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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Nick (Dominick) Marone - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick (Dominick) Marone Played by Jack Wagner on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jack Wagner (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-10-03
    Birthplace: Washington, Missouri
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jack Wagner
    Web site:


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    Enough Is Enough.

    Wednesday, February 29 2012

    At Nick and Jackie's house, Bridget says Owen and Jackie belong together. She loves them for trying to do what's best for Logan, but this is what's best. Jackie asks for a stiff drink - it's all a bit of a shock. Bridget reiterates that she truly wants this for both of them. She embraces Jackie and leaves. Jackie and Owen gaze at one another and talk about how she sent him away. He says it felt like he was gone an eternity. Owen tells her she will continue to wear the pants in their relationship but major decisions will be made together from now on. Jackie finds his assertive side quite appealing. Owen says they're forever.


    Tuesday, February 28 2012

    At home, Nick tells Jackie he found one of Owen's t-shirts. Jackie admits she kept it on purpose. Nick says, "You miss him, don't you?" Jackie muses that she'll always love him. Nick takes a work call and Jackie thinks about Owen. Nick asks if she regrets splitting up with Owen. Jackie says she does, but then thinks of Logan - she can't jeopardize his family. Nick wonders about them getting back together. Jackie protests that Owen is where he belongs. The doorbell rings - it's Bridget saying she wants to talk to Jackie about Owen. Nick thinks he knows why Bridget is there - Owen is still in love with his mother. Jackie protests, but Bridget says Nick's right. She says Owen has been able to share in many of Logan's milestones, and they'll always be a family, just not together. Owen enters and says, "I'm comin' home, Jackie."

    What Am I Going To Do?

    Monday, January 30 2012

    At Jackie M, Pam tells Nick she wants to confess - she can't go on like this! Nick says this sort of thing is fairly normal in the fashion world. Pam is upset at betraying Stephanie. Nick says she doesn't have to confess - it's Donna's word against hers. Pam asks what he's talking about. He tells her Donna knows. Pam becomes frantic; this is the revenge Donna has always wanted. Pam wants to get to Stephanie before Donna does - she takes off.

    Witch Hunt.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    Nick, who's at his office, calls Donna on the boat to see if she wants company. She says she's getting a cold and plans to catch up on some Daytime TV. Nick panics, thinking she might see him on "Let's Make A Deal."

    Donna is surprised to see Nick appear on the Shady Marlin. She announces she's about to watch "Let's Make A Deal." When Nick and Pam appear on the screen, he tries to distract Donna, but Pam's lemon bars give it away. Nick cowers on the sofa as Donna turns to him and gasps, "It's you!" She asks why he would associate with Pam, but eventually figures out that Pam is the one who stole the designs from Forrester for them. She asks what Pam's getting out of the deal, and realizes Pam is in love with him. It suddenly occurs to her that Pam is also behind the strange things that have been happening to her. She cries, "Why did you do this?" Nick protests that Pam was lonely and just needed a little affection. He apologizes for hurting Donna and says he loves her. Donna cries that he's not who she thought he was - this breaks her heart!

    Let's Make A Deal.

    Wednesday, January 18 2012

    Pam shows up in Nick's office with a box of costumes to try on for their stint on "Let's Make A Deal." He cringes.

    At "Let's Make A Deal," Pam is dressed as a fisherman in a grey beard and yellow slicker, and Nick's dressed as her lobster! Wayne Brady kicks off the show asking for a couple in love. Pam goes berserk behind him and drags Nick up out of his seat. She hugs Wayne and tells him Nick is 'quite a catch', laughing uproariously. They get $1000, and have to decide whether to keep it, or trade it for what's in the box. They trade and win a lover's trip to Paris! Nick grimaces. Pam gives Wayne lemon bars from her tackle box. Wayne then says they can trade the Paris trip for curtain number three - the Seven Seas. Pam thinks it could be a yacht and trades. It's an old shipwrecked boat behind the curtain. Nick and Pam are good sports about it.

    Just Business.

    Tuesday, January 17 2012

    Jackie enters Nick's office and warns him she's not sure how much longer Pam will keep them afloat because of Donna. Nick gets it. Pam arrives incognito. Nick asks about her doubts. Pam confronts him about kissing Donna. He offers to make it up to her. She wants him to come with her on "Let's Make a Deal." Stunned, Nick quickly says it's too risky for them to be seen together on TV. Pam convinces him by threatening to stop bringing designs. Thrilled, Pam warns Nick she might get flirty with Wayne Brady - he can't act jealous!

    An Itching Feeling.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    On the Shady Marlin, Donna and Nick indulge in a kiss. Nick fixes something on the boat, and then talk turns to her getting covered in egg nog by Jerry the elf. Nick feels bad about it, saying Jerry wasn't himself that day. Things starts to turn passionate and Nick wants to pull the bed out. Donna puts the brakes on, saying they need to do this right. Pam watches from outside as they breathlessly say goodbye. Pam then puts itching powder in Donna's nightgown on the clothesline. Donna puts it on and Pam watches and laughs as Donna starts to scratch like mad.

    Second Chances.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    At Dayzee's, Jackie tells Nick that Pam should be part of their celebration. Nick says it's too risky. Nearby, Beverly tells Dayzee about Rick. Rick enters and she waves to him. At Jackie's table, she tells Nick that she doesn't want Owen and Bridget's relationship to be impacted by what they're doing. She acknowledges that Donna seems to make Nick very happy, and she wants that more than anything. Meanwhile, Beverly chats up Rick. She says it's great to see him outside of the office. He agrees. Beverly walks over to Nick and Jackie and tells them she's the one who was blamed for stealing the designs - she vows to figure out who did it. She returns to Rick, who is impressed with her nerve. Dayzee approaches Jackie and Nick's table and asks Nick to participate in open mic night. He agrees reluctantly. Jackie starts texting.

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