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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Alexandria 'Aly' Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexandria 'Aly' Forrester Played by Ashlyn Pearce on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.


    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ashlyn Pearce


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    B&B Recap: Maya refuses to cast Nicole out of her home

    Monday, July 06 2015

    At the Forrester mansion, Liam, Steffy, Ivy, and Wyatt chat about fireworks. Aly listens from the stairs as they joke about Rick. The floating head of Darla tells Aly to get rid of Steffy; there's no one to do it but her. Ivy finds Rick talking to Brooke in the kitchen about the arrival of Vivienne Avant. Ivy exits, and Rick tells Brooke that Maya's had a tough history with her mom, who only came to take Nicole home. In the guesthouse, Vivienne tells Nicole and Maya she's had a long trip. Maya says she's happy to see her. Vivienne ignores her and tells Nicole to go pack her things. "This is no environment for you." She learns Nicole is no longer in school and lectures her. Maya says she's fine. Nicole tells Vivienne if Maya will let her stay, she's staying. Maya and Vivienne argue over how much interest she's shown in Nicole. Maya begged to be allowed to visit. Vivienne refers to Maya as a failure, and Nicole defends her. Vivienne questions the living situation. They suggest she stay a couple of days. She worries about their father showing up. Maya's not afraid of him anymore, and won't turn Nicole out of her home the way they did to her. They argue about the rules in the Avant house. Vivienne tells Maya she's sorry about the child that died and then leaves. In the main house, Aly confronts Steffy. "You never should have come back, we were happy here." She talks about her showing off her body. Steffy points out people dress like this around the pool. Liam tells Aly that's enough. Aly tells him he's a disappointment and was better with Hope, and Ivy. Steffy has a surprise for Liam and pulls him out the door. Wyatt and Ivy watch. Wyatt tells her if you want to, you can drag Liam anywhere. Aly asks they why they let people like Maya, Rick, and Steffy take whatever they want. Wyatt tells Ivy not to let his brother or Steffy make her feel bad. She wonders if he ever says no to Steffy. Wyatt talks about people who get into your brain and blood. He reassures Ivy that she's a star. She kisses his cheek. They wonder if Aly's in her room reverting to a time when scary things like sexiness didn't exist. Upstairs, Aly has a dollhouse with the Forrester clan inside. The floating head of Darla asks her what she's going to do about these women who flaunt their bodies. Aly gets a crazy look. In the kitchen, Rick tells Brooke he doesn't want Nicole to leave, but he doesn't have much weight to throw around in the situation. Brooke counsels him to tread carefully. He decides to let Maya handle it. He thinks Vivienne sees him as a deviant for loving Maya. Outside, Steffy surprises Liam with his and her massages - it's not a holiday unless you relax. During the massage, Steffy dismisses the masseuses with a nod and begins massaging Liam herself. He has no idea and leaps up when she goes under his towel. They laugh, kiss, and then walk holding hands. They both know they belong together. They gaze into each other's eyes and kiss.

    B&B Recap: Nicole and Maya are shocked by their mother's arrival

    Friday, July 03 2015

    Maya's doing a photo shoot by the Forrester pool. Everyone is there except Ridge, whose flight doesn't get in until tonight. Carter approaches Aly, who is standing off by herself fully clothed. She says, "I can't handle this." Aly goes into the kitchen where Eric, Brooke, Charlie, and Pam are preparing food. She demands to know why Maya is still the face of Forrester and gripes about Oliver taking photos of her and Steffy in their bikinis. Outside, Steffy is now posing as Liam looks on appreciably and fans himself. Wyatt notices Ivy's discomfort. Oliver wants Liam in the shots with Steffy. They pose on the diving board. Aly lurks around as Oliver tells Steffy it was nice working with her again. After, she approaches Oliver and reams him out for the way he looked at Steffy. "She's disgusting and filthy." Inside, Maya tells Nicole she approves of Zende. Steffy spots Ivy and walks over. They decide they should get along since they're working together and are family. Wyatt and Liam watch. Ivy enters the kitchen and Aly follows - she needs to talk to her alone. Aly chastises Ivy for being nice to Steffy. Ivy doesn't want to do this. Aly rants that Steffy is just sex, sex, sex. Aly warns Ivy she's reaching her breaking point. Ivy tells her to get a grip. Aly goes on about Steffy using her sexuality and how much she hates Maya. Ivy thinks she doesn't mean that. Pam appears. "Is everything alright in here?" In the living room, Rick tells Maya this is where she belongs. They kiss. Eric calls everyone together to make a speech about Independence Day and how proud he is of the California Freedom line. Aly shouts that freedom isn't about taking your clothes off. Steffy wonders if she'd rather have someone telling her what to wear. Eric tells Aly that's enough - they're not here to judge each other. Carter chats with Caroline about getting around without her walker. She credits Ridge. There's a knock at the door. Rick answers. Maya's face transforms. Nicole goes to the door. "Mom? What are you doing here?" Maya joins Nicole. Rick introduces himself. Vivienne Avant tells Nicole to get her things - they don't want her sister to brainwash her. Elsewhere, Eric thanks Pam, Brooke, and Charlie. Pam produces lemon bars. In a corner, Wyatt teases Liam that he hasn't been on a date with Steffy...yet. They all agree to work on cooperating on the new line. Wyatt adds, "With a little friendly competition." Across the room, Aly glares over at them. Oliver tells her to loosen up. She snaps, "What do you mean? Take off my clothes?" She tells him she wants to be alone. In the mirror, she sees the floating head of Darla. She tells her Steffy and Maya always win. She notices Darla's light is fading and thinks Steffy's doing it. Darla, now darker, says, "Her mother killed me. An eye for an eye. Retribution." Aly looks over at Steffy. Darla urges, "Do it, Aly. Do it!"

    B&B Recap: Ridge announces a new line, California Freedom

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Liam tells Ivy that Carter had the annulment papers fast-tracked. Wyatt snaps at him. He asks for privacy. Once alone, Ivy tells Liam she never meant for him to feel trapped. They both sign. She says, "You're free." Elsewhere, Steffy tells Aly she's sorry about her mother. She adds that Thorne has forgiven Taylor, and reminds her she lost Phoebe. Aly says it's not the same, and Steffy still has her mother. Steffy points out she still talks to Darla. Aly warns her not to look at her like she's a nut job. She's to blame for what's happening to Liam and Ivy. She glares at Steffy. "Liam and Ivy deserve to be blissfully happy, like my mother and father do." Ridge pops his head in and says there's a meeting. Aly wants to join it and promises not to be a problem. In another office, Rick, Brooke, Maya, and Pam enthusiastically welcome Zende to the company as Nicole looks on. Maya learns Nicole is interning too, and Zende finds out she tried to model but 'sucked'. Pam says Ridge wants everyone at the meeting, but she won't say when it is. They all laugh. Rick jokes about merriment and light returning now that Ridge is back in charge. Nicole whispers to Zende, "I'll explain later." Later, Zende and Nicole discuss the dysfunctional Forrester bunch while they work. He asks if she's taken. He's waiting for Ms. Right and wonders if he's looking in the right place. In the board room, the meeting convenes. Ivy announces that she is no longer getting deported and she and Liam signed annulment papers. Ridge begins the meeting by welcoming back Maya and giving props to Rick for deciding to run Forrester International from there. He then says Hope for the Future is done and they will promote freedom to be your own woman. California Freedom is the campaign name and will incorporate all Forrester designs. Aly rants about the plan to include lingerie and swimsuits. It's wrong and disgusting...and exactly what she'd expect from Steffy, not Ridge. Aly rants that it's not what her grandpa wants for the company. Ridge and Steffy say it is; they spoke to him. Ivy speaks up and Aly snaps at her for defending them. Liam says this isn't the place, but Aly goes on about Steffy canoodling with Liam in lingerie. Rick and others speak up to Aly. She can't understand why they look at her like she's from another planet. When Steffy mentions Thorne and Darla, Aly says she's not worthy to speak her mother's name. "You are the reason she's gone!" Everyone leaves Steffy and Aly alone. Aly doesn't want her help. She gets all worked up again. Steffy says she cares about her, only Aly can't believe it because Taylor is her mother. Aly denies she's forgiven Taylor. She cries. "You have no idea what it's been like." Steffy wants them to get along; they're family. Aly flashes to Darla's accident. Steffy is sorry Aly is haunted, but warns her not to give in to the pain that is causing the anger that's consuming her. In Caroline's office, she tells Ridge she thinks Steffy will get through to Aly. They kiss.

    B&B Recap: Darla tells Aly to get rid of Steffy

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Ivy is discussing an annulment with Carter when Wyatt enters. She tells him she's ending her marriage to Liam. Carter tells her to hang in there, and then exits. Wyatt tells her it's okay if she was hoping for a different outcome. Ivy clarifies she's not handing him back to Steffy. They discuss Steffy. Wyatt says she and Liam are unresolved. He lists Ivy's good qualities to make her feel better. He doesn't think Liam will give her up quickly. Ivy thinks Steffy needs another man. Wyatt says he kissed her and thinks if they play their cards right, Liam and Steffy may not be inevitable after all. Outside, Nicole asks Zende if he has a problem with Maya being a trans-woman. She then apologizes; she's protective. She explains how she found out about Maya and came to L.A. She describes what they went through together. Zende thinks Maya is pretty badass. Nicole tells him about trusting the wrong person - Wyatt Spencer. They discuss working there. Nicole smiles; something tells her it's going to be a fantastic summer. In an office, Caroline tells Maya how courageous she is. Maya tells her that coming from her, that means so much. They are laughing over how strange it is to have bonded when Rick enters. Maya tells him Caroline is supportive and thanks her. Caroline wonders if the changes around there will be a problem for them. Rick says he's glad to be back, but jokes about no welcome back signs or apology letter from Ridge. He says Forrester is his life and he wouldn't be back if not for Maya. Maya says there would be no Forrester without Rick. Elsewhere, Aly lashes out about Steffy flaunting herself. Liam warns her to dial it back. Aly informs Steffy she had her chance with Liam and blew it. He is with Ivy now and Aly won't let Steffy take him away. Steffy reminds her if she hadn't come back, she'd still be making crab dip and rubbing Maya's feet. Carter enters with the annulment papers. Aly pleads with Liam not to throw Ivy away. Liam leaves with Carter to sign the papers. Steffy warns Aly she's trying to respect her issues. Aly wonders what issues she thinks she has. "Maybe that your mother killed my mother?" Steffy says it was an accident. Aly hisses that Taylor was a slut like her - every time she looks at her she'll remember. Aly goes on about Steffy being the next reign of terror. She has to guard the family, which has poisonous branches. Steffy suggests she redirect her thoughts and perhaps focus on her shoe line. The floating head of Darla appears and tells Aly she's right - she couldn't protect her, but she can protect the family. Steffy realizes Aly is seeing Darla again. "You think I'm weird." Steffy warns her to stay away from her. Aly hears Darla's voice say, "Get rid of her." Down the hall Liam hears Wyatt telling Ivy how much better he'd like to get to know Steffy.

    B&B Recap: Caroline and Maya have it out, and then bond

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Maya finishes a phone call as Caroline enters. "Welcome back." Maya says, "Same to you." They discuss what happened with Rick. Caroline says she suffered because of Maya's accusations. Maya counters that Caroline lied and was cheating and trying to cover it up. Maya's past is brought up. Maya says Rick has only ever known the real her. Maya invites Caroline to tell her she should have told Rick the truth sooner. Caroline doesn't approve of how Maya caused her pain or handled things, but she's moved on now with Ridge...and she wants Rick to be happy. She tells Maya she's a brave and courageous woman. She never felt she fit in because of having two moms - and that doesn't compare to what Maya must have gone through. Caroline says she admires her and cries that she's a kickass woman. They tearfully embrace. Outside, Nicole shows Zende the workout area. He tells her he's from Miami. She can't believe his mom's a Forrester. He jokes that there have been whispers his mother had an affair with the mailman, and then tells her he's adopted. He explains about his family dying from AIDS and how he met Kristen and Tony on their honeymoon in Africa. They came back and adopted him later. Zende says Nicole must have had it rough too - he can't believe she's Maya's sister. Inside, Aly gushes over Ivy marrying Liam. She wants to celebrate. Ivy tells her it's being annulled because Liam still has feelings for Steffy. Aly learns the only reason Liam married her was because she was being deported. He never would have married her otherwise. Aly says, "Because of Steffy." Aly learns Quinn played a role in the marriage and can't believe Ivy talked to her. Ivy says the marriage never felt right but she doesn't want to hand Liam over to Steffy. Aly urges her to fight - there's no way Liam would choose Taylor's slutty daughter over her. Ivy warns Aly about name-calling. Aly hisses that Steffy uses her body to get what she wants; Liam had better make the right choice. Elsewhere, Liam and Steffy discuss the lingerie line. He thinks the world is ready. His marriage comes up. He says he wanted to help Ivy, but agrees he jumped in too soon. Steffy jokingly suggests Ivy should dye her hair blonde so they're easier to tell apart. She says there's a chance for them now that he's getting an annulment. She models lingerie. He gasps that it will sell out fast. They get close. Aly appears and shouts, "Take your hands off of him!" Aly launches into a tirade and calls Steffy a slut. "I will not let you ruin Ivy and Liam's lives!"

    B&B Recap: Neon Sign.

    Monday, June 08 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells Ridge that Aly came at her and told her to leave Liam alone - after she saw them kissing. Ridge reminds her she said her feelings wouldn't be a problem. Steffy says she was caught up in the moment; it's not a big deal. Liam enters. Steffy tells him he looks good.

    Outside, Ivy expresses confidence in her relationship with Liam to Aly. She doesn't think Steffy will be a problem. Aly tells her she caught Steffy kissing Liam. Ivy isn't surprised. Wyatt appears. Aly leaves for a meeting. Ivy tells Wyatt that Steffy has already kissed her boyfriend, who isn't interested. Wyatt muses that he's not available, they don't know he's not interested. Ivy is exasperated - why does everyone talk about Steffy like she's a goddess? Wyatt warns Steffy and Liam have an intense history. Ivy says Steffy could have anyone, so why does she keep throwing herself at her boyfriend?

    Inside, Carter congratulates Ridge and Steffy, while Aly takes Liam aside to 'talk'. Steffy tells her to cool it. Aly hisses at her to butt out and confronts Liam about the kiss. She needs to know if he sees a future with Ivy. Liam insists there is nothing to worry about. Aly blurts that she told Ivy what she saw. Nearby, Carter and Ridge talk and joke around. The meeting convenes. Ridge is grateful to be there. He brings in models to show what he and Caroline have been working on. Everyone is impressed. Liam compliments the jewelry, assuming it's Ivy's. Ridge says it's Quinn's. Steffy talks about bringing back the lingerie line. Aly assumes Steffy would be the spokesmodel and asks, "What about Hope for the Future?" She wonders how Ivy would feel about the lingerie idea and tells Liam. "You can't do this to her." She lectures on until Ridge interrupts. "Aly, we're having a meeting here." Aly has to stand up for Ivy. She goes on and on. Ridge says it's not the time to discuss Liam's love life and ends the meeting. Aly warns Liam to think about it - Steffy already tried to kiss him, who knows what she could do next. Once alone, Steffy wonders about Liam's answer to Aly's question - he never responded. Liam and Steffy laugh about her getting him in trouble. She points out they'll be working long hours together. Liam wants to do that, but asks her not to make him difficult. Steffy tears up - she is comfortable with him; he was her lover and best friend. She waves at Liam to go. He does.

    Outside, Ivy asks Wyatt if he thinks Steffy is so captivating, why doesn't he ask her out? He heads inside and finds Steffy crying. "This is about Liam isn't it?" Steffy admits she still has feelings for him. Wyatt says she might as well be wearing a neon sign. He recalls being the same with Hope and having his heart ripped out. Steffy muses that Hope doesn't seem like his type. Wyatt tells Steffy she'll be okay. Steffy's thrilled to be back, but feels it will be difficult being around Liam. Seeing him brings back everything; she really wants a summer of love, romance and adventure. Wyatt suggests they start focusing on what's in front of them.

    Outside, Liam bickers with Ivy about Steffy kissing him. He's sorry she had to hear about it from Aly. Ivy is super frustrated. Liam says it's just Steffy's version of welcoming him to Forrester. Ivy wants his lips to herself.

    B&B Recap: Just A Memory.

    Friday, June 05 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Wyatt, Ivy and Aly venture into the main office. Ridge confirms that Rick and Maya are really gone. Aly's thrilled and rushes outside to tell Oliver the good news. She just hopes Steffy knows her place. Oliver cautions, "Aly..." Aly muses that she will track her down and have a little chat. Inside, Ivy and Wyatt share a toast with Steffy and Liam. Steffy then announces that they have paperwork to do, so Wyatt and Ivy leave. Steffy and Liam beam at each other. "We did it!" They finish their work and Steffy pours more champagne. Liam shouts about how grateful he is to her - everyone should be grateful. Steffy is happy to be back there. They congratulate each other some more. Aly peeks in as Steffy kisses him. Outside, Wyatt isn't overly thrilled about Liam's good fortune and wonders what issues Steffy will bring to the mix. Ivy says Liam's proven his commitment to her. Wyatt muses that it was easy when Steffy wasn't around. He goes on about her. Ivy says it sounds like Wyatt likes her. Liam appears. Ivy admits they were talking about Steffy. Liam reassures Ivy again and Ivy says she was encouraging Wyatt to ask out Steffy. Liam stammers, "Really?" Wyatt asks if he'd have a problem with that. Inside, Aly confronts Steffy about throwing herself at Liam. Steffy, amused, doesn't feel the need to explain herself. Aly tightly explains that Liam is with someone more suitable now. "Ivy is the kind of woman Liam should be with. Not you." Steffy says what she does with Liam isn't her business. Ivy disagrees - Ivy is her friend. She talks about this being a chance to restore the values and morals of Forrester. Steffy realizes she took the Hope for the Future message to heart. Aly hisses that Steffy will only ever be a memory for Liam; she needs to accept that.

    B&B Recap: Spencey Senses.

    Thursday, June 04 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Bill enlightens Ridge, Steffy, and Liam about Rick's offer to him. He tells Ridge to pucker up and sell him on why he should come to his side of the table. He chuckles that his Spencey senses woke him up with a tingle this morning - he knew he would love this day. Liam reminds Bill he's been working on this for months. Bill shrugs that deals are fluid. He invites Ridge to make his case. Ridge turns on Rick for going to Bill. Eric intervenes. Liam snipes at Bill next. Steffy tells Bill he's had his power play now it's time to get on with business. Eric demands to know Bill's decision. Bill tells Liam he's proud of him and he supported his desire to oust Rick. However, he reminds him he didn't give him ownership because of this situation right here. He talks about the opportunity presented by Rick - he won't let personal issues get in the way. He announces to Rick, "We have a deal." Ridge curses. Bill has a condition however. "Maya's gotta go. As the face of Forrester Creations, she's out." Rick bickers with Bill about it, but Bill barks at him to wake the hell up; part of their customer base thinks Maya is a disgrace. Rick slugs him. "You're a disgrace." He steps out and calls Maya - he's coming over. Steffy, Liam, and Ridge meet privately and congratulate each other. Ridge marvels that Rick chose Maya. Steffy says Ridge can finally take his place. Elsewhere, Ivy and Aly enthuse about the takeover by Ridge and company. Wyatt, who was listening, is upset that he has done so much for Forrester and now may end up having to answer to Liam. He thinks he should be vice-president instead of his half-brother. Ivy points out Liam made the takeover plan. Wyatt gripes that their dad rewards Liam whether he deserves it or not. Wyatt apologizes for being a downer, but it doesn't sit well with him. Aly thinks Wyatt helping knock Maya off her pedestal is the best thing that has happened in a while. She doesn't feel sorry for her after the way she and Rick treated her; they need to go. Aly figures Rick will try everything to stay in power. She asks Ivy how she feels about Steffy being involved. Wyatt puts his money on Ivy.

    B&B Recap: You Are So Bad.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    At the Forrester mansion, Maya tells Rick she got a text from Nicole who is going to be a jewelry model thanks to Wyatt. They talk about Ivy bringing Liam to the house. Rick shrugs. "We've got nothing to hide." Aly brings them crab claws. Rick is upset that she already cracked them. He orders a sandwich instead. Aly mentions her shoe line and goes back to the kitchen. Maya tells Rick, "You are so bad." After, Aly answers the door to Carter. Rick invites him in and says Aly made them snacks. Aly goes to her room. Carter asks, "Aly cooks for you?" Rick says she likes to do nice things for him. He goes to upload a file and Carter warns Maya not to do to Rick what she did to him. She's not proud of how she treated him and apologizes for hurting him. He says what she's doing is crazy. Maya says she'll have the talk with Rick when she needs to. Carter replies, "Unless Nicole has it first." Rick reappears. He wants to clear the air with Carter, who admits it's been awkward lately, but not for the reasons he thinks. Carter leaves. Rick doesn't trust Carter; he's Ridge's buddy. Maya agrees, but she can trust Rick. He adds, "And Nicole."

    B&B Recap: Trying To Survive.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    At Forrester, Ridge doesn't know what Brooke is doing, but he knows she's there because she hates being alone. He can't fight for her because his heart isn't in it. Brooke snaps and says she could have him back 'just like that' if she wanted to. He laughs. Brooke accuses him of being with Caroline only to get back at Rick for becoming CEO. She wishes they'd made better decisions as a couple so their family would now be stronger and she wouldn't be alone. Ridge doesn't see their years together as a failure. Brooke says her priority right now is her children, especially Rick. She worries that RJ will lose respect for Ridge because of Caroline, and wonders what he and Caroline talk about together. She thinks Ridge will choose to let her go and will need Brooke. She feels she would be good at running interference between him and Rick. Ridge notes that historically, that hasn't been the case. He adds that Caroline knows who he is now, not twenty five years ago; Brooke should leave them alone. In Rick's office, Maya perches on his knee. In the studio, Aly grimaces as Nicole dances for Oliver on the shoot. He turns off the music. He tells her there's a difference between dancing and modeling. Carter comes in and notes Nicole modeling. He says there's no need to explain what's going on - it's all clear to him. When Nicole rips something, Oliver tells her to change and Aly groans they have work to do. Carter snarks about it paying to have Maya behind her. Upstairs, Rick calls down and gets the scoop on Nicole's modeling. He muses they can't all be as gorgeous as Maya. Later in the studio, they look at Nicole's proofs. She raves that she did awesome! Oliver and Aly step out. Carter accuses Nicole of squeezing Maya to let her live in a mansion and give her priority over models who actually know what they're doing. He feels Maya is scared. Nicole asks if Carter believes Rick will understand about Maya. Carter says he didn't feel good. He speculates about why she didn't tell him when they were together. Nicole says Maya made her feel she didn't care about her. Carter thinks when you're trying to survive, sometimes you forget how to love others. In Rick's office, he is upset that Ridge didn't make the changes to the designs. Maya gives her opinion but then backs off. He tells her never to hold back. Maya wants to do something for Brooke, who was so accepting of her today. She's happy. They kiss and Maya's pocketbook falls - a prescription bottle shows out. They talk about things getting easier between Rick and Caroline. Maya says when she has a husband, she'll want him to know everything about her. Rick says he'll know how lucky he is. Rick picks up her pocketbook and sees the estrogen pills. "Why would you need to take these?"

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