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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Maya Avant

    Full detailed profile on Maya Avant Played by Karla Mosley on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Maya Avant

    Actor: Karla Mosley

    Who played Maya Avant over the years

    Karla Mosley (January 18 - present)

    Useful information on Maya Avant

    * Used to live on Skid Row.
    * Went to prison for a crime she didn't commit.
    * Gave up her baby for adoption with Dayzee's help.
    * Learned her child had died.
    * Is attracted to Rick Forrester.


    Current: Unemployed


    Maya arrived in town fresh out of prison where she'd been incarcerated for a crime she didn't commit. She looked up Dayzee to help her find the baby girl she had given up for adoption with Dayzee's help on Skid Row when she was sentenced. Dayzee tracked the child down, but they soon learned she and her adoptive parents had died in a car wreck. Maya got an apartment over Dayzee's cafe and met Rick Forrester while he was volunteering as a waiter. He flirted with her and let her believe he was down on his luck until he took her to the Forrester boutique and the staff gave his true identity away. Maya was upset to know he'd lied.




    Rick Forrester
    Jesse (father of deceased daughter)


    Daughter (deceased; with Jesse)


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    Wednesday, April 23 2014: B&B Recap: Flip And Fly.

    At Forrester, Hope receives a call from Liam reminding her if she doesn't come to dinner tonight, he's moving on. In another office, Quinn and Wyatt bicker about Liam making his move. Wyatt says he's got it under control. Caroline calls them to a meeting. In Eric's office, Rick and Brooke prepare and Eric asks about Ridge. Rick says he had more pressing matters. Outside the door, Ally hears Brooke saying Oliver is staying. She smiles and then finds Hope in the studio. They are glad Ridge didn't get his way and fire Oliver. Oliver appears. "You and me both." Hope leaves for the meeting. Oliver says they'll be right behind her. He tells Ally he has a surprise for her today. Soon the meeting convenes, with Rick and Caroline gushing about the numbers. Wyatt and Quinn hint that Ally shouldn't be included, but Eric expects them to be supportive. In the corridor Pam is chatting with Alan about the next Medieval Night when Oliver and Ally appear. They join the meeting as Rick says they need a new model for the bedroom line. A pitch is made for Brooke to make a comeback, but she declines. They think it should be somebody from inside. Oliver says he has the perfect candidate - Ally. As the shock subsides, Wyatt mutters that Ally's going to flip and fly. Ally asks Oliver if he really thinks she could do this. Caroline wonders if she realizes it's not onesies and PJs, it's lingerie. Ally apologizes for coming on too strong at the last meeting and says she's done some growing up since then. She is flattered for the offer, but won't do it. Later in the studio, Ally tells Oliver he is really sweet to think she could be the spokesmodel. He says she's a stunningly beautiful woman. They kiss. In Hope's office, she's distracted when Wyatt talks about Ally's surprising behavior. Hope tells him Liam wants to make her dinner tonight, and wants her to date both of them. If she doesn't show up, they're done. Wyatt implores her not to go.

    Monday, April 21 2014: B&B Recap: Gum On The Bottom Of Her Shoe.

    Hope finds Brooke at Forrester Creations and tells her about her pregnancy scare. Brooke cautions her to be very careful about contraception. They talk about Liam kidnapping her. Hope admits she's not ready for a future where Liam is gone. Hope sometimes wishes she'd met Wyatt first. Brooke observes that she's happy and carefree with Wyatt and it's always so cautious with Liam. She tells Hope it's up to her. In another office, Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope thought she might be pregnant. He says he was terrified, and then disappointed when she found out she wasn't. Quinn asks if he proposed. Wyatt muses that you don't just ask that question unless you know she'll say yes. Quinn wonders if he'd like her to talk to Hope - sound her out. Wyatt tells her no repeatedly. Quinn confesses that she visited Liam and may have physically assaulted him. Wyatt is appalled. Liam appears, and asks Wyatt if he's okay with this. Wyatt tells Quinn he'll look after the physically assaulting from now on. They argue until Wyatt asks Quinn to leave. Liam warns Wyatt that he just scared Hope into remembering she loves him. Wyatt says she just doesn't want to hurt Liam. Liam thinks he's deluded. Wyatt tells Liam he's like year-old gum stuck to her shoe. Liam says he wants equal time and warns the decision won't be up to Wyatt. In the studio, Carter admits to Maya that Oliver doesn't come off well on the recording, but neither does she. He feels it's not their business. They bicker. He wonders at the reasons for her concern, and lets Maya know he noticed Oliver noticing her. He thinks Oliver colored his comments because he was talking to her. Later, Quinn eavesdrops on Brooke and Hope as Hope tells her mother she loves Wyatt, but when she thinks about marriage and children, she thinks about Liam. Quinn looks panicked as Brooke asks Hope if she'll break up with Wyatt.

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