Jared Breeze
Jared Breeze 10/01/2005
Max Rayburn, The Young and the Restless
Beth Chamberlin
Beth Chamberlin 10/01/1963
Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer, Guiding Light
Ted King
Ted King 10/01/1965
Tomas Delgado, One Life To Live
Brianna Brown
Brianna Brown 10/02/1979
Lisa Niles, General Hospital
Robin Riker
Robin Riker 10/02/1952
Naomi Dreyfus, General Hospital
Noah  G. Segan
Noah G. Segan 10/03/1983
Connor Lockhart, Days of Our Lives
Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner 10/03/1959
Nick (Dominick) Marone, The Bold and the Beautiful
Brandon Barash
Brandon Barash 10/04/1979
Johnny Zacchara, General Hospital
Brynn Thayer
Brynn Thayer 10/04/1949
Susan Banks Crumb (past), Days of Our Lives
Amanda and Rachel Pace
Amanda and Rachel Pace 10/06/2000
Hope Logan (past), The Bold and the Beautiful
Wes Ramsey
Wes Ramsey 10/06/1977
Peter August/Henrik Faison, General Hospital
Yeniffer Behrens
Yeniffer Behrens
Marrianna Erosa, General Hospital
Jill Larson
Jill Larson 10/07/1947
Opal Cortlandt, All My Children
Derk Cheetwood
Derk Cheetwood 10/08/1973
Max Giambetti, General Hospital
James DePaiva
James DePaiva 10/08/1957
Dr. David Bensch, General Hospital
Seth Stern
Seth Stern 10/08/1996
James Boothe, Passions
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 10/10/1973
Dr. Christian Ramirez, The Bold and the Beautiful
Trevor Donovan
Trevor Donovan 10/11/1978
Jeremy Horton, Days of Our Lives
Sean Patrick Flanery
Sean Patrick Flanery 10/11/1965
Sam Gibson, The Young and the Restless
Marie Wilson
Marie Wilson 10/12/1974
Summer Townsend, Days of Our Lives
Cady McClain
Cady McClain 10/13/1969
Kelly Andrews (Deceased), The Young and the Restless
Mackenzie Mauzy
Mackenzie Mauzy 10/14/1988
Phoebe Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
Joy Bisco
Joy Bisco 10/15/1975
Gabrielle, Days of Our Lives
Renee Jones
Renee Jones 08/15/1958
Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver, Days of Our Lives
Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo 10/15/1968
Brenda Barrett Corinthos, General Hospital
Chauntee Schuler
Chauntee Schuler
Bonnie McKechnie, As the World Turns
Ellen Dolan
Ellen Dolan 10/16/1955
Margo Hughes, As the World Turns
Kyler Pettis
Kyler Pettis 10/16/1992
Theo Carver, Days of Our Lives
Colton Shires
Colton Shires 10/16/1996
Little Ethan Crane Winthrop, Passions
Mark LaMura
Mark LaMura 10/18/1948
Dr. Douglas Kline, One Life To Live
Jon Lindstrom
Jon Lindstrom 10/18/1957
Dr. Kevin Collins, General Hospital
Christopher Gerse
Christopher Gerse 10/19/1991
Will Roberts (Past), Days of Our Lives
Hunter Haley King
Hunter Haley King 10/20/1993
Summer Newman, The Young and the Restless
William Russ
William Russ 10/20/1950
Tucker McCall (PAST), The Young and the Restless
Dick Christie
Dick Christie 10/21/1948
Charlie Webber, The Bold and the Beautiful
BethAnn Bonner
BethAnn Bonner 10/22/1982
Kat, All My Children
Lisby Larson
Lisby Larson 10/23/1951
Eve McBain, One Life To Live
Taylor Spreitler
Taylor Spreitler 10/23/1993
Mia McCormick, Days of Our Lives
Christina Chambers
Christina Chambers 10/24/1969
Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Past), One Life To Live
Doug Davidson
Doug Davidson 10/24/1954
Paul Williams, The Young and the Restless
Burgess Jenkins
Burgess Jenkins 10/24/1973
Billy Abbott (Past), The Young and the Restless
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 10/24/1983
Peter "Petey" Cortlandt (Past), All My Children
Jeanne Cooper
Jeanne Cooper 10/25/1928
Marge Cotroke, The Young and the Restless
Chris Engen
Chris Engen 10/25/1979
Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST), The Young and the Restless
Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson 10/25/1981
John Ross Ewing III, Dallas
Brian Kerwin
Brian Kerwin 10/25/1949
Charlie Banks, One Life To Live
Eddie Alderson
Eddie Alderson 10/27/1994
Matthew Buchanan (Past), One Life To Live
Lexi Ainsworth
Lexi Ainsworth 10/28/1992
Kristina Corinthos-Davis, General Hospital
Finola Hughes
Finola Hughes 10/29/1960
Anna Devane, General Hospital
Laura Koffman
Laura Koffman 10/29/1964
Rebecca Fowler, All My Children
Grayson McCouch
Grayson McCouch 10/29/1968
Dusty Donovan, As the World Turns
Christopher Sean
Christopher Sean 10/29/1985
Paul Narita, Days of Our Lives
Eva Marcille
Eva Marcille 10/30/1984
Tyra Hamilton, The Young and the Restless
Matthew J. Morrison
Matthew J. Morrison 10/30/1978
Adam Munson, As the World Turns
Tequan Richmond
Tequan Richmond 10/30/1992
Thomas "TJ" Ashford Jr., General Hospital
Paul Telfer
Paul Telfer 10/30/1979
Xander Cook/Alexandros Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives
Kristina Wagner
Kristina Wagner 10/30/1967
Felicia Jones Scorpio, General Hospital
Scott Clifton
Scott Clifton 10/31/1984
Dillon Quartermaine (Past), General Hospital
Deidre Hall
Deidre Hall 10/31/1947
Hattie Adams, Days of Our Lives
Vanessa Marano
Vanessa Marano 10/31/1992
Eden Baldwin (PAST), The Young and the Restless