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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Alexandria 'Ally' Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexandria 'Ally' Forrester Played by Ashlyn Pearce on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.


    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ashlyn Pearce


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    B&B Recap: Flip And Fly.

    Wednesday, April 23 2014

    At Forrester, Hope receives a call from Liam reminding her if she doesn't come to dinner tonight, he's moving on. In another office, Quinn and Wyatt bicker about Liam making his move. Wyatt says he's got it under control. Caroline calls them to a meeting. In Eric's office, Rick and Brooke prepare and Eric asks about Ridge. Rick says he had more pressing matters. Outside the door, Ally hears Brooke saying Oliver is staying. She smiles and then finds Hope in the studio. They are glad Ridge didn't get his way and fire Oliver. Oliver appears. "You and me both." Hope leaves for the meeting. Oliver says they'll be right behind her. He tells Ally he has a surprise for her today. Soon the meeting convenes, with Rick and Caroline gushing about the numbers. Wyatt and Quinn hint that Ally shouldn't be included, but Eric expects them to be supportive. In the corridor Pam is chatting with Alan about the next Medieval Night when Oliver and Ally appear. They join the meeting as Rick says they need a new model for the bedroom line. A pitch is made for Brooke to make a comeback, but she declines. They think it should be somebody from inside. Oliver says he has the perfect candidate - Ally. As the shock subsides, Wyatt mutters that Ally's going to flip and fly. Ally asks Oliver if he really thinks she could do this. Caroline wonders if she realizes it's not onesies and PJs, it's lingerie. Ally apologizes for coming on too strong at the last meeting and says she's done some growing up since then. She is flattered for the offer, but won't do it. Later in the studio, Ally tells Oliver he is really sweet to think she could be the spokesmodel. He says she's a stunningly beautiful woman. They kiss. In Hope's office, she's distracted when Wyatt talks about Ally's surprising behavior. Hope tells him Liam wants to make her dinner tonight, and wants her to date both of them. If she doesn't show up, they're done. Wyatt implores her not to go.

    B&B Recap: Equal Time.

    Tuesday, April 22 2014

    Oliver and Ally make out in the Forrester mansion pool. They go up to her room to be alone and Oliver kisses her neck. They talk about her Hope For The Future decor. Oliver says he respects the message. They check out the underwater shoot and he says she looks fantastic. They kiss some more. Oliver spots a VHS tape of Darla and they talk about her death. Ally says her mom would be alive today if not for Taylor drinking and driving. She mentions she still talks to her mother, and opens up about when she was young. Ally tells Oliver he makes her feel like a woman. They kiss.

    B&B Recap: Gum On The Bottom Of Her Shoe.

    Monday, April 21 2014

    At the Forrester mansion pool, Ally invites Oliver to stay. He takes a selfie of them and kisses her. They hit the pool and shoot film of each other doing weird things underwater. After, they make-out and take more selfies. Oliver thinks Ridge would be impressed by the underwater shoot. Ally assures him he won't be fired.

    B&B Recap: Have A Heart.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    In Ally's room, she sighs, hugs her diary, and flashes to Oliver kissing her. The floating head of Darla appears and together they enthuse over Oliver. "He really likes you." Darla assures Ally she'll be there every step of the way, but she doesn't think she'll need her help. Later, Ally is by the pool when Oliver arrives. She's mortified to be caught in her swimsuit, but he tells her she's beautiful. He takes off his shirt and kisses her.

    B&B Recap: Turkey Legs.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    In Ally's bedroom at the Forrester mansion, she leaps up from the bed where Oliver's been kissing her and seems to hyperventilate. Oliver asks if she's okay. She gasps that she's better than okay. Oliver realizes she'd never been kissed before. He tells her she's got a lot of catching up to do and kisses her again. After, he tells her she's a breath of fresh air. Pam knocks. Ally hisses at Oliver to hide in the closet. She opens the door to find Pam in a medieval costume saying they have to go. Ally stops her from opening the closet. Pam enthuses about the Medieval Night event they're supposed to attend. "We have turkey legs to eat!" Ally gets rid of her and Oliver emerges. He tells Ally to enjoy those turkey legs, kisses her, and leaves. Ally beams.

    B&B Recap: The Ice Is Nice.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    At Bikini Bar, Oliver holds Ally's hand. She gazes into his eyes and tells him nervously that the ice was nice. She announces that she has to go. Maya watches the whole thing unfold from across the room as Carter sighs. When he leaves for the office, Maya joins Oliver. She questions him about what's up with him and Ally. Oliver says she is shy and cute. Maya points out that she has issues. She wonders about his intentions. "You like her don't you?" Oliver wonders if Maya's jealous. She warns him to be careful and not to hurt her.

    At home, Ally sits on her bed, grinning, and flashes to Oliver kissing her hand. Darla's ghost appears. "He's a nice guy, honey." Ally worries he'll think she's weird for leaving. "He kissed me, Mom." Darla assures her that means something. Later, Oliver arrives with her sunglasses she forgot at Bikini. He marvels at her Hope-themed bedroom. He shows her his hope tattoo. She loves it. Ally stammers that she's never had a guy in her room. He likes her room - it shows she's loyal and committed. "You're a really good person." Oliver credits her for helping get his job back. He thinks Ridge will try to fire him again. She won't let it happen. Oliver raves about her take no prisoners personality. Ally looks down shyly. Oliver says she's good for the company, and for him. He kisses her...and then again.

    B&B Recap: It Has To Be Me.

    Friday, April 04 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Brooke thanks Eric for taking up for Rick. Eric hated disappointing Ridge, but says Rick has proven himself. He muses about her and Ridge working closely. Brooke asks if he's playing matchmaker. Eric says she and Ridge are the future of this company. Brooke tells him she doesn't need Ridge to be happy. In Rick's office, he asks Ridge what he has to say about the hissy fit he threw, trying to take over his job. Ridge offers no apologies. Katie appears. She asks how the meeting went. Rick exits. Ridge tells Katie that 'Daddy' gave Rick his way. Katie's sorry. Ridge says Brooke got involved and wrapped Eric around her finger. He tells Katie that he and Brooke are going to be co-vice presidents. Katie is outraged. Ridge says he's going to change Eric's mind. In the studio, Maya and Ally reassure Oliver about his job security. Maya gets paged by Carter and exits. Oliver asks Ally to go for coffee. She first says she has to feed her goldfish but then agrees. Later, Ridge enters Eric's office and presses him to change his mind. "Rick can't be president. It has to be me." Eric reminds him he left. He brings up Katie. He says Ridge Forrester shacking up with Bill Spencer's ex-wife is problematic. Eric rants about what they're putting the kids through and accuses him of punishing Brooke. Ridge won't deny his feelings. Eric snorts at him to grow up. He tells Ridge if he goes back to Brooke he'll give him the CEO position. "You want to run this company? Get your ass back to Brooke where you belong." Meanwhile, Brooke joins Rick in his office, but he gets called away. Katie appears. She accuses Brooke of working her magic on Eric to get to work with Ridge. She tells Brooke she won't get away with it. Brooke insists she won't give up her position - Ridge was trying to push Rick around. Katie complains that she'll be working with Ridge, she'll giggle, and her clothes will fall off. She knows how she operates. Katie informs Brooke that Ridge wants her now - even she can't interfere with that.

    Carter and Maya talk about the crazy day over drinks. She muses about him becoming friends with Ridge. Carter notices Oliver arriving with Ally. Maya says they're just friends. Carter feels bad that Eric shut Ridge down. Maya is incredulous. At their table, Oliver grasps Ally's hand and thanks her for being supportive. She's glad it worked out. He's still worried about Ridge gunning for him. Ally says he's a bully. Ally watches as Oliver goes to get her tea. Carter catches Maya staring. She snaps about Ally being too young for him. When Oliver spills tea on Ally's hand, Maya gapes as he kisses it better.

    B&B Recap: On His White Horse.

    Thursday, April 03 2014

    At Forrester Creations, everyone wants to know what Eric's decision will be. Bickering ensues. Ridge says he doesn't want Rick to leave, just to step aside. He asks Eric, "Who do you want to run this company?" Eric muses that this is a business decision. Eric tells Ridge he doesn't agree with his view, and that Oliver is staying as well. He tells Rick he will continue as president. Ridge will be co-vice president, with Brooke. After, Caroline and Carter discuss the outcome of the meeting. Carter admits that Ridge getting rid of Oliver was going too far. In the studio, Ally tells Oliver that Ridge shouldn't have let him go; she wouldn't have. Ally urges him not to give up; her grandfather could be reversing the decision as they speak. Oliver says if a Forrester wants him out, he's history. Oliver flashes to Ridge telling him he's fired. Ally says she's going to confront Ridge. Hope appears. She says Eric reversed Ridge's decision. "Welcome back!" Oliver is stunned. He thanks them for standing up for him. Hope goes and Ally tells Oliver she won't let him be blindsided again. He says she's a sweetheart. In the office, Ridge crabs to Eric about his decision. Rick says they don't need him riding in on his white horse. Brooke defends Rick's record. Ridge continues to argue his viewpoint. Rick thinks he's just bitter because things have flourished under his leadership. Brooke voices her support for Eric and Rick. Outside the door, Carter watches as Caroline tries to listen in. Inside, Rick announces they will stay the course. Ridge is frustrated and tuts about Rick's lack of experience. Brooke says Rick is loyal and runs the company well - and he doesn't run away when things get tough. Ridge still doesn't think Rick should be president. "If this is what mommy and daddy think will make you secure, well, enjoy it while it lasts." Once alone, Eric tells Rick he's proud of him. Rick thanks him for supporting him. They agree Brooke will make a great vice-president. In the other office, Brooke flashes to good memories of Ridge. Ridge asks Brooke if she's proud of herself. She muses that he overstepped and the administration pushed back. She adds that she told Eric about him and Katie. Brooke lays into him. "You don't deserve to be president of this company, and you won't be. Not as long as I'm here."

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