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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Alexandria 'Aly' Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexandria 'Aly' Forrester Played by Ashlyn Pearce on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.


    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ashlyn Pearce


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    B&B Recap: Little Napoleon.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Maya and Rick kiss and talk about Eric backing him. An employee lets them know Eric is behind doors with Ridge and Caroline. Rick is concerned. "I need to do something." Elsewhere, Ridge is stunned that Eric has given Rick full support. Caroline argues that he hasn't been here. Eric will listen to what anyone has to say. Ridge says good - he's had Pam put together a group to tell how they suffered under Little Napoleon. Pam says Rick got a taste of power and it went straight to his ego. Caroline tells Eric how Rick treated her. Aly says it was bad there and almost worse at home. She hopes Eric will send them packing. Eric says that's not going to happen - they'll remain in the main house. Everyone is aghast. Aly complains they don't deserve it and elaborates on how badly Rick treated her. Wyatt tells his story next - Rick told him to get on his knees and beg for his job back. Oliver complains he has to take pictures of Maya on his own time with no compensation. Pam mentions Stephanie's portrait and Caroline brings up the shooting. Ridge wonders why Eric has rewarded this behavior. Rick phones and orders everyone across the hall immediately. Once they get there, Rick says he's green-lighting Aly's shoe line and Oliver can help. He apologizes for taking advantage of Oliver and extends it to everyone in the room. They will get better from hereon out. Rick goes on about his behavior at home and apologizes to Wyatt next. Ridge sighs. Rick addresses Pam, and finally Ridge and Caroline, telling them they're an amazing design team. Caroline says his turnaround is hard to believe. Eric is impressed. Ridge asks what's wrong with him - Rick is conning him again! Ridge appeals to all of them - they're being conned. Eric says his support stands and orders everyone back to work. Maya tells Rick she'll follow up with Aly and Oliver. "I am so proud of you." Ridge then confronts Rick about being a con. He sees through him and will take him down.

    B&B Recap: Teetering On The Edge.

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    At Katie and Bill's house, a tipsy Brooke surprises those assembled by waving and saying hello. Carter begins the wedding ceremony. Katie has tears in her eyes. Bill says it's for good this time. Carter calls on Liam and Wyatt to do a reading. At the end of Liam's reading, Brooke gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. "Cool!" The guests exchange awkward glances. Wyatt goes next - he thanks Katie and Bill for showing them the beauty and power of forgiveness. Carter begins the vows. Bill is distracted by Brooke wiggling her nose. Carter says it's time for the rings. Brooke gasps that she forgot the rings. Carter assures her he has them. Katie makes a tearful heartfelt speech to Bill, who reciprocates with a speech of his own. He says he wants her, their family, and their life together - nothing means more to him. Carter pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss. Everyone stands and applauds, Ridge grudgingly. Brooke beams. After, Caroline drags Ridge over to congratulate Bill. Katie corners Brooke and asks if she's okay. Brooke assures her with a laugh that she's fine; just celebrating. She defends her drinking. Katie hopes she's not trying to numb herself. Brooke insists she's happy and doesn't regret backing off. She becomes emotional as she protests. Katie hugs her. Bill and Katie then cut the cake. Brooke whoops in the background. The guests dance. Liam and Wyatt make a toast on Will's behalf - it was a special day for him even though he slept through it - it's the day his parents got back together. Brooke wants to make a toast too. She's so proud. Brooke smiles and says, "Cheers," but everyone seems a little sad for her.

    B&B Recap: Fit To Be Tied.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    Bill chats with Justin at the house as wedding preparations are made. Wyatt shows up and Bill snaps that he's late. He then jokes with Wyatt and Liam. "I am fit to be tied." Upstairs, Katie and Donna play with Will as Katie gets ready. Donna asks if she's sure this is what she wants. Katie asks if Brooke is there yet. Donna's sure she's on her way and reassures Katie that Brooke wants to be a part of it. Downstairs, Wyatt, Liam, and Ivy chat with Carter, who is officiating, about Forrester. Bill stops the shop talk. He is speaking to Aly when Brooke appears. Bill gives her the champagne she asks for. Brooke tells him everything's turned out the way it should be. Bill talks to Brooke about reining her son in at Forrester. She asks why she'd do that. Nearby, Aly asks Ivy what she'd say if Liam proposed right now. Ivy informs her there's a new wrinkle - Steffy has plans for her and Liam. Ivy and Liam then greet Caroline and her 'reluctant escort' Ridge. Ridge steps away to say hello to Brooke, who asks if he came alone. He says, "You know I didn't." Caroline joins them. Brooke says Katie needs her upstairs, laughs loudly, and grabs more alcohol. Upstairs, Donna asks a flustered Brooke if she's okay. Brooke says Ridge is having a mid-life crisis, but today is about Katie. They do a champagne toast. Once alone with Brooke, Katie asks if she's okay. Brooke gives Katie their mom's locket to wear. Katie is grateful that Brooke is back in her life and can be happy for her. They embrace. Katie gets a text from a sick Stephen. Brooke mutters about the champagne needing a shot of vodka. She has an emotional moment, but then rebounds. Donna heads downstairs. Aly tells Ivy she sensed Bill was chilly to her and wonders if he's causing problems with her and Liam. Ridge offers Bill congratulations and asks him to take care of Katie. Bill shakes his hand and advises him to take care of Caroline. Soon the ceremony begins. Brooke downs her glass before making her way up the aisle. Katie then follows and joins Bill at the altar.

    B&B Recap: Second Time's The Charm.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Ivy wants to lend some jewelry to Katie for her wedding. Aly points out that Katie's his aunt. Maya snaps at her. Rick says Ivy hasn't the authority to lend things, but grants permission, adding if Katie doesn't mind looking cheap. He remarks that the wedding is absolutely hilarious. Ivy asks why he's not going. Rick sniffs that he's too busy and doesn't have time for Katie and Bill 2.0. Rick and Maya harp about Ivy's designs. Maya says she needs to step it up. Aly models some shoes and Maya and Rick snicker when she trips. Rick whispers that this girl fell from the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. After, Aly tells Ivy she thinks they liked her shoes - they smiled a lot. Ivy warns her not to get her hopes up. In the office, Maya perches on Rick's knee as they mock their employees and kiss.

    B&B Recap: Paint Me.

    Monday, February 09 2015

    At the Forrester mansion, Aly is showing Oliver her shoe designs when Ivy enters. Aly warns her not to go upstairs. In the bedroom, Maya and Rick laugh about how they'll chase Aly and Ivy out of the house if they keep this up. They kiss. Eric calls Rick, who assures him everything is under control. Downstairs, Oliver is dismayed to see that Ivy is doing a favor for Maya because Rick asked her to. Ivy's trying to be a team player. Aly says it doesn't feel like they're all on the same team anymore. Aly answers a call from Rick, who asks her to bring them up ice cream. She mentions her shoe designs. He could consider them better with ice cream in his stomach. Upstairs, Rick and Maya laugh when he hangs up. Soon, Aly delivers the ice cream, but Rick won't look at her sketch. They laugh when she leaves angry.

    B&B Recap: Taking Crazy Pills.

    Thursday, February 05 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Steffy rants at Ridge about his inappropriate relationship with Caroline. She wonders, "Am I taking crazy pills here?" She tells her father he's a man she's always admired. He assumes she doesn't admire him now. Steffy wants Ridge to tell her he doesn't have feelings for Caroline. He stays silent. Steffy gapes. "Oh my God. You do!" Ridge attempts to explain how it happened. Steffy thinks he'll do what he wants whether she likes it or not. Ridge doesn't want to fight. Steffy complains about everything that has happened because of him and Caroline. She thinks maybe she should be running the company. "I have to do something." In Rick's office, he is needling Caroline when Wyatt arrives. Caroline hugs him and Rick insinuates that he may not have a job to come back to. He asks Caroline to leave and complains that Wyatt shrugged off his responsibilities at the company. He notes that Wyatt is no longer married to his sister. They bicker. Wyatt says he's been through his own hell. He loves his job, but Rick doesn't own him; Forrester doesn't own him. Rick accuses him of drawing things out in Italy and rants at him about the overtime he'll be putting in. Wyatt quits. Outside, Caroline tells Aly that Steffy is back. Rick appears and tells them Wyatt gave him attitude and quit.

    B&B Recap: Honey, I'm Home!

    Monday, February 02 2015

    At Forrester, Brooke implores Rick to tell Caroline he forgives her and wants her back. Maya says Eric tried this; it won't work. Rick says they've all moved on. Brooke tells him deep down he knows his relationship with Maya is temporary. Maya gets her back up and asks if there's something wrong with her. Brooke is just concerned it all happened so soon. Rick says Caroline is no better than Amber, and she has moved on with Ridge. "As sickening as it is, maybe it's for the best." Once alone, Maya thanks Rick. He assures her she's the woman he wants. Elsewhere, Ivy gives Aly advice on her shoe designs and worries about how little use Rick has for her. In another office, Brooke confronts Caroline about Ridge. She hopes she doesn't expect to have a relationship with him. Caroline tells her she does. Brooke tells her to be realistic. "You are not going to have a relationship with him." Brooke condescends about Caroline getting swept up. Caroline realizes Brooke thinks she can't be replaced. Brooke says if she wanted him back, she could have him. "Just like that."

    B&B Recap: The Big Stick.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    At Forrester, Rick begins a meeting about designs and accessories. He asks where the head designer is. Caroline tells him Ridge couldn't make it, but said she could handle it. Rick disagrees. He barks that he wants to hear about the line from the head designer, not the helper. The meeting continues, but Rick isn't prepared to commit to the designs or Ivy's jewelry. Eva the publicist says there's been a huge response to Ivy after the previous shoot. Rick thinks using Ivy as a model again would be a mistake. Caroline smirks that he wants to re-shoot with Maya. Rick and Caroline argue. She tells him to take out his anger on her, but not the company. Rick tells everyone but Ivy and Caroline to leave. He bellows at Caroline, "What the hell do you think you're doing!" In the corridor, Oliver, Aly, and Pam tell Eva that Rick's issue with Ivy is personal. Liam arrives and gets up to speed. Outside, Oliver assures Aly that Rick will consider her shoe designs when he's back to normal. They kiss. Inside, Caroline confronts Rick about ignoring Ivy's following to use Maya, which is not best for the company. Rick complains about the designs. Ivy lashes out at Rick for his behavior - he's still in love with Caroline which is why he's so angry. Rick argues that it was more than a couple kisses with Caroline and Ridge and he can see it's not over. Ivy rants at him for being judgmental when he's sleeping with Maya. Rick realizes Caroline kissed Ridge again and fires her. Liam bursts in and sucker punches Rick to the floor. "You do not speak to these women this way!"

    B&B Recap: I Won't Run.

    Thursday, January 15 2015

    At the Forrester mansion, Rick talks to Maya about sleeping in the house when he was younger when Eric was away and Stephanie finding him. He says you never knew what you were going to get with Stephanie. Most people are like that, but not Maya. She vows to make the best life for him. Downstairs, Aly and Ivy debate whether or not to announce themselves to Rick and Maya. They hear a noise from the bedroom. Upstairs, Maya says she heard a car. She offers to peel him an orange and Rick marvels at how she talks to him with such love and care. They make love and then Maya wonders if they'll last. Rick muses that they can't see the future. Maya says she can. Downstairs, Ivy and Aly decide to eat the meal Rosaria made for Rick and Maya. Ivy buzzes up to Rick, who says he's not hungry. She hangs up and Ivy mutters about Maya being attached to his wallet. Ivy doesn't think his wallet is what's in play right now. Aly asks Ivy if she was Caroline, would she give up? Ivy says Rick's not giving her mixed messages, but she may be afraid of drowning if she lets go. Upstairs, Maya goes to get them wine and a corkscrew. Rick looks in Stephanie's former nightstand and finds a gun.

    B&B Recap: Your Marriage Is Over.

    Wednesday, January 14 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Caroline wonders what to do. Ridge muses that everyone has their limit. She says she's not there yet. Ridge knows that, and he thinks Rick does too. He warns Caroline at some point you have to say 'enough's enough'. Caroline's not ready to give up on her marriage yet. She think Rick is lashing out because he still loves her. Ridge questions why he's not there working it out then - he doesn't want her to be disappointed. Ridge wonders what kind of man does all this to hurt someone. Caroline says Rick can't possibly love Maya. Elsewhere, Aly, Ivy, and Carter discuss Rick's relationship with Maya. Carter tells them Rick hasn't told Maya he loves her yet. Aly is surprised Caroline still wants Rick back after all he's done. They talk about his major issues with Ridge. Carter has a feeling Maya's going to be let down in a big way. Aly and Ivy aren't sure, but they agree Rick still has feelings for Caroline. Ivy feels if he doesn't come around soon, he risks losing Caroline forever.

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