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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Nick (Dominick) Marone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick (Dominick) Marone Played by Jack Wagner on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jack Wagner (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-10-03
    Birthplace: Washington, Missouri
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jack Wagner
    Web site:


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    Hear Me Out.

    Thursday, October 20 2011

    At home, Jackie tells Nick she still loves Owen so much. Nick thinks this is harder than she'll admit right now, and offers to take her for a sail to Catalina. Jackie says it's just her and Nick, together again. They hug.

    One Classy, Selfless Dame.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011

    At Bridget's house, Nick tells her she looks beautiful and asks how she is doing. She says she's fine. He tells her he's confused about his mother and Owen and her. He asks how she feels about Owen; if she's in love with him. Rick drops in and greets Nick, who tells him he just asked Bridget a question. He wants to know if she'd like to be a family with Owen, if he wasn't with Jackie. Rick goes, and Bridget muses about how Jackie perfectly orchestrated every detail of the Hawaiian vacation. Nick says his mother did it out of love. He goes.

    I Love Him.

    Tuesday, October 18 2011

    At work, Jackie gives instructions to an employee. Nick comes in and they discuss Owen going to Hawaii with Bridget and Logan. Jackie insists it was a good idea for the three of them to spend time together. Nick says, "I know you." He feels something is going on and wants to know what it is. Jackie talks about Logan being lucky to have Owen in his life. Nick still thinks it's strange that she hardly spoke to Owen while he was gone. Jackie says she's going home to her husband.

    Taylor's Prince?

    Monday, September 12 2011

    At Jackie M, Owen tells Jackie he thinks Nick went to check up on Taylor. Nick appears and tells an inquisitive Jackie he's actually going to see Taylor tomorrow. Jackie muses that she needs a special man in her life - someone like him.

    Stormy Night.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    At Jackie M, Nick stops Jackie from calling Stephanie. He says that family has been through enough and they need to heal - especially Taylor. Owen talks about how Taylor is addicted to Ridge Forrester. Nick says she needs to find the right man - it's not going to happen with The Dressmaker. Jackie and Owen exit, and Nick seems thoughtful.

    A Positive Message.

    Thursday, September 01 2011

    Bill meets with Jackie and Nick in his office. Nick accuses him of wanting to use them to take down Forrester Creations. Bill says that would be a bonus, and promises to give them a financial boost while promoting the hell out of Jackie M. They go, and Bill calls Justin to say he's confident they'll accept. Ridge shows up, and tells Bill they have to get along for Hope and Liam. Ridge also has a project he wants their companies to collaborate on - a Spencer full media blitz for Forrester's new lines.

    A Gentleman And A Hero.

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    Jackie and Owen are making out at Nick's house. He comes in and asks them how the house hunting is going. Nick fills them in on Bill Spencer wanting to do business. Jackie is intrigued. Nick explains that Bill wants revenge on Ridge, who punched him. He says he's considering taking Bill on as a partner. Jackie wonders why Nick is considering this - he can't stand Bill. Nick says it would greatly benefit the company. He tells them that Bill wants to bring Katie on board. Jackie makes Nick promise that he won't let Bill put her in as CEO. Nick assures her that won't happen, but thinks they can become the premiere fashion house in L.A. Jackie worries about the implications. Nick says he knows she doesn't want to burn bridges with Stephanie and Eric, and he'd never hurt Brooke. He assures her he'll look out for the company, but wants to make the most of the opportunity.

    I'm So Good.

    Friday, August 12 2011

    At work, Bill tells Justin he actually respected Ridge's punch, but it is the only one he'll get. Nick is ushered into his office. Bill thanks him for caring for Katie and wants his help with her recovery. He wants to buy Nick's company so Katie can run it. Nick isn't interested, but Bill tempts him by offering to buy half the company. Bill is determined to put Forrester out of business. Nick agrees to look over his offer, and Bill orders him to make it happen quickly. Alone in his office, Bill smiles, "I'm so good."

    You're Dumping Me?

    Wednesday, August 10 2011

    At Nick's house, Jackie tells Owen that Steffy Forrester bought their loft. Nick overhears, but claims he's not interested in why Steffy bought the place, saying he's got work to focus on. Jackie tells him to loosen up. Nick says he's going to check in with Katie. Jackie and Owen speculate on what might have caused her heart attack. Nick tells them to mind their business. He wants them to turn their attention to finding their own place and forget about Steffy. Jackie asks Nick if he's not the slightest bit worried about Katie. Nick muses that she thinks she can handle Bill, but he's not so sure.

    Cold Shower.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    At Nick's house, he comes upon Jackie and Owen canoodling first thing in the morning and suggests a hotel - or their own place. Jackie thinks it's fun for all of them to be under one roof. Nick tells them not to get too comfortable. He rolls his eyes as they turn back to each other. Nick offers up the classifieds and looks to Owen for support. Jackie concedes it's been difficult for her to get used to wearing clothes all day. Owen thinks back on passionate times with Jackie and tells her what they share is beautiful.

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