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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Nick (Dominick) Marone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick (Dominick) Marone Played by Jack Wagner on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jack Wagner (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-10-03
    Birthplace: Washington, Missouri
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jack Wagner
    Web site:


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    Moving On Out.

    Wednesday, July 27 2011

    Nick arrives at Jackie's to find movers hauling things out the door. Jackie appears and tells Nick they sold the loft. Owen marvels that the realtor called and said someone met their ridiculous asking price. Nick asks who it was. They didn't ask. Nick then asks where they're moving to. Jackie carefully let's him know that they want to live with him. They work on a skeptical Nick, who finally agrees, but says it's only temporary. Nick looks miserable as Jackie and Owen reminisce. He heads out. In a moment alone, Jackie thinks back on bubble baths and passionate moments with Owen in the loft.

    His Decision.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    Back in the guesthouse, Eric tells the group he doesn't have any answers. Steffy pleads with everyone to hang in there - she can't believe the wedding is off. Pam calls Stephen back and warns him not to get Brooke's hopes up - no one's been sent home. Stephanie opens the door. Everyone clamors to ask what's going on.

    The Truth Revealed.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie announces the she doesn't want the wedding to continue until she speaks to Taylor and Ridge alone. Steffy takes the guests to the guesthouse. Stephanie asks Thomas to stay. Taylor wants to know why Stephanie interrupted her wedding. Stephanie says she needs to tell them the truth about what happened between Thomas and Brooke on the island. They're bewildered and shocked that she wants Thomas to rehash the incident. Stephanie sighs that they don't know the truth and she can't let them get married until they do. After a few false starts, Stephanie tells them that she convinced Thomas to lie. She says, "Brooke and Thom didn't sleep together." Ridge's eyes grow wide. Stephanie apologizes and suggests they continue with the wedding. Ridge turns to Thomas, who says their clothes were on - nothing happened. Ridge shouts at Thomas. Stephanie murmurs that everyone knows Brooke has no decency. Ridge roars, "Brooke has no decency?" Stephanie insists this shouldn't change the wedding.

    In the guesthouse, Nick speculates on whether they're violating the fire code. Thorne wonders what's going on and Felicia advises him not to go back to see - she saw the look on their mother's face! Pam grills Steffy on what sort of kitchen supplies they have in the guesthouse - she can't let everyone starve while they're waiting. Thorne and Felicia continue to speculate on why Stephanie would stop Ridge and Taylor's ceremony. Jackie wants a drink, and complains that it's the worst Forrester wedding she's ever been to. Nick watches her and Owen and admits he likes the way he loves her. Steffy chats to Dayzee, who is surprised she's being so nice. Steffy thinks she's good for her brother. She asks if Dayzee knows why Stephanie asked Thomas to stay behind. Marcus interrupts, sending Steffy to help Pam. Oliver tells Steffy not to worry, but she says she has to find out what's going on.

    A New Beginning.

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Taylor walks down the aisle to join Ridge as everyone looks on at the Forrester Mansion. Thomas looks distracted as the ceremony begins. Stephanie watches Thomas warily as he is asked to do the reading. He does it without incidence. Ridge says his own vows, and includes Steffy and Thomas in them. He tells Thomas it's a new beginning for them based on trust, noting that they've never purposely hurt each other. He tells Taylor that he misplaced his trust before, but she will give him security. Thomas has tears in his eyes and shakes his head. Taylor begins her vows; she talks about how amazing Stephanie is throughout. She tells Ridge how happy she is, and Dayzee watches Thomas. Stephanie and Thomas appear to wrestle with their guilt as the ceremony continues. When the reverend asks if anyone knows any reason why they shouldn't be married, Thomas opens his mouth to speak, but is cut off by Stephanie, who says she has something to say.

    The Big Event.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    Stephanie, Nick, and Jackie all arrive at Brooke's house to help out with the foundation. When Stephanie expresses skepticism about the venture, Jackie wonders how she could even consider refusing Brooke's gesture. Brooke talks about throwing a few fundraisers each year. Stephanie's reluctance continues. Everyone assures her she deserves the honor. Brooke asks Stephanie to stay a moment when the others leave. Brooke checks on RJ, and tells Stephanie it's a difficult transition for him. Stephanie offers support. Brooke says she's lucky to have her in her life. Stephanie deflects the compliment, but Brooke continues to heap it on, and then hugs her. Stephanie looks guilty.


    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Nick pays Stephanie a visit in her office. She tells him that Brooke took her completely by surprise. Nick scoffs that she'll always be in love with Ridge when Stephanie tries to convince him to pursue her. Taylor comes in and tells him about the foundation Brooke is setting up. Nick wants to know exactly what happened to cause Brooke to put her fortune into a foundation like this. Taylor and Stephanie disagree over whether her intentions are genuine and heartfelt - Stephanie thinks they are. Nick leaves and Taylor and Stephanie continue to discuss Brooke.

    Now We Have To Live With The Consequences.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    At Jackie M Owen fits Jackie with a dress for the collection. He says he'd like it to be much smaller. They flirt, then he kisses her. Whip joins them, then Nick asks if they knew Ridge and Brooke broke up. Whip says he'd still been hoping he and Taylor would get back together. He hopes Ridge doesn’t invite him to the wedding. Owen explains that Nick is still in love with Brooke. Whip comments that everyone is changing partners. Nick and Brooke stopped trying to make it work years ago and he has no expectations now.

    Let The Crocodile Tears Flow.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    Owen and Jackie are making out in Nick’s office when Stephanie walks in. Nick arrives just after her and Owen and Jackie leave. Stephanie tells Nick she’s looking for insurance. She says Ridge has moved out of the house. She hopes he will be Brooke’s friend because she’s going to need it. She says he still loves Brooke and should go after her. Nick smells a rat. She has to leave for a meeting. She tells him not to blow his opportunity.

    Sexual Predator?

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    Nick and Whip burst into Jackie's office, where Owen is kissing her. Nick tells Whip, "I told you! Pay up!" Whip informs everyone that they have to step up their game. They discuss working with Bill Spencer and everyone looks at Nick, who wryly says Bill punched him in the mouth - he hates him. Whip says he thinks their 'cougar' should prowl again. Nick holds his head.

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