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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Carter Walton

    Full detailed profile on Carter Walton Played by Lawrence Saint-Victor on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Carter Walton

    Actor: Lawrence Saint-Victor

    Who played Carter Walton over the years

    Lawrence Saint-Victor (January 30 2013 - Present)

    Useful information on Carter Walton

    * Is Marcus Forrester's adoptive brother.
    * Enjoys acting.
    * Fell for Maya Avant.


    Current: Attorney at Forrester Creations
    Past: Actor on Room 8 web series
    Past: Attorney in Texas


    Carter came to Los Angeles to visit his adoptive brother, Marcus, and ended up accepting a job at Forrester Creations. He fell for Maya from the moment she first arrived in town, although he knew she was attracted to Rick. When Carter accepted a role on a web series, he and Maya wound up acting together and his attraction grew. When Maya and Rick had a falling out, Marcus wasted no time in proposing. Maya accepted and the two became engaged. Carter didn't have an easy engagement with Maya however. Unbeknownst to him, she kissed Oliver, and when she later began meddling in Oliver and Ally's relationship, they began arguing. When Maya made a play for former lover Rick in the Forrester steam room, Rick's wife, Caroline, filled Carter in and he dumped Maya.




    Maya Avant (broken engagement)


    Marcus Forrester (adoptive brother)




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    Friday, November 21 2014: B&B Recap: Man Up.

    At Forrester, Ridge is proud of Caroline. She agonizes and realizes she's fallen for Ridge. Caroline frets about everyone suffering and thinks she never should have come to Los Angeles. Ridge says no one else could have helped him draw; there's something about her and the way they connect. Caroline runs off. In Rick's office, he tells Maya the orders are pouring in. She credits the models. Rick can't believe they're paying the prices. He explodes that he's making money because his wife cheated. "This line should have sunk!" Eric is there and orders Maya out. He tells Rick, "Stop this foolishness now." He rants about him behaving lie a petulant child; shacking up with Maya, trying to hurt Caroline. He's humiliating himself and the company. "You're CEO now. Act like it." Rick protests that his personal life has no bearing on his position. Eric disagrees. He feels Rick still loves Caroline and implores him not to lose his marriage over Maya. If he doesn't reconcile with Caroline, Eric will fire him as CEO. Rick argues with him. Eric reminds him he promised he wouldn't let his feelings get in the way. "I'm so disappointed in you." Rick cries. He thinks Eric doesn't understand. Eric know it hurt and was embarrassing, but he has to be able to depend on him. "Show me the kind of man you are." Eric warns again, if Rick doesn't stop the foolishness, he's done. Rick thinks he's holding him to a standard he couldn't uphold himself. Eric says that's exactly what he's doing. "Man up." In the showroom, Maya greets clients, who ignore her. Carter laughs and says it's like they don't know how important she is. She snarks that he seems clueless as well. They argue about the success of the fashion show. Carter says it's because of the designs and questions if Rick upped the prices for the good of the company. Maya says company will make a fortune. Carter warns Rick and Caroline may not be over - she may just be the stepsister trying to fit her foot into Caroline's shoe. Ridge finds Caroline outside contemplating the mess from the fistfight. Ridge tells her running away won't fix anything. He urges her to show Rick he's the one screwing up their marriage. Caroline wonders, "What about us?" Ridge says he wouldn't be there if not for her. They embrace. Inside, Caroline wonders to Ridge if she should not go back to Rick, but move's like it's coming full circle; Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer. Rick enters. He tells Caroline he made a mistake and doesn't want their marriage to end. "Could you please forgive me?"

    Thursday, November 20 2014: B&B Recap: We Did This Together.

    Gloria Fisher Bardwell from Genoa City arrives at the Forrester fashion show. Eric greets her enthusiastically. Gloria has heard amazing things about the couture line but admits the prices seem a bit high. Eric finds Rick and lectures him about the prices. Pam offers Gloria a lemon bar. Glo declines and learns Pam is Stephanie's sister. She takes a bar. He wonders if he hopes to sink the line. Rick says he priced them like art. Backstage, Carter checks in with Caroline, who wonders where Ridge is. Maya tells the models what to do. Rick asks Caroline where Ridge has gone. She doesn't know. Outside, Bill orders Ridge to stay away from Caroline. They fistfight. Inside, Rick kicks things off. Backstage, Caroline asks Carter to please find Ridge. She sends out the first model and the fashion show begins. Rick smugly tells himself no one will pay his prices for the gowns. Outside, Ridge and Bill continue to throw punches. Ridge ends up on the ground. Bill asks if they're done here and orders him to stay away from Caroline and Katie - next time he won't see it coming until it's too late. He punches him once more. Inside, Maya tells Caroline not to touch her gown. Caroline says she designed it and makes an adjustment. When Maya's on the runway, Ridge staggers up to Caroline. She asks if this is because of her and hugs him. Rick sees. As the fashion show ends, Gloria tells Eric it was fabulous, she'll be sure to tell Lauren for the boutique. Backstage, Ridge sends Caroline out to get the credit she deserves. Rick backs him up. She takes a deep breath and steps out to a huge applause. Rick watches Ridge admiring her on the screen. Caroline returns backstage and Ridge hugs her. Rick narrows his eyes. Maya approaches him and talks about the success of the CEO and lead model. He tells her the designs had something to do with it. Nearby, Caroline learns Bill beat up Ridge. Ridge mentions the applause and tells her he's proud of her. "We did this together."

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