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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Caroline Spencer

    Full detailed profile on Caroline Spencer Played by Linsey Godfrey on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Linsey Godfrey (CBS)
    Caroline Spencer

    Actor: Linsey Godfrey

    Who played Caroline Spencer over the years

    Linsey Godfrey (March 30, 2012 - present)

    Useful information on Caroline Spencer

    * Came to town with mother, Karen Spencer.
    * Employed as designer at Forrester Creations.
    * Niece of late Caroline Spencer.
    * Dated, then married, Rick Forrester.


    Current:Designer at Forrester Creations
    Past: Student


    Caroline is the daughter of Karen Spencer, niece of Bill Spencer II and the late Caroline Spencer, and cousin to Liam Spencer. She came to town with her mother when Brooke Logan wanted to interview her for a position at Forrester Creations.

    Caroline was hired on the spot since Brooke also had hopes that Caroline would distract Rick from Amber Moore. Caroline moved into Stephanie's guest house and spent time with Ridge learning more about her late aunt. She began a cancer foundation in memory of her Aunt Caroline and shared her work with the Forrester family at her welcome party.

    Caroline was attracted to both Rick and Thomas, but a scheme by Amber to make it look like Rick was a cross-dresser (and a liar), sent Caroline firmly in Thomas's direction. While they were dating, he became the first to know that she has two mothers, Karen and Danielle.

    Caroline started dating Rick after he schemed to send Thomas back in Hope's direction following her split with Liam. Caroline and Rick are currently working together and dating, but since Caroline riled up her Uncle Bill and took a spill off his balcony, her personality has changed. Caroline's diva-like behavior turned Rick off as he has found himself attracted to Maya. Caroline schemed to get rid of the competition, but failed.

    After Rick dumped her, Caroline tried to manipulate Maya and Rick's break-up through her friend Rafael's web series, but she was exposed and embarrassed. Caroline decided to stick to designing well, hoping that if she helped Rick continue on as president of Forrester, he would become attracted to her again. They triumphed together at the Hope For The Future fashion show with their collaborative designs, after which, Rick got word that Carter had been seen leaving Maya's room. Rick got drunk and Caroline slept with him that night. She was still at Rick's in the morning when Maya came by and informed her that he and Rick's relationship was done. Caroline was thrilled when Rick told her they could begin seeing each other again. It wasn't long before Rick proposed. Caroline married Rick at the Forrester Thanksgiving get-together.

    Caroline and Rick were happily married until Maya decided she wanted Rick back and began hitting on him at work. Though Rick has repeatedly told her he loves his wife, Caroline has become distracted by her close working relationship with Ridge.


    Rick Forrester (husband)
    Thomas Forrester (dated)


    Karen Spencer (mother)
    Danielle Spencer (mother through relationship with Karen)
    Bill Spencer, Jr. (uncle)
    Liam (William) Spencer III (cousin)




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    Monday, February 23 2015: B&B Recap: Little Napoleon.

    At Forrester Creations, Maya and Rick kiss and talk about Eric backing him. An employee lets them know Eric is behind doors with Ridge and Caroline. Rick is concerned. "I need to do something." Elsewhere, Ridge is stunned that Eric has given Rick full support. Caroline argues that he hasn't been here. Eric will listen to what anyone has to say. Ridge says good - he's had Pam put together a group to tell how they suffered under Little Napoleon. Pam says Rick got a taste of power and it went straight to his ego. Caroline tells Eric how Rick treated her. Aly says it was bad there and almost worse at home. She hopes Eric will send them packing. Eric says that's not going to happen - they'll remain in the main house. Everyone is aghast. Aly complains they don't deserve it and elaborates on how badly Rick treated her. Wyatt tells his story next - Rick told him to get on his knees and beg for his job back. Oliver complains he has to take pictures of Maya on his own time with no compensation. Pam mentions Stephanie's portrait and Caroline brings up the shooting. Ridge wonders why Eric has rewarded this behavior. Rick phones and orders everyone across the hall immediately. Once they get there, Rick says he's green-lighting Aly's shoe line and Oliver can help. He apologizes for taking advantage of Oliver and extends it to everyone in the room. They will get better from hereon out. Rick goes on about his behavior at home and apologizes to Wyatt next. Ridge sighs. Rick addresses Pam, and finally Ridge and Caroline, telling them they're an amazing design team. Caroline says his turnaround is hard to believe. Eric is impressed. Ridge asks what's wrong with him - Rick is conning him again! Ridge appeals to all of them - they're being conned. Eric says his support stands and orders everyone back to work. Maya tells Rick she'll follow up with Aly and Oliver. "I am so proud of you." Ridge then confronts Rick about being a con. He sees through him and will take him down.

    Friday, February 20 2015: B&B Recap: Doing What Comes Naturally.

    At Forrester Creations, Eric apologizes to Rick for making him believe he could never earn his praise. Rick realizes he acted childish and vindictive and vows to do better. Eric clucks that everything was taken from him and given to Ridge. "No more. This office is yours." Elsewhere, Maya spars verbally with Caroline and Ridge. She snarks about Caroline's future with a man whose neckties are older than her. They keep arguing. Caroline and Ridge are certain Rick and Maya will wind up unemployed. Maya complains about their privileged upbringings. Ridge asks if she'd like his maid to get her a hotel room for the night. Outside, Wyatt and Ivy work on jewelry designs. She tells him she knows he came back because of the plan to take over Forrester. Wyatt is surprised Liam told her. They discuss Steffy. Wyatt hears she can drive a hard bargain. Ivy sighs that they'll see - Liam's with her right now at the house. Wyatt isn't sure that's a good idea. Ivy says he makes it sound like they're in bed together right now - she can't imagine Liam lying to her. Ivy stalks off. Later, Maya rejoins Rick, who asks how bad he's been. She soothes that she'll look after a moving truck. Rick says he's not so proud of himself, but his father is. Maya is amazed to hear they're staying in the house. "It's our home." He plans to be a better man, and tells Maya she's his safe place. He's never had that before. They embrace. Elsewhere, Eric joins Ridge and Caroline. Ridge predicts there will be changes. "Am I wrong?" Eric rides them about whether they've been working and if they're always together now. Ridge says he's had Carter call a shareholders meeting to vote Rick out, and asks Eric if he knows Rick and Maya moved into his house. Eric stuns them by asking about their sleeping arrangements. Ridge says they're behavior's not the problem. Eric sniffs, "Not to you of course." He announces that Rick has his full support.

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