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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Nick (Dominick) Marone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick (Dominick) Marone Played by Jack Wagner on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jack Wagner (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-10-03
    Birthplace: Washington, Missouri
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jack Wagner
    Web site:


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    Second Chances.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    Nick takes the stage at Dayzee's as Donna arrives. He looks at her as he sings. Brooke glares at Jackie. When Nick finishes, Donna walks up to get a kiss. Marcus arrives with Rosie and Dayzee takes her. He tells her about Amber's big date with Rick.

    Game On!

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    At Nick's, he kisses Donna as Pam looks on in horror. Nick assures Donna that business is only one side of him, and he cares about her. Donna goes to read Jack a book. Jackie reappears and bickers with Nick about Pam, who seems to have disappeared. Jackie is scared Pam and Donna will see each other. She reminds him Pam did terrible things to her before. Donna comes downstairs. Jackie tries to herd her and Nick out the door, but Jerry the elf appears at the door. Donna poses for pictures with him, but he drops her on the ground. As Donna muses that the name Jerry brings back bad memories, he dumps a giant egg nog over her head! Nick kicks Jerry out. Donna says she's had enough Christmas spirit for today. Nick sees her out, apologizing. As she turns to go, Jerry unleashes a snow machine at her. Donna takes off, and Jerry reveals himself to be Pam. Nick and Jackie are angry. Pam informs Nick he's not going to be with Donna on her watch - game on!

    Christmas Surprises.

    Tuesday, December 20 2011

    Nick and Jackie enter their house and are shocked to see it decorated to the hilt for Christmas. Pam appears in a holiday sweater and reindeer antlers exclaiming, "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!" She takes them to see their homemade stockings and then goes to check on dinner. Nick marvels that Pam's become Clark Griswold. Jackie reminds him they're a success - and it's because of Pam. Pam returns and gets Nick under the mistletoe. He kisses her chastely. She thanks him, and runs off to the kitchen. Nick tells Jackie he's upset to have disappointed Donna and Brooke - it's not who he is - and he's blown any chance with Donna. Jackie tells him to keep his focus on Pam - if she caught him spending time with her arch-enemy she wouldn't help them. Pam returns with Jack and an elf comes to the door with a gift for him. Pam heads back to the kitchen and Donna arrives. Jackie takes the elf to the kitchen and Jack is sent upstairs. Donna tells Nick that Katie gave her some clarity. They kiss. Pam appears and her jaw drops.

    Miracles Happen.

    Monday, December 19 2011

    Brooke boards the Shady Marlin where Donna is decorating for Christmas. Brooke informs her that Nick and Jackie stole all of the Forrester Creation designs and showed them as their own. Donna doesn't want to believe that Nick did it. They bicker. Brooke says Jackie may have done it because Eric turned her down. Nick appears, and Brooke says he may have the answers. She accuses him of knowing all along. He says it's a tough business. Brooke recalls that he told her not to take competition personally before. Donna asks him what the point of lying is. He tells them both he didn't lie to them. Donna is shaken because he won't deny it - he can't. Brooke goes. Nick tells Donna she's been around the business long enough to know how it works - it has nothing to do with them. Donna counters that he had to know how this would turn out. He says he's sorry. He talks about Sally Spectra. She asks who helped him get the designs. He can't answer. Donna replies that she'll pack up and go.

    Little Spy.

    Monday, December 12 2011

    At Jackie M, Jackie tells Nick to keep doing whatever it is he's doing with Pam - the orders are pouring in and she likes it. Nick leaves the office, and Stephanie shows up to confront Jackie. She tells her she found out who her little spy was and fired her. As Stephanie talks about Beverly, Jackie says she has no idea who she's talking about. When Stephanie says Beverly only worked there for a week, Jackie points out that isn't enough time to put together a line. Stephanie vows to figure it out. As she moves to leave, the elevator door opens behind her back - Pam's inside. Jackie holds her breath as Pam manages to escape while Stephanie talks.

    The Queen of Knock-Offs.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    Nick finds Pam crying in the office at Jackie M. He asks if she's having regrets. She says not about Stephanie, but the others; it's like she's leaving a family. Nick hugs her and says she's joining a new family. Nick takes a call and they learn that Stephanie is in the building. Pam prepares to confront her, but Nick suggests that she may not know it was her at this point. Pam scoffs, "It's not going to be too hard for them to figure out, Sailor." Nick muses that it would be great if she could keep her key position at Forrester so they continue to have access to their designs.

    Jackie joins Nick and Pam in the office and brings them up to speed on her confrontation with Stephanie, assuring them that she doesn't know it Pam was involved. Nick presses a skeptical Pam to stay on at Forrester. Jackie goes, and Nick works on Pam, encouraging her to make peace with Stephanie and see how much more she can help Jackie M. Pam hates the idea. Nick convinces her with a kiss. A newly-determined Pam pushes past Jackie as she leaves.

    It's Showtime, Baby!

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    Pam enters Nick's office and asks if he has a minute - she needs a hug. He obliges, and then awkwardly asks if she feels better. She says her life starts today, and Nick and his mom will be all she has from now on. Pam asks for a kiss. He pecks her cheek, but she pulls him into a passionate liplock!

    Jackie goes to join Owen by the runway at Jackie M and speaks to reporters - the show is ready to begin. Nick appears and gathers everyone to give a pep talk - Jackie M is back! The lights dim and the models begin walking the runway. As Pam watches, she gets a call from Stephanie, who wonders where she is. Pam tells her she's where she belongs. The show continues, and Owen is surprised to see Bridget arrive. She is aghast when she sees the gowns being modeled, and immediately tells Owen they belong to her dad and Ridge. Bridget pulls out her phone and calls Stephanie. She tells her Jackie M has ripped off Forrester Creations! Stephanie says she's on her way. Owen goes backstage and tells Nick what's happening. Nick looks him in the face and says, "Those designs are Jackie M's. We premiered them." Meanwhile, Bridget calls Stephanie, who is en route, and tells her to hurry. Stephanie warns her not to tell Jackie she's coming. Backstage, Pam enjoys the show as Nick introduces the showstopper. Jarret reports that the Jackie M line is a triumph - the legacy of Sally Spectra has endured again.

    Sleeping With The Enemy.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    Jackie is tense at work. She looks at Sally's photo and hears her say they have a date with destiny. Nick enters. Jackie asks if he's been with Pam. He says he took Donna out on the boat. Jackie hisses, "What were you thinking?" She rants about him sleeping with the enemy. Nick protests, but Jackie reminds him anyone who cares about Forrester Creations isn't going to want anything to do with them after the show. Nick leaves the office and Jackie phones Pam. As she's talking, Owen walks in and realizes she stole the designs from Forrester. He can't believe Pam is behind it, and insists Jackie call this off. They argue. Jackie says the collection will hit the runway tomorrow.

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