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    wine drinkers i have a question

    Started by juliet at 2013/04/12 06:10PM
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    #1   2013/04/12 06:10PM
    wine drinkers i have a question

    Hello there i hardly post on this site anymore but was wondering if some of you could help me

    i tried Wine at the Olive Garden & liked it

    My question is What is the Best kind of Sweet & Fruity Flavor Wines or Champagne to drink? Thanks for taking time to read

    #2   2013/04/22 03:13PM
    Re: wine drinkers i have a question

    Hello there,

    I was introdused into the wonderful world of wines about 5-6 years ago. Before then I tried some but thought they were disgusting. I likes the super sweet ones that were like juice but now have a love of many kinds of wines. My husband has taken up the hobby of wine making so we have become very informed about diferent wines.

    If you are being introduced to wines and like fruitier sweeter wines, I would try moscato d'asti. It is sweet and more of an after dinner wine. Ice wines and late harvest wines are also dessert wines. Super sweet but very enjoyable. They tend to be a bit pricey but worth it. Try a nice Port as well with some dark chocolate.

    White wines tend to be sweeter and lighter and go well with light meals, chicken and pasta dishes or to enjoy on a nice summer evening. Try a white zinfendel as a sipping wine. pino grigio or Chardonay with chicken and past meals with white sauces.

    Red wines tend to be dryer and go really well with red meats like steak. Pino Nior is my husbands favorite but I like a merlot or Baco Noir. It takes some getting used to but when you try these wines with the right foods, it open a whole new world.

    Start with the whites and work your way towards the reds.

    Have fun and enjoy!

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