Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins 04/01/1971
Avery Bailey Clark, The Young and the Restless
Don Hastings
Don Hastings 04/01/1934
Dr. Bob Hughes, As the World Turns
Amy Castle
Amy Castle 04/02/1990
Viki, Passions
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner 04/02/1977
Aidan Devane, All My Children
Eric Braeden
Eric Braeden 04/03/1941
Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless
Laura Bryan-Birn
Laura Bryan-Birn 04/03/1965
Lynne Bassett, The Young and the Restless
Max Gail
Max Gail 04/05/1943
Mike Corbin, General Hospital
Mitch Pileggi
Mitch Pileggi 04/05/1952
Harris Ryland, Dallas
Schuyler Yancey
Schuyler Yancey
Cameron Davis (past), Days of Our Lives
Patrika Darbo
Patrika Darbo 04/06/1948
Shirley Spectra, The Bold and the Beautiful
Robert Gorrie
Robert Gorrie 04/06/1987
Matthew Buchanan, One Life To Live
Kevin Alejandro
Kevin Alejandro 04/07/1976
Santos, Ugly Betty
Patricia Mauceri
Patricia Mauceri 04/07/1950
Carlotta Vega (Past), One Life To Live
Alexandra Neil
Alexandra Neil 04/07/1955
Paige Miller, One Life To Live
Josh Swickard
Josh Swickard 07/04/1980
Harrison Chase, General Hospital
Adrian Bellani
Adrian Bellani 04/08/1982
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past), Passions
Kirsten Storms
Kirsten Storms 04/08/1984
Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones West, General Hospital
Austin Peck
Austin Peck 04/09/1971
Brad Snyder, As the World Turns
Jesse Lee Soffer
Jesse Lee Soffer 04/10/1984
Will Munson, As the World Turns
John Castellanos
John Castellanos 04/11/1957
John Silva, The Young and the Restless
Brett Claywell
Brett Claywell 04/11/1978
Kyle Lewis, One Life To Live
Alexa Gerasimovich
Alexa Gerasimovich 04/11/2002
Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin, All My Children
Alec Musser
Alec Musser 04/11/1973
Del Henry, All My Children
Alicia Coppola
Alicia Coppola 04/12/1968
Dr. Meredith Gates, The Young and the Restless
Wayne Northrop
Wayne Northrop 04/12/1947
Alex North, Days of Our Lives
Kelli Giddish
Kelli Giddish 04/13/1980
Di Henry, All My Children
Saundra Santiago
Saundra Santiago 04/13/1957
Carlotta Vega, One Life To Live
Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander 04/14/1990
Kiefer Bauer, General Hospital
Nick Choksi
Nick Choksi 04/14/1981
Vimal Patel, One Life To Live
Claire Coffee
Claire Coffee 04/14/1980
Nadine Crowell, General Hospital
Alina Foley
Alina Foley 04/16/2003
Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Past), Days of Our Lives
Lindsay Hartley
Lindsay Hartley 04/17/1978
Dr. Cara Castillo, All My Children
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood 04/17/1987
Steffy Forrester Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful
Adrian Alvarado
Adrian Alvarado 04/18/1976
Cruz Rodriquez, General Hospital
Tamara Braun
Tamara Braun 04/18/1971
Dr. Kim Nero, General Hospital
America Ferrera
America Ferrera 04/18/1984
Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty
John James
John James 04/18/1956
Dr. Rick Decker, As the World Turns
Robert Kelker-Kelly
Robert Kelker-Kelly 04/18/1964
Stavros Cassadine, General Hospital
Lisa LoCicero
Lisa LoCicero 04/18/1970
Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine, General Hospital
Kristina Sisco
Kristina Sisco
Charity Standish, Passions
Melody Thomas-Scott
Melody Thomas-Scott 04/18/1956
Nikki Reed Newman, The Young and the Restless
Zach Conroy
Zach Conroy
Oliver Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful
James Franco
James Franco 04/19/1978
Franco (Past), General Hospital
Tony Plana
Tony Plana 04/19/1954
Ignacio Suarez, Ugly Betty
Ignacio Serricchio
Ignacio Serricchio 04/19/1982
Alex Chavez, The Young and the Restless
William deVry
William deVry 04/20/1968
Julian Jerome, General Hospital
Brody Hutzler
Brody Hutzler 04/20/1971
Patrick Brian Lockhart, Days of Our Lives
Billy Magnussen
Billy Magnussen 04/20/1985
Casey Hughes, As the World Turns
Shemar Moore
Shemar Moore 04/20/1970
Malcolm Winters, The Young and the Restless
Dylan Bruce
Dylan Bruce 04/21/1980
Dr. Chris Hughes (Past), As the World Turns
Jason Gerhardt
Jason Gerhardt
Cooper Barrett, General Hospital
Eric Mabius
Eric Mabius 04/21/1971
Daniel Meade, Ugly Betty
Dominic Zamprogna
Dominic Zamprogna 04/21/1979
Dante Falconeri, General Hospital
Janet Zarish
Janet Zarish 04/21/1954
Janet Ketring, One Life To Live
Ingo Rademacher
Ingo Rademacher 04/22/1971
Thorne Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
Daphne Bloomer
Daphne Bloomer 04/23/1973
Eugenia Willens, Days of Our Lives
Molly Burnett
Molly Burnett 04/23/1988
Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas, Days of Our Lives
Stacy Haiduk
Stacy Haiduk 04/24/1968
Emily Peterson, The Young and the Restless
Thad Luckinbill
Thad Luckinbill 04/24/1975
J.T. Hellstrom, The Young and the Restless
Lachlan Buchanan
Lachlan Buchanan 04/25/1990
Casey Deidrick
Casey Deidrick 04/25/1987
Chad Peterson Woods DiMera (Past), Days of Our Lives
John DeLuca
John DeLuca 04/25/1986
Aaron Roland, General Hospital
Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly
Cutter Wentworth, One Life To Live
Jordana Brewster
Jordana Brewster 04/26/1980
Elena Ramos, Dallas
Michael Damian
Michael Damian 04/26/1962
Danny Romalotti, The Young and the Restless
Shenell Edmonds
Shenell Edmonds 04/26/1994
Destiny Evans (Past), One Life To Live
McKenzie Westmore
McKenzie Westmore 04/26/1977
Dr. Riley Sinclair, All My Children
Schae Harrison
Schae Harrison 04/27/1963
Darla Einstein Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
Maura West
Maura West 04/27/1972
Ava Jerome, General Hospital
Nancy Lee Grahn
Nancy Lee Grahn 04/28/1958
Alexis Davis, General Hospital
Susan Pratt
Susan Pratt 04/29/1949
Barbara Montgomery, All My Children