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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Quinn Fuller

    Full detailed profile on Quinn Fuller Played by Rena Sofer on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Quinn Fuller

    Actor: Rena Sofer

    Who played Quinn Fuller over the years

    Rena Sofer (July 12, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Quinn Fuller

    * Is a jewelry designer.
    * Has a son named Wyatt.
    * Gave her son a sword necklace identical to Bill Spencer's.


    Current: Jewelry designer
    Past: Unknown


    Quinn Fuller runs her own jewelry design warehouse and was introduced to Hope Logan by her son, Wyatt, after he became friends with her. Quinn wasn't amused by Hope's questions about the sword necklace her son wears and seemed to tense when Bill Spencer's name was mentioned.






    Wyatt Fuller (son)


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    Tuesday, April 21 2015: B&B Recap: High Maintenance.

    At home, Deacon and Quinn make out. She says it was nice of Wyatt to let them marry at his house. They talk about what Brooke pulled being difficult for Deacon. Quinn calls Deacon her husband for the first time and gets a thrill. They have a playful exchange about being husband and wife. After making love, Deacon jokes he can be high maintenance. They talk about being together forever; they'll exit together. Quinn finds his morbid side sexy. She gets serious - it's not about need, it's about want. "I want to be with you, Deacon. Forever."

    Monday, April 20 2015: B&B Recap: Crazyland.

    At Wyatt's beach house, Quinn confronts Brooke about busting in on her wedding while Deacon talks to Hope on the tablet. She tells him he won't be part of her life if he marries Quinn, and she can't understand why he'd want to marry a woman like that. Quinn wants to talk to Hope but Deacon won't let her. Deacon makes a heartfelt speech to Hope about how Quinn has changed. He's going to marry Quinn and hopes one day she'll accept it. Hope says she won't and hangs up. Quinn tells Brooke she's so determined to hurt her, she doesn't care what she does to Deacon and his daughter. Brooke can't believe Deacon is choosing Quinn over his own child. Quinn accuses Brooke of using Hope. Deacon plans to go ahead with the wedding. Brooke can't watch him do this. She leaves. Carter resumes the ceremony. Wyatt has something to say - he appreciates how Deacon has stood by his mother time and again. He wants Quinn to be happy. They embrace. Carter continues with the ceremony. Quinn tells Deacon that since she met him, nothing seems impossible. Deacon vows to Quinn that they'll prove the naysayers wrong. They will make each other happier than they ever imagined. Deacon and Quinn exchange rings and Carter wraps their wrists as a symbol of the bond they've created today. He pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss.

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