January LaVoy
January LaVoy
Noelle Ortiz Stubbs, One Life To Live
Vail Bloom
Vail Bloom 12/01/1975
Ron Melendez
Ron Melendez 12/01/1972
Dr. Andy Archer, General Hospital
Obba Babatundé
Obba Babatundé 12/01/1951
Julius Avant, The Bold and the Beautiful
Charlene Tilton
Charlene Tilton 12/01/1958
Lucy Ewing, Dallas
Melissa Archer
Melissa Archer 12/02/1979
Serena Mason, Days of Our Lives
Dan Gauthier
Dan Gauthier 12/02/1963
Kevin Buchanan, One Life To Live
Ron Raines
Ron Raines 12/02/1949
Carl Peterson, One Life To Live
Rena Sofer
Rena Sofer 12/02/1968
Quinn Fuller Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
Barbara Garrick
Barbara Garrick 12/03/1965
Allison Perkins, One Life To Live
Lauren Boles
Lauren Boles 12/04/2003
Ciara Alice Brady (Past), Days of Our Lives
Hartley Sawyer
Hartley Sawyer 12/04/1985
Kyle Abbott (Past), The Young and the Restless
Nafessa Williams
Nafessa Williams
Deanna Forbes, One Life To Live
Ben Levin
Ben Levin 12/05/1987
Gabriel Caras, As the World Turns
Ryan Carnes
Ryan Carnes 12/06/1982
Lucas Jones, General Hospital
Kin Shriner
Kin Shriner 12/06/1953
Scott Baldwin, General Hospital
Asia Smith
Asia Smith 12/07/1988
Sierra Hoffman, The Young and the Restless
Ashleigh Brewer
Ashleigh Brewer 12/09/1990
Ivy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
Jesse Metcalfe
Jesse Metcalfe 12/09/1978
Christopher Ewing, Dallas
Michael Nouri
Michael Nouri 12/09/1945
Caleb Cortlandt, All My Children
Frances Reid
Frances Reid 12/09/1913
Alice Horton, Days of Our Lives
Nia Peeples
Nia Peeples 12/10/1961
Karen Taylor Winters, The Young and the Restless
John Joseph Robert York
John Joseph Robert York 12/10/1958
Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio, General Hospital
Donna Mills
Donna Mills 12/11/1940
Madeline Reeves, General Hospital
Christie Clark
Christie Clark 12/13/1973
Carrie Brady Roberts Reed, Days of Our Lives
Christie Mary Clark
Christie Mary Clark 12/13/1973
Zachary Garred
Zachary Garred 12/13/1986
Levi Dunkleman/Peter Harrell, General Hospital
Robert Leeshock
Robert Leeshock 12/13/1967
Bruce Bartlett, One Life To Live
Noelle Beck
Noelle Beck 12/14/1968
Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder, As the World Turns
Benton Greene
Benton Greene 12/14/1972
Derek Coburn, As the World Turns
Dee Wallace
Dee Wallace 12/14/1949
Patricia Spencer (deceased), General Hospital
Thaao Penghlis
Thaao Penghlis 12/15/1945
Victor Cassadine, General Hospital
Daniel Cosgrove
Daniel Cosgrove 12/16/1970
Aiden Jennings, Days of Our Lives
Paul Leyden
Paul Leyden 12/16/1972
Blake, The Young and the Restless
Florencia Lozano
Florencia Lozano 12/16/1969
Téa Delgado Lord, General Hospital
Joel Berti
Joel Berti 12/17/1971
William Chandler, Fashion House
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson 12/17/1978
Brody Lovett, One Life To Live
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson 12/18/1989
Abigail Deveraux (Past), Days of Our Lives
Shawn Christian
Shawn Christian 12/18/1965
Dr. Daniel Jonas, Days of Our Lives
Hunter Allan
Hunter Allan 12/22/1995
Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker 12/22/1979
Babe Carey Chandler (Past), All My Children
Lauralee Bell
Lauralee Bell 12/22/1968
Christine Blair, The Bold and the Beautiful
Elizabeth Hubbard
Elizabeth Hubbard 12/22/1933
Lucinda Walsh, As the World Turns
Martha Byrne
Martha Byrne 12/23/1969
Andrea Floyd, General Hospital
Susan Lucci
Susan Lucci 12/23/1946
Erica Kane, All My Children
Eva Tamargo Lemus
Eva Tamargo Lemus 12/24/1960
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald, Passions
Matthew Atkinson
Matthew Atkinson 12/27/1987
Austin Travers (Deceased), The Young and the Restless
Terri Garber
Terri Garber 12/28/1960
Iris Dumbrowski, As the World Turns
Adam Gregory
Adam Gregory 12/28/1987
Thomas Forrester (Past), The Bold and the Beautiful
Bree Williamson
Bree Williamson 12/28/1981
Claudette Beaulieu, General Hospital
David Fumero
David Fumero 12/29/1972
Cristian Vega, One Life To Live
Jason-Shane Scott
Jason-Shane Scott 12/29/1976
Will Rappaport, One Life To Live
Leonor Varela
Leonor Varela 12/29/1972
Marta Del Sol/Veronica Martinez, Dallas
Don Diamont
Don Diamont 12/31/1962
Bill Spencer, Jr., The Bold and the Beautiful
Joanna Johnson
Joanna Johnson 12/31/1961
Karen Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful