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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Carter Walton

    Full detailed profile on Carter Walton Played by Lawrence Saint-Victor on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Carter Walton

    Actor: Lawrence Saint-Victor

    Who played Carter Walton over the years

    Lawrence Saint-Victor (January 30 2013 - Present)

    Useful information on Carter Walton

    * Is Marcus Forrester's adoptive brother.
    * Enjoys acting.
    * Fell for Maya Avant.


    Current: Attorney at Forrester Creations
    Past: Actor on Room 8 web series
    Past: Attorney in Texas


    Carter came to Los Angeles to visit his adoptive brother, Marcus, and ended up accepting a job at Forrester Creations. He fell for Maya from the moment she first arrived in town, although he knew she was attracted to Rick. When Carter accepted a role on a web series, he and Maya wound up acting together and his attraction grew. When Maya and Rick had a falling out, Marcus wasted no time in proposing. Maya accepted and the two became engaged. Carter didn't have an easy engagement with Maya however. Unbeknownst to him, she kissed Oliver, and when she later began meddling in Oliver and Ally's relationship, they began arguing. When Maya made a play for former lover Rick in the Forrester steam room, Rick's wife, Caroline, filled Carter in and he dumped Maya.




    Maya Avant (broken engagement)


    Marcus Forrester (adoptive brother)




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    Monday, April 27 2015: B&B Recap: Spill!

    At Forrester Creations, Wyatt tells Liam and Ivy that the secret they're looking for isn't Rick's, it's Maya's. Pam appears from the back of the room. She says, "Spill! What is the story with Rick and Maya?" They swear her to secrecy and tell her the overheard Maya and Nick discussing a secret. Pam says she did too. They wonder if it's Maya's secret or if Nicole was trying to throw Wyatt off track. Pam theorizes that Maya could be a spy from another fashion house. Liam just hopes Rick is caught in the fallout. Pam exits. They continue to discuss ousting Rick and Wyatt's connection with Nicole. He promises to do more digging and leaves. Ivy thanks Liam for supporting her and fighting the good fight. They kiss. Liam promises Rick's days are numbered. In Rick's office, he cozies up to Maya and talks about her sexy body. She perches on his lap and he goes on about how honest she is compared to his exes. "You're like no other person I've ever met." Rick summons Charlie about an incoming shipment of gems. Pam sticks her head in. Maya goes. Pam blurts that Maya seemed secretive. Rick leaves. Charlie grills Pam, and tells her he can read her like a steamy novel. Pam tells him there's a huge secret, and it's about Maya. She fills him in and he wonders how they'll find out what the secret is. Pam spots Maya's purse. Outside, Nicole spots Carter working out. She admires his abs and still doesn't understand Maya going for Rick over him. Carter wonders if Wyatt would appreciate his girlfriend ogling another man. She is coy but admits they're dating. Carter is stunned to hear he took her on the private jet and pulled out all the stops. Nicole says he told her his family secret. Carter wonders when they were talking about secrets if she told Wyatt about Maya. Nicole says she didn't. Maya appears. "But you were tempted, weren't you?" Nicole says she wouldn't tell him about Maya, though she's sure he'd understand. Maya reiterates that no one else can know. Later, in the studio, Nicole gets Maya upset by saying she and Wyatt joined The Mile High Club. She then laughs - she's just kidding. Nicole turns serious; she's starting to think maybe Maya shouldn't tell Rick her secret after all. In the corridor, Rick stops Wyatt to ask why he didn't return his messages last night. Wyatt says he was on Forrester business and if it pans out, Rick will be the first to know. In Rick's office, Pam tries to convince Charlie it's their duty to check Maya's purse. Charlie suggests the purse could get knocked over and the contents could spill. Pam does it. "You mean like this?" Pam picks up the estrogen pills. Charlie says there's only one reason she'd be taking those. "Maya is transgender."

    Friday, April 24 2015: B&B Recap: Magic Carpet Riding.

    At Forrester Creations, Brooke asks Rick if Maya is pressuring him into marriage. He insists she's not like that. Eric pipes up that it's the next natural step. Brooke clucks that he's still married to Caroline. She doesn't understand jumping from one marriage to another. Eric disagrees - marriage looks good on a CEO. "Rick and Maya love each other." Rick says Maya has integrity, he'd be lucky to call her his wife. Brooke is glad he's happy. Eric is proud of his success. Rick gives credit to Maya. "She's everything." In another office, Carter tells a glum Maya he knows it must be difficult keeping her past from Rick. Maya talks about knowing she was born a woman, it just took her body a while to catch up with that reality. Carter argues that if she trusts Rick she should just tell him. He warns she may have the choice taken away from her - does she trust Nicole? Maya says Nicole is seeing Wyatt now. They agree it's too fast. Maya joins Rick, Brooke and Eric. She notices his watch. Rick explains that Maya knows what it means to him. He talks about how he grew up and says he wants his life to be scandal-free. He can have that with Maya. Rick crows about feeling all this unconditional support. He tells Maya this is their reward - a life rooted in honesty and integrity.

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