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    As the World Turns - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    As The World Turns Pre-Empted Today

    Friday, September 08 2006

    CBS is pre-empting our show today to accomodate the US Tennis Opens. See you back here on Monday! » Read More

    Deceit and Rash Decisions

    Thursday, September 07 2006

    Simon is busy causing trouble where he can. Carly and Jack draw nearer to divorce. Paul has both Emily and Meg eating out of his hand. Gwen and Will just might make it after all. » Read More

    The Slasher is Revealed!

    Wednesday, September 06 2006

    Maddie uncovers the mask and discovers that Eve is the slasher, learns how much her sister hates her. Eve is hauled off to jail. Meg walks in on Emily and Paul celebrating. Katie is really worried about what's going on between Carly and Simon. Jade is up to her old tricks. » Read More

    Help Arrives at Raven Lake

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    The troops show up, Dallas, Jack, Margo, Tom, and Henry arrive to save the day at Raven Lake, but Maddie is still in grave danger. Casey regains conciousness. Holden talks to Kevin about his attitude toward Luke being gay. Lucinda is proud of both Holden and Luke. » Read More

    ATWT is pre-empted today!

    Monday, September 04 2006

    Though unfortunately, our show won't be on today. The U.S. Tennis Open will be shown on CBS instead. Check back tomorrow for your daily recap.

    Also, this Friday the show will be pre-empted by CBS in order to accomodate the U.S. Tennis Open. » Read More

    Louis Meets His Demise

    Friday, September 01 2006

    As Margo and Tom enjoy their evening at home, she gets antsy because she can't get through to Casey on his cell phone. Meanwhile, Casey continues to lie on the ground at Raven Lake, dead or gravely injured. Maddie is stalked repeatedly as Will and Gwen become close again due to the trauma they are sharing. » Read More

    How Many Have to Die?

    Thursday, August 31 2006

    Dead bodies are turning up faster than the teens can keep up with. Casey may be dead, Will has been attacked, and Maddie has become a zombie. At home, little does Margo know what's happening. She and Tom are having a wonderful evening at home alone. Barbara tries to convince Dusty to stay away from Lucy as Lucinda is busy trying to get Lucy to hook up with Dusty. » Read More

    Love & Terror

    Wednesday, August 30 2006

    The teenagers at Raven Lake are being murdered, one after the other. Carly and Jack decide it's time to file for divorce. Paul proposes to Meg after they make love in the barn. Maddie and Casey make up. » Read More

    Murder at Raven Lake

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Alex is dead and several other kids are in trouble, for The Slasher is on a rampage. Dusty is protective of Lucy, calls her princess. Emma gets the news that Luke is gay, but she takes it better than Luke's friend Kevin, who turns against him. Will is steadily trying to get back with Gwen and Casey has Maddie on his mind. Who knew she'd be there? » Read More

    Trouble, trouble everywhere

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Kevin gets a less than warm reception to the news that he is gay. Katie is upset upon learning that there could be romance brewing between Simon and Carly. The Slasher kills again. » Read More

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