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    As the World Turns - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Long Term Commitment.

    Friday, January 22 2010

    Noah's operation hits a snag, Jack's plan to leave Janet doesn't work out and Carly gets disappointed. » Read More

    You're Like Alcohol To Me.

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    Jack and Carly agree to get back together, Liberty tells Parker she's sick and Dusty pushes Janet away. » Read More

    Like It Or Not.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Molly finds the dirt on Damian, Alison freaks out and Mick keeps Emily under. » Read More

    I Brought You A Pie.

    Tuesday, January 19 2010

    Holden and Molly dig for dirt on Damian, Luke blackmails a doctor and Maddie hangs out with Hunter. » Read More

    Katie Snyder, This is Your Life.

    Monday, January 18 2010

    Katie's friends and family try convincing her to stay, Dusty comforts Liberty and Carly pushes Jack away. » Read More

    Make Me Suffer.

    Friday, January 15 2010

    Lily finds out about Holden and Molly, Damian gets a step ahead of Meg and Janet blames herself for what's happened to Liberty. » Read More

    I'm Actually Speechless.

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Margo and Henry try to stop Katie and Simon from leaving, Jack decides to move out and Liberty gets bad news. » Read More

    Second Chances.

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Clarissa's scam collapses, Mick tries to weasel into Paul's good graces and Katie makes a choice. » Read More

    Always The Same.

    Tuesday, January 12 2010

    Simon tells Katie how he feels, Henry talks Clarissa around and Janet and Dusty help search for the kids. » Read More

    Never Surrender.

    Monday, January 11 2010

    Jack and Carly get close, Parker and Liberty get lost and Simon offers to be whatever Katie needs. » Read More

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