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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Wyatt Fuller

    Full detailed profile on Wyatt Fuller Played by Darin Brooks on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wyatt Fuller

    Actor: Darin Brooks

    Who played Wyatt Fuller over the years

    Darin Brooks (June 21, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Wyatt Fuller

    * Was first seen showering naked in the woods near Big Bear.
    * Was raised not knowing his father was Bill Spencer.


    Current: Executive at Quinn Artisan in partnership with Forrester Creations.


    Hope stumbled upon Wyatt Fuller as he took a shower, nude, near Big Bear. She snapped a photo and ran. She tripped and was knocked unconscious. Wyatt's kiss awakened her. He left her at the cabin with another kiss.

    When Wyatt later found Hope in L.A., there was still an attraction, but she was with Liam. Wyatt's sword necklace piqued Hope's interest since it was just like Bill's. Hope arranged for Wyatt's mother and Bill to cross paths and the secret came out - Wyatt was Bill's son and Liam's half-brother. Wyatt was invited to move into Liam's house in Malibu, but earned himself a punch when he kissed Hope under Liam's roof. The rivalry was on. Wyatt also had a serious disagreement with Bill over his treatment of Katie, however they were able to mend fences.

    Hope admired Wyatt and Quinn's jewelry and a partnership was formed with Quinn Artisan and Forrester Creations, keeping Wyatt and Hope in close proximity. They even traveled to Mexico together to procure a huge diamond to help kick off the new Hope For The Future line. While it was on display at the boutique, Wyatt masterminded a fake robbery to garner publicity. Still, Hope planned to marry Liam, so Quinn, knowing that Wyatt wanted Hope, manipulated to get Steffy to come back to L.A. on the day Liam was to marry Hope. Hope saw them together and took off to Hawaii with Wyatt. After their return, Hope considered them to be 'dating'. Liam, determined to prove to Hope that Wyatt was bad news, found proof of Wyatt's heist scam, but Quinn trapped him in an elevator before he could tell Hope. Wyatt and Hope left on a road trip up the coast together and made love for the first time. Eventually, Liam showed up and exposed Wyatt's role in the jewelry heist. Once they were all back in L.A., Hope stunned Liam by forgiving Wyatt and committing to him.




    Hope Logan (dating)


    Quinn Fuller (mother)
    Bill Spencer, Jr. (father)
    Liam (William) Spencer III (half-brother)
    Will Logan Spencer (half-brother)
    Caroline Spencer (cousin)
    Karen Spencer (aunt)


    None known


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    Tuesday, October 21 2014: B&B Recap: Beyond The Sketchpad.

    At the beach house, Hope tells Deacon if he chooses to be in a relationship with Quinn then... Deacon pleads with her to stop and think. Hope tells her father Quinn is using him. Quinn pouts that this is a waste of time. Wyatt can't believe his mother can't understand Hope's point of view. Hope tells Deacon he should see through this con. Quinn and Deacon leave. Wyatt hugs Hope, who talks about their parents together being wrong on so many levels. Wyatt thinks it might be good for his mom to focus on something besides them. Hope corrects him - that's not what this is; she's using her dad. Hope prays she got through to Deacon, who is hurting and vulnerable to Quinn. Wyatt thinks they're using each other. He turns Hope's focus back to them. "We'll be the parents we never had."

    Friday, October 17 2014: B&B Recap: You're Out Too.

    At the beach house, Hope is thrilled that Wyatt made her breakfast, but warns she hasn't changed her mind about his mother. Hope mentions talking to Brooke. She'll tell her Wyatt has never been happier. Wyatt confirms it, although it would be better if... Hope knows - if there wasn't so much tension with his mother. She reminds him Quinn brought it on herself.

    At the beach house, Hope tells Wyatt her father is bringing a woman over. Deacon arrives and does a little spiel before bringing Quinn in. Hope hollers, "No! No, no, no!" Deacon fast talks. "Can't you just try..." Hope says absolutely not and Quinn is using him. She tells Quinn she is desperate and Deacon that if he spends his life with Quinn, he's out too.

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