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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Maya Avant

    Full detailed profile on Maya Avant Played by Karla Mosley on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Maya Avant

    Actor: Karla Mosley

    Who played Maya Avant over the years

    Karla Mosley (January 18, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Maya Avant

    * Used to live on Skid Row.
    * Went to prison for a crime she didn't commit.
    * Gave up her baby for adoption with Dayzee's help.
    * Learned her child had died.
    * Became a model for Forrester Creations.
    * Became engaged to Rick Forrester.
    * Acted in a web series with Carter Walton called Room 8.
    * Left Rick for Carter.
    * Decided she wanted Rick back, and the lifestyle being a Forrester could provide. Carter dumped her and she went after Rick while he was still married to Caroline.
    * Kissed Oliver Jones.


    Current: Model at Forrester Creations
    Past: Actress
    Past: Waitress at Dayzee's
    Past: Incarcerated


    Maya arrived in town fresh out of prison where she'd been incarcerated for a crime she didn't commit. She looked up Dayzee to help her find the baby girl she had given up for adoption with Dayzee's help on Skid Row when she was sentenced. Dayzee tracked the child down, but they soon learned she and her adoptive parents had died in a car wreck. Maya got an apartment over Dayzee's cafe and met Rick Forrester while he was volunteering as a waiter. He flirted with her and let her believe he was down on his luck until he took her to the Forrester boutique and the staff gave his true identity away. Maya was upset to know he'd lied.

    Maya decided to date Carter, encouraged by Dayzee who thought she should steer clear of Rick. Meanwhile, Rick’s jealous girlfriend Caroline made Maya feel as uncomfortable as possible when he gave her a job as a model at Forrester Creations. There were sparks between Maya and Rick, and eventually she demanded he choose between her and Caroline. He chose Maya, but their happiness was short lived when Caroline’s uncle Bill Spencer threatened to get her thrown back in jail if she did not back off of Rick. She relented and broke up with Rick.

    Maya finally told Rick about Bill’s blackmail and he left Caroline for her. Happy with Rick, Maya began filming the online series Room 8 with Carter as her love interest. When sexy scenes started appearing in their scripts, secretly orchestrated by Caroline, Rick grew uncomfortable while Carter pushed for a real relationship with Maya. Despite being pulled to Carter, Maya stayed true to Rick. But when Rick didn’t show up to her show’s premiere she succumbed to a passionate kiss with Carter. Maya ended it there, but broke up with Rick anyway when she realized Caroline would always meddle in their relationship.

    Carter and Maya got engaged and began making wedding plans, but she still yearned for Rick who was now married to Caroline. Her feelings for Rick didn’t stop her from sharing a kiss with Forrester photographer Oliver Jones. But when Oliver grew feelings for Ally Forrester and suggested she model for the company, Maya told Rick and Caroline that Oliver was only using Ally to keep his job at Forrester.

    Maya became preoccupied with getting back the lifestyle she could have had with Rick, so Carter ended their engagement. Maya tried to get Rick’s attention while he was married to Caroline, for a while to no avail. But when she caught Caroline and Ridge getting close at work, she told everyone in a meeting, causing Rick to run right into her arms, and bed. She began immediately pushing for Rick to end his marriage to Caroline so they could rule Forrester together.




    Rick Forrester
    Jesse Graves (father of deceased daughter)
    Carter Walton (engaged)
    Oliver Jones (kissed)


    Daughter (deceased; with Jesse Graves)


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    Thursday, July 02 2015: B&B Recap: Ridge announces a new line, California Freedom

    At Forrester Creations, Liam tells Ivy that Carter had the annulment papers fast-tracked. Wyatt snaps at him. He asks for privacy. Once alone, Ivy tells Liam she never meant for him to feel trapped. They both sign. She says, "You're free." Elsewhere, Steffy tells Aly she's sorry about her mother. She adds that Thorne has forgiven Taylor, and reminds her she lost Phoebe. Aly says it's not the same, and Steffy still has her mother. Steffy points out she still talks to Darla. Aly warns her not to look at her like she's a nut job. She's to blame for what's happening to Liam and Ivy. She glares at Steffy. "Liam and Ivy deserve to be blissfully happy, like my mother and father do." Ridge pops his head in and says there's a meeting. Aly wants to join it and promises not to be a problem. In another office, Rick, Brooke, Maya, and Pam enthusiastically welcome Zende to the company as Nicole looks on. Maya learns Nicole is interning too, and Zende finds out she tried to model but 'sucked'. Pam says Ridge wants everyone at the meeting, but she won't say when it is. They all laugh. Rick jokes about merriment and light returning now that Ridge is back in charge. Nicole whispers to Zende, "I'll explain later." Later, Zende and Nicole discuss the dysfunctional Forrester bunch while they work. He asks if she's taken. He's waiting for Ms. Right and wonders if he's looking in the right place. In the board room, the meeting convenes. Ivy announces that she is no longer getting deported and she and Liam signed annulment papers. Ridge begins the meeting by welcoming back Maya and giving props to Rick for deciding to run Forrester International from there. He then says Hope for the Future is done and they will promote freedom to be your own woman. California Freedom is the campaign name and will incorporate all Forrester designs. Aly rants about the plan to include lingerie and swimsuits. It's wrong and disgusting...and exactly what she'd expect from Steffy, not Ridge. Aly rants that it's not what her grandpa wants for the company. Ridge and Steffy say it is; they spoke to him. Ivy speaks up and Aly snaps at her for defending them. Liam says this isn't the place, but Aly goes on about Steffy canoodling with Liam in lingerie. Rick and others speak up to Aly. She can't understand why they look at her like she's from another planet. When Steffy mentions Thorne and Darla, Aly says she's not worthy to speak her mother's name. "You are the reason she's gone!" Everyone leaves Steffy and Aly alone. Aly doesn't want her help. She gets all worked up again. Steffy says she cares about her, only Aly can't believe it because Taylor is her mother. Aly denies she's forgiven Taylor. She cries. "You have no idea what it's been like." Steffy wants them to get along; they're family. Aly flashes to Darla's accident. Steffy is sorry Aly is haunted, but warns her not to give in to the pain that is causing the anger that's consuming her. In Caroline's office, she tells Ridge she thinks Steffy will get through to Aly. They kiss.

    Wednesday, July 01 2015: B&B Recap: Darla tells Aly to get rid of Steffy

    At Forrester Creations, Ivy is discussing an annulment with Carter when Wyatt enters. She tells him she's ending her marriage to Liam. Carter tells her to hang in there, and then exits. Wyatt tells her it's okay if she was hoping for a different outcome. Ivy clarifies she's not handing him back to Steffy. They discuss Steffy. Wyatt says she and Liam are unresolved. He lists Ivy's good qualities to make her feel better. He doesn't think Liam will give her up quickly. Ivy thinks Steffy needs another man. Wyatt says he kissed her and thinks if they play their cards right, Liam and Steffy may not be inevitable after all. Outside, Nicole asks Zende if he has a problem with Maya being a trans-woman. She then apologizes; she's protective. She explains how she found out about Maya and came to L.A. She describes what they went through together. Zende thinks Maya is pretty badass. Nicole tells him about trusting the wrong person - Wyatt Spencer. They discuss working there. Nicole smiles; something tells her it's going to be a fantastic summer. In an office, Caroline tells Maya how courageous she is. Maya tells her that coming from her, that means so much. They are laughing over how strange it is to have bonded when Rick enters. Maya tells him Caroline is supportive and thanks her. Caroline wonders if the changes around there will be a problem for them. Rick says he's glad to be back, but jokes about no welcome back signs or apology letter from Ridge. He says Forrester is his life and he wouldn't be back if not for Maya. Maya says there would be no Forrester without Rick. Elsewhere, Aly lashes out about Steffy flaunting herself. Liam warns her to dial it back. Aly informs Steffy she had her chance with Liam and blew it. He is with Ivy now and Aly won't let Steffy take him away. Steffy reminds her if she hadn't come back, she'd still be making crab dip and rubbing Maya's feet. Carter enters with the annulment papers. Aly pleads with Liam not to throw Ivy away. Liam leaves with Carter to sign the papers. Steffy warns Aly she's trying to respect her issues. Aly wonders what issues she thinks she has. "Maybe that your mother killed my mother?" Steffy says it was an accident. Aly hisses that Taylor was a slut like her - every time she looks at her she'll remember. Aly goes on about Steffy being the next reign of terror. She has to guard the family, which has poisonous branches. Steffy suggests she redirect her thoughts and perhaps focus on her shoe line. The floating head of Darla appears and tells Aly she's right - she couldn't protect her, but she can protect the family. Steffy realizes Aly is seeing Darla again. "You think I'm weird." Steffy warns her to stay away from her. Aly hears Darla's voice say, "Get rid of her." Down the hall Liam hears Wyatt telling Ivy how much better he'd like to get to know Steffy.

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