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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Caroline Spencer

    Full detailed profile on Caroline Spencer Played by Linsey Godfrey on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Linsey Godfrey (CBS)
    Caroline Spencer

    Actor: Linsey Godfrey

    Who played Caroline Spencer over the years

    Linsey Godfrey (March 30, 2012 - present)

    Useful information on Caroline Spencer

    * Came to town with mother, Karen Spencer.
    * Employed as designer at Forrester Creations.
    * Niece of late Caroline Spencer.
    * Dated, then married, Rick Forrester.


    Current:Designer at Forrester Creations
    Past: Student


    Caroline is the daughter of Karen Spencer, niece of Bill Spencer II and the late Caroline Spencer, and cousin to Liam Spencer. She came to town with her mother when Brooke Logan wanted to interview her for a position at Forrester Creations.

    Caroline was hired on the spot since Brooke also had hopes that Caroline would distract Rick from Amber Moore. Caroline moved into Stephanie's guest house and spent time with Ridge learning more about her late aunt. She began a cancer foundation in memory of her Aunt Caroline and shared her work with the Forrester family at her welcome party.

    Caroline was attracted to both Rick and Thomas, but a scheme by Amber to make it look like Rick was a cross-dresser (and a liar), sent Caroline firmly in Thomas's direction. While they were dating, he became the first to know that she has two mothers, Karen and Danielle.

    Caroline started dating Rick after he schemed to send Thomas back in Hope's direction following her split with Liam. Caroline and Rick are currently working together and dating, but since Caroline riled up her Uncle Bill and took a spill off his balcony, her personality has changed. Caroline's diva-like behavior turned Rick off as he has found himself attracted to Maya. Caroline schemed to get rid of the competition, but failed.

    After Rick dumped her, Caroline tried to manipulate Maya and Rick's break-up through her friend Rafael's web series, but she was exposed and embarrassed. Caroline decided to stick to designing well, hoping that if she helped Rick continue on as president of Forrester, he would become attracted to her again.


    Rick Forrester


    Thomas Forrester
    Rick Forrester


    Karen Spencer (mother)
    Danielle Spencer (mother through relationship with Karen)
    Bill Spencer, Jr. (uncle)
    Liam (William) Spencer III (cousin)




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    Thursday, July 24 2014: B&B Recap: You’re Getting Obsessive.

    At Forrester, Ivy meets Othello and really knows her stuff when it comes to music. Othello is impressed, and heard she would be working with Wyatt and Quinn. Ally announces they’re gone just as Carter comes in with Wyatt’s new contract. Ally is upset and Eric shares with everyone that Wyatt’s company will be manufacturing the designs. Maya lays it on think with compliments to Eric’s business acumen, causing a few people to roll their eyes. Eric has every confidence Wyatt and Ivy will fill the gap left by Quinn, but worries it could hurt the line if Quinn’s behavior gets out. Ally thinks they should cut ties with Wyatt too. Eric thinks Wyatt has earned his spot. Maya again coos over Eric’s ideas, then Hope’s. Rick and Eric want press as good as they got with the Hope diamond. Wyatt is confident they will. Rick suddenly wonders where Ridge and Brooke are. Later, Hope sips coffee with Liam, happy he stood up for Wyatt. Liam comments that Wyatt seems to have big plans for the line and wonders what he’s up to. Elsewhere, Wyatt thanks Ivy for her kind words about his mom. She compliments his accomplishments too. She heard about Ricardo’s death and wonders what will become of the diamond. She revels in what the three of them could do. He pulls a box out of his satchel and presents to Ivy the Hope diamond.

    Wednesday, July 09 2014: B&B Recap: Myrna's Got An Agenda.

    At Forrester, Ridge struggles to put pencil to paper. In another office, Katie, Brooke, and Eric talk about how great it is that Ridge is back. Katie warns that the doctor said there are a lot of question marks when it comes to concussions. Eric exits and Katie admits to Brooke that things haven't got back to normal with Ridge - he has memory holes and can't access basic things. They discuss their own relationship and agree to move forward as sisters. They embrace. Outside, Caroline complains to Rick about Maya's recent actions. Rick still wants to play the recording for Ally. Caroline feels it's not a good idea if Oliver really does care about her. They debate. Caroline trusts Oliver over Maya and her questionable motives. "Myrna's got an agenda." Ally appears. They question her about Oliver. She says he's gentle and patient - she doesn't need protecting from him. Ally leaves and Rick tells Caroline he'll hold off on the recording. Talk turns to Ridge. Caroline reminds Rick he wanted his job. Rick quips, "Maybe he won't remember." They share a close moment. In the studio, Oliver confronts Maya about secretly recording him and sharing it. "Who the hell are you?" He rants that he can never trust her again. Oliver insists he's crazy about Ally. "I love her." Maya says, "Then you shouldn't have anything to worry about." Oliver thinks she's jealous because she's not dating a Forrester. They argue heatedly and insult each other. Maya accuses him of taking shots that make her look bad, and of trying to replace her with Ally. Ally enters. Maya exits. Oliver tells Ally to never question his feelings for her. They kiss. Meanwhile, Eric enters Ridge's office and asks what he's working on. Ridge says it's not ready. Eric twigs that something is wrong, but gets called away. Ridge flashes to how he used to design, grabs his sketchpad and runs out. Eric, Brooke, and Katie realize he's gone and Katie asks to borrow a car. In the corridor she looks worried and hurries outside. Brooke tells Eric that Ridge may have been overwhelmed.

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