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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Maya Avant

    Full detailed profile on Maya Avant Played by Karla Mosley on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Maya Avant

    Actor: Karla Mosley

    Who played Maya Avant over the years

    Karla Mosley (January 18 - present)

    Useful information on Maya Avant

    * Used to live on Skid Row.
    * Went to prison for a crime she didn't commit.
    * Gave up her baby for adoption with Dayzee's help.
    * Learned her child had died.
    * Is attracted to Rick Forrester.


    Current: Unemployed


    Maya arrived in town fresh out of prison where she'd been incarcerated for a crime she didn't commit. She looked up Dayzee to help her find the baby girl she had given up for adoption with Dayzee's help on Skid Row when she was sentenced. Dayzee tracked the child down, but they soon learned she and her adoptive parents had died in a car wreck. Maya got an apartment over Dayzee's cafe and met Rick Forrester while he was volunteering as a waiter. He flirted with her and let her believe he was down on his luck until he took her to the Forrester boutique and the staff gave his true identity away. Maya was upset to know he'd lied.




    Rick Forrester
    Jesse (father of deceased daughter)


    Daughter (deceased; with Jesse)


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    Friday, October 31 2014: B&B Recap: Game Face.

    At Brooke's house, Rick figures he's shell-shocked. Maya apologizes for causing him pain. He says she's the only one who acted right at that meeting. Rick decides he's done with all of them and that he and Maya should take a trip. Eric calls, wanting to see Rick, but he says he's leaving town; somewhere he knows he won't get stabbed in the back. He hangs up. Soon the doorbell rings. Maya makes herself scarce as Rick lets Eric in. Eric tells him he wants him to be the new CEO. In the hallway, Maya listens with pleasure as Eric tells Rick the position is his with all the perks. "You've earned it." Rick snarks that he didn't think so before. He tells Eric he just feels sorry for him; he wouldn't run that company if he held a gun to his head. Eric will give him a few days to cool down. Rick hollers that he's not going to reconsider. Eric leaves the offer and goes. Maya comes downstairs and appeals to Rick to change his mind about the CEO position. "It's a dream come true." Rick calls it a nightmare. Maya realizes his pride is hurt, but the best revenge is living well. Rick doesn't need it. Maya enthuses that they will run the company together and live in his mother's mansion and then build their own. Rick doesn't need a mansion. Maya kisses him deeply and says, "Sign the papers, Rick...Forrester Creations will be ours."

    Thursday, October 30 2014: B&B Recap: Second Thoughts.

    At Brooke's house, Caroline protests to Rick that all she and Ridge did was kiss, but what he did last night... Rick tells her what he did with Maya is none of her concern. He's filing for divorce and leaving Forrester - he's been betrayed by her and his father. Caroline is sorry he's hurting, but he messed up too. She won't take all the blame after walking in on this! Rick says there's no coming back from what Caroline did. Caroline complains about Maya's motives and tells him they can get through this. Maya accuses Caroline of trash-talking her since they met. She tells her last night was the greatest of her life and none of her put-downs mattered because Rick finally saw Caroline for what she really is. She points out Rick removed his wedding ring. Maya drops the ring on the floor. Caroline implores Rick to put it back on his finger. He turns away. Caroline says she won't give up on them. After, Rick sheds a tear and Maya assures him, "I'm here."

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