Catherine Bach
Catherine Bach 03/01/1954
Anita Lawson, The Young and the Restless
Maurice Benard
Maurice Benard 03/01/1963
Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, General Hospital
Dominic Rains
Dominic Rains 03/01/1982
Dr. Leo Julian, General Hospital
Denise Vasi
Denise Vasi 03/01/1981
Randi Morgan Hubbard, All My Children
Teel James Glenn
Teel James Glenn 03/02/1955
Fight Announcer, One Life To Live
Freddie Smith
Freddie Smith 03/01/1988
Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams 03/03/1955
Sarge, The Young and the Restless
Jessica Heap
Jessica Heap 03/04/1983
Eden Baldwin, The Young and the Restless
Ronn Moss
Ronn Moss 03/04/1952
Ridge Forrester (PAST), The Bold and the Beautiful
Ray MacDonnell
Ray MacDonnell 03/05/1928
Dr. Joe Martin, All My Children
Kimberly Anne McCullough
Kimberly Anne McCullough 03/05/1978
Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, General Hospital
Nate Haden
Nate Haden 03/06/1976
Louis Thomas, Desire
Anna Maria Horsford
Anna Maria Horsford 03/06/1948
Vivienne Avant, The Bold and the Beautiful
Jacklyn Zeman
Jacklyn Zeman 03/06/1953
Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer, General Hospital
Eileen Herlie (Deceased)
Eileen Herlie (Deceased) 03/08/1920
Myrtle Fargate (Deceased), All My Children
Portia Reiners
Portia Reiners 03/08/1990
Britney Jennings, One Life To Live
Meredith Scott Lynn
Meredith Scott Lynn 03/08/1970
Anne Milbauer, Days of Our Lives
Lauren Koslow
Lauren Koslow 03/09/1953
Kate Roberts DiMera, Days of Our Lives
Jeff Branson
Jeff Branson 03/10/1977
Ronan Malloy, The Young and the Restless
Kathy Brier
Kathy Brier 03/10/1975
Marcie Walsh McBain, One Life To Live
Richard Gant
Richard Gant 03/10/1944
Dr. Russell Ford, General Hospital
Erika Schaefer
Erika Schaefer 03/10/1986
Lexi, Fashion House
Aloma Wright
Aloma Wright 03/10/1950
Maxine Landis, Days of Our Lives
Jade Harlow
Jade Harlow 03/11/1983
Sheryl Connors, Days of Our Lives
Shayna Rose
Shayna Rose 03/11/1983
Stephanie Johnson (past), Days of Our Lives
John Paul Lavoisier
John Paul Lavoisier 03/12/1980
Philip Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives
John-Paul Lavoisier
John-Paul Lavoisier 03/12/1979
Rex Balsom, One Life To Live
Joseph Mascolo
Joseph Mascolo 03/13/1935
Stefano DiMera, Days of Our Lives
Robert S. Woods
Robert S. Woods 03/13/1948
Bo Buchanan, One Life To Live
Steve Kanaly
Steve Kanaly 03/14/1976
Ray Krebbs, Dallas
Melissa Reeves
Melissa Reeves 03/14/1967
Jennifer Horton-Deveraux, Days of Our Lives
Adrianne Leon
Adrianne Leon 03/15/1987
Brook Lynn Ashton, General Hospital
Stephanie Gatschet
Stephanie Gatschet 03/16/1983
Madison North, All My Children
Lesley-Anne Down
Lesley-Anne Down 03/17/1954
Jacqueline Payne Marone Knight, The Bold and the Beautiful
Amelia Heinle
Amelia Heinle 03/17/1973
Victoria Newman Abbott, The Young and the Restless
Kevin Dobson
Kevin Dobson 03/18/1943
Mickey Horton, Days of Our Lives
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams 03/18/1963
Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty
Murray Bartlett
Murray Bartlett 03/20/1968
Cyrus Foley, Guiding Light
Tanya Boyd
Tanya Boyd 03/20/1951
Celeste Perrault (Past), Days of Our Lives
Paula Garces
Paula Garces 03/20/1974
Lea Marquez, All My Children
Hal Linden
Hal Linden 03/20/1931
Jerry Kramer, The Bold and the Beautiful
Ryan Bittle
Ryan Bittle 03/21/1976
JR Chandler, All My Children
Kassie DePaiva
Kassie DePaiva 03/21/1961
Eve Donovan, Days of Our Lives
Dax Griffin
Dax Griffin 03/22/1975
Shane McGrath, The Bold and the Beautiful
Mick Hazen
Mick Hazen 03/22/1993
Parker Munson Snyder, As the World Turns
David Tom
David Tom 03/23/1978
Billy Abbott (Past), The Young and the Restless
Thom Bierdz
Thom Bierdz 03/25/1962
Phillip Chancellor III, The Young and the Restless
Brenda Strong
Brenda Strong 03/25/1960
Ann Ryland Ewing, Dallas
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy 03/17/1949
Bobby Ewing, Dallas
Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez
Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez 03/26/1993
Gabriella Hernandez (Past), Days of Our Lives
Billy Warlock
Billy Warlock 03/26/1961
Ross Rayburn, One Life To Live
Travis Wood
Travis Wood 03/26/1978
Eli King, As the World Turns
Michael O'Leary
Michael O'Leary 03/27/1958
Dr. Frederick "Rick" Bauer, Guiding Light
Michael Lowry
Michael Lowry 03/28/1968
Ross Rayburn (Past), One Life To Live
Annie Wersching
Annie Wersching
Amelia Joffe, General Hospital
Justin Deas
Justin Deas 03/30/1948
Frank "Buzz" Cooper Sr, Guiding Light
Jessie Malakouti
Jessie Malakouti 03/30/1989
Dusky, One Life To Live
Shirley Jones
Shirley Jones 03/31/1934
Colleen Brady (current), Days of Our Lives
Melissa Ordway
Melissa Ordway 03/31/1983
Abby Newman, The Young and the Restless