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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Quinn Fuller

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Fuller Played by Rena Sofer on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Quinn Fuller

    Actor: Rena Sofer

    Who played Quinn Fuller over the years

    Rena Sofer (July 12, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Quinn Fuller

    * Is a jewelry designer.
    * Has a son named Wyatt.
    * Gave her son a sword necklace identical to Bill Spencer's.


    Current: Jewelry designer
    Past: Unknown


    Quinn Fuller runs her own jewelry design warehouse and was introduced to Hope Logan by her son, Wyatt, after he became friends with her. Quinn wasn't amused by Hope's questions about the sword necklace her son wears and seemed to tense when Bill Spencer's name was mentioned.






    Wyatt Fuller (son)


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    Monday, July 07 2014: B&B Recap: Let Her Go.

    In Malibu, Quinn holds the sword to Liam's neck and assures him that Wyatt's going to have what he wants. Liam gets away but she knocks him down and is straddling him with the sword held high overhead when Wyatt appears. "Mom!" Wyatt pushes her off Liam and helps him up. Mother and son argue. Wyatt stuns Quinn by sticking up for Liam. Wyatt asks if she'd like to kill him too because after tonight, it's the end of the road for one of them. Wyatt rants about the years of humiliation of living with a maniac and how he's kept her from being put away. Wyatt credits Liam for making him want to be a better person. He tells Quinn, "The only lives you ruined tonight were yours and mine." Quinn soothes that everything is going to be fine. She admits she's been terrible to his brother, but she's a passionate person. In a strangled voice, Wyatt tells her she should go to prison for this. Quinn turns the sword on herself. "Is this going to satisfy you?" Wyatt grabs it and plunges it into a chair. He can't be her keeper anymore. She's sorry. Wyatt doesn't care. Quinn runs out. Liam tells Wyatt to let her go. Liam says he finally 'gets' what Wyatt's had to deal with. Wyatt apologizes and tries to explain protecting Quinn. "I just didn't want to be alone." Liam tells him he will never be alone.

    Friday, July 04 2014: B&B Recap: This Thing Is Killer!

    In her warehouse, Quinn fondles the sword. She gets a text from Wyatt saying he needs to see her; he's with Hope and Liam. Furious, Quinn realizes Liam told them about her threat.

    Deacon returns to the warehouse and asks to see what Quinn's been working on. He tells her about his visit to Brooke's house. She pulls out the sword. He's impressed. "This thing is killer!" She muses, "That's the point." Deacon wonders what she's going to do with it. Quinn leaves with it. Wyatt arrives and Deacon says Quinn left. Wyatt learns how Deacon and Quinn met. Deacon says he's worried - Quinn left with a sword just like Wyatt's necklace only life-size. Wyatt runs out.

    Quinn looks in Liam's door. He spots her, panics, and threatens to call the police. Quinn says after tonight, Hope and Wyatt will be free of him at last. She kicks his sprained ankle. He falls. She brandishes the sword. "I warned you!"

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