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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Alexandria 'Ally' Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexandria 'Ally' Forrester Played by Ashlyn Pearce on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.


    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ashlyn Pearce


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    B&B Recap: Beating The Drum.

    Thursday, July 31 2014

    At the press conference, Wyatt offers Hope the diamond. Liam shakes his head. Wyatt asks again. Hope accepts it. Ally holds her head and Liam looks concerned. The press focuses on the meaning of the diamond to Hope and Wyatt's personal relationship. Wyatt deflects. Liam stalks off and Hope follows. They argue in the hallway. Hope says her line needs this - he's overreacting. Liam feels it's more than business to Wyatt. Hope denies the diamond has a hold on her. Liam asks her to return it right now. In the showroom, Ally grumbles to Oliver about Wyatt making a move on Hope. Ivy joins them and agrees it was a manipulation. She says Liam shouldn't accept it, and Hope shouldn't allow it. Wyatt goes to the doorway and hears Liam tell Hope she's being played. Hope denies it. Liam insists the media will focus on the romance of it. Wyatt jumps into the fray and asks Hope if she feels manipulated. Liam and Wyatt argue. Wyatt insists he was just beating the drum for publicity. Liam mocks the power of the diamond. Liam tells Hope that Wyatt is hitting on her - she needs to fire him and return the diamond. He won't accept anything less.

    B&B Recap: My Brother Is An Operator.

    Wednesday, July 30 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Liam rants to Hope about Wyatt giving her the diamond. Hope protests that it's just for the line and begs him not to let this interfere with their brotherly bond. Liam curses about letting his guard down. Hope says the diamond has magic powers. They argue about Wyatt's motives. Liam wants her to return it - today. In another office, Ally tells Ivy that Hope will give the diamond back to Wyatt. Wyatt enters as Ally runs him down. Wyatt tells Ivy that he's actually a nice guy. Rick enters and Wyatt says he's called a press conference. Rick needs some reassurance. Wyatt promises he won't be sorry - it's about the next evolution of Hope For The Future. Carter, Maya, and Oliver arrive. They're curious about Wyatt's surprise presser. Ivy thinks it sounds intriguing. Rick hopes he won't be sorry. As they wait in the showroom, Carter and Rick discuss Maya's betrayal. Oliver and Ally canoodle and she shoots dirty looks at Wyatt. Wyatt calls Hope to come to the showroom. She tells Liam, who insists she return the diamond since his brother is an operator. Hope reluctantly agrees. They arrive at the press conference. Wyatt announces the return of the Hope For The Future diamond and invites Hope to join him. Wyatt holds up the diamond and offers it to Hope officially as the cameras snap furiously. Hope looks conflicted as everyone gasps and waits.

    B&B Recap: Cut Him Loose.

    Tuesday, July 29 2014

    Outside at Forrester Creations, an employee calls Hope away, leaving Liam and Wyatt alone. They discuss Ivy being cute and rare gems being like beautiful women. Liam heads off to find Hope. Wyatt agrees he should go spend time with his lady and mutters under his breath, "While you still can." Inside, Ally looks at the video Ivy took of Wyatt and Hope hugging. Ally doesn't believe Hope would put Liam through that again. Ivy tells Ally about Wyatt inheriting the diamond and giving it to Hope. Ally muses that he's using it to get Hope back. Ivy points out that Hope isn't entirely blameless in all this either. They debate about Hope. Ally thinks Wyatt is using the diamond to get Hope in his trailer again. Meanwhile, Deacon finds Hope in her office and talks about changing his track record as a dad. Hope mentions the diamond to Deacon, who says Wyatt showed it to him. Hope pulls it out and Deacon can't believe she is considering not keeping it. Ridge and Katie enter. They all discuss Bill having to admit his guilt. Hope gets up to speed on Justin and Bill dumping Ridge in the drink. Deacon and Ridge are concerned about whether Brooke will stay with Bill. Later, Liam joins Hope and is stunned to learn that Wyatt gave her the diamond and informs Hope that she has to give it back - today.

    B&B Recap: Empty Meaningless Words.

    Monday, July 28 2014

    Outside Forrester Creations, Ivy videotapes Hope hugging Wyatt. At their table, Hope marvels over holding the diamond in her hand. Wyatt tells her, "It's yours." Hope's at a loss for words. Wyatt thinks the stone will work its magic for them again. Hope argues that Ricardo wanted Wyatt to have it. She reminds him she's with Liam now. Wyatt still thinks it feels right to give her the diamond. Inside, Ivy listens as Liam tells Ally how great things are with Hope. She joins them as Ally warns that Wyatt is more like Bill than anyone realizes. Liam doesn't think he's a problem for his relationship with Hope anymore. Talk turns to the hush-hush new jewelry designs. Ivy doesn't think giving them a sneak peek is a good idea. Once alone, Ally chats to Ivy about Oliver. Ivy advises her to just be herself. They discuss Hope. Ivy observes that she's very much a Logan - she's obviously learned from her mother. Ally is taken aback and insists Hope is different. Ivy isn't so sure. Ally defends Hope. Ivy shows her the video of Wyatt and Hope embracing. Outside, Liam appears as Wyatt has just about convinced Hope to accept his gift. They chat about the videotape Ivy's making for her mom, who likes gossip. Hope hangs off Liam's shoulder and says there isn't anymore gossip since she's with him now. Liam tells Wyatt he'll always have his jewelry.

    B&B Recap: You’re Getting Obsessive.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    At Forrester, Ivy meets Othello and really knows her stuff when it comes to music. Othello is impressed, and heard she would be working with Wyatt and Quinn. Ally announces they’re gone just as Carter comes in with Wyatt’s new contract. Ally is upset and Eric shares with everyone that Wyatt’s company will be manufacturing the designs. Maya lays it on think with compliments to Eric’s business acumen, causing a few people to roll their eyes. Eric has every confidence Wyatt and Ivy will fill the gap left by Quinn, but worries it could hurt the line if Quinn’s behavior gets out. Ally thinks they should cut ties with Wyatt too. Eric thinks Wyatt has earned his spot. Maya again coos over Eric’s ideas, then Hope’s. Rick and Eric want press as good as they got with the Hope diamond. Wyatt is confident they will. Rick suddenly wonders where Ridge and Brooke are. Later, Hope sips coffee with Liam, happy he stood up for Wyatt. Liam comments that Wyatt seems to have big plans for the line and wonders what he’s up to. Elsewhere, Wyatt thanks Ivy for her kind words about his mom. She compliments his accomplishments too. She heard about Ricardo’s death and wonders what will become of the diamond. She revels in what the three of them could do. He pulls a box out of his satchel and presents to Ivy the Hope diamond.

    B&B Recap: Twirling My Mustache.

    Friday, July 18 2014

    At Medieval Times Ally tells Oliver he got her attention. Oliver tells her he cares about her and will take on every knight in the kingdom until she believes him. A young girl asks for their picture and Oliver gladly obliges. Pam and Charlie praise Oliver’s knightly skills and Charlie is desperate to know how Oliver gained access. Pam takes a selfie with all of them then leaves the young couple alone to patch up everything. Ally forgives Oliver while Darla looks on approvingly. She demands the truth from him always and asks Oliver to never scare her like that again. He is pretty sure no one dies here. Ally sees her carnation is lost, but Darla makes sure to put it in Oliver’s hand. They glow with love.

    B&B Recap: We Deserve It.

    Thursday, July 17 2014

    At Medieval Times, Pam and Charlie urge Ally to have some fun and forget Oliver but she’s really down. Meanwhile, Oliver heads down to where the knights get ready and overhears that the yellow knight is late. He spies the right costume and gets an idea. Later, Ally thinks about Oliver’s kind words the last time they were there and gets another vision of Darla, who urges Ally to enjoy the show. Meanwhile, Oliver struggles to get on the horse and heads into the stadium. Ally wonders who the knight will give the carnation to as Oliver clumsily approaches and tosses Ally the flower. He lifts his mask to reveal himself and is rewarded with a big smile. He tries to leave the stadium but is mistaken for a real knight and pulled into the battle. He makes it through the first pass of the joust, but is knocked off during his second. Ally storms the stadium and begs the queen and king to spare Oliver’s life for the cause of love. Charlie and Pam swoon along with the rest if the audience. The royal couple agree and Ally and Oliver wave to the cheering crowd.

    B&B Recap: It Got Weird.

    Wednesday, July 16 2014

    Ridge struggles to sketch at Forrester. Katie offers to leave but he wants her there. They embrace and he thinks about the accident. Ridge tries again but can’t connect his thoughts and his hands. If he can’t design, he’s nothing. Katie blames Quinn for all of this and Ridge admits it was all a waste. She’s worried about him and thinks he might have PTSD. He agrees, even more determined to find the truth. He calls Kyle, the Forrester pilot, and asks him to find out who was flying the helicopter. Kyle tells him his helicopter never left the pad and Ridge wonders what helicopter he got into. The chopper is the answer. Ridge keeps seeing the Spencer logo and Justin and he asks Katie if she thinks Bill could have done this. Meanwhile, Oliver races through the halls at Forrester searching for Ally. He runs into Carter who tells Oliver he’s rooting for the two of them. He finds Maya in an office and tells her he already told Ally everything so her hammer over his head is gone. Maya doesn’t think Ally will ever believe him again and suggests they both lost their shot at a Forrester. Oliver leaves and Carter enters. He hopes she didn’t ruin it for Oliver and Ally like she did with them. Ally closes herself in the photo studio and tells Darla’s vision that Oliver was just using her to keep his job but says his feelings have changed. Darla advises Ally not to forget about her heart. Pam enters and Ally tells her Oliver led her on to keep his job. They hear Oliver calling and hide until he leaves. Charlie enters and together they convince Ally to go with them to the renaissance castle. Charlie distracts Oliver when he comes by, then they all make their move to the elevator. Oliver sees the doors close and realizes where Ally’s going.

    Charlie, Ally and Pam take their seats at the castle. Oliver peeks out at Ally from behind a curtain.

    B&B Recap: Part Of The Team.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014

    In his studio, Oliver warns Ally what he said to Maya sounds bad, but he wasn’t thinking at the time how it would sound. He was just trying to cover how scared he was for being fired with Maya and apologizes profusely. Oliver knows how lucky he is to be with her and begs her to listen. Her quirks make her special and he is happier than he has ever been. She worries he’s playing her but he urges her to trust him. She wants to but she can’t tell if he’s being honest. He was her first love and first kiss, but there won’t be any more kisses. She thought he was her knight in shining armor and she was his Miss F. But not anymore.

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