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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Wyatt Fuller

    Full detailed profile on Wyatt Fuller Played by Darin Brooks on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wyatt Fuller

    Actor: Darin Brooks

    Who played Wyatt Fuller over the years

    Darin Brooks (June 21, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Wyatt Fuller

    * Was first seen showering naked in the woods near Big Bear.
    * Was raised not knowing his father was Bill Spencer.


    Current: Executive at Quinn Artisan in partnership with Forrester Creations.


    Hope stumbled upon Wyatt Fuller as he took a shower, nude, near Big Bear. She snapped a photo and ran. She tripped and was knocked unconscious. Wyatt's kiss awakened her. He left her at the cabin with another kiss.

    When Wyatt later found Hope in L.A., there was still an attraction, but she was with Liam. Wyatt's sword necklace piqued Hope's interest since it was just like Bill's. Hope arranged for Wyatt's mother and Bill to cross paths and the secret came out - Wyatt was Bill's son and Liam's half-brother. Wyatt was invited to move into Liam's house in Malibu, but earned himself a punch when he kissed Hope under Liam's roof. The rivalry was on. Wyatt also had a serious disagreement with Bill over his treatment of Katie, however they were able to mend fences.

    Hope admired Wyatt and Quinn's jewelry and a partnership was formed with Quinn Artisan and Forrester Creations, keeping Wyatt and Hope in close proximity. They even traveled to Mexico together to procure a huge diamond to help kick off the new Hope For The Future line. While it was on display at the boutique, Wyatt masterminded a fake robbery to garner publicity. Still, Hope planned to marry Liam, so Quinn, knowing that Wyatt wanted Hope, manipulated to get Steffy to come back to L.A. on the day Liam was to marry Hope. Hope saw them together and took off to Hawaii with Wyatt. After their return, Hope considered them to be 'dating'. Liam, determined to prove to Hope that Wyatt was bad news, found proof of Wyatt's heist scam, but Quinn trapped him in an elevator before he could tell Hope. Wyatt and Hope left on a road trip up the coast together and made love for the first time. Eventually, Liam showed up and exposed Wyatt's role in the jewelry heist. Once they were all back in L.A., Hope stunned Liam by forgiving Wyatt and committing to him.




    Hope Logan (dating)


    Quinn Fuller (mother)
    Bill Spencer, Jr. (father)
    Liam (William) Spencer III (half-brother)
    Will Logan Spencer (half-brother)
    Caroline Spencer (cousin)
    Karen Spencer (aunt)


    None known


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    Wednesday, September 17 2014: B&B Recap: I Have Proof.

    At the beach house, Quinn tells Wyatt she had to stop Liam - she didn't trust Hope to make the right decision. Wyatt is upset about being married to someone who was conned into it by his crazy mother. He orders Quinn to go. Wyatt relives good memories with Hope and looks grim.

    Quinn returns to Wyatt's house to tell him she went to Bill for support. She's sure he'll get Liam to back off. Wyatt says Hope is the one who has to decide what she wants. He wants Quinn to leave. Hope arrives. She rants at Quinn about being as sick as ever and risking Ivy's life. Hope says they were wrong to think she could have a moral bone in her body. She says Wyatt is a victim too - she hopes Wyatt hates her as much as she does.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014: B&B Recap: Twist Of Fate.

    At the Malibu house, Liam asks Wyatt what more proof he needs. Quinn rants at Wyatt to get Liam out of there. Wyatt demands, "Did you do this? Did you push Ivy into the Seine?" When Wyatt shouts at her, Quinn confesses. Quinn says Hope married Wyatt - that's all that really matters now. Liam says they'll see how much it matters when Hope finds out what she did. Quinn argues that Hope won't punish her husband for a mistake she made. Wyatt asks Liam to let him tell Hope. Liam can't trust him not to spin it. He advises Wyatt to prepare himself. "Hope is coming back to me." After, Quinn rants about Wyatt sending everybody into a tailspin. Wyatt wonders if Quinn even went to therapy. He tells Quinn there is nothing she can do to make this okay. He says she kept Liam and Hope apart in Paris - but for how long?

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