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    As the World Turns - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Out in the cold...

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Jade has a talk with Gwen, Gwen makes a decision about where she'll live, and Simon steers Jack away from Carly. » Read More

    Second chances

    Thursday, September 21 2006

    Tom refuses to let Emily take Daniel away, Meg talks Jack into giving it a second chance with Carly, and Emily asks Henry for the unthinkable! » Read More

    You Can't Always Get What You Want

    Wednesday, September 20 2006

    Paul and Meg are finally honest with Emily and she's ready to run away, though Henry doesn't want her to. Holden has a visit from a ghostly Lily, who promises she'll be home soon. Jack's heart is broken when Carly delivers the divorce papers. Mike and Katie work on having a baby. » Read More

    Tempers Flare

    Tuesday, September 19 2006

    Emily is losing it and it's not pretty. Gwen's poor heart is broken because Jade can offer Will something she never can. Dusty is not going to let anybody stand in the way of his friendship with Lucy. » Read More

    Hearts Get Broken

    Monday, September 18 2006

    Carly realizes Simon is not over Katie. Will tells Gwen that Jade is pregnant. Dusty and Lucy must deal with Barbara. Maddie and Casey come to a very good agreement. » Read More

    The High Price of Passion

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Will doesn't know how to deal with the news that Jade is pregnant. Carly has lost her battle of will to Simon's charm in Santa Domingo. Lucy and Dusty share a movie, snacks and some laughs together. Casey bravely tells everyone at the memorial service not to blame Maddie as Margo counsels Maddie in a private room. » Read More

    Happiness Short-Lived

    Thursday, September 14 2006

    Casey talks Maddie into going to the memorial service for the kids who were killed by her sister The Slasher. Gwen and Will are blissfully happy, as is Barbara to see them back together, then Jade drops a bomb on Will. Paul is hopefully seeing through Emily's game. » Read More

    Making Up and Breaking Down

    Wednesday, September 13 2006

    Casey and Maddie are having a wonderful visit until his friends spoil everything. Will and Gwen REALLY make up. Meg is fed up with Emily using her medical condition to control Paul. Lucy can't be just friends with Dusty. » Read More

    A Day of Personal Revelations

    Tuesday, September 12 2006

    Will and Gwen talk Maddie into going to the hospital to see Casey, who is really wanting to see her. Paul's plans to buy the newspaper are dashed, as are Lucy's ideas of romance with Dusty. Emily offers comfort to Henry. » Read More

    Love Hurts

    Monday, September 11 2006

    Will is trying is best to do right by Gwen. Jade is turned away by yet another household. Katie is upset that she isn't pregnant. Carly is flying off to Santa Domingo with Simon to get a quickie divorce and it's killing Jack. Dusty asks Lucy for date, but just as friends. » Read More

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