ridge share a close moment. At the table, Eric makes a toast to Rick and Caroline's anniversary, and Hope begins the tradition of saying something nice to the person on your right. She tells Bill he is the father to two amazing men. Bill tells Katie she is an amazing woman whom he appreciates, Katie tells Ridge she's grateful he came back from Paris, Ridge thanks Caroline for pulling him through a dark time in his life, and Caroline is thankful to be by Rick's side when he's CEO. They kiss for their anniversary. Rick tells Charlie he's a great man, Charlie thanks Pam for making him the happiest security guard in the whole world, Pam tells Eric he gave her a job and family; he rescued her. Eric is grateful to Donna for loving him for a while. She says, "Forever." Eric asks them all to join hands and remembers Stephanie as well as family and friends far and near. The tradition continues. Donna thanks Carter for being a good brother to her son; she respects him. Carter calls Oliver the happiest guy he knows, and Oliver tells Aly how wonderful she is. Aly feels lucky to have Ivy there; she's become such a good friend. Ivy talks to Liam about the excitement of what lies ahead for them, Liam admires Wyatt's ambition; everything he seeks out, he accomplishes. "Happy Thanksgiving, Bro." Wyatt credits Hope for bringing him together with his dad, and says now she's giving him a child. They all clink glasses. "Cheers!" As everyone eats, Liam and Hope get up and talk about coming together in the spirit of forgiveness. He says he respects her, admires her, and loves her. "There's not a day that goes by that I'm not giving thanks for having you in my life."

    B&B Recap: Grandma Non Grata.

    Wednesday, November 05 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Liam finds Ivy working with a model. He says he was there earlier but ran into Hope, who is having her first ultrasound. They talk about this making it more real and sympathize with Hope having to deal with her mother-in-law. Talk turns to John. She admits she heard some of what Liam said to him about her. Liam's glad, because he wanted to say those things to her. Ivy gets called away. In another office, Aly, with Oliver, is taken aback to see Taylor, who says she's in town on business. They discuss Thorne. Aly assumes he's worried about her and asked Taylor to check on her. She says things are good - work is always interesting. Taylor is happy Oliver's in Aly's life. Oliver gets called to the studio. Taylor tells Aly she can always come to her, even as a mother. Aly says her mom's with her every day. Taylor asks if Aly knows she's not really there. Aly sees Darla's floating head. "Actually, she's here right now." Taylor presses. "She isn't physical." Aly looks up and smiles. She says everyone's reality is different; this is hers. Taylor says it's impossible for Darla to come back, but feels Darla blow on her. Aly grins.

    B&B Recap: Exiled Grandmother.

    Wednesday, October 15 2014

    At Forrester, Hope and Liam talk about how everything slipped away. Hope laments, "How did it get this way?" They discuss Hope's maternity health. Hope loves him for caring. He asks about Quinn. Hope says she's banned her. Liam warns she won't accept it, but is glad Wyatt's on board. Liam reminds Hope he knows better than anyone what Quinn's capable of. He has to go since Ivy's coming for dinner. Hope is jealous and says she's going home to her husband. Liam hugs her goodbye. Outside, Ally and Ivy agree that Hope's pregnancy explains why she stayed with Wyatt despite his mother's nasty tricks. Ivy wonders if Hope and Liam were ever really meant to be. Ivy blames Quinn. Ivy says Hope and Wyatt made the baby themselves. Ally muses that the door is open for Ivy and Liam. Ivy demures. They laugh about her father grilling Liam at the party. Ivy confides that Liam said the tides might be changing for them. Ally feels if Hope and Liam can't be together, Ivy should go for it. Ally thinks they'd be great together. Ally smiles. When and if he gets over Hope, she might be right.

    B&B Recap: Lips To Myself.

    Tuesday, October 14 2014

    At Forrester, Caroline rushes to shut the door when Ridge starts talking about 'us'. He wonders why she's acting so flustered - they're a team. Caroline hisses at him to stop looking at her like that...with those eyes. Ridge says whatever this is comes along once in a lifetime. Caroline won't risk her marriage to be a team with him. She is disappointed in herself for kissing him. She shouldn't be having these feelings and needs to be happy with what she has. Caroline declares that he must keep his hands to himself, and she has to keep her lips to herself. Ridge needs her. He tells her she married the wrong man. Ridge asks her to be his partner and run the company with him. Caroline thinks he's using her. Ridge admits he wants something from her. They bicker about Rick. Ridge says he doesn't have the passion to run Forrester and can't fulfill her. He confirms he wants to run the company with her. Caroline wants it too. Ridge kisses her. She pulls away, but they kiss again. She runs out. In Hope's office, Ally tells her she's surprised she didn't go back to Liam. She adds that she'd like to see Liam with Ivy if not with Hope. She warns he could fall for Ivy if Hope doesn't hurry and change her mind. Hope tells Ally she's pregnant. Ivy learns that Liam already knows, and says it explains everything - Hope's only with Wyatt because of the baby. Hope denies it. "I'm in love with Wyatt." Ally pleads, "What you and Liam share..." Hope says that's in the past. She's sorry Ally is disappointed about her and Liam, but she and Wyatt are going to be parents. Ally says they were cheated. Hope tells her to stop - bringing up Liam just makes her sad.

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