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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Thomas Forrester (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Thomas Forrester (Past) Played by Drew Tyler Bell on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Tyler Bell (CBS)

    Birthday: 1986-01-29
    Birthplace: Indiana
    Real Name: Drew Tyler Bell
    Height: 5' 11"


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    You Have Me.

    Monday, November 07 2011

    At Forrester, Thomas shows Hope some sketches. She loves them, remarking on the sweetness and innocence of the designs. He looks at her and says he was inspired. Hope talks about her feelings - she wonders if it will ever get easier to forget about Liam. Thomas puts Hope in front of the mirror and asks how she sees herself. She's unable to respond, so he tells her he sees a beautiful, young woman whose voice is helping counteract a society obsessed with instant gratification. He thinks the impact she's making is awesome, and advises her to leave the Steffy and Liam drama behind her. When Thomas says she's special, Hope debates the point. Hope says she was sure she'd marry Liam, but now he's married to Steffy. She's not sure what she has anymore. Thomas says, "You have me." Hope wonders if Steffy trapped her in the gondola. Thomas doesn't know, and says Steffy wouldn't confide in him if he knew how he felt about Hope. He tells Hope he admires the woman she's become. He says Liam didn't understand her choices, but he does. Thomas tells her she's important to him, and has changed his life. They kiss. Liam opens the door and then ducks out. Hope leaves the office and Thomas spots Liam. He tells him to leave Hope alone.

    Less Stressed?

    Monday, December 13 2010

    After hanging up with Aggie, Whip hangs around behind-the-scenes of the Taboo line. As Thomas promises Ridge no scandals tonight, Whip takes Thorne's list and gets a devious look in his eye. He swaps out some outfits as the show continues. Meanwhile, Jarrett heads backstage to get some candid shots. Thomas comes out of one the dressing rooms - his suit is missing! Brooke goes into another dressing room and Thomas bursts in as she's changing. Jarrett catches them half-dressed, but exits quickly. Whip, however, gets a picture with his cellphone!

    You've Created a Monster!

    Friday, August 27 2010

    In Ridge's office, he is caught between Steffy, Taylor, and Brooke arguing over whether or not Brooke should leave the company. Thomas comes in and shocks all of them by announcing that letting Brooke go now would make everything worse! Steffy protests, and argues that Ridge needs to act. Thomas retorts that he has - he's kept Brooke! Thomas then turns to Taylor and tells her she's created a monster - Steffy is guilt-tripping their dad and power-tripping on Brooke. He goes on the record with his stance that Brooke should stay! Thorne tells Steffy she needs to just get over it - divorce happens! Steffy shrieks back at him that she's doing what's best for Forrester Creations! Thomas wonders if that means threatening to sell her shares back to Bill Spencer - the man she seduced to get the company back in the first place! Steffy recovers from her shock, and insists all she did was beat Bill at his own game. She resumes her argument against Brooke. Thomas insists this is personal. He tells Taylor that Steffy's been pulling this 'poor little me' routine for a while now. He wonders why she got 25% of the company and not him or Thorne. Steffy says Brooke has tarnished the company. Ridge tells Thomas he's made his point, and now he'll make the decision. He turns to look beseechingly at Brooke, who slowly walks out of the office. Thomas argues with Ridge, urging him not to let Steffy pressure him when it's not what he wants. Ridge says it's done.

    Liam May Be My Son.

    Thursday, August 26 2010

    Thomas and Steffy are alone in her office. He thinks Brooke deserves a break for once. Steffy shows him a funny video clip she found online called "Brooke the Chaperone." Marcus comes in and tells them that he got drenched with a bottle of water someone from the crowd threw. He says they have to do something. Stef agrees and says he’s going to help her.

    When Liam comes into Ridge’s office, he asks him what he wants. Liam says he came to help undo the damage he’s done. He apologizes and shows him the photos and says one of them could be his father. He asks Ridge if it’s okay if he takes out Hope. Ridge says no, takes a call and Liam leaves. In the hallway Hope tells him she overheard the nice things he said, takes his hand and leads him away. Brooke joins Ridge in his office. She tells him that she doesn’t think Steffy is going to let this go. Brooke tells Ridge how the problems are keeping her from fixing her relationship with Hope. Steffy intrudes and shows them a very wet Marcus. She says no one is safe and tells Brooke to do the right thing for all of them. Ridge asks Marcus to leave. Steffy says that they have to refocus on the company, not scandals. She begs him to do what’s right. She says that Brooke has to go, today!

    Witches of Forrester.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    Stephanie, Steffy, and Taylor meet at Forrester. Steffy says Ridge can't see what is happening to the company because of his wife - Brooke is bringing down Forrester. Stephanie warns her against fighting with her father. Steffy thinks she can motivate Ridge to get Brooke out by using Bill's offer as a threat. Eric, Ridge, Thorne, and Thomas come in. Eric asks where Brooke is. Steffy tells Ridge they have to face the fact that Brooke is a liability! Thorne backs her up with numbers showing that the scandal is affecting the company. Steffy wants to turf Brooke, but Ridge says it's not going to happen. Stephanie tells Ridge he'd be wise to listen to his daughter, who is now part-owner. Ridge comments that Steffy needs to keep her personal issues in check. She counters that he needs to do the same. Ridge doesn't appreciate being strong-armed to fire Brooke. Bill's offer comes up and Thomas is appalled that Steffy would consider selling to him.

    Brooke comes into the emergency meeting at Forrester and says, "Let me guess, the Witches of Forrester are trying to force me out." Steffy muses that it's time for a new era without her in it. Brooke says she's not going anywhere. Some of the others slip out as Stephanie and Steffy argue with Brooke about the scandal. Stephanie is sick of the nonsense, and tells Ridge that she wants Brooke out. Eric is livid that she is siding with Steffy against her own son! Stephanie defends her position with numbers. Ridge thinks the scandal will blow over soon. Brooke tells them that Ridge will stand by her. Steffy and Brooke both appeal to Ridge to make the decision as CEO.

    In another office, Thomas and Taylor talk. Taylor asks if he's okay with her giving her stock to Steffy. He's not. He gets that she felt sorry for Steffy being mistreated, but Steffy is a poker player - what if she's not bluffing about selling to Spencer.

    Stool Pigeon.

    Monday, August 23 2010

    Thomas, Taylor, and Steffy are in Ridge's office with him. Thomas takes Ridge to task for kicking Steffy out of the company. Steffy says she's back, and ready to kick butt as part owner! Thomas looks puzzled. Ridge explains that Bill has Donna's shares, but they are suing him. Thomas asks what that has to do with Steffy. Ridge explains that Taylor gave Steffy her shares to support her, but reassures him he'll also be an owner someday. Steffy hopes that Brooke will keep her distance. Thomas questions Taylor about the way she handled the situation. Steffy jumps in with an offer of a raise and promotion for Thomas. Ridge and Taylor think it's a great idea. They discuss Bill trying to buy Steffy's shares. Steffy makes it clear she won't sell as long as Ridge supports her. Brooke comes to the doorway and sees Steffy hugging Ridge and grinning. Brooke leaves. They go back to discussing Bill, and Liam's name comes up. Ridge shares how he claimed he was his father, saying he doesn't know what he's after.

    Deep Down You Know It!

    Thursday, July 08 2010

    At Forrester, Thomas finds Steffy in an office and says she has a funny look on her face. He asks her what's up. Steffy confides that if all goes well, the two remaining Logans will be gone from the company forever! Steffy calls Ridge, who tells her that Brooke has decided to leave Forrester. She asks to speak with Brooke, and thanks her. She tells her to make her announcement tomorrow, and Hope has to be out too. Brooke hangs up on her!

    Nobody is Leaving This Cabin!

    Thursday, June 17 2010

    At the baby shower Taylor is having for Bridget, Whip, Steffy, Thomas, Aggie, Owen, Jackie, and Oliver hang around the pool. Nick and Bridget arrive. Steffy corners Oliver and tells him he should be hanging with the guys. He notes that his family isn't big on get-togethers, so he's not sure on the protocol. Aggie joins Oliver as the gifts are opened. She remarks on Owen's gift being an odd choice. Aggie feels that something is off about the pregnancy. Oliver says Bridget wouldn't lie about it. Aggie says if Nick's not the father he deserves to know, and she'll tell him! She notices Bridget whisper to Owen and him follow her into the house. Nick thanks Aggie for helping to make the party happen.

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