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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Danielle Spencer

    Full detailed profile on Danielle Spencer Played by Crystal Chappell on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chapell (NBC)
    Danielle Spencer

    Actor: Crystal Chappell

    Who played Danielle Spencer over the years

    Crystal Chappell (May 17 2012 - present)

    Useful information on Danielle Spencer

    * Is a writer.
    * Married to Karen Spencer.
    * Raised Caroline Spencer.


    Current: Writer for Spencer Publications


    Danielle came to Los Angeles with her wife, Karen Spencer, and the daughter they raised together, Caroline. Danielle got a job as a writer with Bill at Spencer Publications.


    Karen Spencer (wife)


    Caroline Spencer (step-daughter)


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    Monday, October 14 2013: Breathless.

    At Spencer Publications, Katie and Bill bicker about the board meeting. She feels he's treating her with total disrespect and wonders how it came to this. Bill says she's going to bring this company down and he doesn't want to see her go through that. She plans to prove him wrong. Bill tells her she's on her own. Later, Danielle brings Will in and tells Katie she's proud of her. Katie is still upset about Will having a broken home. She says she knows who's to blame... Katie tells Danielle she looks at Will and knows how much she's lost.

    Friday, October 11 2013: Walk This Way.

    At Spencer, Katie chats to Liam about her upcoming first board meeting, but he's distracted. She said she heard about Hope being upset and remarks that he has to understand Steffy's a hot button for her. Liam asks if Bill is coming to the meeting. She's not sure. Katie gets things started. Danielle stands beside Justin, who asks if they should wait for Bill. As Katie wonders why, he appears. Katie says she's glad he could join them - he's contributed a lot to this company. He says he is the company. Katie begins the meeting in competition with Bill to speak. She announces she is considering selling the company yacht and the Aspen house. Bill argues. Someone says this sounds more like divorce court. A board member agrees with Katie, who also wants to dump the practice of letting employees go before their pensions kick in. She tells Bill to accept it. Arguing about other issues ensues. Justin interjects on Bill's behalf. Bill tells Katie her feelgood ideas will drive the company off a cliff - he won't watch her destroy what he's built. Katie notes his objections. He calls them hard truths. Katie dismisses everyone to talk to Bill alone. He calls her a rookie. She recalls when they made a good team, and really wishes he'd get on board. Bill says she has as much vision as a deer in the headlights. He invites her to run the company into the ground - he doesn't care anymore. Katie's sad at how they've ended up. It's nothing she ever wanted.

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