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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Nick (Dominick) Marone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick (Dominick) Marone Played by Jack Wagner on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jack Wagner (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-10-03
    Birthplace: Washington, Missouri
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jack Wagner
    Web site:


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    The Other Night.

    Friday, February 04 2011

    Nick is in the office with Doctor Lewis. She warns that the spot on his lung is a wake-up call about smoking cigars. He admits he's having withdrawal symptoms, and she encourages him to keep with it. Nick wonders if the occasional cigar is really so bad. As he's telling the doctor that whatever will be will be, Stephanie appears. She lets him know that Jackie told her where to find him, and then suggests he come to a support group with her. The doctor thinks it's a good idea.

    At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie and Nick bicker when he says he sees nothing wrong with going outside for a cigar at night after Jack's in bed. The first member of the support group arrives. Stephanie explains why Nick is there, and they listen to the woman's story. Stephanie then shares hers.

    Walk Away.

    Thursday, February 03 2011

    Jackie and Owen discuss Nick's health at Jackie M. Jackie is very concerned it could become cancer. Nick comes in and wonders what she wanted to talk to him about. She notices he's snacking. Nick asks Owen if he took his car - there's a ding in it. Owen makes a hasty retreat. Nick tells Jackie he can't concentrate, he has a headache, and he's nauseous all the time. Jackie muses that it's withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking. She grills him about his nicotine patch and he answers edgily. She shows him a video of the late Yul Brynner urging people not to smoke. Nick still thinks smoking the occasional cigar is not a big deal.

    Paranoid and Freaky.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    Owen walks into Nick's office where he thrusts a nicotine patch at him and insists he help him figure out where it goes. Owen is impressed that he's trying to quit smoking. Owen then mentions that Stephanie is there, noting that Jackie wasn't expecting her. He muses that something seemed 'off'. Nick leaves the room and storms into the other office where Jackie is panicking. Nick tries to downplay the spot on his lung, but Jackie sobs that it could get worse! Stephanie tells Jackie that the doctors want to monitor him. Jackie agrees that he must quit smoking. She and Stephanie tell Nick they won't be backing off! When Jackie learns he has smoked around Jack, she's disappointed. Flustered, Nick shouts that he's quit. He insists he's got the message and wants to stick around for a long time.

    Let's Make It Official.

    Tuesday, January 25 2011

    Stephanie meets Nick at the outdoor restaurant. He asks if she notices anything different - he's not smoking a cigar. He also points out that he's chewing nicotine gum. Stephanie seems skeptical. She commends him for wanting to quit, but she's concerned it will take a little more than gum. Nick crows that he didn't even have his morning cigar with coffee. He tells her he asked her there to express his thanks for her concern - she set him straight. They discuss his health - he notes that he doesn't have cancer, just a spot, but she warns he has to take good care of himself. Stephanie asks how he'll handle the temptations to smoke, saying he'll have to be vigilante. She offers some supportive words, and then leaves. Nick pops more gum into his mouth. Nearby, people are lighting up. Nick gives in and pulls out a cigar. He has just taken a puff when Stephanie appears and busts him!

    Walking the Plank.

    Monday, January 24 2011

    Stephanie is on the boat with Nick. She likens continuing to smoke cigars to walking the plank. She asks if he wants Jack to grow up without a father, or become one of those statistics he hates hearing about. Nick offers to cut down to one a day, or change brands. Stephanie scoffs. Nick tells her to stop preaching. She tells him he's strong - he just has to figure out how to do it. Jack comes up and Stephanie leaves as Nick thanks her for caring. Nick and Jack sail out, and then return. Jack asks Nick why Stephanie looked worried earlier, noting that he did too. Nick makes funny faces to lighten the mood, and then promises to be around for a long, long time. Nick takes his cigars and throws them overboard.

    Going Steady.

    Friday, January 21 2011

    Nick is on his boat talking over the phone to Dr. Lewis. She asks if he's comfortable with Stephanie listening. He replies that he can't get rid of her! The doctor tells Nick he doesn't have cancer, but they need to monitor it closely over the next few months. Nick hangs up and pulls out a cigar to celebrate. Stephanie protests - he doesn't have cancer yet, but he needs to put down that cigar! Nick asks her to scurry on out of there - he's going to focus on Jack now. He says he enjoys smoking his cigars, and maybe he'll get lung cancer - maybe he would have anyway, like her. Stephanie says, "Maybe your boy will too." Stephanie notes he's a great father, but he's got to stop exposing him to second-hand smoke. Jack runs in, and Nick kneels down to talk to him - cigar smoke goes in his face. Stephanie suggests to Nick that if he can't quit for himself, maybe he'll quit for his son's sake. Nick insists that he always smokes in another room. Stephanie tells him the whole boat reeks! She reads some statistics on cigar smoking and cancer from the internet. She starts to cough from talking too much. Nick sighs and admits he's tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking - he can't do it. Stephanie grins - that's because he didn't have her before!

    Justin's Birthday.

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    On his boat, Nick briefly thinks about his impending test results. Aggie brings Jack down the stairs. She asks what they are doing for boys' night. Nick says they will be watching some movies and having snacks. Aggie notices his doctor's business card on the counter and asks about it. She wonders if everything is okay. Nick says as far as he knows it is - if it weren't, Dr. Lewis would have called him. Aggie carries on, and Nick looks guilty. Aggie says goodbye to them, and Nick walks over to his phone. Jack asks if he's coming back to play cards.

    Stephanie shows up at Nick's boat and makes note of the cigar smoke present while Jack is down below watching movies. Nick says having a cigar on his boat is what he does. Stephanie counters that Jack's breathing it. She admits she came because she found out he's not taking Dr. Lewis's calls. Nick muses that maybe he just doesn't really want to hear what the doctor has to say. Stephanie says she's there to support him and urges him to call the doctor. Nick wants to be left alone with his son, but Stephanie insists he call. Nick phones Dr. Lewis and puts her on speaker. He asks her to tell him what she's got - does he have cancer?

    Truth or Dare.

    Wednesday, January 19 2011

    At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie tells Nick his car reeked like cigar smoke. He says he smokes when he's alone sometimes - it relaxes him. He tries to downplay the spot on his lung, but Stephanie decides it's up to her to save his life, just as he saved hers once. She asks when he started smoking. He says age sixteen. Nick becomes irritated by her questions. She says he may not have to put up with her for long - she might check out. Nick muses that life's not fair. Stephanie says if the spot on his lung is cancer, it really will feel that way. Nick warns he doesn't want anyone to know about his situation. Stephanie says she felt the same way when she was in denial. Nick accuses her of being smug. Stephanie asks how he can justify smoking to his son. Nick scoffs that suddenly she's the champion of life, adding that if she doesn't like cigars, she doesn't have to smoke 'em! They bicker about him being a risk-taker. He decides to leave. Stephanie reminds him again of his responsibility to Jack as he goes. Outside, he goes to light up, but stops.

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